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  1. Macbeth: Hail to the King ...Do I NEED to introduce this? Backstory is, back in high school we had to read Macbeth - a story of murder, madness, and Scotland, penned by The Bard himself. And we got to watch both the Soviet-esque version starring Sir Patrick Stewart AND the Playboy-produced Roman Polanski movie. (I bet you did not expect to see those words together. Don't worry, it's not explicit, Playboy was trying to tap into the mainstream market so it's less smut and more Conan.) The teacher stated that Macbeth was the Shakespeare play that would work the best as a horror movie - Stewart's performance (...as well as basically everyone else in the production) backed her up. Also the Patrick Stewart version buffered during the "Is this a dagger I see before me" part, so it looked like Professor X was flipping the class off for about a minute. ~~~ The facade of the house is the Globe theater, with William Shakespeare standing out front. He invites guests to experience today's play, interacts with guests, and generally seems to want people to have a good time. As guests make their way through the seats, to the stage, the music turns ominous. Leaving the stage, guests see the shadow of MacDonwald's execution. As the blade drops and the traitor loses his head, a spurt of water splashes guests. Then guests pass by Macbeth and Banquo meeting the witches. One of the bearded hags may attack guests. Then, guests see Macbeth follow a ghostly dagger (the dagger is a projection) to Duncan's room. In the next scene, Macbeth stabs Duncan, releasing another spurt of water. In the transition, Lady Macbeth attacks with a bloodied dagger. The Porter then greets guests - stuff about Beelzebub, The Other Devil, Nose Painting, Sleep, and Urine. Guests then pass by a murdered guard. Macbeth appears again, slitting the other guard's throat. The next scene is a wooded area. Banquo shouts at Fleance, telling him to run, before getting murdered. The other two murderers prowl the woods. Fleance appears, hiding from the murderers. At a banquet hall, Macbeth freaks out. Occasionally, the reason appears - BLOODIED BANQUO! (Banquo's ghost is a Pepper's ghost effect.) In the transition, Banquo's ghost appears from a Boo Hole to attack guests. We then see the three prophecies, ushered in by the hags. The armored head, bloody child, crowned child with a tree. THEN guests enter a room with a seemingly infinite number of Fleances. One is an actor who will jump at guests. The weird sisters will jump out at guests in the next scene. Then the massacre at Macduff's castle. Soldiers attack anyone that moves, including the wounded Lady Macduff. As we move into the final act, things get weird. The "Out, Damned Spot" scene has Lady Macbeth washing the blood off her hands, moaning about how she can't, in a room COVERED in blood. Macduff learns of the fate of his family in a wooded area. Soldiers, disguised as shrubbery, hide in the bushes of Great Birnam Wood. Back in the castle, Lady Macbeth's corpse hangs outside a window, occasionally still kicking despite the noose around her neck. The next scene is a darkened hall, where a voiceover of Macbeth recites the Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow soliloquy. At certain times, Macbeth, illuminated by a backlight, will attack. Then Macbeth and Macduff get into a sword fight. In the banter, Macduff reveals he is not of woman born, but from his mother's womb, untimely plucked. Or something. In the next scene, Macduff decapitates Macbeth. (Like the decapitations from Shadowlands.) Finally, guests see a crowd, reveling at the dead King's head. The decapitated Macbeth lies beside the pole holding his head, at times lunging at guests.
  2. HALLOWEEN HAVOC Every late September, Bill DeToum gets to work on his yearly project - The DeToum Haunted House, a backyard haunt to entertain trick-or-treaters. For weeks, he's been working with friends and family to improve on his craft, and really make guests scream. But... things can easily go wrong. One of the props he bought from an antique store carries a curse, that brings a troupe of malevolent spirits into the mortal world every Halloween night. Will the DeToums survive the onslaught? Or will they be sent to an early grave? So I like to watch yard haunt videos on YouTube. This house would mimic the feel of those homemade haunts - lots of cheap backdrops and decorations that look store-bought. With a lot of effort put in to make things look like they're actually in a backyard, when the tarps are torn or you step into an outside scene. ROOMS: Facade: There's a house with an impressive Halloween graveyard out front. Tombstones, lights, projections, a hearse, they went all out. Guests walk up beside the garage, which is open but covered with dark tarp, into the entrance of the yard haunt. Halloween music plays, but screaming and violence can be heard from the garage, and a victim will crawl out, only to be dragged back in. Entrance: Guests pass by one of those skeletons that have the microphone, so that the skeleton says what you say. Except this skeleton is alive, and pissed. He's strangling his voice actor with the microphone cord. As guests get to the next scene, a pumpkin-headed scarecrow pops out from a boo-hole. The Boiler: Guests then enter a red-lit area, lined with pipes, covered with fog, and with those exposed wire props. A parent has been thrown into the wires, which fry him alive, and a deranged maniac that totally isn't Freddy Krueger, we promise, taunts guests. A burned victim will occasionally reach out from an open boiler, but Sharp-Hand Joe will force him back in. CIRCUS!: Guests then enter a carnival tent, where a victim is tied to a spinning wheel and impaled with knives. A clown ringmaster will appear, "throwing" a knife at guests. A zombie monkey will burst out of a cage, and a cartoony clown with a giant mallet attacks. Aaarrrrr: Then guests walk between two pirate ships. Alestorm plays, cannons fire (which ripped holes in the tarp), and some of the pirates attack guests. At the end, a skeletal parrot flies toward guests. Slasher: Guests exit the tarp for a bit, where an actor is supposed to menace guests with a chainsaw. Except the curse has caused the guy to be possessed, and now there's a bunch of dead guys all around. Chainsaw guy will attack guests. Doctor's Orders: Re-entering the tarped area, guests find themselves in a hospital. A John Doe prop lies on a bed, covered in blood, occasionally rising, and a corpse in a body bag attacks an actor playing the doctor. As guests leave, another scaracter, playing John Doe (with glowing red eyes under the sheet) will lunge out. Vroom: Guests then walk around a hearse. The driver, a dummy-turned-psycho undertaker with a serious case of road rage, insults guests while revving the engine. Suddenly, the vehicle lunges forwards, right towards part of the line! Of course, it's on a track and stops and returns before any damage, but that's out of universe. In-universe, the dummy's being an ass. Prison: A dark area, the prison scene has several animatronics behind bars, and a few actors were supposed to be at a table, threatening guests. Well, the actors are dead, and the animatronics will taunt guests before peeling back the bars and attacking again. Creepy Barn: The tarp is replaced with sheet metal, and a skeletal horse neighs from behind a fence. Scarecrows attack with sharp instruments. Witchery: A witch stirs a cauldron, stating her pre-recorded lines and cackling. A dragon animatronic (puppet) will attack guests. Dollies!: Lots of creepy dolls. While all of the recently-animated dolls squirm, one whose mouth opens like this creep's feeds on a victim, and a busted porcelain doll attacks. Zombie Palette Fence: Zombies reach from between the slats in the palette fence, moaning for brains. Suddenly, a zed rips through the boards, and attacks! Graveyard: Another open area, this one darker, as if it became later in the evening, guests enter a graveyard. From a mausoleum, a phantom hovers, before lunging out. A plasticky vampire feeds on who was supposed to be a sheet ghost actor. A tall, faceless creature in a suit hides by a tree, and will lurch at guests. Finally, a ghoulish undertaker will strike with his shovel, either acting like he's about to brain a victim, or slamming the metal head against a concrete tombstone. FINALE: Haunted House Garage: Entering the garage, guests find... a maze of tarp. A giant, kinda foglike Jack-O' Lantern head has taken control of the tarp, and mocks guests. As for what has happened? Well, an actor who was supposed to play the piano is now hanging by his neck on a cackling ghost prop. A woman tries to avoid the Jack-O' Lantern, who has grabbed her axe with his tarp form and is swinging at her. A hole in the tarp eats an actor alive, and on the other side, you can see his mulched remains! Finally, the Jack-O Lantern mocks Bill, holding him in his sheetlike clutches, and you see that the fog is coming from a lantern - the prop that started it all. Bill yells at guests to run, and as guests leave, a piece of tarp, formed into the shape of a ghoul, rushes the guests. It's... basically Night of the Living Decorations, given the house treatment.
  3. THE UNDEAD DOME Turns out, zombies aren't that scary. Sure, there was a massive surge of undead cannibals, but it took us five days as a species to negate the threat! Sometimes, mankind is capable of amazing things. ...aaaaaaaand then reality TV came back. Zombies controversially became this season's main gimmick: Who can live in a house with zombies? Who can do the coolest trick with zombie? Who can marry a zombie? A lot of it's stupid. The Undead Dome, at the very least, has physical comedy. And it's mostly safe, despite being an obstacle course. Outside of TV (besides political ads and news coverage), things get a bit more interesting. There are a few different sides on how we should view zombies. There are three major idealogoies: Are zombies merely props to be used for whatever purpose? Does a zombie have the rights of a corpse? Does a zombie have the rights of a human? That last point is argued by the Zombie Rights Movement - who are basically PETA for cadavers. Well, for craps and laughs, you sign up for The Undead Dome, and manage to get on the show! But things quickly turn for the worse when a ZRM representative shows up... ~~~ Zombehs. ROOMS: Facade: Guests enter a TV studio building. A Giant Screen on the side advertises The Undead Dome, and an usher gives you a ruleset. Corny Wipeout-esque (the show, not the game) music plays. Occasionally, the TV shows footage: Queue Videos: There are commercials for various shows. The Undead Dome, I Love Zombies, Zombie House, Can Your Zombie Do THAT?, a lot of the stupid stuff. But there's also an ad for Graves, Zombie Hunter, a Dog-esque show where, instead of collecting bounties, Graves handles Zombie infestations (I separated it from the rest because it's actually pretty cool), news coverage of the aftermath of a ZRM protest-turned-undead massacre, and a political ad where a man promises to give all zombies peaceful rest. Game Show Start: You head through the studio, getting to the start of the show. Except... from a closet, a ZRM guy with bolt cutters lunges out. Maze Entrance: The Dome is visible, in all its plasticky glory. You enter via a giant zombie's head, going through the gaping maw. From this point on, every zombie has a chance to lunge at you. The Tilt-a-Floor: Zombies line up on either side of the path, which tilts. Keep your balance! Bump-N-Go: Zombies are tied to giant bumpers that lurch towards the ride. The Cranium Cage: Contestants then run through a cage where the dead try to break through. Some will "tear through" (use a hinged door in the lattice) for a scare. The Shoving Wall: On one side is a wall full of fake zombie hands, that will pop out at random. On the other side, is a pit of zombies, complete with a victim trying to climb out. (There's enough room in the haunt for this to be safe, but in-universe, it's a thin walkway where the hands are a real threat.) The Dropping Dead: Contestants hit an open part of the course, sky's beautiful tonight. Except a bungie zombie will drop down and claw at guests. The Zedlock: The next obstacle is two spinning columns, with four zombies on each. The columns spin so that contestants have to run between them, but if they time the run wrong, they could get hit by a zombie. Zomit Attack!: From above, a giant zombie head pukes on guests. (Don't worry, it's water.) A freed zombie will attack during this scene. The Final Stretch: Okay, first, it's a maze. Second, Zombies attack from every dead end. Third, it's mirrored and has strobe lights. RUN.
  4. THE BACKWATER GOSPEL: Shadow of the Undertaker When The Undertaker rides into town, it's to bury the dead. People fear him, but he is inevitable. One day, he rode into Backwater, and... took a seat, not moving, for a week. The Pastor, using this to get rid of a public nuisance, led the town to murder The Tramp... but the Undertaker still didn't move. And in a fit of paranoia, the townsfolk turned on each other. Guess what I watched. I don't even know if it'd fit the park atmosphere. Like... is the short too good for this? But still, it'd make for some freaky scenes. As Sons of Perdition music plays, guests enter the riot scene from the short - characters are shadowed, with eyes aglow and teeth shining. And as you go further down the zone, the attacks get more brutal, going from people attacking with knives and pitchforks to people getting torn apart. It ends with The Pastor and Bubba, exchanging last blows. (The Bubba Scaracter hides in the scenery, the Pastor, gun in hand, lies in a roped-off area.) At both ends is the Undertaker, both on a bench. Crows surround the zone, and The Tramp's remains are on the "entrance" side. Other set pieces - The Tramp's car, the church, some buildings with The Shadow of The Undertaker's lyrics carved on them. This could very well be a gauntlet scarezone, probably along these lines: -The powerline guy's corpse, with an Undertaker scare -The Tramp at his truck -"The Undertaker's Comin'..." -The Stoning -The Battle, taking up most of the zone Not listing scaracters. The short alone gives enough of a visual. Plus, the guy with the cleaver will appear. You know the one - "IT AIN'T GONNA BE ME!" Sorry if this seems line-of-thought... it kinda is.
  5. ICON: Stingy Jack The spirit of Halloween itself, Stingy Jack is... actually not that bad of a guy. He enforces the rules of Halloween, though he's lenient enough to change with the times. He wants nothing more than to spread the joy of the holiday, and to have a little fun while he does so. But... here's the tricky part. Stingy Jack has forgotten what it's like to die. In all his years as a personification of Halloween, he sees the difference between life and death as trivial at most. And despite meaning well, he doesn't care if someone dies, no matter how gruesome. It's just a game to him. This year, he's set up shop at Universal. He's hand-picked a selection of tales to tell, fully intent on sending his listeners through them... but when Jack tells a story, there's no guarantee it has a happy ending. ~~~ Stingy Jack was not concieved as an icon, but as the reason for a house. Still, Twilight had the idea to make him an icon, soooo... Tall, lean, and wooden, Stingy Jack stands out in a crowd with his glowing pumpkin head, and the fact that he towers over most people. As he's not overly malicious, he's okay with trading barbs and seeing guests have a good time - he's here for fun. But he also doesn't understand the human fear of death, nor the frailty, and to be honest, he doesn't care. Promotional videos for houses will have him slowly chasing guests through his house and/or the park, suckering them into a maze. He laughs before closing the door on them, leaving them to their fate. While Twilight had a heavy Halloween bend to his house selection, I'd tone it down a bit. A lot of the IPs and Originals would be Halloween-related, but there'd also be some that just... took place on Halloween (PRitN Presents RotNotLD is an example, where it being Halloween has nothing to do with the terror, though most would be subtler). His house would be The House that Jack Built. His Scarezone would be Stingy Jack's Scary Stories. It'd be a Photo-Op Scarezone, with characters, props, music, and decorations from the houses.
  6. ROCK AND ROLL: SHOCK YOUR SOUL One of the most powerful things in the world is music. Some of the most powerful forms of music is along the lines of rock and metal - and despite what some uptight pastors and grannies would tell you, it's not inherently evil. However, like all things, the power can be used for corrupt ends. In a tragic turn of events, the forces of Hell have cultivated the power of various songs to bring forth Hell on Earth. If you can survive the onslaught, it's possible that you'll live to see the music returned to the mortals - but only "if". I have a liking for rock/metal music. That's about it. ROOMS: FACADE: Guests enter a giant album cover, with the house name as the title, various songs within as the tracks listed, and a warped image of a tortured soul shredding on a guitar. Songs that aren't included in the house play. (Rooms can be in any order.) Iron Man (Black Sabbath): Guests enter a lab with some kind of portal experiment going on. Suddenly, the lights flicker, and the Iron Man (not the Marvel Superhero, but a grotesquely metallic man with glowing eyes) lunges out. In the transition, the Iron Man chokes a scientist, before setting his sights on the guests. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin): Guests board a giant viking ship, frozen over. Frost vikings will attack. In the transition, they enter the land where the hotsprings glow - and are attacked by another frost viking. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group): Guests enter Frankenstein's lab, where he and Igor jam out while cutting up corpses for their experiments. In the transition, The Monster attacks. Another One Bites the Dust (QUEEN): Guests walk into a back alley filled with gun-toting gangsters. In the transition, a gangster falls towards guests, shot, and "blood" splatters on them. The Trooper (Iron Maiden): Guests enter a Revolutionary War battlefield. Undead Redcoats and Patriots alike will attack in the cannon smoke, including a Union Jack-toting Eddie. One of the dead soldiers, whose head's been knocked off, will lunge at guests. Master Of Puppets (Metallica): Guests then enter a room, covered in drugs, where the drug users have been turned into puppets. Some will attack with knives/mirror shards. In the transition, another puppet attacks. Ghost Riders in the Sky (Spiderbite): The room fills with a dark fog, and the music is joined by stampeding hooves. A skeletal horse above the fog breathes fire, and damned cowboys hide in the fog. In the transition, one of the Devil's steers attacks, complete with hot breath. Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones): Guests enter a demonic parlor, where a man dressed as Old Scratch lipsyncs to the song. Damned souls will attack. In the transition, The Devil will attack with his trident. Doctor Feelgood (Motley Crue): Guests pass by a wrecked ambulance, which hides Dr. Feelgood. Rat-Tail Jimmy will burst out of the back doors, brandishing a syringe, cocaine on his nose. In the transition, another Jimmy attacks, but with distorted features, blaring lights, and a swaying floor. Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N Roses): Guests enter a dense jungle, where jungle creatures attack (Puppets). In the transition, SLASH. Highway to Hell (AC/DC): Guests cross a stretch of highway. Demons will attack from parked vehicles. In the transition, a giant 16-wheeler will charge towards guests.
  7. That could be in the Vintage Artwork section. Cat and all. To clarify, The Vintage Artwork scene is like the "All Work and No Play" segment from Hollywood's The Shining, but with more art and boo-holes.
  8. no. Yeah, a lot of things sound cool, only for me to realize that I'm out of my element. Anyways, here's wonderwall The Hallows Best Forgotten. ~~~ They say nothing can beat a good homemade costume. If you want proof, just look to vintage photos of Halloween costumes from the early 20th Century. Those costumes are like Cocaine-Fueled Nightmares. But the 1920's are gone, and they can't hurt you anymore... OR SO YOU THOUGHT. Malevolent spirits have taken a liking to these costumes, alongside everything else of the old Halloween Holiday. Trapping victims in a dark mimicry of those olden days, the spirits are rearing to have fun - and tormenting you is the best part! Okay, let's clear some things. I have "Vintage Halloween Costumes" on Google in another tab, and boy howdy there are some things to avoid. Namely, on the third row there's a kid covered in swastikas. Which, back then, made since, but post-WWII that's a no-no for obvious reasons. Plus, there are probably some racist stinkers in the bunch. Like in the Mardi Gras scene in Abbott and Costello Go To Mars, where there's a woman with a giant, racist mask. Still, the clowns, monsters, witches... there's enough material for a house and accompanying scarezone. Actual aesthetics? A lot of the house is Sepia-Toned, with many Black and Orange elements. The music is period-appropriate Jazz, Swing, and Ragtime. ROOMS: Facade: Enter a giant group photo of a troupe of Trick-Or-Treaters, with THE HALLOWS BEST FORGOTTEN stained into the top of the photo. Spinning Tunnel: Entering the tunnel, the soundtrack becomes warped, and voices mock guests. Barn: Guests enter a barn, where the music goes back to normal and everything seems... charming? Except everyone's in a creepy costume. Jack-O Lanterns are everywhere, and a clown invites you to stay a while. Treacle Game: Then things get dark. Literally, the lights go out. Treacle hangs from strings from the ceiling, meaning guests walk into a sticky hanging thing. (Wash during the day, please.) A spirit creeps up beside the line, scaring guests. Bobbing for Apples: The spirits then play a nice little game of bobbing for apples. And by that, I mean they're shoving a victim into a washtub, face-first, and reveling like she was actually winning. Divination: Guests then enter a house, where a woman stares into a wall mirror longingly, and a witch's silhouette is on the wall. A breezy voice recites a poem about the activity, stating that she SHOULD see her future husband, but if she sees a skull, she'll die. And guess what's hiding behind the mirror? A spirit in a skeleton costume. Pumpkin Carving: It goes dark once more, and Jack-O' Lanterns float in the air. From a boohole, a spirit in a pumpkin mask will lunge at guests with a carving knife. Vintage Artwork: Guests then enter a maze of vintage Halloween artwork, depicting witches, cats, Jack-O' Lanterns, moons... characters dressed like these depictions will lunge at guests. Coven: Three women in hag masks tend to a boiling cauldron. One will break from the group to lunge at guests. Scarecrows: Then there's a hall full of old-timey scarecrows. While many move their heads and arms, only one will lunge at guests. Guess which one! It changes with the shifts! Trick Or Treating: Stepping onto a long road, guests find themselves in the middle of a vintage trick-or-treat scene. There are many child mannequins, and quite a few actors roaming about, some hostile. Finale: The Graveyard: Guests then enter a cemetery, where many ghouls, ghosts and goblins lurk between the tombstones. The exit is through a crypt, which features a replication of the group photo from the facade. Then, suddenly, a vampire attacks for one last scare.
  9. Turns out, I proposed some things that I might not be the best to design. A good few in this list (RUN: THaB, Apocalypse in Wonderland, Cyanide and Happiness, Murder Gras), plus the Mystery Science Theater house. Still, might make a few of these. Namely, The SlayPen, R&R: SYS, MacBeth, Urban Fantastik... maybe Fall of Atlantis and the Hit. The rest, I just kinda... lost interest. Except HORRORCANE, which I haven't touched due to the rise of hurricanes hitting Orlando during HHN season. Maybe I'll do one of the "lost interest" ideas first. Probably The Hallows Best Forgotten. I didn't lose interest in creepy vintage costumes, I just couldn't decide what scenes would be in such a haunt. It'll probably be a fun thing to research. (Probably Bobbing for Apples and a Divination scene.)
  10. All I can say is that I'd put a Zombie Wolverine scare near Deadpool. Never read Marvel Zombies, but apparently Healing Factors are negated by the "Hunger Gospel", as my research calls it. It's why Zombie Deadpool is just a head.
  11. Fair point. It's just that I imagined a bunch of Harry Warden-like figures throughout the maze (minus the Toxic Gas scene, where the figures are unmasked). Still, giving them demonic features would work just as fine, possibly better, than just leaving them mundane. And I did figure that the possessed miners could have lit lenses on their masks.
  12. A good idea, but a lot of the miners would be covered by safety gear. Sure, the veins and blemishes would be visible on the neck, and the nails could break through the gloves, but the gas masks would make it hard to see the eyes. Still, I'd allow it.
  13. MINES OF THE DAMNED There's such thing as digging too deep. The Weits Mining Company found this out too late, when they hit... something. The manager's attempts to find out exactly what haven't been turning up. Enter the mines, but keep an eye out. So Tom Waits covered Heigh Ho. That's the idea behind this house, a dark mine setting. Like The Depths from Knotts. But not as wet. Gas mask-wearing miners lurk around the corners of this gem-encrusted mine, not in their right minds. And Wait's Heigh Ho definitely needs to play at some point, even if just in the queue. ROOMS: FACADE: Guests enter the mine's quarry, passing by the Quarrymaster's shack. He's worried about his men, pacing back and forth, interrupting himself to tell guests to stay away. As guests enter the mine, they find a deranged worker, also pacing along the path, but gibbering to himself about what they found. He'll also interact with guests. Mine Entrance: The lighting turns to lamplight, as guests find the first few workers who didn't escape the mine. The Tunneler: As guests make their way through the mine, a tunneling vehicle will charge at guests. I don't know whether it'd have a drill or a digging wheel, but either way, the guy in the cockpit wants you dead. Toxic Gas: A screen of foul-scented fog chokes the air, while monitors beep. Miners who removed their masks, burns covering their faces, will attack. Mine Cart: Guests pass by a piece of track. At times, a cart will careen forward. From a stationary cart to the side, a miner attacks. Dynamite: A miner detonates a plunger, shaking the room and filling the air with dust. (Fog.) He will then attack from the dust. The Payload: The cave widens to a large opening full of shimmering gemstones. Miners will hide behind rocks, preparing to strike. Flare Gun: As the gems continue to line the walls, a miner will attack with a flare gun. As he pulls the trigger, a flare's scream pierces the air, and the room lights up red. Possession: A miner convulses on the ground, as a spirit enters his body, Mind Flayer-style. While this distracts guests, two more miners, carrying a resisting miner, will attack guests. FINALE: You Only Moved The Headstones!: How did things get this bad? The miners accidentally broke into the remains of a cemetery. In holes lining the walls, are coffins of varying states of decay. Skeletal arms will reach out from some of them. Meanwhile, more possessed miners will attack. Before ghostly possession, other gimmicks included the miners finding a buried alien spacecraft that brainwashed them, or digging straight into Hell, OR the miners just being evil fantasy dwarfs.
  14. Maybe, but once you hit MK Ultra it's basically WASTED II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. And the sequels I'd like to make of WASTED would be focused on Drunk Driving and hippies getting LSD spiked with rage drugs. Though MK Ultra could be an interesting take on the Hippie-centric sequel.
  15. STARLAB 51 Starlabs - martian spacecrafts used to conduct experiments on creatures from other planets. You've been chosen as a test subject for the Terra Starlab - via abduction! Can you survive? I can't honestly think of how I'd do an Area 51 house. Aliens? Supersoldiers? Robots? MK Ultra? Too many options. Aliens too obvious. So instead, we flip the idea on its head and have aliens experiment on YOU - except that's standard Alien Procedure, isn't it? Nonetheless, Aliens. ROOMS: Facade: The entry is made up to look like the underside of the Starlab, with several lights and an open portal doorway. A green swirling light covers the queue line, drawing guests to the portal. Greetings from various languages, read by a machine voice, play. Inspection: An alien guard with a stun stick (cattle prod) ushers guests into a well-lit room. Other martians can be seen behind a window, judging guests, while a camera takes pictures. Stunstick guard might get hostile. Storage: Guests then pass by several stasis tubes, filled with human subjects. One at the end will have the human jolt awake, slamming on his prison. Biopsy: Guests then enter a surgical theater, where martian scientists cut open a screaming victim. They might start playing with the organs inside. On shelves lining the room, are jars with organs in them. Brain Scanner: Guests then pass by a human with a device drilling into his head. He's obviously in pain, and a screen attached to the device shows images related to pain. An alien scientist with a similar device will sneak up on guests, to experiment on them. Airlock: A subject is in the airlock, begging to be freed. The martian guard will then activate the airlock, silencing his screams. A few seconds pass, and the man floats past a window, dead. The guard, when not torturing the victim, will swipe at guests. Experiments: Not a single room, but a series of rooms where scientists attack and humans are mutated or messed with. Such sights as a zombie made from a modified brain scanner, a human whose bones are giving out and is growing tentacles, a head and lungs screaming for help, a stasis tube filled with floating parts (I have no idea what they're trying to achieve there), and several multi-headed and multi-limbed freaks. Finale: A short laser maze, like the one from The In-Between. If that had to be a 3-D house for it to work then by golly, this would have to be a 3-D house as well.
  16. Doesn't make it a bad idea - in fact, I think the house has the capability to be awesome. Though I did make a plan for a men-in-black conspiracy house, so I may be biased. But it's not THAT controversial.
  17. ...I fail to see the controversial aspect, but that could just be me living under a rock or something.
  18. I made a typo, I meant to type coffins... but this could work.
  19. I forgot about the roaming dolls! They'd be an awesome addition.
  20. NIGHT of the living DECORATIONS A dark magic has struck a small town decorated for Halloween. Various decorations have been given life, and turned malevolent, threatening the town's trick-or-treat. Can you survive? This actually was one of the reasons I hated Halloween as a kid, I was afraid the decorations would come to life and attack. Fortunately, I grew out of it. And obviously, it's false, I have several decorations in my room, they would have attacked by now. Anyways, Halloween music plays in this scarezone. Above the walkway, hanging decorations such as these fine freaky specimens will "fly" around (they're on tracks). A police car has foam tombstones through the windows, a man is dangling by his foot on some fairy lights in a tree, and candy buckets are strewn about. Pumpkins are also prominent, some taking a liking to human flesh. The decorations costumes all have a "plastic" quality, except for the scarecrows, and many have lights. SCARACTERS: Skeletons: The most common threat. Made to resemble cheap plastic skeletons, they come in Bleached, Realistic, and Glow-In-The-Dark colors. Scarecrows: Yes. Some have burlap heads, some have pumpkin heads. They carry all sorts of weapons, sickles, pitchforks, scythes, shovels, etc. Werewolf: An obviously fake werewolf that prowls the street, looking for prey. Reaper: A plastic skeleton with a robe and a scythe. Zombies: Made to resemble animatronic zombies, these undead shuffle about. Clowns: Exaggerated clown characters in bright costumes, covered in blood. One carries a mallet, the other a knife. Fairy Lights: Halloween String lights, of orange, green, purple, candy corn, LED, incandescent, novelty-shaped, a Fairy Lights scaracter is probably wearing it. Ground Breakers: Lacking lower limbs might sound like a problem, but these ground breakers are genius. They've combined, so that one is the legs and the other is the body. Witch: A cackling green hag. Carries her broom. Victims: A few men, women, and children who are hiding from the decorations. Flying Victims: Remember the hanging decorations? Yeah, some have descended upon their victims like bats, and are flapping away. Could also have variants, such as Spiders, string lights, and pumpkins.
  21. DRUIDS AND DEMONS: NECROMANCER'S KEEP Mitch's Morda-Hir dungeon was a successful campaign. Of course, he can't let his party stagnate, he needs to find more challenging monsters for them to fight. While pondering what to throw at them while working at his local games shop, however, he uncovered a book: THE DM'S GUIDE TO EVIL. Nothing accursed about it... to anyone in reality. No, what's inside is a challenge for any PC brave or stupid enough to enter. Get ready for Necromancer's Keep... where Resurrection spells won't save you. Combining Druids and Demons (Which, covering our bases, might as well be a licensed D&D house) with the yet-unused Necromancer's Keep idea, D&D: NECROMANCER'S KEEP returns us to Wooster's mind as he prepares a kickass gaming session. Of course, what's awesome to the player is madness to the PC, and while still awesome, it's still fricken' scary! (I mispelled Frickin'. Ignore that.) Also I've never played Dungeons and Dragons. Though I have played a session of Pathfinder. Which is legally different. ROOMS: Facade: Guests enter the house through the gaping maw of a dice tower. The exit (for dice) resembles a giant stone skull, and giant dice can be seen tumbling through the openings. Outside of the entrance, a skeleton impaled on a pike (animatronic with a guy providing the voice) chats with guests, providing a sharp wit. Mitch can be heard hyping up the campaign. Antechamber: Guests enter a dark antechamber, lit only by green flames. There is a mirror, which will drop down and reveal a skeleton, who will lunge out at guests. Cauldron Room: Guests pass by a room where the Necromancer tends to a steaming cauldron. He will threaten guests. From the opposite side, a figure made of smoke, with a skull face (...I think it's possible with a slightly reflective morphsuit and some lighting tricks) will attack. Hall of Armor: Guests then enter a room full of armored skeletons. Some look appropriately sinister, others look like they were heroes in life. Two of the armors are scaracters, and will lunge out at guests. Crypt: Guests then enter a crypt full of shaking coffins. Moaning fills the air, alongside the scent of decay, and zombies will burst out of the columns. Hallway: Guests then enter a hallway, where high-pitched cackling can be heard. Zombie goblins will attack. Under the Stairs: Guests then wind up below a set of stairs, where the Party can be heard fighting a horde of zombies. At times, a zombie will fall through the stairs (puppet), being stopped a few feet above the walkway Dungeon: Guests then pass between prison cells, with either a prisoner begging for release, or corpses in varying states of decay. While the prisoners will rush bars, watch out for the dead - they may reanimate and rush the bars, actually prying them apart. (I doubt the undead can actually do this in D&D. But I also doubt Hannibal Lector could too, and He did it in Horrorwood Hotel at Knotts, so...) Smithy: A skeleton blacksmith makes armor for the undead. He toils at the anvil, occasionally threatening guests with his hammer. Lucy's Chambers: Guests then enter a room labelled as Lucy's. Who's Lucy? Why, only the Necromancer's pet Dracolich, of course! She roars, claws at guests, and breathes green fire (smoke and lights). Princess's Prison: The Princess had an extra-comfortable room. However, she won't need that, as she's been poisoned. As guests pass by her pallid corpse, however, she reanimates and rushes at guests, eyes glowing green. (Contacts and black light.) FINALE: The Necromancer stands on a podium, reciting an incantation to Myrkul. Lightning flashes, and he's gone... or is he? After a period of darkness, the Necromancer returns - as a giant, demonic lich, roaring and clawing at guests above the exit. (Tricks of the light, of course.)
  22. A Christmas Creep Carol For decades, Ebeneezer Scrooge has been a bitter, spiteful old man. After denying Cratchit time off for Christmas to spend with his family, however, the Christmas Spirits have decided that he must change his ways. Despite their good intentions, the Spirits will not go easy on Scrooge - he will have to face the cold, bitter truth of the consequences of his actions. Christmas in July again, just because I've been sitting on this idea since January and I can't wait long enough to release it in the actual Christmas season. Basically, it's a retelling of Dickens' classic, with a bit more focus on the supernatural that leads Scrooge to change his ways. ROOMS: Facade: Guests pass giant illustrations of Scrooge meeting the ghosts as they make their way to the entrance. Occasionally, the lights illuminating the illustrations go out, leaving a black light to draw attention to Scrooge and the Ghost. The entrance is a giant Dickens compilation, turned to the front of A Christmas Carol. However, the title has been changed to the house title, written in a curly-serif Green Fuz-esque font. When the blacklights come on, Scrooge becomes a skeleton. Christmas music plays, usually classic choir recordings of classic songs such as Carol of the Bells, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, things that would fit the Victorian era. Scrooge's Office: The dialogue of the house is pre-recorded, so Scrooge won't be able to improvise. Anyways, Guests enter Scrooge's office, where his shadow can be seen berating his Nephew, Cratchit, and the charity workers. Guests then turn the corner and face Ebeneezer himself, who grumbles about the holiday and his miserable life, occasionally snapping at guests. Marley: Guests then enter Scrooge's house, where scrooge freaks out while the bells chime. You can only hear him as you make your way through the halls, where Jacob Marley will scare guests. Guests then enter Scrooge's room, where he freaks out while pointing at Marley. Marley "floats" in midair, the only things keeping him tethered the weights he must carry in death. (The actor is held up by a harness.) Leaving the room, guests find themselves in a green mist filled with Marley's chains. Marley can be heard, telling Scrooge "Tonight, you will be visited by three ghosts." "By Three Ghosts" has the spaces between them drawn out, the room goes dark during the spaces, and another Marley will jump out at "Ghosts". Past: Guests find themselves in Scrooge's room, the bells chiming, while he resists going along with the Ghost of Christmas Past, beckoning scrooge with a soft voice to enter a void. Past, and the visions that it gives, looks like a shadow draped in cheesecloth. Guests are then whisked to a boarding school, where a young Scrooge studies and a headmaster jumps out, his first job, where the boss gives guests a judgy look, and the ball scene, where some dancers will pop out at guests. Present: Scrooge's room again, where the bell still chimes. Scrooge is confused, as everything goes purple. Christmas Present, who may or may not be a fat Krampus, beckons Scrooge. As guests wind up in London, it is explained that Scrooge's bitterness is spreading, represented by purple veins reaching out from Scrooge's manor. Between narrations, Londoners can be heard arguing. The ghost, aided by demonic-looking versions of Ignorance and Want, show Scrooge the consequences of his attitude. The poor are dropping dead in the snow, Scrooge's nephew is on the verge of giving up, and Cratchit can't take care of Tiny Tim. All the whiles, the veins are prominent, and Ignorance and Want will scare guests. The scene ends with Present telling Scrooge that the worst is yet to come. From beneath his heavy robes, Ignorance and Want will attack. Yet To Come: Entering Scrooge's room again, the music is now Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Yet To Come, shadowy as always,silently beckons a frightened Scrooge to come along. Entering the future, guests pass by Scrooge at a tombstone. The name lights up, and Scrooge reacts in fear - and something tells me you know why! THEN guests come to the scene of the crime, where Scrooge, in a covered bed, is brutally hacked apart by Mrs. Dilber (projected onto the bed's covering in shadow). Guests then pass by the bed, where Dilber attacks THEM with the axe. Leaving the house, a merchant jumps out, announcing that "Old Scratch is dead!". Guests then pass by Old Joe, who sells Scrooge's belongings at a table on the street, laughing and threatening guests to buy his wares. Guests return to the grave, now open, and exit the scene through the hole (which is on the wall.) In the darkness, Scrooge begs for another chance, promising to change his ways. Finale: The music becomes cheerier, as guests, for the last time, enter Scrooge's room. Scrooge will jump out from the hall, dressed in a robe, hurriedly saying there's still time to make things right. Guests then pass by the Cratchits' window, where Scrooge can be seen supplying the family with a Christmas feast. However, Guests then pass through Marley's chains once more, where the ghost tells guests that tonight, THEY'LL be visited by three ghosts. Present and Yet To Come hide in the room, scaring guests.
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