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Fright Forest XII - Tales to Terrify! (An Original Event Concept)


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So it's Fall of 2019 and time to continue my trend of creating an ENTIRE event every year, based in a fictional theme park (that I built in RCT3) 

The previous years can be seen here 

 and here https://www.horrornightnightmares.com/forums/topic/5070-fright-forest-an-original-event-concept/


This year's is fairly ambitious in size and scope, both for the original content and for the IPs that I put in as wishful thinking. The overall theme of the event is Anthology Horror inspired by some of the IPs that I chose, as well as the Icon character I created. Without further ado, here is Fright Forest XII: Tales to Terrify! 



Icon: Benjamin Naughton/Dr. Nightmare


Benjamin Naughton was a renowned scientist who was working on some cutting edge experiments in teleportation. In 2014, he opened a portal to another dimension, one that should not have been disturbed. He was sucked in, the portal closing behind him, and for five years, Naughton was presumed dead. In 2019 a strange new show begins airing across the country, with a strange character calling himself Dr. Nightmare, promising to show horrors beyond belief and nightmares from the Beyond in what appears to be a send up of old horror hosts. The reality is far more sinister, as the creatures from the other dimension have been summoned, and they will hunt all who watch. Don’t adjust your TV set. Dr. Nightmare is in control. 





Dr. Nightmare Presents: Maze of Madness

Step into the world of Dr. Nightmare’s Tales to Terrify! and experience the horror up close and in person as you venture into a maze of nightmares and horrific dreamscapes. Soon it will be your turn to venture through the portal to the Other Realm, and there may be no return journey. (All new original concept, Icon house)



All Hallow’s Eve: Chapter 3

It’s been thirty years since the events of All Hallow’s Eve: Chapter 2. The most haunted house on the street has been dormant for that time, but it’s awake again, and calling to you. Encounter classic Halloween horrors as the spirit of Halloween returns to stake his claim. Beware, he has the scariest surprises in store for this final chapter of Fright Forest’s most popular creation. (Returning concept, third and final year)




Dark Skies: Terror from Above 

Aliens are invading, and the world is in chaos! Can you survive their brutal attack? Can you make it off their terrible flying saucer as you are beamed aboard? Spine tingling sci fi horror awaits as you face a menace from beyond the stars! (all new original concept)



Deaducation: Fangs for the Memories

The halls of Springsdale High School are running red with blood just in time for graduation as a war between a gang of vampires and a group of werewolves breaks out, fighting for control of the school. Can you escape the carnage? Will you join their ranks? Or even worse, will you become lunch meat? (All new original concept)



Tiki Terror: Luau of Fear

The popular fright zone becomes an all new maze where you step into an abandoned tiki bar that has been reclaimed by the very tiki spirits some foolish humans stole the names and images for and they are not amused. This is no day at the beach, and the only drinks served will be the blood of those who anger the tiki gods. (Fright Zone from previous year adapted to House)


HOUSES (IP based Mazes)


The Twilight Zone
You’ve entered a dimension of sight, sound, and mind, of thoughts and ideas, you’ve just crossed over to the Twilight Zone. Mind the signpost ahead, or you may never find your way back to reality. Enter the world of the famous television show and encounter some of it’s most sinister creations. 



Scary Stories to tell in the Dark
Enter the pages of a cursed book written by the infamous Sarah Bellows and face the horrors only she could imagine such as The Pale Lady, The Jangly Man, and Harold. Inspired by the new movie and the pages of the classic terrifying books. 




One of the most unique horror anthology series comes to vivid life as you enter the static and white noise to become a part of the horror. Face monsters, demons, witches, and much more as you traverse your way through these terrifying tapes.




Freaked - in Hideous 3D!

The cult classic comedy horror film comes to colorful life in this 3D maze featuring the world of Elijah C. Skuggs and his Hideous Mutant Freakz. See the world famous Worm, the strange Bearded Lady, Rosie the Pinhead, the Human Flame, and everyone’s favorite Sockhead! Just don’t stick around too long or you may join the show!





Torment: Unleashed 

The Collector has returned to host his horrifying game show, and with him come some of the horrors from Fright Forest’s past. He has competition however in the newest host of Torment, Nightshade the Clown! The two wage a battle of wits and horrors on the unsuspecting guests. See two unique shows inspired by the popular stage show that has now taken to the streets. (Former yearly show (and one time house) adapted for streets) 


Slasher: Drive In Double Feature 

The infamous masked killer that haunted the local cinema has moved to the old abandoned drive-in. Come face to mask with him and his collection of movie monsters come to terrifying life. (Former house adapted to streets)

Rave to the Grave: Back for Seconds

Pumping music and intense lights return to the streets as the undead legions seek to dance the night away, and possibly indulge in a midnight snack, which just might be you. (Sequel to old fright zone)


Seeds of Fright

Enter the largest pumpkin patch in Springsdale, and discover the horrors that await as the pumpkins come alive and take their revenge for years of being smashed and turned into jack-o-lanterns. You look ripe for carving, so best watch your step. (All new orignal zone)


Slumber City

Enter neon and blood soaked streets, filled with denizens of your worst nightmares. The challenge is simple: try and wake up before you become of a permanent resident of Slumber City (All new original zone) 




Dr. Nightmare invites you to witness the greatest nightmare on Earth, full of death defying stunts and dazzling dancing, aerial acrobatics, and visions of a world that never wakes from hellish bad dreams. (All New for 2019, replaces Torment)


there you have it. The event for 2019. Some really fun concepts that I am very proud of. If only I had the money to make it real! Let me know what you think! 





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