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  1. Welp, it looks like we’ll be waiting for more Orlando announcements later than now while Hollywood has recently announced the return of the Exorcist and Pandora’s Box.
  2. It might also be a reference to Creatures from 08. Another original concept related to aliens.
  3. HHN YouTube’s hint of the week. “In space I can hear you scream.” Everbody on the comment section thinks it’s Alien but it’ll never happen, and it’s way too soon to bring back Killer Klowns, unless it’s an Hollywood exclusive.
  4. My first theory? Not really, but it’s still possible they could REVISIT a previous investigation with some changes and more additions to offer another experience concept wise. Right now, I don’t think it’s a stretch to see Bloody Mary back at the event, and it could be the reason why Orlando decided to not have another IP for this year, so they could acquire the so-called theme park “rights” of the character. What if we’re getting a sequel to the Reflections of Fear house under the LT name but better cause it won’t be located at the now gone Jaws queue.
  5. Here’s what I’m thinking about with the original concept that is rumored: Since this site is teasing us with the Legendary Truth element on the speculation map, I’m expecting it to come back as a house not only in name like in 2010, but with a new concept and a new investigation rather than revisiting the previous cases. Another possibility is an LT investigation of Mary Agana’s victims as a compilation-type of house where you follow one of the investigators as he/she tries to track Mary by looking at her victims. The houses based on 08 were based on fears and phobias, and it would be interesting to see if each scene in the house was the same, but with a different victim and phobia brought, adding some nice extra touches with the five heralds of Fear as references to the minion icons (Choas, death, sacrifice, legends, and vengeance).
  6. The original TCM is on Tubi, and it’s free to watch. Recently, I was watching it again while wondering what they could be possibly doing with the material for the house. Since it’s newest location is in one of the soundstage buildings, I’m hoping for a good forest section. That to me is one of the most terrifying and iconic parts of the movie. I’ll watch the remake later on HBO Max to see what inspirations they could possibly take from it to reimagine them into an original vibe for the house.
  7. Just gave a good look at the updated speculation map. Now it’s been rumored the “mystery” Shrek theater is an original concept rather than an IP, teasing it with a Legendary Truth logo. Does that mean is it now finalized with a wild card? That’s my biggest question. The Carnage show is rumored to be a Magic-type show. If that’s the case, then I’m looking forward to see Jack and Chance doing an escape-related trick from Shadybrook Asylum with their straitjackets on to kick off the show.
  8. Even the trailer of Bride looks awesome, and I’m expecting more of the scares will branch out by removing the plexiglass if there isn’t another wave of the pandemic coming.
  9. I do have optimistic feelings about TCM, and it does have good potential to be the best house based on the franchise cause it’s at one of the soundstage buildings unlike it’s last two locations, allowing more space of movements and scenes. The only downside about it is it may rely on lucky timing for a great run through, but I still think it’s likely to blow us away with more additions and Improvements. I wonder what the facade is at Orlando’s, Leatherface’s house or the gas station?
  10. A doubled house announcement? Sweet! I’m glad TCM is coming back cause that’s my most anticipated IP house, and it looks like it’ll be more based on the original that came out in 74 than the remake.
  11. If the Shrek Theater turned out to be a movie-themed compilation house (which is my wild card) like All-Nite Die In or Sliver Screams, then I’m hoping these movies will get at least one room or two each. It just all depends how much they could handle the licensing financially and how much space do they have to build up. Halloween Kills: With the newest installment coming out this year, you only need a preview of it rather than entirely to prevent spoiling. Creepshow: Bring on the cockroaches! The Exorcist: It’s now rumored to come back at Hollywood, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Orlando brings it back as well, but on a smaller scale with two rooms; one without the priests and Pazuzu out of his victim and one with them. The Shining: I’m going with the Jack-related rooms with “Here’s Johnny” and the hotel hallway. American Werewolf In London: One of the best movie houses I had ever walked through, and it’s good enough to bring it back again for just one scene in my opinion. If I have to choose which one, then I’m going with the Subway room. Nightmare On Elm Street: As sad it is for me to hear about Friday the 13th not coming back anytime soon simply because how much of a train wreck the rights are now, but this would make up as an alternative by simply bringing back the iconic boiling room with Freddy.
  12. Yeah, the way how the facade is designed is very 50’s/Early 60’s-looking. The construction is so visible like it’s the Diagon Alley situation where they have to make the next official announcement all over again.
  13. @Brandon The only downside I could think about is they would pump up the ticket prices or make the event slightly smaller if they’re gonna lose some guests from Seaworld - It just all depends how much.
  14. Right now, Halloween looks more possible to me than Creepshow, since Beetlejuice is now rumored to be an Orlando exclusive. Hollywood is supposed to have four joint houses, but now we’re hearing it has been reduced to three over there.
  15. @Sinfear The rest of the facade better be a welcome center. I could totally picture the first room to be what you usually see inside with some posters, brochures, and props from previous houses and scarezones related to Carey.
  16. Another cat is out of the bag! A “Welcome To Carey, Ohio” sign was recently installed today behind the MIB tent as part of the facade. It looks like a vintage billboard. Not officially confirmed yet, but (S)Carey: Horror In The Heartland is to me. Saw it on Haunt Vault Discord.
  17. That may sound unlikely, but would make a lot of sense to have the Usher and the Director upfront of a “Double Feature” themed house facade while welcoming the guests as a duo. I actually wouldn’t mind if All Nite Die-In or Sliver Screams to come back this year with scenes from Halloween, Creepshow, and previous movie houses that are more recent from 22 through 29, which Universal have the theme park rights with no to little problems. After all, this will be the event’s 30th year.
  18. I dunno about you guys, but whether if it’s Creepshow, Halloween, some other IP, or maybe a movie-themed compilation house, the Sherk Theater still remains as the most “mysterious” location for this year.
  19. Welp, that’s three houses confirmed for this year’s HHN; Puppet Theater, Beetlejuice, and Haunting of Hill House. Though, I’ve expected to be TCM, but I knew it was another IP house as a joint announcement for both Orlando and Hollywood cause that usually comes first.
  20. https://mobile.twitter.com/HorrorNightsORL?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1412495022155517956|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url= Since, HHN Orlando recently uploaded a teaser on Twitter, I wouldn’t be surprised if another house announcement is coming this week. The timer counts down to 30 seconds of the 60 displayed, so a part two could happen.
  21. @DocNiktMarrWoah, a Pink Floyd house would be sick. Have you thought about doing Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral? That’s my biggest dream house music wise, and I still wanna hear your thoughts about my house idea above.
  22. Blum doesn’t want to do a remake of the movie that came in out 73 (Thank God for that!); just a new sequel to it while ignoring all the other installments of the series - It’s a very similar treatment the Halloween franchise is having right now.
  23. https://screenrant.com/blumhouse-exorcist-2-halloween-2018-comparison-jason-blum/ While we’re waiting for some more announcements, I wanna kill some time by talking about the possibility of the Exorcist coming back to HHN in the future. Jason Blum wants to do a reboot with a Halloween 2018-like surprise skeptics. If a Michael Myers house comes back again with a preview of Kills, then I would find it to be somewhat believable. But that’s way too earlier to tell right now, and we’re not sure a re-continuation of this will ever happen.
  24. Or it could be based on the newer Halloween movies with a sneak peak of Kills and a “greatest hits” approach. The newest one comes out in Mid October, so spoiling the entire movie would be a bad idea.
  25. Anyone seen the trailer of Halloween Kills? Lots of references to H3, and Universal is distributing the movie. I think this rumor is starting to get more interesting to cause Insiders usually gets information when someone has access to some particular house aspects like sketches, layouts, props, costumes to name many as I could for instance. Even masks can be iconic enough to establish officially as an IP. The masks from Halloween 3 are recognizable if y’all know what they’re from, but I think this trailer proves they don’t specifically fave to be for it, and I’m still thinking that they would include Michael Myers in a H3 house. There’s no doubt they would put him in at all. True or not, the rumor is starting to make more sense now than before.
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