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Cookie Monster

Dr. Raymond Holmes

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Hey everybody!

I'm writing a new short story but at the moment I wont give to much away. So enjoy this early rough draft....

A young man entered the living room with a determined look on his face as he held a box of Girl Scout cookies in one hand and in the other held a newspaper.

“Today is the day I can feel it”, said the young man who sat down in a green chair that looked like it was made out of used carpet with duct tape holding it together.

“John buddy ole pal you’re going to get a job”, said John as he open the box of Girl Scout cookies and place a handful in his mouth.

John was 25 years old, around 5’10, green eyes, black hair, and a slim body, which was weird due to he lived off fast food. John had no life whatsoever, being unemployed for almost a year made him feel miserable almost everyday. Everyday he would wake up having feeling he will find a job and try to motive himself to keep looking. However, today will be the day he will always remember.

“Hmmm lets see here, no cant do that, maybe, nah to far away”, said John as he skim the classified section. “What’s this? Wanted, a house sitter for an elder old woman who is going to visit her family in South Florida for a couple weeks. Well supply the house with food and pay up to $500. Call 555-1246 GOLDBERG”

John picked up his cell phone, dials the number, and waited patiently to hear a voice on the other end.

“Hi you reached I’m horny sex line…” with that John hit the end button. “Whoops must have dialed the wrong number; but I‘ll save it for later”, said John as his face turned red and try dialing the number again.

The phones rang and by the third ring John herd a soft voice on the other line.

“Hello?” said the soft voice

“Hello; is this Ms. Goldberg?” said John who had his fingers crossed

“Yes this is Ms. Goldberg. How may I help you?”

“Hi Ms. Goldberg my name is John Levy and I’m calling in regards to the ad in the paper”

“Ahh yes, I’m glad you call. You see I need to head to Florida within the next couple of days. My son Richard and his family moved down there a few months ago and I want to see them. I want to surprise my son Richard for his forty birthday. So do you want to stop by today to check out the place?”

“Sure thing Ms. Goldberg I just need directions”, said John as grab a notebook off the living room table and wrote down the directions.

John hanged up the phone and had a smile on his face that went from ear to ear. He then danced around the living room with the Girl Scout cookies box in his hand and pretending it was his girlfriend. He then dances to the bathroom to take a nice warm shower

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