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  1. There were some rumors about Fear banishing the icons on Halloween, did anyone who went to the Halloween see that happen?
  2. I am so upset that I haven't gotten to see the famous cat with comb me and my HHN pal will be bringing a special guest with us tonight, an HHN virgin from out of state! Let's give her a...warm welcoming
  3. To Lexie(Ice Queen/Alice): You were brilliant in Fear Revealed! And you are quite the little great actress to be able to play Ice Queen with such Queen-like elegance and then be able to turn around and play the spastic Alice. You could have even been Cindy, perhaps you didn't meet the height for Cindy, but I know just by your acting of Alice you would be perfect for her too
  4. I had a great little 'woah' moment in Catacombs, the actor that normally comes from out of the ground wasn't in his hole, just an empty spot. We were looking for him and I turn around to keep moving and all of a sudden I am face to face with a Plague Doctor. Gawd I love that house
  5. I wouldn't call it unfortunate. Howl O Scream doesn't get the budget and all the bells and whistles that HHN gets, so they need something that will set them apart from HHN and make them just as good as the event. I am glad HOS was able to step up their game this year. They still need some work on the scares and settings(I didn't feel like we got enough of Sylvie's backstory or even a scary-house for her this year, a major let down) but hopefully next year they can step it up some more.
  6. That's Jack's personality. I'm sure you aren't the other one. He's even got a firecracker of a girlfriend, Chance, he hangs out with in the Fear Revealed scarezone. HHN is certainly more adult oriented, so you're going to put up with a lot more scares, creepiness, etc. So much as long as he didn't physically touch you inappropriately like certain Tigers in a family-friendly theme park haha.
  7. That Mary Shaw mask creeps me the hell out. The last Mary Shaw I encountered we stared at each other from a distance for a while. Those eyes....hypnotic..... thank you to the actor in that costume for giving me the heebee geebees!
  8. Just want to rant a little. It seems like me and friends happen to get the most jerkiest looks when my friends and I entertain ourselves while waiting through the queue. And no, we're not obnoxious loud drunks who don't know they're being annoying; we just like to play games in line. Trivia questions, 20 questions, those kinds of games. Do you guys have your own means of entertaining yourselves while waiting in these long lines, and get evil looks from other people around you for doing so? It's not our fault if they can't find something to do and you know, the games we play actually make the time in the line go by much faster.
  9. To the Havoc actors in the closing set: You guys made the night, you were by far the favorite house of the night! The rest of the houses were really good and brought their own things to the table, but we haven't been able to see Havoc as our 'main event' house yet, being the final house we see before closing time. We were practically alone with them and from the first scare actor, we could already tell it was going to be a great house to go through. also in the 20 years of fear scarezone: great to see ya, Amy and Lexi! Whoever plays Cindy in your cast, if she comes to HNN, she was awesome. Toward one of the earlier rounds with Amy and Lexi's cast, we saw Cindy around us like 3 times in two minutes, we finally said, "geeze, you're everywhere tonight!" she turns around and yells "I'M A KID" it was fantastic. I hope she didn't think we were just being jerks, if you thought that, we really weren't. It was just said with perfect little kid sass. It was one of the night's highlights hahaha. it was an awesome night tonight!
  10. Is it the Disaster Queue? I thought it was too far away to be part of Disaster queue. I guess seeing it all when it's in HHN form can be confusing. I thought Disaster Queue was like Hades?
  11. Yes, IOA is really like one big pathway and the streets are a little narrow. Plus you'd have to work around the contracts IOA has with the people: Like Suess' family won't allow scarezones or houses in Suess Landing, but they'll dim the lights; and who knows what kind of contract Rowling has to keep the same stuff out of Wizarding World, so you'd really be able to enjoy half the park if you're looking for the scarezones and houses. They did have a cool idea to have an Ancient Ruins house for the Dueling Dragons queue and you could see the castle and stuff as part of the theming for the house/queue: they talked about that in their VIP meeting as an idea they had in the air(and hopefully they bring back. An ancient ruins house would be awesome)
  12. After a few walk throughs that led to me being disappointed, the recent walk through actually managed to be my best experience thus far. I think my bigger disappointment though was how it went so fast into the 'everything goes wrong' bit of the house. Wish there could have been a little bit more establishments that these ZAP people were a bit too extreme with the zombies and they manage to strike back. I guess in a way, it may have needed to thrust quickly into the 'everything goes wrong' so we don't end up feeling sympathy for the zombies? Tidbit in case you didn't know: At the VIP meeting, they were giving a little info on the Zombiegeddon house. The car at the end was based on an idea HHN designers had for 2006 where the ZAP guys in the queue videos would appear in the park in that car, doing basically the same bit from the video. Sort of the 'Saws and Steam' speech guy.
  13. Thought there was a topic for it either here or on the old board, but what would your take be if they ever had an idea to do a video game-based house? Have they ever done one? Which game would you most like to see get a house? I think Splatterhouse would be cool. Has a great name, cool settings, plenty of monsters to make scare-actors out of. Though Rick's mask is similar to Jason's, but with the modified 'more skull-looking' mask would be alright. Resident Evil and Silent Hill would perhaps be obvious houses if they ever did one, seeing as how they have the name value. Doom as well! Eternal Darkness maybe?
  14. Random guests can be so dumb. I swear I've heard people think 'Orfanage' is based on the movie that came out a few years ago. Do those working the greeter positions get that a lot?
  15. I have never seen that reptile in the house before. It was so awesome! If the scareactor playing that lizard is on here or you know him, let him know he definitely got us by surprise and legitimately scared us! We want to see you again now haha
  16. haha last time we went through this house was Sunday night. It was like the most packed line we ran into. The cool thing was when we saw Cindy in the first part, we called out 'Cindy' and it was creepy how she talked with that echoey voice. She said "so what if you know my name! That's not going to protect you from the fire!" hahaha. That final scene though, the scareactors double teamed us but Cindy wasn't prepped to scare us at the end, so we only got the double team. Would've been sweet if they got us, then Cindy right after them! Still, her hearing us and saying that definitely made that an experience worth remembering for us in the house that time
  17. Actually I don't think they were middle school aged. Didn't get the best look but they did look young-college-aged. They apparently dropped something and just had to turn around in the middle of the line and look for something, eventually causing the Plague Doctor scareactor to tell them to find the guy with the flashlight. And the dude right behind them kept looking through the boo-holes and around the corners. I swear if someone does that, you should have hot pies handy so you can hit them with it! My friend and I, we've gone a few times and we try not to do the annoying things most scareactors complain about. Even if we don't get legitimately scared sometimes(cause there are many times when we do), we at least enjoy playing along. Not just to be a sarcastic clown, but to just have fun and play along. It's a lot better than acting like a douche to the scareactor and staring at them like 'oh yah you're scary....not' and there are other times when we'll scream and then say 'that was good' or 'good one' again not to be sarcastic asses, but to let the scareactor know they did a good job and can look at that as a method of scaring for future guests.
  18. At the emp. preview, they had actors from the investigation team doing something at the end. I haven't seen them since! Did they do-away with the idea? I thought it was a cool idea and also ties into the beginning with the actor talking to the guests and working on the computers.
  19. ^ We did the closing set too, they were practically done with the park by the time we got through and I'm sure by this time a night, the scareactors and everyone were tired, wanting to just be done for the night so they didn't quite give it their energetic all, and I can understand that. Once you get down to your final like half hour-hour of work, you're more focused on getting the hell out of there. We got to go earlier though so we at least didn't feel so cheated. Only happened to catch Cindy at the beginning though not at the end, she was around a wall waiting that time.
  20. tonight was the first time I went through that I saw a scareactor whose costume included glowing green eyes, it was toward the beginning, like the first or second room in. What is that creature because we didn't really get a good look at him before he went back to hiding.
  21. We just had a couple of douche bags in Catacombs. Some behind us and some in front of us. Here's what happened: First of all, the second we go into the maze, the people behind us are just being obnoxious loud, stupid. Yelling at the poor guy dressed in black that stands there as if he were a scareactor; you name it, they had to find something obnoxious to say. They even said to a Plague Doctor about sticking a beak up an ass or something along those lines. Me and my gang were whispering among each other 'uhm, they're plague doctors, ricky retardo' and the people in front of us: One of the guys kept looking through the holes and stuff where the scareactors would pop out, even if there were holes where no scareactors would pop out, he'd still be holding up the line by feeling the need to stick his head around corners and into holes. The obnoxious people behind us said he was the smartest guy in the world. The people in front of us apparently dropped something in the house somewhere like a light and so they held up the line trying to look for it, we just pressed on but as we were leaving the poor scareactor in the room, the Plague Doctor just broke character and said, "find the guy with the flashlight, dude" ugh! We've had better experiences in the house, so it didn't totally ruin the house for us, but we were sandwiched between a couple douches that time. I also hate people who keep pushing to rush me through. I like to sit back a little and take in the detail of the house, particularly in houses like Hallow'd Past because there's so much to look for in the warehouse scenes!
  22. cool! I was hoping someone saw that. His pic of it was on his facebook. Unfortunately it's a little disoriented because of all the motion but we agree it looks pretty cool and gives a surreal effect. You can add him or see the pic(it's his default right now) at Alan Luckachina!
  23. you guys were on FIRE on 9/30/10! The houses we went to, the scarezones! We were impressed! Last night was awesome in the HHNXX scarezone, the white ghostly woman(not sure of her name) kind of reminds me of some kind of sea creature haha pushed my friend through the scarezone in his wheelchair! Got a couple of pics of that because I felt that's a rare occurrence when a scareactor gets to do things like that! What a great night!
  24. i'd like to go to the Extreme House and the Icons one. Not gonna be able to make the Terra Queen and really don't have much interest in the Thing one. Bloody Mary is up in the air still.
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