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  1. DEANIMATION: If you're familiar with indie games, you may think a maze based off of old-time cartoons is based off of Bendy and the Ink Machine. And you're right!.. sorta. Really more on Matpat discussing Max Fleischer and his occult themes. Really more "What if the villain in the original plan for Cool World was actually a god-like army?" than "What if Bendy got a house at HHN?". Darrin Adler was a small-time animator who never claimed the same fame as Disney nor Fleischer, but has gained a cult following in recent years. A local film enthusiast purchased some of the original reels, and organized a little film festival centered on the shorts. Things went well, until a mysterious fire started behind the screens. Within the next minutes, Adler's creations busted through the screen, warping reality to meet their surreal expectations. The warped maze is mostly B&W, with red and orange shades scattered throughout. Monster scaracters are dressed like old-time cartoon characters, some funny animals and some humans, many with larger-than-life weapons. Some scenes: The Theater: The first few rooms. The facade is simple enough, ignoring the fading colors, creepy silhouettes lurking about, and suspicious ink stains. Once inside, The lobby is a chaotic mess, with chairs strewn about (some lodged in the wall), a dead concession stand worker, and various posters depicting Adler, some consisting of photos and other as self-portraits. Be wary on the self portraits, they may be hiding malevolent caricatures of himself. Then the actual theater, where slaughtered men lay in the seats. Of course some are really cartoons. Exit through the torn screen. The Bar: The bar scene from Gremlins, replace the Gremlins with cartoon characters, pretty much. Some toons are torturing people, some getting completely wasted, and to are dueling with guns, the loser proceeding to take a shot of whiskey, which pours out of the bullet holes. The bartender begs for help, only to be threatened by another toon. The Alley: A group of toons, some drunk from the last scene, are roughing up a guy, sometimes turning on each other. A drunk clown stumbles through some trashcans, threatening the guests with a broken bottle. The House: Skip a few. At this point, inanimate objects are coming alive, people are living despite horrible life-ending wounds, and some of the toons aren't looking so hot. Enter the house, where the table is feral and a toon family are trying to kill each other. However, the big thing is the fireplace, which has warped into a gateway to the netherworld, which is spewing smoke and faking a fire. And you have to walk through it. Yay. Hell: Here, we get a little backstory. Adler made a certain type of deal to make his cartoons walk and talk, expecting to make it so that his cartoons would be easier to animate. Sure, they might have been a little easier to animate, but Adler lost his soul and now his creations are wreaking havoc throughout existance. These rooms are basically mockeries of cartoons, where the toons torture humans and each other. Darrin Adler: The final room. Darin Adler is now a (Stilt-Walker) Half-Toon Half-Demon, threatening to force guests to experience the eternal torture he has lived through. Near the exit, a warped Caricature and his "Mickey" attack the guests. The soundtrack is mostly swing/jazz, with only a few breaks. (Does "Let's All Go To The Lobby" count? And is that even period appropriate? Aw, who cares.) Some contortionists would be perfect for some scaracters, enabling characters to bend and twist like their inspirations. As for the "Mickey", what would be Adler's iconic character? Who would make up the ensemble that would appear the most? I haven't the clue, but mice, cats, rabbits, lapdogs, demons, and bears are probably off-limits.
  2. Have the kicking legs of the kid be an animatronic, in a costume built to support the workings. Of course, how could he be eating the kid if it's just a costume? Also, good idea.
  3. CHRISTMAS CREEP: Fouettard's Revenge Snow is falling as you step up to Flog's Bed and Breakfast (Possibly translated to French?), all decked out for the season. However, there are some clues as to the true nature of the inn, as the string lights flicker and you can hear Fouettard beat his worker boys. Entering, you come face-to-face with the big man himself, threatening you to get out of his office, and promising to release his own version of Christmas on the world. Aiding him is a dark elf. As you enter Fouettard's Christmas, you step into a backyard filled with snowmen, many with twisted, snarling faces, all carrying weapons like Hockey Sticks and Snow Shovels, and some made with human parts. Of course, some will jump at you. Then you enter the Warground of the Toy Soldiers, a trench where many mutilated toy soldiers and nutcrackers fend off the Rat King's minions. Following that, you enter the gift room, where among the presents are giant, killer toys such as a grizzled action figure, an evil teddy bear, and a possessed ballerina. At the end of that room is a dark chamber, filled with smoke, where the Krampus tries to break his chains and feast on the blood of innocents. Next up is Fouettard's Workshop. Dark elves tear up victims, using them to make toys, and looking out at the guests for potential pieces. After that is the kitchen, where more dark elves burn victims alive, including one that bursts out of the oven. Finally, we enter Santa's Office, where two dark elves are torturing a man who is not Santa (But is wearing a sack made to look like Santa) on camera. In the corner is a Christmas Tree - watch out for that. Finally, is Fouettard's Meats. The residual warmth of Santa's overtaken workshop is replaced with the cold chill of a cold meat-packing factory, where children are lined up in cages, begging for release. In some cages are Fouettard's minions, who will be more active in their escapes. After that, enter the processing floor, where man is made to meat (Including one dark elf who fell into the machine, his legs still dangling), and the mess is everywhere. Then, the freezer. Finally, you exit the house through another room of Fouettard's Inn, where Fouettard swears revenge on you. That's a lot of nothing, isn't it? Of course, it needs refining. And "dark elf" barely seems like a word now. The dark elves would be blue-skinned, with angular features, and signs of frostbite. They won't have to be short, as this is a madman's take on Christmas. They dress like normal elves, but instead of red trim, their green clothes are trimmed in black.
  4. Some more Original houses: Christmas Creep: Fouettard's Revenge: Despite being seen as a jolly, fat man, Santa Claus has amassed a fair share of enemies, often turned into servants for their crimes. However, this year, Father Flog, known child slaver and cannibal, has rebelled from the Saint, and with the aid of his frost-bitten dark elves, is unleashing his own twisted brand of Christmas onto the world. Will you survive, or will Fouettard have you for Christmas dinner? MacBeth: Hail To The King: As the wicked sisters foretold, Lord MacBeth has ascended to King of Scots, and is set on keeping his position. However, as the power goes to his head, he starts to battle with his own demons, a battle which the fate of Scotland depends on. A thrill that will upset the Globe, from Heaven to Hell. Uncle Sam Aine's Mythical Monstery Tour: Sam Atwell, better known as Uncle Sam Aine the Monster Guy to the children of Carey, is a nice enough man, despite looking like a Halloween Captain Spaulding, who has a local show teaching about the Cryptids and Monsters of America. As a special Halloween treat, he and Channel 12 have opened a haunted house/educational experience where you get up close and personal with "monsters" in their "natural enviroment". Fun! Except that an evil spirit has cursed the haunt, bringing in real, savage beasts that Uncle Sam only wishes were fake... Den of the Dragon: Carimeer Village was a peaceful settlement in the unknown lands, small but charming. That all changed when the Drakonians, a cult of dragon-worshipers, raided the village, setting it ablaze. As a ranger, you will go through the burning village, and track the scum down to their hideout. However, the Drakonians are not the kind to back down without a fight, and are more than willing to sacrifice you to their fire-breathing gods... Rapture Corps: Hell on Earth: As the world literally goes to Hell, Sgt. Peter tasks you to enter Babylon to search for survivors. Which would be hard enough, if wandering the wreckage weren't demon soldiers and abominations looking to feast upon any and all souls. (...The idea came while listening to Beast and The Harlot, of course it's a cheesy house idea.) Doom-It-Yourself: As a representative of Research and Development, I can confirm that Marketing is the reason that we forgot to make that last house. So, as consolation, join us as we show you how we build one of our famous haunted houses! Of course, the designers are taking a deserved vacation, but we have a busload of interns from Shadybrook to give us a hand. So why don't you take a tour? Who knows, you might even become part of the designing process yourself. DIY (Alternative Backstory): There is always this one kindly old neighbor who, every year, puts on the greatest Halloween display on his front lawn. How does he get it so realistic? Well, for starters, he used real corpses that he makes himself! Uncover the rest of his secrets if you dare, but as he says, some things are best kept a secret. DeAnimation: An animation buff was hosting a showing of some classic, black-and-white, Fleischer-style cartoons for his friends, when the projector caught fire. When the smoke cleared, he found that not only were his friends killed, but the sadistic stars of the shows are now in the real world, corrupting it to their wild desires, and if he ever wants to see his friends again, he has to drag them out of the literal Hell that the doodles summoned. Are these any good? And sorry for posting DIY twice.
  5. I've seen a video for Alice Cooper Goes To Hell, didn't they have Eve and the Serpent? Of course, that was years ago in Hollywood.
  6. Watched some more videos, have more ideas: El Manana: After being laughed at by De La Soul, you step onto Noodle's island, where a wind effect simulates flying through clouds, and helicopters "gun" at you, forcing you into the lighthouse, where Noodle is paniking. You then exit the lighthouse, to see the destroyed Island, where Noodle seems to be holding on for dear life. Dirty Harry: Enter the desert, where you encounter the wreckage of a flight, and the truck used to save the kids and 2D, hiding 2D and Noodle, respectivly. In a mound of sand, Bootie will occasionally pop out with a sand effect (I pity the scaracter who plays the man), interacting with guests and lip-synching to his parts. Rockit: Enter a thorny forest where 2D, Russel, and Murdoc are walking through, seemingly oblivious to the zombie heads littering the path and surrounding it. Also contains a singing Pazuzu statue. Rock the House: A complex one. The opening is pretty nightmarish, perhaps Clint Eastwood could play the part until the inside. The actual music video would be a room where you walk down a hallway, being pelted by "balls" (really large firings of compressed air), with a giant Del looking over the room. Murdoc is hiding in the room, doing his thing. Fire Coming Out Of a Monkey's Head: The Happy Folk are driven into a frenzy, as Monkey is about to erupt. When Monkey finally does go off, Fog fills the room, hiding the Strangefolk. We Got The Power: While not really a music video, it does have a little accompanying commercial thing. Walk through the arrange of toys, but watch out, as some aren't into the message of the song. Including at least one Gorillaz Member.
  7. Yeah, I imagine that some Gorillaz Rooms would include: Clint Eastwood: Probably among the first, the first part would feature the transition from the white room to the graveyard, with pop-up tombstones. Next, encounter Del. Finally, what we've all been waiting for: Undead Primates. 19-2000: A one-room song. Just a road with the song playing. Until you hear the squeal of tires, heralding the incoming Geep. Not just a blare of the horn and headlights, It actually crashes down on the road, a safe distance from the guests but still pretty startling. Feel Good Inc.: A 3-room set that I developed back when it was part of the Halloween Music house. Start with the stage, where you wade through the unconscious bodies and 2D sings into the megaphone. Watch for scaracters, who hide among the bodies. The next room has 2D wistfully staring out the window, where the Windmill Island and Noodle are floating past, chased by helicopters. Murdoc is hiding in this room, and 2D is an animatronic who twists himself around and lunges at guests. Finally, enter a room full of screens showing De La Soul, laughing and rapping. The original idea for this room would have the Boogieman and a zombie gorilla hiding behind projector screens, but I decided that naw, that wouldn't fit. Stylo: The Stylo and Police Car are both overturned (Despite the Stylo making its way to the ocean in the video, let's just have some artistic liberty here), with the cop struggling to get his donuts. This distracts from the Boogieman, and Bruce. On Melancholy Hill: A room where you walk on squishy, wet flooring, in an attempt at a safe way to simulate walking on jetsam. Noodle is unleashing a rain of lead on the air pilots, which are behind the guests on the walkway. Further in the room, is the manatee, who will be pulled into the ocean, splashing guests. The Boogieman also appears here, a little after the Manatee's splash. DoYaThing: Geez, 212 Wobble Street is a dump. Follow 2D through the house, past Murdoc's room, Murdoc on the Stair Chair thing, and into the kitchen, where Andre 3000 is waiting in the cupboards and Murdoc has his shoe. Boogieman also appears, again, but as a static prop in a room to the side. Hallelujeah Money: I understand that it's not the most well-received Gorillaz Song, but you have to admit that the music video was surreal and nightmarish. Benjamin stands atop his podium, preaching (A scaracter lipsynchs) his words to the guests with the background doing that surreal thing. I imagined that this room would have the "Scarecrows from the far East" as jumpscares, but A. That's overly literal and B. It sounds a bit racist, considering the subject. Saturnz Barz: Perhaps the most complex set of rooms. Start outside the house, with the Gorillaz. Murdoc does his thing, leading to the asteroid belt thing. Russel and Noodle are dealing with their spirits, and 2D is struggling with the food. Like, 5 rooms. And at least 2 scaracters as naked Murdoc. Which would be traumatizing. Looking back, it seems the Gorillaz house needs more Gorillaz. So of course, if Murdy or Aiello decide that they want to make a Gorillaz house, they should be given control and not me. However, I also imagine that the house would also have rooms based more off of lore than songs - Kong Studios, Noodle in Hell, Plastic Beach, the like. So if the label wants to let Universal take a shot, they can use some of my ideas, but ultimately should give their own interpretation. And rooms should be in chronological order.
  8. And, while I'm Here, some more Licensed Houses: Rick And Morty: PetRickfied: A mysterious portal has formed on the Universal property, and the higher-ups have decided that it'd be a good idea to let people step in. They already paid for tickets, whose problem are they now? However, the portal leads to a familiar garage, where Rick Sanchez's latest experiment has gone horribly wrong, ripping holes throughout multiple dimensions, leading to a surge of many of Rick's enemies coming back for another round at the madman. Will you be able to survive until Rick gets you out of his life? Simpsons Treehouse of Horror in 3D!: Let's face it. The Simpsons are about as unstoppable as some Non-Giving-Up School Guy, and they have given many people their fair share of nightmares. Now take a trip into some iconic scenes from the annual Halloween Specials, where you will encounter the terrors of a Sober Homer, the true colors of the ever-faithful Ned Flanders, and a crappy Krusty doll you'll only wish just didn't shut up. Gorillaz: I don't have enough of an idea of the house to come up with a description of some of the rooms nor even a subtitle, but walk through some music videos, go face-to-face with some of the band's worse adversaries, see the gut-wrenching ugliness of Murdoch up close. Could probably work, but I could understand if you don't want it. Hotel California: After a long drive, you need a rest. And there's a convenient hotel, just up ahead! Check in and stay for a while, but be wary as the hotel and its staff reveal their true intentions. Eddsworld: In what would probably be a first, experiance the famous Flash shorts of the late, but legendary, Edd Gould and his successors! However, Durdham Lane is not always sunshine and lollipops, what with the constant unrestful undead, a sinister St. Nick, a drunken loony of a resident, and an occasional axe murderer. Eddsworld in: Fun Dead: I've two other ideas for EW houses. The first would be a pretty solid retelling of Fun Dead, where you join Edd, Matt, and Tom for a fun day at ASDFLand! Of course, with the three's regular activities, it's only natural that things take a turn for the worse, and with a recent chemical spill bringing on the Zombeh apocalypse, having a fun day at the park will be hard. But if you survive the Zombehs, the trio's antics may finish you off. Eddsworld: Wrath of Zanta Claws: Every Christmas, Tom sees it fit to destroy everything merry and bright, to his housemates' dismay. However, it turns out that he may have a point when a brain-eating cadavorous Claus comes to town! But even after an initial defeat, Zanta returns with a plot to kidnap and kill the real Santa! And then, later on down the line, Tom himself goes Grinch, and threatens the whole of England! Basically, the Zanta Claws trilogy in house form. Night of the Living Tombstone: Yoav Landau, famous for music revolving around (among other things) video games and remixes, has gone nuts, and released the true power of music on the world. As the rhythm fills the air, demons, ghosts, and mechanical animals terrorize the populace. Will you survive the fall, or will your doom be sealed tonight? I can understand if you don't want these. Just throwing some ideas out there.
  9. DYSTOPIC: Not based off of the nuked outback. The first hint would be that the facade is a walled city, with a giant tower that has a projector screening propaganda and this one freaky bald guy. No, this house is based off of Big Brother. Guests enter the walls of the Minister Supreme's city, where things may look bright and shiny, but closer inspection reveals the cracks - sometimes literally - in the deception. The homeless run rampant, entire blocks are little more than empty building-shaped shells, and the state is kept in line with a squad of sociopathic soldiers who will bash your skull in for the slightest infraction, which includes expressing non-approved ideals. Fortunately, a friendly group of rebels invite you into their hideout, which is pretty relaxing... decently lit, some reading materials, a radio playing "Everybody Wants to Rule The World"... it won't last, the soldiers find it and take you prisoner, forcing you into the prisons full of prisoners who either are undergoing or have undergone re-education, to become a legal enforcer. Further down the line is the execution room, where all manner of capital punishment are dished out, to the adoration of the public. After that, a furnace, where the dissidents are burned alongside any contraband item - toys, books, religious symbols - and finally, after going through the soldier's quarters, you encounter the MS himself. Except he's a near-mummified corpse, who is only a figurehead to his supposed subordinate, who attacks guests with a Gatling gun. I can see why HHN would not use this house in the states (It's basically the Minister of Evil sans demons, which leaves it a political-themed house), but I think this could be an interesting house.
  10. Well, as I said, I'm not the only one who should have the power of which games get rooms, so of course Outlast and Dead Space could be included. As for the guards, I just thought that, since everyone's expecting the animatronics to be the monsters, why not switch it up a little?
  11. The Problem With GAME OVER I love video games, but I have the feeling that I should not be the single guy who is in charge of GAME OVER's room selection. I have only played 2 horror games, both on WiiU, so I only really have an inkling of an idea of what I'm talking about. However, I can say that each room should have segments from the game's soundtrack and some audio clips. Also, I did do some research, and I have some ideas for rooms. EDIT: Facade: A burnt-out Video Game Store. Something on a smaller scale than Game Stop, like a small business. BIOSHOCK: An "open" (As much as an underwater city can be) street with tweaking splicers. A Rosie Big Daddy protects his Little Sister, who taunts guests. Near the end, another little sister, hiding in a vent, lets her presence known, triggering a rush from a Bouncer Big Daddy. Borderlands: A "Cel-Shaded" desert with psychos and wreckage. Probably a Dook Hut for someone to hide in, but that's about the end of the toilet humor. Scaracters will taunt guests with bizarre insults. Five Nights At Freddy's (Which is where the post title comes into play): An inevitable, I guess. The Security Guard's Office, where Bonnie stares from the window. This distracts from the Scaracter, a security guard. Exiting, you enter a blacked-out portion of the room, where Freddy's face is flashing in tune to Toreador March. This is also a ploy for another security guard. Mortal Kombat: Shao Kahn presides over the kombat, leaving his throne okkasionally to attack guests. Various fatalities are exhibited, with the appropriate kharacter not too far away. Will definitely inklude a toasty skeleton and Skorpion, a less popular Kombatant with his spine removed and Sub-Zero, and Baraka. Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Zeke and Julie greet guests with a water squirt, before the guests enter a hedge maze lousy with undead. A boo hole will hide a chainsaw wielding maniac. DOOM: A brick room with iconic enemies lurking around the massive piles of corpses. Doom Guy stands atop the largest, firing the BFG and not much caring about interaction with guests. EDIT: Minecraft: A less-blocky depiction of the game. Well, yes, it is blocky, but it looks more realistic than the actual game. Guests enter a dimly-lit cave where they pass by a zombie that gets up close and personal, up to a wall where Steve? appears from a hole, striking a metal plate with a pickaxe. Near the exit, a creeper will pop out of the wall and his. EDIT: Nazi Zombies: Kino Der Toten. Dempsey and Richtofen are on the ground level, shooting at zombies with an assault rifle and a shotgun, while Nikolai and Takeo provide fire from the balcony. At the boarded-up windows, zombies will tear down the boards and lunge at guests. EDIT: Skyrim: I haven't played this game as much as I wish, but that one scene from the beginning, where the dragon attacks and you run through the burning tower? That scene. The Dragonborn will walk up to the crowd and shout, triggering a burst of air. EDIT: Team Fortress 2: Guests enter Tuefort, where the announcer issues orders over the loudspeakers. At the beginning of the room, two Scouts bash their bats on the spawn gate as guests pass by, insulting them. From atop the base, a Soldier will rocket-jump onto the ground and threaten guests with a shovel. At the end of the room, a Heavy, Ubered by his medic, fires a stream of bullets at the line. EDIT: Rampage: Guests enter a skyscraper under attack. Beasts roar as Lizzie, Ralph, and George break through the windows. Yeah, this would not be a solid list. I imagine some more classics (The original idea was in the Style of Terrorvision, from Knott's, with warped variations of famous games, with one scene being a Russia falling to the descending Tetrominos), but a large number of potential rooms could work, so if someone does want to make this, make it your own. Well, as much of your own as something based off of 10+ licenses can.
  12. The one problem is that the trip starts 3, maybe 2 rooms in, so it's not really half.
  13. WASTED is one of the only houses here that I have made an outline of. It would be heavily blacklit. The queue is basically just a queue, with some friendly policemen warning about some new drug being sold on the street. There will also be a radio station that breaks to warn about the side effects. When you enter the garage, the dealer (Who I imagine being a white, pimpish guy) tells you about wonderful sights his clients see, and two junkies rush you. After going through the mist (The drug, there may be a woman with a skull face, that may be too artistic and random), you end up leaving through a version of the room that is mirrored to look like you're leaving, a bit more colorful due to the blacklights, and the junkies are melting. Then you enter a bar (The original idea was that the first part was in a hotel) where the patrons, though varicose, seem friendly, except that they pull knives on you. No one else reacts to this, implying that you've become paranoid. Then you enter a kitchen, where chefs are preparing meals. You see monsters cooking human flesh. You then go across a hall into a room full of junkies, trying to pull the wasps under their skin and the ants in their teeth. One guy (I imagine looking like Matthew Santoro) has a stream of spiders crawling out of his mouth. Next up is the "Insect Tunnel", pitch-black and with wires that scratch your skin. Once that's over, you go through a hallway where "Draconian Pigs" are banging on the doors, barking orders. You go through a door, and the floor is tilting side-to side, with a broken window that you have to go through. A leap of faith (If Possible), and you end up on a highway. The floor is soft, causing you to stumble, and there's a truck approaching. Once you leave, there's a shopping plaza full of "Zombies", going about their lives but you see them as attacking. You retreat into a home, where a family is having a dinner party. You, however, see a bunch of demons feasting on the souls of innocents. After that, you go through a hallway to the exit. Except, the hallway has a boo door, hiding a bunch of scaracters made up to resemble the cops from the beginning, backed by police lights, to "arrest" you for getting high and committing several crimes. The scene is made to look like you're "Coming Down", and the cops are normal cops, no mutations, no UV colors.
  14. I'm just going to be honest, I've only been to one haunted attraction and most of my haunt experiences come from watching Theme Park Adventure and Theme Park HD. However, I have ideas for haunted houses (Licensed and Original) and I would like to share them and get feedback. Here goes nothing. GAME OVER: I've seen videos of medleys of movies and one of TV Shows... but no video games? This is a fix. Enter the worlds of video games, where you'll have to deal with Psychos from Pandora, Special Infected in Riverside, Scorpion in the NetherRealm, The Legions of DOOM on Mars, Dr. Fred in his Mansion, those chainsaw guys from Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and other antagonistic abominations. Monster Music: What's a Halloween Party without some nightmare music? Enter through a mimicry of a Drew's Famous cover, and be greeted by Bobby Pickett singing Monster Mash at a Halloween Party filled with monsters, who despite the wholesome attitude still want to eat you. Then enter a familiar New York Firehouse, where the TV plays the Music Video for Ghostbusters. Appropriate, considering that there are vengeful spirits causing havoc all throughout the Big Apple! After that, take a stop over by the creepy old castle for The Time Warp, filled with hostile Translyvanians that may take a break from dancing to attack. Then head into a dingy, dirty city apartment to witness the Death, Revenge, and Marriage of the girl from A Little Piece of Heaven (which isn't on most Halloween collections, but there needs to be some genuine darkness somewhere). After the unholy matrimony, you leave and find yourself outside of a movie theater, where you are joined by a woman whose boyfriend has turned into an undead monster for the Finale, Thriller. WASTED: Hell of a Drug: Being the thrill-seeker you are, you enter a shady garage where some guy is claiming to sell the latest street drug, something that will flip your life around. After receiving a fine misting, everything seems bright and colorful... but then random people jump you, addicts claw insects out of their skin, you feel swarms of insects on you, and you start to lose your grip on reality. You should have listened to the cops on this one. Dystopic: Enter a world ruled with an iron fist by a former war general turned Minister Supreme. A world where free thought and expression are frowned upon, and where the punishment of all crimes are either reeducation or death. Evildoer's Mountain: Due for a better name when the main character gets one. Enter the Volcano Lair of the world's most dangerous, most notorious supervillain on assignment from a world security councel. Do your best to watch for the guards, who are out for the blood of anyone foolish enough to wander in. And try not to piss off the big man himself - he's feared for a reason!
  15. Why not have her be a creature made from a mass of blood and muscle tissue arranged in a human shape, with loose veins for hair?
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