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  1. ST. HORRID'S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Need an operation, but the cost of health care weighing you down? Come to St. Horrid's, the free practice! Sure, our doctors range from "incompetent" to "malicious" (not our words), but the pain will end impressively fast! Basically, though, the idea of St. Horrid's is to have a hospital run by people without licenses. The kind of doctors you meet will vary, meaning one room would have a doctor that's basically a college student wearing a "Dab Cat" shirt under his lab coat, the next could have an old creep as the doc, and then you face a doctor version of Leatherface. ROOMS: Facade: A condemned office building. Fluorescent lights illuminate the windows, and a neon sign for St. Horrid's flickers on and off. Ambulance lights can be seen shining onto the wall. Reception: As the lighting turns a dark blue, a receptionist ignores guests, tending to her vain necessities. Two EMTs will break through, one pushing a stretcher. The other's impaled in the stretcher. Transitions: Hospital halls. Any type of nurse or doctor could be hiding in the rooms. Checkup: A patient on the bed has his leg busted off, screaming in confusion. The doctor bursts in, with a bloody mallet, and offers to test your reflexes. Tonsillitis?: The room is filled with smoke and reggae music. A doctor who is obviously high forgets his job, and nearly cuts guests trying to talk to them. Samples: It smells like pee. A nurse with a squirt gun attacks guests. (With water. For some sick reason, I've been wanting to have a gag like that for years.) X-Ray: A single person is repeatedly X-Rayed, panicking as the machine they're behind flashes photos of their skeleton. Eventually, they break through and die on guests, before a nurse forces them back into the machine. Surgery: A patient is on the table, awake and screaming, as a brute of a doctor cuts them in twain with a chainsaw. The doctor will then turn to guests. (Leatherface Doctor) Laser Eye Surgery: The machines have cleaved patient and room alike. A nurse with scarred eyes will attack guests. Blood: The lights turn dark red. A donor is drained of their blood, passed out as the tube sucks what little remains from their veins. Above the walkway are bags of blood, that will "burst" on guests. Brain Surgery: A patient is strapped into a chair, as a mad doctor drills into their exposed brain. The Doctor will sometimes turn to the guests. (Old Creep Doctor) Morgue: Dead patients are thrown into a trashbag and then a woodchipper. As EMTs tend to the corpses, a patient wakes up and grabs at guests, begging for help, before the EMT stomps them to death (on the back, where the scaracter isn't).
  2. Yes. Also, while your Televoid! segment is great, I imagined Ian would be having a breakdown/be dead in a Televoid! room. I don't even know if anything would be jumping out at guests or not, just have a guy on the end of his rope for a slow, disturbing scene. So the three babies peering at you through the void is a nice idea, one that's in-between a scare and a break.
  3. Brutalmoose, mainly his Televoid! Series. Imagine being chased by Joel, Judgmistice, and Baby #3, in their cheaply-puppeteered, store-bought baby doll glory.
  4. Sawblade Specter: It's a haunted house movie, but the sheet ghost has a chainsaw. That's really the only thing they needed to pitch the movie. Blood Drive: In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, innocents are captured and forced to compete in a death race across the deserted Mojave. Anything is legal as long as it's awesome! Brain Pickers: A starship crew in the outer reaches of space find an alien species hellbent on probing their minds with metallic, drill-bitted drones. Things go further South when the Drone victims are revealed to be under the control of the aliens! Knight Terrors: A gang of tourists staying in an ancient castle are in for a rude awakening when they awaken the spirits of a horde of evil knights! (THAT SENTENCE WAS TOO LONG!) Wrath of the Golden Skull: Bayside City's cops are baffled when an indestructible comic book supervillain calling himself the Golden Skull shows up. Can nothing stop his lethal reign of terror?
  5. Not an SCP suggestion technically, but if I were to add something from the SCP Foundation to the house.... Dr. Bright.
  6. Crap, I forgot about this! Don't expect anything from the Monster Music master post, though.
  7. As long as there's not a clown giving history lectures, you're good.
  8. I want to add, "Since you won't die, get off my lawn", but what Cryptid would that be? Nothing getting a haunted house, that's for sure. A mix would be best. Chupacabras would probably be more hostile than the Bigfoot.
  9. Which is fair. They are the leaders of Superhero entertainment - I don't know where I'd be, creatively, without the influence of Spider-Man cartoons, Teen Titans, Batman, and the MCU. My one request is that, if you do find the comic, don't make a big deal about how we're both on the HHN forums. It's off-topic.
  10. I want to say no, but if the heroes have become corrupted enough that the team has to disband and some of the remaining ones are flat-out telling guests to get out, it's not a win. nor a draw. So... yeah, it's about heroes losing.
  11. POW! RIGHT IN THE NOSTALGIA Presents: THE RETURN OF THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Every year, Charlotte Pendleton and Chase Collins throw a heck of a Halloween party. This year (AKA 2016), the theme is Zombies, and everyone's invited to show up dressed like a zombie hunter. However, things take an unnatural turn for the worse when some college kids stumble across what they think is a normal beer keg. Tapping it in a graveyard for some late-night Halloween drinking, they unleash an experimental biological weapon that unleashes.... ZOMBIES! Will Charlotte, Chase, and their friends and family survive? Perhaps more importantly, can YOU withstand the return of the night of the living dead? POW! Right in the Nostalgia is a webcomic by MST3KFan, AKA Kevin Connolly, about a bunch of nerds and their love of the pop culture of their childhoods. It's mostly a mundane slice-of-life comic with few otherworldly elements (Chase's niece Shana MIGHT be friends with a Pinkie Pie only she can see, Charlotte MAY have traveled the multiverse with a weird Portal Gun, and correct me if I'm wrong but hair growth tonics sold in old comic books never make people resemble Cousin Itt), so how the hell did they get zombies? It was a dream I'm not telling. ROOMS Facade: Guests walk along a dark stretch of the woods, on a dirt road. A Department of Chemical Warfare truck is parked to the side, with the soldiers driving it worrying about a missing barrel. Cemetery: Guests enter a cemetery where some college kids that resemble Mystery Inc tap the missing barrel of deadly crap. At times, it will spew green gas, the morons will start to cough, and guests are hit with a blast of air. As guests leave the graveyard, hands rise out of their graves. Concert: Guests walk past an empty concert hall, the green gas as strong as ever. Passing the Death Kitties tour bus, a coughing Claire will stumble out, telling guests to run. A zombie will attack. Halloween Party: As guests enter the Pendleton-Collins household, the sounds of the party inside become clearer. Entering, guests find the main cast of PRitN, with Charlotte asking her sister, Allison, to join the party. Her sister blows everyone off, but is attacked by a window zombie. A zombie will claw its way through the door. Halloween Party Pt. 2: In a different room of the house, zombies are pouring in through every opening they can find. A man in a Gordon Freeman costume will innocently assume they're just "Aggressive Trick-Or-Treaters", only to be attacked by a zombie. Garage: The gang watches as Charlotte can't start her car! As typical in life-threatening scenarios that will never happen. Cars suck. A zombie will break down the door as guests walk past. School: Guests enter the school where Tricia Nakamura, an old girlfriend of Chase and then-new friend of Charlotte stayed behind to grade papers. She's panicking on her desk, in her Saeko Busujima costume. Why? Turns out, this is a zombie apocalypse that can get kids, too! Yay. A horde of zombie kids will rush guests (like the Walking Dead animatronic), asking for some playtime... School Hallway: More zombie kids in Halloween costumes. yay. Modeling Agency: Guests enter the halls of Aunt Cheryl's glamour modeling agency, where zombie employees attack. In Cheryl's office, the woman herself, dressed as Lollipop Chainsaw's Juliet, stands on her desk, telling guests to leave her behind, she's got this - while brandishing a goddamn chainsaw. Woman might be crazy, but it's the fun kind of crazy. Back to Action: Enter Charlotte's comic shop, where guests are scared by Charlotte's pride and joy - the creepy Michealangelo costume from the movies. MAY hide an actor. Also may be replaced with a lawyer-safe replacement - either a non-turtle, or NES Jason, possibly. Charlotte tries to collect some of the weapon replicas, only for her late former employees to attack. In the transition, Charlotte will jump out with a bloody Mjolner and Captain America shield. Return of the Death Kitties: The Gang regroups, having collected enough weapons (and for James Lee, dressed like Ash Williams, a hand Chainsaw) to survive until morning. Suddenly, the Death Kitties bus will slam into a nearby car. Return to Back To Action: Guests enter Back To Action again, Chase holding the door and shooting zombies to keep it safe. Inside, a zombified Claire will attack James, eating him alive. RtBtA 2: Charlotte takes a swing at undead Claire. While distracted, the now-turned James attacks guests, holding a victimized Natasha. RtBtA 3: Chase is on the floor, in a puddle of his own blood. A zombie Allison will attack with a katana, only for the turning Natasha to ward her off with a cricket bat. Burn the Store: Natasha will swing at zombies with a bloodied cricket bat, in a burning Back to Action. Zombie Allison will strike again, missing a big chunk of skin on her head. Finale: Guests exit through the morning-sun lit ruins of Back to Action, where the skeletal remains of the zombified Natasha will give a "final scare". As guests exit through a black highway, the military truck from the facade will charge them, with the sound of a barrel bouncing off as it lurches forward. If you want to read this story, it begins on page 518 of the comic. It officially ends around 550, and there's two pages of Behind the Scenes comics - with commentary from the stars. There's also a piece of artwork from 2017 acting as a sort of sequel, as Halloween fell around the middle of the series of comics where Chase and Charlotte got married. The big thing here would be the amount of licenses - the main characters are dressed as characters from Resident Evil, Telltale's the Walking Dead (...would it be easier to negotiate the rights to Clementine now?), Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and The Evil Dead, other costumes include the above-mentioned High School of the Dead, Zombieland, Half-Life, Batman, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, and that's not going into the decoration for the Pendleton-Collins household and Back to Action (with everpresent Cap shield lodged in the wall AND rotting Michealangelo costume). So if the story ever is adapted to a house, it'd be a licensing nightmare.
  12. SWINDLE'S SWEETS: Black Licorice Montague Swindle is a madman... for candy! His candy factory may be mysterious, but he makes the best treats around - and, due to his magical powers, he doesn't actually need to hurt people to do so! Suck it, Sweet Licks! Your ice cream tasted like ass, anyways. Except... there's always a catch. Sure, Montague may be experienced in the ways of magic, but the elves he's employed aren't always so proficient. While working on a kid-approved variant of black licorice (a personal favorite of Swindle), an elf used an ancient curse when trying to alter the flavor. The Licorice started to grow, branching out. The elves fled as the licorice started forming poor mimicries of their form, turning hostile. Swindle tried to quarantine the area, but the licorice found a way. As the carnivorous confectionery continues to gain its grasp on the factory, Swindle has to face the possibility that his beloved licorice will be his downfall. Maybe I'm hung up on the Nickelodeon ads for the Black Licorice Clickamajig - Licorice itself isn't scary, in fact, I kinda like the odd flavor. So off the bat, it's trying to make you scream at a stick of candy. However, the monsters are kinda freaky looking, with licorice fur, glowing gumdrop eyes, and enamel candy corn teeth - okay, still corny, but imagine three of those ganging up on you in a narrow corridor! Shaggy shadows snarling from the scantily-lit scenes! Music would be warped, broken versions of old-school whimsical compositions - The Entertainer, Mapleleaf Rag, Gaslamps Funworks, The Cannery, Powerhouse, Funeral March of a Marionette?, The Candy Man, etc. Rooms: Facade: Guests enter the factory through a guest entrance. SWINDLE'S SWEETS is painted in fading bright letters, with the subtitle spelled out in licorice tendrils. A truck is parked to the side. Both the building and the truck have cartoon drawings of Montague Swindle, much like the Coke Sprite Boy. The music, as you haven't delved into the madness, is crisp and clean, but Swindle's pre-recorded invitations have scratched and warped. Reception: Guests find Swindle and a secretary up front. Swindle is fighting off a tendril, with a blunderbuss. The secretary is telling guests to leave. Tour Intro: Guests enter the first room of the tour, a room filled with Swindle Collectibles and a stage up front. A screen plays footage of Swindle that is obviously supposed to interact with the real thing, but that's not happening, is it? The normal exit is blocked off by tendrils, hiding a beast. Guests are sent through a hole in the wall. Chocolate Factory: Guests find themselves in the factory itself a little ahead of time. Several elves are hiding from the licorice, telling you to get to safety - in other words, GET OUT! As guests make their way though the machines, the licorice has messed things up - and a monster will burst out of a vat, splashing guests with warm water! Creamery: The temperature drops as guests enter a frozen confectionery room. The licorice tries to avoid this room, as it can't handle the cold - but some minions have wandered in, and seemingly froze to a hibernative state, their breathing still audible. A licorice monster will lunge out from this vegetative state, however, so watch out. Caramels: Guests enter a room where the caramels are made. The licorice tendrils have started to melt from the heat, and a melty monster will lunge from the giant stove's heater. Elf Break Room: Swindle's all for employee's rights, even if the elves have no purpose other than to make candy. So he installed several break rooms throughout the factory, among other things. Except, in the wake of the licorice menace, these rooms have become hives. Elves are stuck to the walls in a licorice web, with many becoming licorice themselves. One of these hybrids will attack guests from the wall. Candy Corn: The crop's gotten sucky with the licorice. Guests enter an indoor farm filled with candy corn crop, with many of the plants withered into licorice. A monster wearing a happy scarecrow costume as a (poor) disguise will attack guests. Wrapping: Guests enter the packaging room of the factory. Products meant to be packed or wrapped are piling up, as the many Ferris wheels and conveyor belts that package the products have been jammed by the licorice. Some more hybrids will attack. To the Labs: As guests enter the home stretch, the tendrils become more numerous as they enter the science facility. Monsters will jump out from the various doorways, all labeled with codenames that can vaguely be related to an experimental candy product. FINALE: Project Nevermore: The room that started it all. The lab has been covered in black tendrils, and on the wall is a giant monster's face, eyes aglow, teeth dripping with drool, and a giant tongue flaying about. From the opposite end, a hybrid made from Swindle himself will attack.
  13. I imagine a hypothetical Drop Tower set piece would involve dummies of Wichita and Little Rock strapped into the ride, with dummy zombies crawling onto the base of the ride. And no "Tallahassee's Last Stand" set piece speculation? That'd fit right into a theme park.
  14. Maybe the return of Zombie Tony Montana, as a reference to the Scarface guy from the opening credits?
  15. SIRENS' SONG Ever since man has stepped foot in the sea, something has been waiting to maim him. And none is more deceptive than the Siren. Taking the form of a beautiful woman, these beasts lure men with their songs, before drowning and eating them. But that's just rubbish, the captain tells you. And he seems to know the ocean, so you're relaxed. Little does he know, the sirens are all too real. SIRENS are merpeople who kill. Not saying mermaids can't kill, but I like the idea of sirens. The sirens throughout the house all have piscean features, similar to a piranha or shark, while most still resemble female humans. ROOMS Facade: Drunken shanties fill the air as you walk up to the ship cabin. The captain's voice can be heard, mocking the idea of monsters such as the siren. In the ship: Inside the ship, an alluring song is played as a man is chained to the wall, demanding freedom. Following this, the ship shakes, the captain calls an emergency, and you exit through a hole in the hull. Shore Leading to Cave: Bones line the sides of the path as you make your way through the shore. As you hit the forest on the path, skeletons are on display. At first, they have fish tales and fangs, and warnings to turn back written in ink, but as you go further, the skeletons become men, with "COME ON IN" written in a mimicry of human handwriting on the signs in blood. Cave Entrance: As guests enter a cave, a sailor struggles in the water. His limbs (animatronic) can be seen thrashing, and you can hear his calls for help. Suddenly, he's pulled down. Cute Sirens: Further in the cave, are some sirens that don't look that monstrous. They lie on rocks, singing. This distracts you from the more monstrous sirens that will attack. Larder: Another cave opening features sirens eating the rotten meat they've stored in their grotto. Some will attack. Drip: The next part of the cave features water dripping from above. It's dark, nothing much going onSIRENFROMTHECEILING Electric: Next, are some sirens in a cave pool with a guy. Except these sirens are electric, and the guy is being electrocuted. His skeleton flashes through his skin. An electric eel siren stands above, swiping at the rocks, making them spark. Finale: As guests reach the final room, they are greeted by the Siren Queen. She's huge, and looks like that long-armed Monsters Inc character with the long muzzle for a face, but green, scaly, finned, and with long stringy hair on her head. She roars and swipes at guests. As guests leave, they're attacked by a final siren. I would've posted sooner, but... Depths of Fear happened.
  16. PLASTIC SURGERY (NiktMarr Spin) Flexitol was supposed to be the cosmetic surgery wonderdrug, a chemical that turns the body into a plastic form that can easily be manipulated. However, it was banned by the FDA for obvious reasons - such a thing is a mistake. While on the way to destroy the drug, a truck containing it crashed into an abandoned clothing store, coating the mannequins inside. Now, Hollywood is in for a nasty surprise when the mannequins come to life, ready to spread the Joys of Plastic Surgery. According to the HHN 2019 map, the Hollywood scarezone is called Plastic Surgery? The thing that comes to mind is the plastic being the thing doing the surgery, with the human victims almost an afterthought. The decor involves the taped-off crashed truck, surrounded by squad cars, and various puddles of flesh-colored gunk scattered around. SCARACTERS: Doctors: Mannequins wearing lab coats and/or scrubs. They all have uncanny valley faces - Duracell Family, Mr. Wonderful, Max Headroom-style features and frozen grins. They carry surgical implements - syringes, scalpels, and other tools. Patients: People who have been exposed to Flexitol. As a result, they've started to melt, deform, and generally fail to look like humans - think The Thing (John Carpenter, not Marvel), Clayface (who we kinda stole the story from, but oh well), or Tarman. Some doctors have attached mannequin parts to them, so that's going to be fun. Victims: People who hide from the above two. Not a lot to say. A doctor can catch them, and prepare to operate, but they can break free.
  17. Okay, so Pulse is about to end in one page, so maybe its inclusion was a bit hasty. Not editing it, maybe when Timelapse starts her next project (involving a crime lord!) I can replace Clara's scene with something else.
  18. Alternative Munsters Scene: The Castle gives way to a prison, where various bad, old movies are shown on the cell TVs while the inmates riot. And the inmates are all dressed like monsters.... LARRY, is that you? Yes, HR Bloodengutz returns.
  19. So, would Plastic Surgery just be a bunch of mad doctors and their victims, or will it go further... like, mannequin-esque doctors turning their victims into mindless plastic puppets for their own nefarious purposes? Or is there a license I've never heard of here?
  20. Wasn't Nightmare Experiment a haunted house? I wouldn't know. ...I don't know whether to include villains from horror movies. Maybe it could be Freddy's work. Also, it'd have Joker, right?
  21. TRANS-SYLVANIAN ORCHESTRA Sorry, not a lot of lore to go by to come up with a story. Anyways, this house would feature music from the band's only album, Music of the Night. ROOMS: Facade: Guests enter the house through a matte painting of the mountains from the cover. The werewolf with a guitar is a mannequin posed out front. The Funeral: Guests enter a graveyard, overlooked by the mountain from the facade. Several graves are dug up, and the skeletons that inhabited them are by a certain grave. In the nearby coffin, a still-living man begs for help, shaking and rattling the cage. A zombie grave digger will approach guests, gesturing as if to threaten that they'll meet the same fate. Haunted Mountain: Guests wander up to the mountain, where the trees seem malevolent. As guests watch them twist and turn in ways no wind should cause, spirits attack. The silhouette of GuitarWolf will probably be visible in the shadows. Satan's Lair: Guests enter the castle from the top of the mountain. As the opening plays, guests wander through the corridor, where whispy spirits seem to be lost and confused. Going further, the song continues into the Mountain King, and guests find themselves in Satan's Lair, where Beelzebub judges them as sinners. Dance With The Devil: Guests continue down into the Devil's Ballroom, where a gala was interrupted by Chainsaw Demons. Guests wade through the corpses, keeping an eye out for any remaining slaughterers. Tubular Bells: Guests exit the devil's castle into a church, where a woman is tied onto a table in the middle of the aisle. Two priests try to exorcise the demons. Perhaps they're effective, but who's to say... she's not being possessed by MORE demons? A few of these excess demons will hide and attack, and the woman will insult guests. Sorcerer: After the church, guests are in... another castle? Skeletons toil away, occasionally harassing guests. And now there are multiplying, budding skeletons? What the heck? Is that the necromancer that summoned them, going ham on them with an axe? Eventually, the silhouette of the nercomancer is overwhelmed, and the man himself will lunge out, begging guests for aid while he's dragged away by the skeletons. The Munsters: Guests find the church/castle ending in a living room. Basically, it's the Munsters opening, with the family scaring guests. And Grandpa flies in for the kill. Frankenstein: For some reason, this song gives me, how do I say, "Striptease Vibes", so forgive me for this if it seems odd. Leaving the living room, guests go outside and face a burlesque house, FRANKENSTEIN'S. Upon entering, the clientele are all flesh golems, and the woman onstage (Dressed tastefully, yet provocatively, and far enough away from pervs) dances. However, going into the back, Dr. Frankenstein tends to new dancers... by cutting them up and turning them into flesh golems. He'll attack with his scalpel/cleaver, and an Igor character will strike with a shovel. People Are Strange: Leaving the club, guests find themselves in a fogged-over neighborhood. Vampires dressed like they came from the 80's lurk the street in search of blood. Near the end, one flies out over guests. Vampires: Guests enter a mausoleum, where more grotesque vampires seek to prey on them. At one point, guests enter a room where bats swarm over them, and not just bats, but bats the size of medium-sized dogs. Another vampire will lunge out from above at the very end of the Vampires scene. Phantoms: Deeper in the Mausoleum, it gets darker, and statues line the walls. The statues, of grim reapers, will occasionally swing at guests. Going further, spirits confined to the mortal realm try to drag opponents into an early grave. Music of the Night: The finale. Guests find themselves in the Phantom's lair, where he solemnly plays guitar. Several of the instruments back him, without visible performers. Guests then leave through a concert hall, where the Phantom is visible through a two-way mirror, and monsters from the other scenes watch from the seats. Several of these monsters will attack guests for a few final scares. Kinda crapped out there at the end. As for the Invisible Man suggestion, Twilight, that would make sense for a freakshow. Don't know about The Hollow Man.
  22. ...That would be cool, just need some more B-Movie monsters other than Ro-Man and Kimar. Dracula has already been sighted in a sideshow (House of Frankenstein, his skeleton, stake included, was featured. A bit of the movie has a character remove the stake, sadly, Drac is caught in the morning sun before getting to Frankenstein's castle), Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolfman are basically freaks in their own right, and can you imagine Lon Chaney Sr.'s Phantom of the Opera running the fairground organ? He'd probably just have a "Dead Inside" look on his face, visible through the mask. Of course, people probably wouldn't like that last one.
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