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  1. You made a good point about them maybe announcing everything else 31 days before the event. I’m really excited for the rest of the announcements and to do hype lists.
  2. That’s a good point on the scarezone and house being connected. I honestly don’t understand the people on twitter complaining about this year’s roster. It looks like a very strong one, especially with the originals and the themes of traditional Halloween in the scarezones look like they’re going to be a blast. I feel like of the years I’ve been going to this event, this could be the strongest year.
  3. The weeknd officially has been announced. For those who are a fan of him, good for them.
  4. Uhhh. Fellow creatures of the night, I think someone leaked some houses. On HHN Nightmares twitter, I found images of what looks to be an event shirt and it has three confirmed houses and five of the originals. And those originals weren’t announced… yet at least. Two houses are missing from the shirt, but wow, the five originals look insane.
  5. I agree with this. Super super eager to see what the scarezones are exactly and what original houses are staying and which ones got replaced.
  6. It appears we have a little more info on the Hollywood location scarezone which is rumored to be based around vampires. Pictures from online show “Nettlewood Cemetery” on one of the walls in that scarezone. I’m a sucker for originals based around graveyards or cemeteries so I’ve become even more excited for this specific zone.
  7. Not super surprising because of that one event next week for the Hollywood panel. Maybe weeknd announced both coasts before the panel and at the actual panel, a Hollywood exclusive announcement. Maybe all the original houses announced together for Orlando in early August as well as the scarezones and shows.
  8. I’m beyond excited for the originals. Apparently the Witch Original has something to do with traditional Halloween but we’ll see. The Weeknd looks to be the last IP announcement and I’m with you, not a fan of his music at all. I’m guessing his house will be the one to pull in the casual crowd while the fanatics of the event can get into the original houses easier. It’s a shame The Evil Dead was cut but hey, I’ll take a 6/4 split of Original and IP
  9. Looks like construction is up somewhat for the Hollywood area of the park. I think this is the rumored vampire-based scarezone
  10. I’m with you on hoping for Pumpkin Lord return. It would be interesting if they did a Ghost Twon sequel or type of house. I never experienced Ghost Town so I’d be kinda excited to do a house like that.
  11. Not entirely sure. I’ve just been more excited knowing we may be getting six original houses and possibly all original scarezones with the speculation and rumors. And even though I’m not excited for the weeknd whatsoever, at least the lines should be long for that house in comparison of the others I’m more excited for.
  12. Not at all excited about the possibility of Nope replacing The Evil Dead. Other than The Evil Dead being one of my favourite horror films and franchises, I’m not sold on the trailers for Nope. I’ll gladly take a sixth original but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nope was the replacement.
  13. Anyone else notice something with these announcements? Legends Collide on a Tuesday, Halloween on a Wednesday, Blumhouse on a Thursday. Maybe weeknd is next to be announced next Friday. I don’t know, might be thinking too much into it.
  14. A Chucky house would’ve been cool but The Evil Dead is the number one IP on the spec map I need. Especially since Scream isn’t coming at all.
  15. The Horrors of Blumhouse vol. 3 is officially happening. I’m cautiously excited for this one. I thought the first iteration was decent but volume 2 is one of two houses I absolutely hated. But I trust that Freaky and The Black Phone will work better in this house than The Purge and Happy Death Day.
  16. Looks like a new announcement is incoming as HHN Orlando tweeted out a gif. I’m thinking Evil Dead Rise is a possibility because it’s supposed to be set in a high rise and the teaser gif has an elevator. But also some people mentioned in the comments the weeknd because apparently in one of his music videos there’s some sort of elevator sequence. That could be a possibility as well.
  17. That actually makes sense. I was hoping it would be similar to 2018 and 2019 where they alternated between IP house announcements and originals but that’s a good piece of speculation
  18. I’d assume the first movie since it hasn’t happened yet. Just the remake, Ash vs Evil Dead, and a small Army of Darkness part in a house from 2009. It just needs to be the first film honestly
  19. Spec map v3 is up and I’m loving the lineup for the most part. The scarezones look really fun and I love that The Evil Dead is back on the map. All the original houses look very strong and I really hope this is the lineup we get despite me not being excited for a particular music artist
  20. Looks like we have all 10 house locations: Soundstage 22 Soundstage 23 A and B Soundstage 24 A and B Fast & Furious Tent Sprung Tents 1 and 2 Both Parade Warehouses
  21. John Carpenter’s Halloween is returning and I am super excited for this one. Especially since I never got to do the Halloween house from 2014.
  22. Well, at least there’s nine other houses for me to be more excited for.
  23. That makes sense. I’m still not a fan of the weeknd coming to HHN but it’s looking more than likely by this point.
  24. Apparently Universal Monsters: Legends Collide will be in the first Parade Building (Graveyard Games, Trick ‘r Treat, Ash vs Evil Dead).
  25. I’d be down for another traditional Halloween-themed house with no ties to The Wicked Growth. But that’s killed my hope for icons to be a thing again with Pumpkin Lord as the first new one. But I guess it makes sense with marketing…
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