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Halloween Horror Nights 29 Photos


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Hi!! So I don't know if this is a thing, but I started this little topic because I was interested in seeing different pictures that people have taken at the event so far! I've heard a feel people ask about facades, so this might also be a good place to share what the event really looks like to the people that haven't been yet. Please feel free to add on your own, and if this is a topic that doesn't match the category, also feel free to move it, mods !



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1 hour ago, zombieman said:

Thanks for posting!


I love the Nightengales facade (at least from that angle it looks impressive for a tent facade).

And finally a real facade for the MIB house.


16 days and counting...

Yeah, the facades all look FANTASTIC this year!! Man, I really want to to off about just how cool Depths’ facade is, but I think you’d appreciate seeing it for yourself. Let’s just say it’s unconventional.


But yeah, the clown from HoTC is actually just outside the house. I wasn’t sure if it was okay to take a picture or not, but we were crawling along because everyone was scared of Spaulding on the inside, so I got a quick pic. He’s just in the doorway and he’s a great introduction to the house.

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