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  1. If the Last Of Us comes to HHN this year, I could see them announcing it like next week as the season finale is Sunday night. But we’ll see I guess.
  2. Even though I don’t go to Hollywood, I envy them if they are getting Nightingales: Blood Prey. That’s a house from Orlando I wish I got to do.
  3. And supposedly Invasion! could return as a house too. I’m curious to how this will be with crowds this year.
  4. Hey, any way they continue Scary Tales, whether direct sequels or spin offs are fine with me. I love this series at HHN.
  5. That’s a good point. The Scary Tales approach would be great to see. I loved Tooth Fairy and Deadly Ever After so I’m hoping that’s the case.
  6. On one hand, I’d love for Dead Man’s Pier to return. On the other hand, I’d rather a brand new nautical horror house show up. Maybe something to do with Sirens but we already have the rumored Banshee house so I dunno
  7. I personally hope the Japanese Creature housebis Teke Teke. I guess it would be cool to have a Metallica house but I’m honestly not the biggest fan of them.
  8. Spec Map version 1 for this season is up and I’m digging the potential lineup. The originals look really interesting, particularly the Krampus and Japanese Creature ones. Not super happy about Dracula being attached to the Monsters house but happy Phantom could have a starring role. The music house intrigues me because it’s probably an IP(I want it to be Ice Nine Kills but probably not).
  9. That’s a good prediction. And I’d be down for another Weeknd house.
  10. Trying to think of a common thing all these countries have in common. Snowy winters? Maybe another winter-based house? This is honestly harder than I think it would be.
  11. Wouldn’t be surprised that Monsters would be shared again. Fingers crossed for Creature From the Black Lagoon or Phantom of the Opera. The underrated monsters need their own houses.
  12. Maybe it’s just me wanting another urban legend/cryptid house but any urban legends of those countries anyone can think of?
  13. I love this concept of a new Treaks & Foons scarezone, especially since my only experience with them was in Eddie’s Revenge from 30. And it makes sense for this to be located in Plaza of the Stars too.
  14. Gonna be completely honest, I’m a little indifferent on Netflix returning to the event. I enjoyed Hill House and the first Stranger Things house but Netflix isn’t something that would necessarily make me excited again.
  15. Ehhhh, I thought the Killer Klowns house from 29 was alright. But it definitely does not need to return.
  16. The only zombie things I wanna see are Shaun of the Dead and The Last Of Us.
  17. Dude, that’s awesome! I’m excited to hear your house ideas on their episode.
  18. It’s understandable that Scream isn’t coming this year… but damn.
  19. And I’m pretty sure HHN Legacy said something along the lines of Stranger Things not returning this year
  20. Blumhouse volume three was great, but I don’t think we really need another one.
  21. I saw the concept art on the Vegas HHN. Maybe they’ll have some sort of Icons house or scarezone as Jack(and I think Chance) are on it. I’m curious of what the house count will be there as well. Maybe around 8 houses, 4 IPs, 4 originals?
  22. I agree with HHNGuy27. 2022 had so many bad Blumhouse movies.
  23. Absolutely not for the Purge returning as a house. That was the worst part of the first two Blumhouse houses. The Purge only works as a scarezone at the event. And we honestly don’t need to see Us return either.
  24. Bride of Frankenstein Lives is in my top 10 fav houses. I hope Evil Dead Rise comes to the event. I’m confident that the movie will be great, Evil Dead is my second favourite franchise. This could be our gore house if it happens.
  25. Snow Queen hands down. And yes, a big reason is because I’m a sucker for snow-based houses.
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