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  1. I'm actually fine with that. I stand by the fact that two of the cutest things I've ever seen were a small child in last year's Invasion! scarezone hugging and high-fiving an alien, and a little girl in the Trick 'r Treat scarezone getting one of the werewolf princesses to sign her plastic battleax for her. That's just wholesome, that.
  2. My mates and I all loved Dollhouse to death. And my brother considers Assimilation the scariest house he's ever been through. Considering he's been to nearly every event since 2002, I'm inclined to take him at his word.
  3. That's a fair point. Forever is a long time, and especially long in entertainment. Who can say what the landscape will look like in a few years?
  4. Ah. I thought I remembered hearing rumors that It would be there. Thought I was just misremembering. All the same, if Uni is sufficiently motivated to grease those wheels, I'm sure they could make it happen.
  5. Arguably the closest we'll ever get to a Fallout-themed house...
  6. Let's see...Stranger Things seasons 2 & 3 is more-or-less guaranteed... Beyond that, a house based on It? Seems like an obvious choice, to the point that I'm a bit surprised they didn't include it this year. I would love a Killer Klowns house, myself. And it ought to be more than feasible given what Uni has pulled off in the past. I somewhat doubt we'll see anything too self-referential. They'll more than likely save that for the 30th anniversary.
  7. So this weekend I finally got to spend a couple of nights at HNN. I have pretty mixed feelings about it. I miss them having proper scarezones, but with half the park torn up for construction, I guess I can't really fault them for that. I also had the misfortune of being at the park on Thursday night, which was just absurd. As far as the houses go...none of them were terrible, but there were only a couple excellent ones. I also suspect that the fact that there are only seven houses this year, as opposed to the eight which has been the standard for a while now, probably contributed quite a bit to the crowding and long lines. Anyways, my general impressions.
  8. So while I do like the idea of a Las Vegas apocalypse type deal, do we need the Penn & Teller tie in?
  9. Wishful thinking: of the 3-4 houses that have not yet been announced, none of them will be based on a movie, video game, musician or stage entertainer.
  10. After Scio Rock Fest, I find the inspiration to learn to play guitar, just so I can form a stoner metal act.

  11. I've seen them get pretty animated in between dismemberments.
  12. On either Thursday or Friday, I saw the Red Death manage to trap a couple of cowering girls in a corner-- and I give him props for that, because I wouldn't have even thought that possible, given that he's up on an elevated platform about 5 or 6 feet away from the wall.
  13. This house got so much better since the first weekend of the month.
  14. Humping that chair forever, you say?
  15. I suppose that in the future I can just wear it to the Horror Make-up Show. Same thing, apparently.
  16. Didn't Assimilation take place after the events of the Movie in an unrelated location anyways?
  17. I give props to the cast in here on Sunday. Everybody was incredibly aggressive and on the ball.
  18. Damn, that is him, isn't it? Tried to make a Holidays of Horror T-shirt today, but was all out of ink. So disappointed...I was really looking forward to H.R. Bloodengutz seeing it and hopefully commenting on it.
  19. Why not? One of the other joke-titles they came up with already turned out to be a real movie, so why not this one?
  20. I think they must have upped the frequency with which they do the rip scene, because last Sunday I almost caught it twice in one run.
  21. Saw peeps guy on Sunday. Also when I went through the President's Day room, Zombie Lincoln jumped out at me and growled "Hello". For some reason I thought this was really funny, so when I was done being startled I smiled, waved and said hello. Then he just kind of gargled and gave me a thumbs-up sign. Right on, Lincoln.
  22. I walked through here with a friend last Thursday. He looked at one of the trees and said "Oh cool, they have people dressed as tree branches," to which I replied, "No, that's just some drunk bitch up in a tree."
  23. I don't know how to identify the two casts, so I really couldn't say. I've always wondered ow people can tell cast A from cast B in these houses. The rest of the cast seemed, pretty on the ball (except for the banshee-soldier, he never even pretends to try), so maybe that actress was just thirsty...
  24. I've seen the grass guy, as well as the Feasterbunny, but not peeps.
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