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  1. I’m holding onto a tiny bit of hope of a possible Slipknot house next year but it’s more likely to be The Weeknd again
  2. That’s true, but I think it would be possible to do a house based around him, especially with the gorier, more modern take on the classic monsters they’ve been doing.
  3. Not a Universal Classic Monster, but I’d love a Nosferatu house.
  4. Honestly, I’d rather see Phantom of the Opera or Creature From the Black Lagoon. Dracula can take a break.
  5. It might be a little messed up, but I love when there’s horror versions of tales for children. I loved Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After at 28, and I really, really enjoyed Revenge of the Tooth Fairy from last year. I want some more twisted versions of these “family friendly” concepts at the event. Maybe a Leave It To Cleaver sequel where Meetz Meatz sets up a chocolate factory…
  6. An IP I desperately want at the event that I know most certainly won’t ever happen is a non horror property. However, I feel like it could work as a house. Amazon Prime’s The Boys. There’s so many grotesque scenes and some of the characters like Homelander are actually pretty scary but it’s not a horror property and I’m not sure how well Universal and Prime Studios would get along over sharing IPs.
  7. I can’t tell you how much I agree on tearing down Fast & Furious: Supercharged in favor of having a bigger HHN location. The ride is abysmal and they could definitely use that space for something better.
  8. Absolutely agreed. Feels like next year would be a good possibility for 11 houses.
  9. I will definitely say, an IP from recent years I would love to see come to the event is Terrifier. I know a handful of people don’t enjoy this movie but I love me a gory slasher film and Art is an unsettling villain. I feel like a Terrifer house at the event would be scary and easily the gore house of the event. They could even do Terrifier 1 and 2 as a house together… well, that’s if it ever comes to the event. Not sure if they want an ultra gory property like that at the event but at the same time, it wouldn’t make sense as Puppet Theatre was a very grotesque house.
  10. Which is a shame, honestly. I understand why The Weeknd would be selected, especially how big of an artist he is, but it sucks that we’ll most likely never see a lot of these bands get their own houses or scarezones just because they’re not big enough.
  11. An Ice Nine Kills would be so sick. They’re one of my favourite bands and I think a house or scarezone based on their last two albums would be great. I want Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil 1 at the event very badly but I think they’re staying away from video game IPs for some time. And it doesn’t help that the Netflix show was a dumpster fire.
  12. I mean, look at the Purge at HHN. The movies and tv show have different messages and themes throughout, however they came to the event multiple times. I thought it worked a lot as a scarezone, and when going around it was the carnage that was the focus. If Candyman came to the event, it would most likely be atmospheric while also being a slasher-type house.
  13. I feel like the first Jeeper’s Creepers as a house would slap but yeah, it’s unfortunate that the director is a creeper himself.
  14. Candyman hasn’t been at the event yet. If we ever see it, I want it to be the original movie from 1992 at the event. Maybe half the house 1992 and the second half 2021, but I’d love to see the first movie come to the event.
  15. I enjoyed SCarey as well even though I ranked it pretty low. Overall felt like they should’ve put that one in a soundstage or a parade building. Case Files was sort of a compilation house as well and that was in my top 5 of last year. And Universal Monsters from 29 was so so good. I feel like The Purge tainted the Horrors of Blumhouse houses because the general consensus of the first two was The Purge just didn’t work.
  16. I agree completely with this statement. The Blumhouse compilations have been kinda lackluster(not sure about this year’s Blumhouse, haven’t gone yet). When you have a mashup like All Nite Die-In where you can have a huge amount of properties, then I like that, as you’ve got a lot of variety. Or a Slaughter Sinema-style house, despite that being an original, a lot of variety there too. I have heard some positive things about this year’s Blumhouse, however, I honestly believe they shouldn’t do anymore.
  17. Yeah, seeing other Stephen King properties like IT or Carrie would be really cool at the event. Unfortunate we won’t see those happen though.
  18. Yooooo, I would LOVE a Slipknot house at HHN. They are one of my favourite bands and I think they have the right kind of imagery for it to work. If we are to get another music house next year at 32, Slipknot and Ice Nine Kills are my top wishes.
  19. Wait, we already have potential IP information about next year? That’s interesting
  20. I would love a Shaun of the Dead house but yeah, not too sure if that would come next year.
  21. I’m kinda surprised we have HHN 32 speculation already. The IPs I expect at next year’s event are Creature From The Black Lagoon, Blumhouse’s Exorcist Reboot, The Thing, Scream, and Chucky. I would’ve loved to have seen them do another Resident Evil game house but because the Netflix show was awful, I feel that diminishes the chances. If we get another music artist, I’d love to see Ice Nine Kills or Slipknot but not super sure of the likeliness of those.
  22. I’m very curious to how the runs of the houses, scarezones, and shows will go for me when I attend the two nights next month. I’ve been avoiding any sort of photos and videos of the event and just reading people’s personal thoughts on their runs. This year sounds solid and I bet a lot could potentially change in the next month, making some houses rise and drop in people’s rankings and reviews. Getting more and more excited to return to the fog.
  23. The team member preview tidbits are interesting to read. Some houses I definitely expected to be praised heavily and others that look like they most likely will improve later in the season.
  24. My party typically does two nights so last year, night one in Springfield and night 2 New York. This year, one of our two nights is R.I.P Tour for the first time so I guess whatever our favourite house is this year, night two will be that specific area lol
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