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  1. OZ: Reign of Scarecrow After the Wizard left Oz, Scarecrow became king. And at first, an intelligent king was good for the land. However, knowledge is power, the Scarecrow was the highest power in the land, and power corrupts. He became mad, ignoring his friends, capturing his vocal critics, and making Oz a worse place than any of the witches ever did. Now, with his army of Strawmen, The Scarecrow rules with an iron fist, not caring whom he destroys to keep it that way. So I never watched The Wizard of Oz as a kid. My parents figured that the flying monkeys and the Scarecrow's face would've scared me - just to let you imagine how much of a Scaredy Cat I was. Watched it the other day, though. Good movie. This dark take on Oz is Wicked Witch free - sure, you visit her castle, but now it belongs to King Scarecrow. While a lot of the character designs remain relatively similar: -Scarecrow's face is a burlap mask with a moving jaw, rather than makeup. The actor's eyes are visible, but surrounded by "straw". -Tin Man has a more... robotic look. ALSO a mask instead of makeup, he's a bit more... Iron-Gianty than the movie. -Lion and the Flying Monkeys are more realistic. Anyways, ROOMS: Facade: Like Dorothy in the movie, guests are taken to Oz by entering the Gale house. It's sepia-toned. Return to Oz: Guests meet an older Dorothy, but... she's panicking by a window. Why? A scarecrow breaks through the window. When leaving the room, guests find a scarecrow with black fur and blood around its mouth. Munchkinland: Leaving the Gale household, guests find themselves in Munchkinland. However, what should be a place of whimsy and joy has become a dark land, where Munchkins tell you to run. Why? Because the place is swarming with Munchkin Scarecrows - as in, Munchkins forcibly turned into scarecrows. At the end, the Coroner is jammed into the wall with a pitchfork. A scarecrow jumps out, laughing that the Coroner is "REALLY MOST SINCERELY DEAD!" At the beginning, by the way, when you exit the Gale house, look to the side. Glinda's been crushed by the house. The Farm: Guests then enter the farm, where Dorothy found Scarecrow. Corpses are hung on posts, though a few victims are miraculously still alive - and make their presence known, scaring guests. A scarecrow lurks in the crop. Crows with snapped necks are strewn about. The Orchard: Surprisingly, despite not really liking each other, Scarecrow has left the trees be. They're still bitter, though, and will attack and taunt guests. Following the Yellow Sidewalk, guests will find an Oz resident who bit it on the end of his rope - literally. He's hanging. A scarecrow with Tinman's axe will attack. Lion's Forest: In the forest, the birds are deathly quiet, and the carcasses of tigers and bears are strewn about. The Lion will attack guests, but not in the comical "Put 'Em Up" style from the movie - no, after the Scarecrow went mad, Lion caught something. Something bad. Now, he's foaming at the mouth, while his brain is being destroyed from the inside out. Poppy Fields: It's getting stormy, and guests enter the infamous poppy fields. Keep an eye to the sky - Flying Monkeys are about. Haunted Forest: It's dark. It's spooky. What sounds like a Jazz Band in a trash compactor can be heard. What attacks here? Jitterbugs. Not cutesy ladybug people, things that look like Brundlefly mixed with Cooties. Witch's Gate: Entering the Castle, guests are stopped by Winky Scarecrows. Witch's Castle: Wanna know where all these scarecrows come from? Well, the Winky Scarecrows aren't just guards, they're slaves being used to make more scarecrows. People are being ripped apart, stuffed with straw, having their brains removed, stitched together poorly. It's not a pretty sight. Witch's Lair: Then guests enter the room where the Wicked Witch of the West held Dorothy. The Crystal Ball is still there, and flashes images of Tinman in a prison cell, begging for release, the rabid Lion, and a cackling King Scarecrow. As guests exit the castle, a Flying Monkey attacks. Emerald City: The streets are barren. The Horse of a Different Color did not make it, and is now a scarecrow steed. Hiding in the buildings, are more scarecrows. Hogs: Entering the Wizard's castle, guests are greeted by a bunch of hogs, who are making a meal out of Dorothy. A giant hog, a puppet like the giant pumpkin from Pumpkin Eater, will attack guests. Prison: Down into the dungeons. In the cells are various recognizable dissidents - The Tinman begs for release, crying, and Jack Pumpkinhead tries to escape, his face rotted. Scarecrows are also hidden in the mix, and will escape to terrorize guests. Oz's Throne: Guests finally meet the Mad King Scarecrow. He sits in a throne, where the Giant Hologram Head of Oz used to be, taunting guests. A Winky Scarecrow will attack. FINALE: King Scarecrow has grown weary of you, and has sentenced you to death. You exit the maze through a giant furnace, where bones are scattered about, and burning scarecrows will lunge out at guests. ...was that too dark? I feel like I might have crossed a line when Dorothy bites it. Still like the scene, though, if only because no one's going to expect that in Oz.
  2. WINDY GULCH: FRESH MEAT It's been years since anyone last heard from Windy Gulch. Figuring the worst has happened, you ride out to investigate and search for any survivors. But what you THOUGHT was the worst is only an unpleasant thought compared to what really happened. When the food ran low, they found a new source of meat: man. And when you eat a man, you become a beast. Now, you have to get the hell out of Windy Gulch - but with the townsfolk starving, it'll be easier said than done. Windigo. I know Windy Gulch is a poor reference to it, but the influence is unshakable. Also, it may be a bit insensitive to pin these things as Wendigo - the stories, from what I can gather, originate from colder parts of the Western United States than the typical Cowboy desert I have in my head. didn't stop Disney Anyways, a lot of things from the Scarezone remain in the house - the design of the townsfolk, the setpieces, the blue lighting, the music, pretty much everything is still here! 'Cept Ned Kelly. He was just there because I just found out about this crazy Australian from days of yore. ROOMS: FACADE: Guests enter Windy Gulch through the cemetery gates. Inside the cemetery, all the graves are dug up, and skeletons are scattered all over the place. A gravedigger stands guard, warning guests of what's ahead. He may strike with his shovel. Hanging Tree: A dead tree filled with corpses. Several struggle to break free, seemingly not noticing their broken necks. A sheriff attacks while guests focus on this gruesome scene. Lawman's Office: Guests then enter the Sheriff's building. A human prisoner tries to break free, warning guests to get the hell out, while the cell next to him has a cursed resident eating another prisoner. The Sheriff will make an entrance, kicking open the door and firing his shotgun. Hitching Posts: Guests then pass by a couple of dead horses, tied to a hitching post. No scares. Saloon: A resident bartender bleeds a victim dry, before throwing the "blood" (water) at guests. As guests make their way through the saloon, some saloon dancers attack. Room: A traveler is disemboweled on a bed. He yells at guests, telling them to run. Why? Because the saloon lady who gutted him is behind a curtain, waiting for her next victim. Barn: More dead horses - and a horse that's about to be dead, as residents feast on her. As they pin her down and feast, her legs kick in the air and she neighs in terror. While guests watch this display, a stiltwalker attacks. Mine: Guests then find themselves in a lantern-lit mine shaft. It's been turned into something of a larder, though some resident miners are still at work. They will attack with their pickaxes. And remember the guy with an open chest cavity? He's back, and he's brought a friend, who is vomiting up a blackened lung. Oh joy. Smith: The local smithy tenderizes a victim. From the forge's flame, another resident attacks. Pellingway's Cart: Guests then pass by the cart of Dr. Miles Pellingway. He's in worse shape than the scarezone, probably because he's being starved out from the top of his cart. While he tells guests to hightail it out, another stiltwalker attacks. Butcher Shop: Bones are everywhere. Like, how the hell did the town claim this many people? The Butcher will attack from a boohole. FINALE: Church: Guests then enter the sacred grounds of the Church. As the non-converted preacher prays for an end to this madness, as people huddle together in fear, the exit is just visible. When you get there, TWO stiltwalkers attack, one on each side, tearing through the walls.
  3. I see TNT brought out the bug guns with their horror host, this'd be a cool maze. I always imagined horror hosts (Svengoolie, Elvira, MST3K) having to stick to cheaper-to-license, older films, due to syndication and other legal headaches. Even found it odd that Murdy's Screecher Character would have THREE major slashers, same night. So the fact that there was a horror host who had all these recognizable monsters... is pretty cool.
  4. Tonight, on SVENGOOLIE... Monsters. Supervillains. Comedians. Mutants. Rubber Chickens. Svengoolie has been through it all. And tonight, unlike an infamous experiment years ago, he's bringing it to a new level: 4-D! The monsters don't just look like they're in front of you, they really are! Little Backstory, It was an October night, the Saturday before Halloween, few years ago, when I skipped parts of my usual watching of Batman, Lost in Space, and Star Trek to go to a Haunted Hayride. Eventually, I got my fingers out of my ears and opened my eyes, and that was enough terror for me that night - or so I thought. When I got home, my sister was watching Star Trek, and I joined her, intent on going to bed instead of watching the midnight movie. However, my dad insisted I stayed and watched - Svengoolie, specifically The Curse of the Werewolf. That night changed me forever - before, I was afraid of everything. Today, I love the ideas of horror and Halloween. And I owe it all to Rich Koz, Son of Svengoolie. But enough about me, let's discuss the house! Basically, it's HR Bloodengutz but with real movies and a non-sadistic host. Transitions are basically TV Sets with the Svengoolie clips - the jokes, gags, puppets, and music parodies. Rooms can be rearranged to better fit the surrounding movies. ROOMS: Facade: Guests enter the Chicago Studio. Decorated for Halloween. Music is mostly Svengoolie's typical background music, but it's occasionally interupted by either the opening theme, Canceled, This Job, and Zombie No. 5. Maybe other songs, from any episode, not even the ones represented. Opening: Svengoolie appears in his coffin, welcoming guests to the 4-D Marathon. The actor playing Sven jokes along with guests, showing no real malice. Transition Scares: Kyrwin, the prehistoric rubber chicken appears in one transition. The puppet will lunge at guests. Deadwood does the same in another. Also, Tombstone appears in yet another, but like Sven, he's cracking jokes. Dr. Cyclops: Guests find Dr. Thorkel irradiating an assistant. In the next room, he's going after the shrunken protagonists of the movie (here played by dolls), half-blind, with a shotgun. He'll break his search to scare guests. Dracula: Guests enter Dracula's castle, where he bids them... velcome. In the next scene, guests find themselves on a boat. The crew seems to be dead. Renfield will jump out from the deck doors, laughing. Robot Monster: In a desert, Ro-Man attacks. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: Guests are in Santa's Workshop, when Torg breaks down the door. Then, guests find themselves in Volmar's cavernous prison, where he and his henchmen attack guests. Droppo's also there, in Santa Suit, but he's Droppo, what's he gonna do, chuckle you to death? Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman: The scene turns into a Vasarian Beer Festival, with music and dancing - until Larry Talbot breaks down. The scene then shifts to Frankenstein's castle, where The Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster fight. Creature from the Black Lagoon: Guests pass by a projection of a woman swimming, and the Gill-Man watching. Then, they wind up on a boat, where the Gill-Man attacks. Sssssss: Yes that's a real title of a real movie Svengoolie showed. Like, holy crap, why would you title a movie 7 "S"s? Do you NOT want your movie to spread by word-of-mouth? Anyways, the scene starts in the freakshow. Guests pass by Dr. Stoner's previous assistant, who is now a deformed, pitiable snake thing. Then guests wind up in Stoner's lab, filled with snakes in terrariums, where the Doc is attacked by a King Cobra that hisses at guests. David, in his barely-human snake form, attacks guests near the end. The Curse of the Werewolf: The Beggar is locked in a cage, eyeing guests. THEN, guests find themselves in a tower, where Leon attacks in wolf form. His uncle will ward him off with a silver bullet. Abbott and Costello Meet the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Abbott is looking for the monster in a Wax Museum, when the Frankenstein's Monster dummy is electrocuted and jumps at guests. Then, guests are taken to the climactic chase scene, where Costello is on the trail of Hyde-Abbott. Who is hiding in a baby carriage, I can't get that out of my head. As guests turn the corner to a scene transition, the Hyde-Constables attack. This Island Earth: Guests pass by an interocitor, getting transmissions from Metaluna. Then, guests wind up on Metaluna itself, where a Mutant will attack. Batman: Guests step onto a crowded pier. From the crowd, a bomb-carrying Batman will rush guests. Then, Penguin's Submarine. The Dynamic Duo are on a monitor, struggling to escape, and the Riddler is tending to the periscope. This allows Joker, Penguin, or Catwoman to attack. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken: Luther Heggs watches in horror as the blood-stained organ plays itself! Guests then enter the hallway, where the scariest thing seems to be the bleeding painting... until Nicholas Simmons bursts in, threatening to slice Alma's neck. The Car: Guests enter a graveyard, where The Car sits outside, revving. Then, they enter Lauren's house, where the infernal automobile can be heard - and it crashes through the wall. Finale: Guests enter Svengoolie's studio once again. He's still jovial, distracting from scares from Dracula, The Wolf-Man, and Frankenstein's Monster. Guests then exit the house through a dark hallway. Blackout Scaracters will throw rubber chickens at guests, who are saved from being hit by a barely-visible wall of plexiglass. Surprised Svengoolie's never had a Haunted House before. Should it happen, it should make for quite an "On the Road" segment.
  5. The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure scene, what would require the closing of eyes could easily be done by turning off the lights while the scene sets itself for the scare. Like in Knott's ZoZo scene, where the lights go out, allowing for an actor playing ZoZo to enter the scene via a trap door in the table before they come back on. Never saw JoJo, but I'm pretty sure the audience will be forgiving if you take such a tactic to fake closed eyes.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks the Yeti looks like he's in a "Come At Me, Bro" pose?
  7. HORRORSCOPE Twelve constellations are said to determine your fate. Scientific concensus is that that's baloney - but there is some truth to it. As it turns out, various monsters tied to the signs are loose, and can very well kill you. Which would be, in a way, determining your fate. Zodiac signs and the constellations that inspire them are projected onto the buildings surrounding the zone. I don't really have much to say in the way of physical decoration, though. Maybe some Grecian ruins. SCARACTERS: Aries: Basically, Pan. Walks on cloven feet, has big horns, carries an instrument. Screams at people. Taurus: A minotaur. Lumbers about, carrying a giant battleaxe that has blood crusted onto it. Gemini: A man and his parasitic twin. The twin grows out of the man's arm, and growls and controls the arm its connected to. The arm is equally disfigured. Cancer: A crabman. Hunched over because of his shell, he snaps at guests with his claws. Leo: A were-lion. Wearing the remains of a toga, he wanders the zone, pouncing at any guests that looks like worthwhile prey. Virgo: She is a maiden fair, but watch out, for she is also a creature of the night. If the fangs don't get you, her dagger will. Libra: Aggressive during Libra days, Libra is a judge holding a scale and a sword. He judges the guilty, and dishes out punishment. Scorpio:.. It's a scorpion man. Like Cancer, but more upright, more humanoid face, and with a stinger tail. The costume will have the stinger hang above the actor's shoulder, and a button in one of the claw gloves will cause the tail to lunge forward a bit. More aggressive during Scorpio days Sagittarius: I'm not dealing with a centaur in a scarezone. Instead, he's an archer with a horse-like face. He threatens to either shoot you, or stab you with, an arrow. Near the end of the event, he'll become aggressive, like the two before him. Capricorn: A twisted hybrid between a goat and a fish: horned, scaled, goat-faced, fish-eyed... it probably looks kinda silly, but some people might find it to be cute. Or creepy. Probably creepy. He carries a trident. Pisces: A lean, clawed, fanged fishman.
  8. VAMPIRE'S DOMAIN Bludholm has always been a shady village. With rumors of a new ruler, things have gotten even worse. The new Sheriff is a corrupt ponce. There's a giant of a man wandering about, ready to cleave the skull of dissidents. The local farmers have fallen sick. It's chaos, and word is, the new ruler wants it this way - if everyone's in a panic, it's easier to feed. I'm not going to make this a habit, but I used Hero Forge to make examples of the scaracters. Just because I was bored. So, I'll provide a picture with each. Sorry for the sizing and red posing arrows. Setpieces include market stalls manned by skeletons lining the street, a cart full of barrels (wine scented), a Blacksmith's forge, and a stock with a freshly-decapitated victim. Music is dark fantasy stuff - orchestral, not metal. SCARACTERS: -THE VAMPIRE LORD The new lord of the village. As seen here, he carries a dagger and a snack. Notably, he has rodent-like teeth, as a reference to Count Orlok. THE EXECUTIONER This giant of a man carries a giant axe. He threatens to cleave guests with it. Unlike most of the direct servants of the Vampire, he takes little joy in his work. He raises his blade in hopes that some sinner may gain eternal life. THE SHERIFF A Bully-Cad-Thief type. Thinks he owns the place. Harasses anyone he deems lower than himself (So all except the Vampire and Executioner). Carries a sword, which he will regularly use to make noise to draw attention to himself. Because he's THAT kind of person. ZOMBIE FARMERS Farmers of both genders who became cursed - in a way that may be related to the new lord of the land. They shamble about, carrying their tools, trying to grab at fresh meat. THE BLACKSMITH One of the original problems, the Blacksmith may or may not be a demon. He'll hang by his forge, threatening guests with his hammer. ROGUES Some of the original problems of the town, these masked figures wander the street, looking for easy targets. While the one presented here is a lady with a crossbow, there would be both genders represented, with some only having daggers. DRUNKARDS Alcoholics who wander the streets after the bars close. Big, burly men, they carry bottles and have frequent mood swings. When in a cheery mood, they may seek out guests who are a few sheets to the wind as well. When violent, anyone's a target. PLAGUE DOCTORS A few good men and women (represented here by a woman) who are doing their best to keep zombification down. They carry doctor sticks and aspergillum scented to ward of miasma. (Represented here with a fancy bottle.) They will splash some of the scented water onto guests. Or, if the guest has been hanging out with the farmers, the plague doctor could also attack with the stick.
  9. Cross Promotion Idea, Spalding's Chicken and 11's Waffles. Stay Puft-Eggo S'mores. A Twinkie wrapped in an Eggo Waffle. ...Also how would the blood drink work? All I can see is either a cup wrapped with cotton candy, or cotton candy as a "head" for the drink. The first option, while movie accurate, sounds pretty gross, what with Cotton Candy being so sticky and all. Krazy Straws required, regardless.
  10. GAME OVER ARCADE GAME OVER Arcade is one of the largest collections of retro video games in-state. Available to anyone with enough quarters, this arcade holds a dark secret: Anyone who spends $166.50 to play the games is sucked into the arcade, where a game over equals permanent death. Or so the rumors go. You've been attending the arcade for years, nothing came out of it - until just now. As you put the final quarter in for a fighting game, the machine becomes a portal, sucking you in. Can you make it out alive? ROOMS: FACADE: GAME OVER Arcade is a city building with an open, warehouse-door style entrance. Inside, blacklights illuminate the machine artwork and crazy 90's floor designs. Various machines are lined in rows, with change machines, claw games, and other arcade devices between them. There's a snack bar with the smell of hot dogs and cola wafting from it, and it's implied there are more games beyond the wall - but we're not going there. Instead, you enter the pulsing, green hole in the wall. In this scene, pop music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's play (8-Bit Medley could kick in at any time in the mix). A mechanic hides in the photo booth, lunging out to warn guests before ducking back in. STREET FIGHTER: Guests enter a temple, where Ryu and Ken lie on the ground, defeated. M. Bison stands above them, laughing and threatening guests. Akuma will attack from behind a temple pillar. Splatterhouse: The final boss. Hell Chaos towers over guests, grabbing at them with his giant hands. Rick Taylor hides in the shadows, terrorizing guests with an axe. PAC-MAN: Guests find themselves in a flashing Neon Maze. The Four Ghosts lurk about, popping out from boo-holes. At the final turn, PAC-MAN will rush guests, eager for food. (Puppet) Tetris: A red-lit Russia is in ruins, as Tetrominos descending from the night sky take out various landmarks. This includes the citizens, who are missing body parts. Some of the survivors will attack in fear. Donkey Kong: TheMazeThinker's idea is great, but I feel like Donkey Kong needs to throw barrels. Maybe DK could be in broken shackles? Anyways, Jumpman will attack with a hammer. Mario Bros.: Following that, Guests enter a sewer. Sidesteppers and Shellcreepers emerge from the pipes. The floor will bump a few times, before Luigi jumps up from the side, brandishing a wrench. Super Mario Bros: THEN Guests end up in Koopa's Castle, where a giant King Koopa Puppet roars and laughs at guests while holding a captive Princess Toadstool. From the other side, Mario attacks with an axe. Centipede: Giant Mushrooms, even bigger centipede above the exit. Some giant spiders will lunge at guests. Punch Out!: A Beaten Little Mac struggles to get up off the mat. Mr. Dream will appear from behind guests, swinging. Tapper: Guests enter a saloon, where a bartender slides beer mugs that threaten to spill on guests. A drunken barfly will become hostile. House of the Dead: Dr. Curien stands on a balcony, mocking guests while Zombies lurch at them. The Chariot and the Magician will attack, hidden in the walls. (Edit) Dragon's Lair: Guests enter a dungeon, where the doorways flash with yellow light. From one of these doors, a skeletal Dirk the Daring falls out. CarnEvil (Finale): Umlaut mocks guests, "praising" them for getting this far. Guests are then sent through an airship, where Hambone, Evil Marie, and Krampus hide. Finally, as guests almost escape, Professor Von Tokkentakker himself attacks, surrounded by an explosion of light and popping (meant to be a firework).
  11. Shelved, really. Available if I want to got back, but right now I'm kinda just doing what I want. Also, it was just a listing of things pulled from TV Tropes' Arcade Machine list. Three Mario games, Street Fighter, Splatterhouse, PAC-MAN, CarnEvil, House of the Dead, Tapper, Punch Out!, Centipede, even a Tetris room where Tetrominos destroy Russia. I'll revisit it eventually, having just given a room list (though it should be rearranged), just not today.
  12. Donkey Kong was left over from GAME OVER ARCADE, where you'd meet, in order, DK and Pauline, Luigi, and finally King Koopa and Mario. PAC-MAN also had a room with scares from both the ghosts and PAC-MAN himself. Also, Yeah, your Sombra idea is awesome. Junkrat and Roadhog would've had a presence, but I wanted to focus on Talon - should've used Doomfist and Moira instead of Widowmaker, though.
  13. GAME OVER: CONTINUE? Enter the realm of video games again, to face a whole new slew of terror! From masked maniacs to formless abominations, anything and everything can be an obstacle that you can overcome - or it can be the enemy that takes your final life! ...We don't need this part today. There was no strike of inspiration, besides missing Destroy All Humans!. ROOMS: Facade: Guests enter through a pixelated vortex. Like Luigi being sent through the TV in Luigi's mansion, or being teleported or revived in Borderlands 2. DESTROY ALL HUMANS!: Guests enter a 50's street, surrounded by military personel... except they're acting weird. Yeah, turns out, Crypto is controlling their minds. Crypto stands atop a tank, taunting guests. Dead By Daylight: Guests find themselves in a basement. Someone is on a hook, struggling to get off as the Entity grabs at them. Meanwhile, hiding in a locker is a killer. Probably Trapper, Nurse, or Wraith. All three, depending on shifts. Overwatch: Then, an overly-idealic Hollywood. Except Widowmaker has you in her sights - she'll keep the bead on guests, with a visible laser beam. Reaper will kick down the door and fire upon guests. (Air shots from the shotguns.) Skullgirls: After this, guests end up in a church, where Double (puppet) gloats over a recently decapitated Miss Fortune. Fortune's body will lunge at guests, and a Chainsaw-wielding Peacock hides in the pews. Donkey Kong: The lights go blacklit for the next scene, as guests go past an angry gorilla throwing barrels. (Think the ringmaster from Carnival Graveyard.) Pauline will lunge at guests, screaming in fear. Grand Theft Auto: From that scene, guests find themselves exiting a bus in a holdup, where Micheal and Franklin usher them out, in masks. Trevor, occasionally neglecting his mask, will taunt, harass, and belittle guests. Splatterhouse: Guests then find themselves on a bridge, between a chainsaw duel between Rick Taylor and The Biggy Man. Need I say more? Payday: Guests then enter a bank, in a hostage situation with Dallas and the boys as the hostage-takers. Dallas makes the bank robbery spiel (the First World Bank Speech), Chains and Hoxton are in a fire fight with the police, and Wolf will attack guests with a drill. UNDERTALE: Leaving the bank, guests wind up in a dark void, where plant matter is on every wall. Above you, Omega Flowey laughs. Legend of Zelda: Dead Hand holds link down, with the other hands threatening guests. Two ReDeads will lunge out at guests as they exit. Half-Life: Ravenholm. Father Grigori holds off Headcrab zombies with Annabelle. Gordon Freeman will jump out, fighting off a headcrab. Fallout (FINALE): GIANT DEATHCLAW. While that distracts guests, a Vault Dweller will lunge at them with a Rocket Hammer.
  14. My next planned sequel would've gone through arcade games, but now I want to make one with rooms based off of Destroy All Humans! and Grand Theft Auto V. (Namely Trevor.) Just gotta let the creative juices recharge before I jump into things. (Probably will also feature Dead by Daylight and Fallout.)
  15. ...It could, actually. I just forgot about it while coming up with rooms.
  16. Good list. I imagined some brassier TF2 music for TF2 (The Main Theme, Rocket Jump Waltz, Faster than a Speeding Bullet), but Art of War does fit - like someone's getting votekicked. Probably Heavy, he obviously hacked if he can fire that gun for so long.
  17. No, you read it right, though I have understanding that it's an outlandish theory. My other theory is that it was the "Ghostbusters" house.
  18. My personal theory is that Game of Thrones WAS the Viking zone. And that Plastic Surgery involves mannequins.
  19. You should make it a story, submit it to the SCP Wiki. Not as canon, though, it's a bit early for a post-apocalypse. Unless it's, like, a reality SCP-507 traveled to. Then I guess it's fair game.
  20. TITANS OF TERROR: APOCALYPSE Some things are just bigger than slashers, and a nuclear apocalypse is one of those things. As the bombs fell, the world just kind of... forgot the terrors that Ghostface, Jigsaw, and Chucky wrought (though Chucky does his damned best to be remembered), as they were all memories of a past civilization. Some, however, were unforgettable, these are their stories. It's kind of a shower thought - I was playing Borderlands, and I realized I could work with this. ROOMS: Facade: An old Cinema, closed for the war. Posters of the stars of the house are hung. A narrator announces that nuclear weapons are inbound for the country, to take cover and try to survive. The Bombs Fell on Halloween: Guests walk in on Micheal Myers cornering a victim. Suddenly, the windows glow orange, getting the victim's and Micheal's attention. In the transition, you can feel the blast. Guests then enter the remains of Haddonfield, nothing but rubble - only for Myers to claw his way out of a house. Throughout the rubble, that formed recognizable scenes, several Micheal scaracters chase guests. Nuclear Nightmare: Freddy adapted his tactics - instead of a familiar red glow, his rooms are sickly green. First, he mocks guests by playing a military general preparing to nuke the world, slamming the button and swiping at guests. Then, guests enter a room full of toxic sludge - which Freddy hides in, with his sadistic glee. Then, Freddy takes the roles of several post-apocalyptic raiders - including one riding a Freddy Siege Truck, that has a victim in its mouth. Finally, he takes the guests to a nuked-out bedroom - and emerges from the ruined mattress, boasting about his immortality. Crystal Lake is Unsafe!: Guests enter the gates of Crystal Lake, where the trees are barren and someone tried to block it off as unsafe with various vague messages. This hasn't stopped some people from seeking shelter in the still-powered camp - we all know who this leads to. But first, wolves. Guests are terrorized by giant, mutant wolves, only for the wolves to be scared off. (Puppets for the scare, projected sihloutte for the retreating wolves.) Then, guests encounter various corpses on the dead trees - some still try to beg for help. Then, the lake. It's glowing green, and Jason will casually stroll out of it, slightly worse for wear but still going strong. He'll chase guests to his shack, which is now covered with dead campers. The shack is in even worse state, though the Pamela shrine is still intact - Jason will burst through, as always. Cult of Leather: Finally, guests enter the farm of the Sawyers, who have formed a cult. Cannibals wander, many of them wearing leather made from their victims. Leatherface leads the enforcers, men and women in the most leather, armed with chainsaws. As they chase guests through the Sawyer grounds, Drayton can be heard preaching. Eventually, they get guests to the Pit, a giant flame pit where Drayton preaches, flesh is cooked, and dissidents are punished. You get to see all three! Sadly, Grandpa did not make it. Dusk of the Titans: Finally, guests make their way to the old theater. The posters are still intact, and the corpses of Micheal and Leatherface (With several enforcer masks) are in front of theirs. Jason is still alive, but the years have rotted him to a semi-immobile state, as all he can do is grab at guests. As guests leave, the Nightmare on Elm Street poster drops, and Freddy screams at guests before being dragged back to Hell, as no one is alive to remember him. It's the end of mankind's time on Earth, and with it, their nightmares. Okay, it sounds stupid. It probably is.
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