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Unmasking the Horror Question


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I've done the UTH tour ever since 2005 when they started it.

They used to leave you in the park which was so cool.  You could get in one ride and then you automatically got Stay & Scream.

They also used to let you take unlimited pics and video.


Nowadays, they escort everyone back to the Blue Man location and out the door.

No more free ride...

But Universal is still much nicer than Disney in that at Universal, you don't need a park ticket to do their tour.  


Don't let that deter you from getting a UTH tour, though!  If you love the houses, it's still a fantastic thing to do.

Best way to do it is to go at least one night BEFORE the tour, then go again AFTER the tour.

I guarantee it is a totally different experience going through knowing the backstory.

Here's another interesting thing:

The six house tour and the three house tour cover a total of 9 different houses (there is no overlap).

The only house not on any UTH tour is Us.  That, of course, could change at any time.


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Although those are the houses, the order is not etched in stone.  There are a lot of tours happening through the day and they can criss cross.  Also production in the sound stages can force them to rearrange the order.


The 3 house tour consists of Graveyard Games, Killer Klowns, and Universal Monsters


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