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Guest Activated Triggers and Other Easter Eggs


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So I've seen a few things this year but not everything.


Killer Klowns had two rooms with 3 red buttons.  I could be mistaken but I think one makes a noise when pressed while the next room one of the buttons sprays water.


In Universal Monsters, there were some ropes and most didn't have much give but there was at least one that did have some slack to it.  I wasn't sure if this was similar to 2016's Tomb of the Ancients or if it was just a loose rope.  I am always afraid I'll break something.


In House of 1000 Corpses, there is a bell on Captain Spaulding's counter that does ding.  Surefire way to get an icy glare from the scare actor.


I haven't seen the Jack bag yet.  What else am I missing? :D

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On 9/11/2019 at 3:56 PM, marc said:

I definitely got sprayed with one of the Klown buttons. 

Me too!

Another Easter Egg I found is, in the queue line video for 'Graveyard Games' (The one where you see the Facebook comment feeds for the idiot teens and others), there are references made to at least two of the fake B- Movies seen in last year's 'Slaughter Sinema.'

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On 9/13/2019 at 7:17 AM, Nightcrawler said:

Me too!

Another Easter Egg I found is, in the queue line video for 'Graveyard Games' (The one where you see the Facebook comment feeds for the idiot teens and others), there are references made to at least two of the fake B- Movies seen in last year's 'Slaughter Sinema.'


And a reference to Carey, Ohio. 

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Easter Eggs/ Reused Props I've Seen (that have not been mentioned here):

  • Not confirmed, but I feel like the Venkman at the end of Ghostbusters is wearing one of the Jack Torrance wigs from The Shining in 2017.
  • Shadowcreek Camps in Yeti (referencing the Havoc franchise).
  • I feel like one of the scareactors in Yeti had Marty's mask from Poltergeist last year. 
  • The "Shining reference" in Us.
  • Old Smokey might be in the Rob Zombie zone but i'm not sure if its just some other chair.
  • The clown trashcan from Carnival Graveyard outside House of 1000 Corpses (maybe also the Bill and Ted Phonebooth).
  • The Skeleton Kid's mask from Trick'r Treat in one of the rooms of HOTC.
  • I think the girl in the cage in HOTC is wearing one of The Grady Twins dresses.
  • Something I noticed, three different scareactors in HOTC says "Who's your daddy" (also, someone skinned HHN Bear D:).
  • The Norris Thing in Depths of Fear.
  • "Infinite Pits" in both Depths of Fear and Universal Monsters (though they are harder to spot than usual). 
  • Shield from 2005's Fire Pits in the Nightingales facade.
  • Feel like Nightingales eating horses is a callback to the original house.
  • Statues in the facade of Universal Monsters actually look like their original counterparts.
  • You are underwater in the Creature room.
  • There is a crypt named Hugo in the Wolfman room that might be a reference to Victor Hugo.
  • Graveyard Games used alot of costumes and sets from Poltergeist.
  • It also had a moving coffin from Hive. 
  • The Mother character appears three times in Graveyard Games.
  • Alot of props from the Killer Klowns house are reused from the scarezone (naturally).
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At the event now and thought I would share this. On the receptionist desk in Ghostbusters there is a red button, me being the person that wants to find ALL the secrets I reached for it and pushed it. The Actor tried to push my hand away and some nearby staff yelled at me. They then held us there for like five minutes and im not sure if it was because I screwed up or if it was a cast switch.

EDIT: I did end up pushing the button and I think it made the phone ring which was something for the actor to use. Notice that her voice is not prerecorded, it's all the work of the actor. 

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Apparently there is a 13 Ghosts, Arachnophobia, and Candyman VHS in the Hopper's Cabin attacked by the Mind Flayer scene of Stranger Things. On the bookcase where it divides the room.


Chucky is also in the UV Children Scene of Graveyard Games. On the upper level to the left.

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Typing on mobile, so I can’t format much, I’m sorry!


So the only true GATs are the buttons in Klowns (which my tour guide explained will be pressed by the ops if they see that you didn’t press them). Some of the ropes in Hunchback in Monsters are in fact interactive. Look for the ones that have fabric wrapped around them (two on your left right across from Quasi and then one on the right just before Creature). They don’t cause any kind of effect, but they are on elastic cords to make it feel like you can actively ring the bells. You can pull them down pretty far!


There are no references anywhere to Jack, which my guide was confused about, but there is an easter egg in Graveyard Games. No, a literal easter egg; check out the top left area of the shelves of urns and see if you see something oval-shaped and sparkly... Also, there’s a King Kong mini-grave up above you on the right just before you enter the candle hallway.


The coffins that you may see (other than the moving one, of course) look pretty genuine ... because they are. When a coffin is used for a funeral but is not to be buried with the person, it’s essentially rendered unusable for the funeral home. It would obviously be a little weird and maybe considered disrespectful to keep putting different corpses in the same box for a viewing. So, Universal takes advantage of this by buying those genuine used coffins straight from the funeral parlors. Fun, FUN fact: any time you see an open casket, it was constructed by the Universal team, but all closed caskets did previously contain a real human body at one point in time!


The statue observation from Monsters is correct and was an intentional inclusion! My guide explained that they really wanted to take the monsters in an angry, fierce direction (an obvious choice for a horror event), but still wanted to pay tribute to the original designs. The facade includes those old designs while the interior contains the new ones. The Creature, though, was essentially perfect, so they didn’t really change much about Gillman’s look.


Speaking of Gillman, take a look through one of the holes in the cave wall as you’re passing the second Gillman. Directly across across from the first boohole of the third scareactor is an alligator. He was used in Dead Waters in the swamp of the facade, and he was apparently loved dearly. His name is Francis!


The Mummy room contains many unused props from the Mummy ride, mostly the queue. It’s very hard to see in the dark, especially when the scareactor is inside of it, but the first Mummy’s boohole has a sarcophagus in the back that was used in the “prop collection”-esque display from the ride’s queue before it was taken out for unknown reasons. They just moved it over and put it in the house!

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