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  1. That makes a lot more sense now. I wonder if they’ll potentially open up a lot of the food booths for stay and scream or if they’ll open them when the event officially kicks off.
  2. Interesting. Whichever location has Dead Man’s Pier i exactly where I’ll be lol.
  3. 100% agreed. Those three houses look like they’re gonna be fan favs and listening to Universal’s podcast about the originals has me thinking those three may make my top three this year.
  4. Here’s my guess on the average wait times: Legends Collide- 100+ minutes Halloween- 120+ minutes Blumhouse- 70+ minutes Weeknd- 120+ minutes Bugs- 60+ minutes Descendants- 75+ minutes Coven- 90+ minutes Dead Man’s Pier- 90+ minutes Chupacabras- 80+ minutes Hellblock- 70+ minutes
  5. Hmmm. Definitely won’t be as busy as 28 and 29 but definitely busier than last year. We’ll definitely be seeing crowds but I don’t think any wait times will be over 120 minutes but nothing under 50 minutes either.
  6. Yes!!! Scares at 100% again. Glad to have the confirmation
  7. Not surprised The Weeknd isn’t on any of the tours. Usually one IP isn’t. My party is doing 3 house tour and while I am excited to do Halloween, Coven, and Chupacabras, I am sad that I don’t get to see Dead Man’s Pier on the 3 house.
  8. The food looks really good this year. I’m most excited to try the candy corn ice cream cookie sandwich, pepperoni pizza skulls, and that haunted horseshoe burger thing. And I think we’re exactly one week from opening night.
  9. Oh, nice! That’s always great to hear the event running as late as possible, especially for us HHN addicts lol. RIP Tour Podcast on their twitter released some pics they took at the park today of the food stands and their menus. A lot of the dishes sound tasty and I am so so happy that Leave It To Cleaver has a food booth going on.
  10. I mean, the best advice I have is something my party tried last year. Stay n Scream with express passes. We ran like five houses the first night without express and came back to them later on with express passes. for those who like going to Diagon Alley, go during HHN, as it’s kind of empty depending on the day.
  11. I’m so excited to see those billboards when I fly out in October
  12. I guess I should do my hype list too. 10. The Horrors of Blumhouse(I’m cautiously optimistic about this one) 9. The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare(I feel this has a lot of potential) 8. Hellblock Horror(The synopsis reminds me of the bloodbath in The Cabin In the Woods, which is one of my favourite movies and a house I wish I got to do from the past) 7. Descendants of Destruction(Have no idea if this is a Seeds sequel, but the setting and idea of feral and mutant humans sounds neat. Potential for scariest house) 6. Halloween(Excited to experience the original but I do have some concerns) 5. Fiesta De Chupacabras(I love the idea of the chupacabras and villagers trying to kill you. High potential for gore house) 4. Spirits of the Coven(I love witches in horror and Halloween, and I’m excited for this one) 3. Universal Monsters: Legends Collide(I love the Monsters houses so they’re gonna get me hyped every time) 2. Bugs Eaten Alive(I love the concept, and I’m excited to see everyone around me terrified lol. I’ve wanted this concept for a few years now) 1. Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake(I’ve watched numerous videos of Dead Man’s Wharf and this is the number one scarezone from the past I wish I got to experience. I’m beyond excited to experience the house version and I’m expecting this to have some of the best set designs) 5. Conjure the Dark(Cautiously optimistic. I love witches but this scarezone location can get quite crowded and the selfie crowd could become a problem) 4. Scarecrow: Curse Soil(I expect a lot of scares in this zone and I like that there’s apparently gonna be a barn type setting) 3. Horrors of Halloween(Pumpkin Lord, Lil Boo and traditional Halloween stuff? Sign me up) 2. Graveyard: Deadly Unrest(Okay, I love graveyard and cemetery settings so visually, I’m gonna be pleased. Just hoping the execution is great) 1. Sweet Revenge(Super excited for this one. Gives me Leave It To Cleaver and Psychoscareapy: Unleashed vibes based on the synopsis and the different photos of the zone. Fingers crossed that Major Sweets candy will be available for purchase in the tribute store) Halloween Nightmare Fuel: Wildfire(Didn’t attend the show last year but I’m curious of this year’s show. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to see it on my R.I.P. Tour) Ghoulish: A Halloween Tale(Very very excited for this show. I loved both Marathon of Mayhem shows so I’m hoping it lives up to them)
  13. Let’s goooooo!!! I’m pumped for all the originals. Most hyped house is Dead Man’s Pier and most hyped scarezone is Sweet Revenge.
  14. I’ve seen a theory similar to that one. It would make a lot of sense. Considering this is in a sprung tent, I am counting on this house to be one of scariest ones this year.
  15. I really really hope Leave It To Cleaver pops up but I’m not entirely sure.
  16. I heard in a few podcasts the rumor it could be a Seeds of Extinction sequel but I’m not entirely sure
  17. Yep, they did do two commercials last year. One that was the announcement drop and the other being an event trailer. I think it’ll be literal Candy Mutants with a tone similar to Leave It To Cleaver.
  18. Well alrighty, nothing today. Fingers crossed for the drop tomorrow. If no drop tomorrow, then I have no idea when it’ll happen. Oh yeah, and the food booths and new scarezone sets look really really cool. The rumored Candy Mutants and Vampire scarezones are looking like they could be my favs this year.
  19. True! Honestly, the only “repeat” IP I’m okay with are the Universal Monsters houses because of their newer takes on them.
  20. It’s getting kinda annoying that many people still think Stranger Things is happening this year despite it being very clear it’s not coming to 31.
  21. I’m thinking this Thursday we may get that announcement of everything that remains. Last year on Thursday August 12th, we got everything else announced. And usually they announce stuff at 12pm Eastern time.
  22. That’s true! I’m hoping tomorrow is when they’ll do it. Seeing more photos of the set pieces in the scarezones is making me even more eager.
  23. Interesting. Usually that would be the roaming chainsaw horde. Curious to see how this’ll turn out
  24. I’ve always wanted the horror makeup show to become an HHN version during the event, showcasing how certain original houses from the past are put together and the different effects that go into them.
  25. I had a feeling Lil Boo would be on the merchandise this year. That merch looks great. It’s a shame that Pumpkin Lord isn’t the event icon this year, it would’ve been perfect…
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