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  1. Scream 1996 The Evil Dead 1981 Hellraiser 1987 Resident Evil (2002 remake on Gamecube) Creature from the Black Lagoon if we’re adding originals as well: Saws N’ Steam sequel Wendigos Body Collectors sequel A Traditional Halloween maze set in a cemetery(think Twisted Tradition meets Graveyard Games) A Bloody Mary house(bring her back as an icon)
  2. Yes, that was the first announcement. I don’t want to see a Megan house however. There are other IPs that should come to the event more than that one. Like, ya know… The Thing 1982 or Candyman.
  3. Conjuring is a Warner Bros property so I can definitely see how it may be difficult to get it, considering that studio can be difficult to work with in general.
  4. Whelp, another year where I should not expect Scream at the event. I don’t see how A Quiet Place would realistically work as a house.
  5. I honestly think soundstage houses should be more grand scale like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Ghostbusters. Not something like House of 1000 Corpses.
  6. I thought it was a good house but I don’t see it returning, not this year at least.
  7. This will most likely never come to the event, but I think American Psycho could make for a very interesting house.
  8. Even though I loved Blumhouse volume three with Freaky and The Black Phone, I don’t really think we need to see either one of these properties return. They both did great in the house and were given a lot.
  9. I honestly have no idea how the hell we haven’t had the 1982 The Thing at the event yet. The house from 2007 was a “sequel” of sorts, so that doesn’t count, and 2011 was based on the prequel. And I’m pretty sure this year was the 40th anniversary of the John Carpenter film.
  10. I want Terrifier at the event so much. That statement about Art the Clown is kinda stupid, especially considering he doesn’t have a motive just like many slashers.
  11. I didn’t even think about the possibility of the Usher coming back with a Phantom of the Opera house as well. Good call. I do definitely think the next Monsters house will be one of the more underrated ones, just because Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolf Man, and Dracula need to take a seat.
  12. I had no idea Hollywood angered Netflix like that. It sucks that we may not see Fear Street come to the event for a while. Yeah, you made a good point of Orlando having them as exclusives would be a bad move from a business standpoint.
  13. I’d be down for an original swamp house with cameos from swamp yetis.
  14. Saw is a possibility but I honestly hope it doesn’t come back as a house. I’m a big fan of the movies but the house in 2017 was kinda boring and had hardly any scares. If we were to get a gory house like that again, I’d take Hostel, but that’s most likely not coming to the event.
  15. Hmmmm. That’s a good question. If they were to tackle a lesser known IP, I think something like Chopping Mall, Pumpkinhead, or Re-Animator would be great to see.
  16. About that… Chucky has officially been announced to have a house next year. So far one prediction correct.
  17. We need a break from Frankenstein and Wolf Man honestly. Next Monsters houses should be Creature From The Black Lagoon or Phantom of the Opera.
  18. Absolutely agreed!!! I wanna see an alien abduction type of house that begins in a suburban home and ends up in a ufo after. Invasion! Would be perfect for it if they ever translate it into a house. They could even call it “Abduction!”
  19. Dude, I really hope so, as I was super excited to see that house and I’m beyond excited for the movie. But we’ll see, I guess. I’m always down to see an Evil Dead house at the event.
  20. Exorcist would be cool as I never experienced that house. A Nightmare on Elm Street would be one of my most hyped houses if it happened. I enjoyed The Shining from 27, however, that’s honestly an IP I don’t want to return.
  21. Absolutely agreed. I watched that movie for the first time ever last year and I wish I got to do that house. The movie is quite creepy
  22. The Dead Silence house from 2007, the Nightmare on Elm Street house from 2007, and The Cabin In The Woods from 2013.
  23. I know I’m in the minority for this but I’d rather not see anymore Rob Zombie movies come to the event. House of 1000 Corpses was a good house but I cannot stand his movies. And his take on Munsters was rough to sit through.
  24. That makes a lot of sense. I usually went based on HHN Nightmares as well as when they did house codes.
  25. I honestly have no idea. I never knew they used those shows as hints to possible houses. The more you know, I guess.
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