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  1. They posted it in the HHN Orlando 32nd Speculation topic. I guess because that's one of the few topics that are still getting hits.


    Not a big fan of the forum's closures. Sure Discord has its merits, but the type of posts I've been making for the past... years has been best done in one long post. But, that's the nature of things. And besides, I see others in the Your Nightmares thread have been using off-site documents like Google Docs for their house ideas, so maybe I'm just behind on the times.


    Well, I guess we have nothing else to do but wait. If you see a Jeremy7 or such on Discord, that's me.

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  2. GHOST: The Devil's Clergy


    Tonight we summon you for an infernal cause. Enter the Cathedral of GHOST, where Papa Emeritus and the Nameless Ghouls lurk behind every corner, where vice is celebrated and virtue shunned, and where blood flows in the name of His Infernal Majesty. Pray you don't become a sacrifice to the Rulers of Hell - though, in this church, who can you pray to?


    There may be followups to this house to focus on other songs



    • FACADE: Guests walk up to the front doors of a church that resembles the one from the Opus Eponymous cover. GHOST songs not in the house play, and through projections, the shadowy specter of Papa I flashes on the wall behind the facade. Inside the facade, guests pass by stain glass windows that look like the covers of Opus Eponymous, Infestissumam, Meloria, Prequelle, Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, and Impera. Lightning will reveal a ghostly figure standing behind the windows.
    • Monstrance Clock: Guests pass through a room covered in dark smoke, where worshippers wearing dark robes are gathered around a glowing pentagram on the floor. Behind them, guests pass by a Monstrance clock covered in Satanic imagery, designs of iterations of the nameless ghouls, and the faces of Papas 0-IV. Sister Imperator will lunge out from behind the clock, attacking with a dagger made with a ram horn handle.
    • Ritual: Papa IV, dressed in his ceremonial robes, stands on a stage, behind an altar where a woman limply lies. Papa will slash at the woman's throat, spraying guests with "blood", while the woman is too intoxicated to react. The flowing blood will form a Grucifix on the altar's side, before draining off. From a painting of Papa Nihil, a Nameless Ghoul will attack.
    • He Is: As guests walk beside a baptismal pool of red-tinted water, they see a drowned woman lying in the water. A shadow cast on the wall shows Papa III baptizing her, but her dead body does not move. From behind a statue of Beezelbub, the Ghost of Papa III grabs at guests.
    • Satan Prayer: Amidst a hall of demonic statues, Papa IV leads a crowd in prayer to an idol of Lucifer. Behind the kneeling crowd, a nameless ghoul attacks guests from a statue of Pazuzu.
    • Pro Memoria: In a morgue, guests find themselves walking between the reliquaries of Papa Emeritus III and Papa Nihil, with a mortician working on the body of III. Despite the fact that his head has been taking off for posing, III's foot still occassionally twitches. Guests then pass between the standing reliquaries of Papas I and II. With a clash of thunder, either of the corpses will jump out at guests.
    • Spillways: Guests find themselves in a replica of the room from Spillways, where Papa IV stands on a podium, judging guests. As "blood" drips from the ceiling, guests wind their way through cracked statues of women posed in pain. Two of these statues are scaracters, and will jump at guests.
    • Call Me Little Sunshine: Guests find themselves in an overgrown garden/cemetery, where the ghost of Papa Nihil can be seen on the Cathedral walls. As guests pass by a statue of Mephistopheles, the statue's eyes light up in a way to imply they're following the line. As guests prepare to reenter the church, a serpent will lunge from the walls.
    • Year Zero: Reentering the cathedral, guests are attacked by the ghost of Papa II. In the following hall, guests find a crib containing an infant. As thunder continues to crash outside, the image of Papa II from the cover of Infestissumam flashes on the wall behind the baby.
    • Mummy Dust: The scent of ink fills the air as guests find themselves in a mint for the church. Sister Imperator and a nameless ghoul oversee the production of the money, the $666 bills from the concerts. From behind a desk, Papa IV will throw a loose handful of mummy dust bills at guests.
    • Faith: In a hospital room, a trio of nameless ghouls performs a lobotomy on a preacher. One acts like the doctor, "hammering" the pick into the preacher's eye socket, and the other two are nurses, cleaning the ghoul's lenses and keeping the patient aware. At times, the preacher will squirt "blood" at guests. From the other corner of the room, a nameless ghoul with a syringe attacks.
    • Deus in Absentia (Finale): Guests find themselves in the main worship hall of the cathedral. At the front of the room, a pastor is being burned like a witch. Amidst the smoke, at the front of the pews are Papa IV and Sister Imperator, who will lunge at guests. As guests leave the room, a group of nameless ghouls will lunge at guests. (The ghouls are static, and on a cart.)
  3. On 11/3/2022 at 3:14 PM, Fear2010 said:

    I’m starting to have a feeling Orlando is working on a Call of Cthulhu house right now. It’ll become a public domain in a couple of years. When it comes to literature, it’s kinda surprising HP Lovecraft and his works isn’t represented at the event in some form. 


    Isn't Call of Cthulhu, and most of Lovecraft's work in general, public domain already?

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  4. 19 hours ago, HHNGuy27 said:

    I like this line-up! I don't attend Hollywood's event, but it is a very strong line-up. Clowns 3D could be a sequel instead of a repeating maze, but it wouldn't surprise me with La Llorona coming back this year. Pretty sure Alien Vs Predator is off-limits because Disney now owns both IPs. The Exorcist was just featured at the event last year, so I highly doubt Murdy would want to repeat that maze. Blumhouse is working on an Exorcist reboot for 2023 and there is a pretty strong relationship between both companies. The Exorcist (2023) almost feels like a given as it's a way for Blumhouse to promote the new film. The next Universal Monsters maze will most likely follow Dracula, like maybe House of Dracula? Either way, I think you're correct about the next UM maze focusing on Dracula. Hazbin Hotel feels similar to Universal Horror Hotel, but I like the concept! I'm surprised AWIL hasn't made a return, as it won maze of the year in 2014 and is deserving of a return. I would say it's definitely on Murdy's radar. 


    Hazbin Hotel isn't as similar to Universal Horror Hotel. UHH is a hotel haunted by lost souls, HH is a show where a Princess of Hell has an uphill battle rehabilitating demons.


    My thoughts, the lineup is solid, but AVP is now a Disney property so it's unlikely. And since the Hollywood Universal Mazes include music by Slash, would Dracula's Bloodbath and Clowns 3D both have original Slash music for the year? Because that'd be awesome!

    My concern with the scarezones is that Helluva Boss is at the gates. While I'd be fine with horror cartoons being represented in Halloween Horror Nights, having the first scarezone be Helluva Boss seems risky. I'd swap it with Dark Angels. I'm a bit more curious as to what the scarezones would entail, though.

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  5. ICE NINE KILLS 2: Welcome to HorrorWood


    Are you misunderstood? Are you more bad than good? Welcome to HorrorWood, where anyone would kill for a callback.

    LA Police are on the lookout for Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas, who is suspected of murdering his girlfriend in cold blood. Found at the scene of the crime was a mask and a CD, hand-labelled Welcome to HorrorWood, containing audio reminiscent of several horror movies. Investigators believe the disk to contain hints to other murders Charnas has potentially committed, with the film of reference being a reference to how the victims were murdered. Those with weak stomachs are advised to tune out now, as the murder scenes can and will be gristly.


    I have seen less of these movies than I did the first Silver Screams album, so a lot of these are probably rather inaccurate. As with my first INK house idea, a lot of the characters will be captain ersatz'd with legally distinct variations, and the IX will be hidden throughout scenes.



    • Facade: A live recreation of the Horrorwood album cover. As guests walk up to the street, the hills of "Horrorwood" visible as a giant matte painting, the music plays previous Ice Nine Kills songs, and alternative versions of songs from WtH (Orchestral and Aucoustic). However, between the two buildings the audio switches to a loop of Opening Night.
    • Opening Night: Guests enter a building and find a homicide detective puzzling over a theory wall, images of grotesque movie scenes, photos of band members, and a few easter egg photos connected by pin and string. as guests get to the end of a hall, an image drops and a killer wearing an INK mask (the one with the roman numeral IX over the eyes) stabs at guests with an icepick.
    • Welcome to Horrorwood: Guests enter a room whose walls are decorated with portraits of film directors, horror memorabilia, and masks. Spencer's silhouette can be seen in a room over, as he writes the songs, before getting frustrated and picking up an ice pick and leaving. In the next room, with walls covered in sheets of lyrics, music, and music video scripts, is a woman's body, stabbed to death numerous times. Charnas will emerge from a wall with a pick. Leaving through a curtained door, guests find police investigating the house. One will emerge from the bushes, holding the INK mask in front of his face, in reference to Officer Dewey providing a similar fakeout in Scream.
    • A Rash Decision: From a Beverly Hills home to a log cabin bathroom, guests walk past a sink covered in blood and a two-way mirror with a woman with a horrible rash on her face picking off her skin. In the next scene, necrotized rash victims are on the floor (and... almost anything else but the main body is like, on the floors or furniture), and a man shoots his friend, a puppet of a guy practically melting into the corner, which shoots "blood" as the shotgun "fires". Another rash victim will rush guests into the next room, scratches on her arm revealing bone. As guests exit the cabin, they find a woman, still alive, fallen to pieces, a dog eating her lower torso. She reaches for the guests with her one good arm, and the man with a shotgun emerges from the other side, his lower jaw falling off from rash.
    • Assault and Batteries: In a city apartment, guests pass by a human-sized INK Doll box, which contains a homicidal Charnas Doll. The doll will break through the box, stabbing at guests. In the living room, guests see a corpse of a woman, her neck on the tracks of a toy train, and a son holding her head, smiling evily. Charny will attack guests with an axe. Leaving the apartment, guests find themselves in the ruins of a toy store. Surrounding them are walls of INK Doll boxes, some containing dolls and others containing scaracters. As lightning crashes outside, a horde of Charny dolls on a cart will charge forward while guests enter the next scene.
    • The Shower Scene: In the next scene, Spencer greets guests at the office of a motel. The walls are covered with taxidermy and paintings of Norma Bates, and everything is black and white. From one of the Norma paintings, eyes can be seen peering from the painting's eyes. Then guests find themselves in the Bates house attic, where a lighting fixture swings, making it appear that the corpse of Norma is laughing at guests. Finally, guests find themselves walking through a shower. On the curtain, guests can see a shadow approach, and Spencer, dressed like Norma, attacks guests with a knife.
    • Funeral Derangements: Guests find themselves leaving the Bates Motel on a dark highway. A semi truck will light up, blaring its horn, and drive towards guests. Then guests enter a pet "semetery", where Spencer is waist-deep in a grave, digging into the dirt with a pickaxe. From behind a crude tombstone, a feral cat animatronic lunges at guests. Entering the next room, guests see a procession of children in animal masks, and a zombie child stabbing an adult. One of the masked children will attack the guests.
    • Rainy Day: Guests find themselves in the lobby of the LAPD office, except the building has been trashed and the lights are flickering. A pair of double doors is barricaded by a board through the handles, yet the zombies on the other side have nearly broken their way through. Guests go past the desk into a lab, where Jill fires a pistol at several zombies that have broken through an observation window. A licker-esque zombie will lunge at guests from behind a cabinet, and guests find themselves in a room full of mutating corpses. On a catwalk above the corpses, Wesker strangles Chris with his tentacles. From behind a terminal on the other side of the room, a Nemesis will lunge out.
    • Hip to be Scared: Guests find themselves in a bedroom where someone was filming snuff porn. Two women are laid out on a bed, or more accurately, their body parts are scattered on the bloodied sheets, and the bonewhite walls are splattered with blood and gore. Spencer, playing the role of Patrick Bateman, will emerge from a closet, swinging an axe at guests. Then guests find themselves in Paul's apartment newspaper lining the floor. As they walk around the doped-up Paul's chair, Spencer approaches him from behind, wearing a bloodstained rain jacket. "HEY PAUL!" As the axe swings, Paul doubles over, and "blood" sprays on guests. Exiting the living room, guests find themselves in a room full of hanging drycleaned suits and seranwrapped corpses. As they push their way to the exit, Spencer, wearing nothing above the waist and probably nothing below the belt (the scaracter is probably wearing pants but his lower body is covered by the bannister), shouts at guests before dropping a chainsaw onto guests. The chainsaw is on a cord, and will stop above guests, before being reeled back to the Spencer scaracter's reach. And it's probably a fake chainsaw, what with the gas fumes a real saw would have.
    • Take Your Pick: Guests find themselves passing the front office of the Hanniger Mines. On the side wall, "SOON HEARTS WILL BE BROKEN AND THE DAMAGE SEVERE/YOU'LL FALL HEADLESS OVER HEELS ONCE THE 14TH IS HERE" is written in blood, lit with UV lights, and a heart rests in a box of chocolates. Hanging through the window is a victim of Harry Warden, who will come alive and reach out to guests, begging for help. From behind the bushes, however, Harry Warden will attack. Guests then enter a cave where a party was abandoned, littered with solo cups, beer cans, and other rager party detritus, and on the wall is another poem, "ROSES ARE RED AND VIOLETS ARE TOO/THEY'LL NEED YOUR DENTAL RECORDS TO IDENTIFY YOU". Through a door, guests can see a Harry dummy, but from another door emerges a man whose face has been fractured by Warden's pickaxe. Warden will emerge from behind the victim and pull him back. Then, in the mine showers, Guests see a woman impaled on a shower faucet, the shower head still running. As guests exit the showers, Harry Warden shoots at them with a nail gun.
    • The Box: Guests find themselves in a burning church, a glowing opened Lament Configuration, Pinhead behind the pulpit with nails in his palms. Exiting the room, guests witness Butterball flaying a victim pulled taut with chains. Rushing from a wall covered in flesh, Spencer rushes at guests, peeling the skin off his head. Guests then find themselves in Hell, surrounded by chains, spiraling pillars of flesh and gore, and overlooked by (a matte painting of) The Leviathan. From behind the pillars, Pinhead will attack with a bloodied hook.
    • F.L.Y.: Guests find themselves in a trashed laboratory, two telepods flashing. From behind a messy counter, a mutated Spencer emerges, wearing a labcoat, dripping green slobber from his mouth, his skin oddly colored and warty. Then guests enter a room and find a man, skin dissolved by acid dripping from above, screaming in agony. As he begs guests for help, a further mutated Charnasfly pops down from the ceiling. Back in the lab, Charasfly has started to merge with his machinery, the puppet screaming and writhing in pain. At times, a giant, grotesque mutant fly limb will reach out and try to grab guests.
    • Würst Vacation: Guests emerge from the lab, into a German gentleman's club. A woman auctions off guests to enthusiastic bidders, with one "claiming" his reward at the end of the scene. Guests then find a man slicing open a victim on a table, butchering him for meat. The victim begs for help, but the victim shuts him up, humming along to the song. The guests then find themselves in a room full of hanging corpses, and two living victims. A torturer takes a drill to one, and another prepares to slice into the other victim, but instead turns their knife to the guests.
    • Ex-Mørtis: The scene turns to the den from the Evil Dead cabin. From the windows, guests can see Deadite Linda dancing, and Henrietta will bang on the cellar door, demanding release. This distracts guests while Cheryl and Scott attack from behind the furniture. Going through the door, guests find themselves in the kitchen, where Spencer/Ash cuts his arm off with a chainsaw, splattering guests with water. Guests then proceed down a hallway of dirt into a cellar, where Henrietta has transformed into a grotesque monstrosity. From behind a bookshelf, a Deadite Ash will attack guests with his chainsaw.
    • Farewell II Flesh: Guests find themselves in a dimly lit bathroom covered in blood, with the image of the Candyman flashing in the cracked mirror. Suddenly the mirror opens along the middle, and Candyman's hook swipes at guests. The next room is pitch-black, but buzzing accompanies the music and shots of air make it feel like bees are attacking. The walls, as dark as it is, are waxy golden honeycombs coated with amber slime. Guests then find themselves in a burning room, the only way out through the mouth of a mural of Candyman. However, from the fire, Candyman emerges to take a final swipe at guests.
    • Finale: Guests pass by a police lineup of Charasfly, Spencer Bates, Ash Spencer, and Harry Warden, with a Spencer wearing the Silence mask in the middle and closest to the glass. Opening Night loops once again. At the exit, Charny and Spencer Bateman attack guests with a knife and an axe, respectivly.

    Can you guess which of these movies I haven't seen and relied on TV Tropes for ideas? There's like... 9

    oh god, I bs'd 9 segments in an ice nine kills house

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    Weird Al-loween


    The good news is, your tram driver has been directed to send you to Weird Al Yankovic's Halloween Polkarama Block Party! The bad news is, the path you have to take is a little suspicious. From shady agents, clueless surgeons, and homicidal maniacs, to deranged revelers and a questionable diner, the path to and from the party seems more dangerous than it's worth. You might want to brace yourselves, things are about to get weird.


    So the Grinch sets were demolished? That means there's no use having the first scenes be Christmas at Ground Zero and The Night Santa Went Crazy.



    • Tram Ride: Weird Al songs play over the intercom as guests wait for the bus. Giant vintage-style cardstock Halloween cutouts adorn the station, though they all have a theme of Weird Al and polka. As the bus departs and the tour guide gives a spiel, the screens begin to play a video of Al congratulating the guest for being chosen to attend the Halloween Polkarama Block Party, with a list of directions including "An abandoned government headquarters, a creepy old motel, and the ruin of a summer camp", promising entertainment and food provided by the "quality" Kappowitz Diner. Once the invite video ends, a news alert flashes hinting at the various threats of the path.
    • Midnight Star/Party in the CIA: Once off the bus, guests are attacked by suit-clad agents wearing old tabloid pages as crude masks. Most of them have chainsaws.
    • Like A Surgeon/Cavity Search: Entering the Bates Motel section, a sign marking it as the Lye Kasserj Inn, with hospital gurneys holding victims in varying states of disassembly while doctors switch between tending to their patients and attacking guests. At the exit, a victim is tied to a dentist chair, with overly long drillbits sticking out of their lower jaw. A dentist will attack with a power drill.
    • Nature Trail To Hell: Heading down a dirt path, guests find a campground that has been torn apart by slashers. Masked maniacs will attack from the broken tents, brandishing instruments bloodied and bladed survival instruments and body parts.
    • Halloween Polka Block Party (Polka Medley Section): In the War of the Worlds section, the remains of the neighborhood are decorated for Halloween. The buildings are lit up with Halloween lights, the Yankovic Halloween Cutouts return, Skeletons representing Al and his band are in front of one house, and partygoers are dressed like various artists that Al had parodied. However, while Al happily greets guests, the partygoers seem to be infected by a rage virus, possibly from the plane that crashed into the set?
    • Kappowitz Diner (Food Song Section): The indoor area is set up like a grimy diner, with a Big Boy-esque Hollywood Harry mascot. In the diner, guests are assaulted by the smell of rotten meat, as mad chefs demand they eat it. Venturing into the kitchen, guests find butchers carving into living victims and turning them into various foods Al sang about. Fat Al will probably be in this area, maybe in the dining area, maybe as a jumpscare near the exit.
    • Last Scare: Exiting the diner, guests pass by a photo op where two costumed attendees have been pinned to the backdrop. As guests walk past the scene, a flash blinds them. Al will jump out in front of them with a Camera, hoping to see them next year.
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  7. spacer.png


    I had some ideas for houses but I haven't managed to string them into a series of scenes, so I think I'll just post some of them here


    • GHOST: Devil's Clergy: Enter the dark ministry of Papa Emeritus and his Nameless Ghouls. A church built on sin, where the parish can fulfill their demented desires... but if you choose to stay around for the rituals, beware the agents of Satan!
    • MISFITS: Lair of the Fiend: The Crimson Ghost strikes again! Step into his dark dungeons, where unspeakable horror business commences and every night is Halloween. Will you and your friends avoid one last caress, or will your skulls be his?
    • Halloween Bedtime Gory: Enter a twisted world where fairytales and horror stories collide! A world where the Wicked Queen hands out razor apples, big bad wolves are contagious, and Goldilocks decides the Bear house is just right for a bloodbath. In this book, NO ONE gets a happily ever after.
    • TOXIC WATERS: Nuclear Age of Piracy: After the bombs fall, not everyone is content riding the wasteland. Hop aboard a ship manned by mutants in search of a legendary treasure from the pre-apocalypse, but never expect safety on the glowing seas.
    • Hellhouse of Rock: Tired of the traditional doom-and-gloom hellhouse that your church puts on? Skip the sin and come on in! Witness the eternal torments awaiting the unrepentant, set to a mix of rock n roll music.
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  8. I may be wrong, but I'm imagining that the Major Sweets candy is turning the locals into, like, grotesque and warped mutants with candy themes, like some people become children of the candy corn, some become warhead warriors, some turn into Zagnut Zombies


    I could be wrong and they're merely turning kids into Ghouls but I like the idea of candy monsters

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  9. I'm not against the idea of a haunted house based off of Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss, unlikely as it is. It'd just take a lot of effort to transition the cartoon characters and environments to a 3D stage, especially since one of the shows hasn't gotten a season out yet.


    I'd probably have either houses' entrance be a building, IMP headquarters for Helluva Boss or Happy/Hazbin Hotel for... yeah. Both houses would explore Hell outside of their respective buildings, although Boss would also feature some of the hit jobs on the mortal realm. And it'd also be unlikely that they would share a house, because technically the shows have different owners with Hotel being picked up by a channel.


    I haven't seen enough of the series to plan a house for either.

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  10. On 3/13/2022 at 10:21 PM, Fear2010 said:

    Thanks! All of the scenes were based on my interpretation of the album. The reason why I’ve made it cause I had been wondering where the places the main character was at other than going on a mental decline from start to finish. If it were to happen, where would it be located? I guess it would work either way at a parade building or a soundstage. Have you checked out my first fanmade HHN dream house yet? Would love to hear your thoughts on that too.


    I know nothing about haunt placement, having never been to a Universal park. And The Perils of Terror is a pretty good house idea!

  11. 4 hours ago, Fear2010 said:

    Here is it! My second fanmade dream HHN house Inspired by NIN’s The Downward Spiral that is also based my interpretation of the album. After listening to the Spiral again, It made me realize how challenging it’d be to make a house of it not just because of the heavy topics such as mental illness and substance abuse (unless they add a disclaimer), but also how unsure I am what would Trent Reznor feel about it, since he’s pretty forward-thinking when it comes to music and the Spiral still might be very personal to him now. But this is just something I wanna do for the fun of it like the last one I did. Enjoy! 

    Dude, this is wonderfully brutal

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    I'm sure an advertising firm could put a better advertisement for an Ice Nine Kills house out there, so I'm just gonna skip to why. And the why is, they're a good band. The house would be based off of the movies that the songs are based off of for the most part, with the "Spencer Charnaz is a murderer" angle from the videos being skipped, though there will be differences (for example, befitting The "American Nightmare", Freddy Krueger will be wearing a Red and White sweater with blue sleeves so we don't have to license Freddy's design). The IX is hidden throughout the house, on killers' masks, on the set pieces, in the slashes, wherever.



    • Facade: Guests make their way to the Charnas Cinema, the marquee reading ICE NINE KILLS on one side and THE SILVER SCREAM on the other. Projected to the side are the music videos from The Silver Scream and Welcome to Horrorwood. As guests pass the concessions stand and rows of seats to get to the rip in the silver screen (also playing the same videos), they notice ALL the people they pass are dead. Making their way out of the screen, they find themselves in
    • The American Nightmare: a bloody boiler room with a projector screen showing footage from sleep studies. From behind the screen, The American Nightmare will claw at guests. In the next room, The Nightmare stands in front of a burning building, the flames erupting in an American Flag pattern, the stars replaced with an IX. From the opposite wall, guests are attacked by a barrage of hands with Freddy gloves.
    • Thank God It's Friday: Guests escape from the Nightmare, only to find a dying campfire surrounded by bodies. Jason will emerge from the trees behind the grisly scene, slashing at guests with a machete. After a short nature walk covered by corpses, with a victim being dragged underwater by an unseen assailant (Jason), guests make their way to a shoddily built cabin. In the cabin, lies Pamela's head. As guests exit the cabin, Jason attacks with an axe.
    • Stabbing in the Dark: Guests find themselves in a mental asylum's halls. The bodies of patient and doctor alike are strewn about, and Michael Myers will attack from a corridor. As guests find themselves surrounded by hanging sheets, the silhouette of Michael can be seen shifting from sheet to sheet, before Myers stabs from one of the sheets. Finally, guests find themselves in a closet lit by one dim, blue bulb. Myers stabs at guests from a hole he tore through the door.
    • SAVAGES: In a living room decorated with a large amount of bones, guests are attacked by a hammer-toting Leatherface, who emerges from a metal sliding door that he slams open. Guests then find themselves in a freezer filled with human bodies and human body parts. Leatherface will attack with a meat hook. FINALLY, guests find themselves in the Sawyer dining room. Grandpa pathetically swings a hammer while Choptop giggles to himself and Drayton attacks with a cleaver. (The family members are modeled after band members, and Drayton is Spencer.) As guests leave, Leatherface makes a final appearance, attacking with his chainsaw.
    • The Jig Is Up: Guests find themselves in a dingy bathroom where a severed leg is chained to a toilet's pipes. A man in a face mask will attack. Guests then find themselves in a array of deathtraps, some containing victims that will reach out for help, to no avail. Guests then find themselves in a room with a Reverse Bear Trap victim. Billy watches, mouthing along to the song (and headbanging) on a television screen. A pig mask is carving an IX into the victim, and will attack with their knife.
    • A Grave Mistake: Two dead, charred corpses lie on top of matching gravestones in a graveyard. The Crow will attack from the trees above. (I am unfamiliar with this movie, so I'm gonna be BSing the whole way.) In the next scene, The Crow can be seen in the shadows from a burning bar, before lunging at the line. Finally, in a dingy room, a murderer shoots at guests, before The Crow slits his throat from behind.
    • Rocking the Boat: Guests find themselves on a coast guard ship. Over the rail, guests can see the shadow of a giant shark.  The shark will occasionally bump the ship. Entering the cabin takes guests to the ocean floor. There's a red mist (stolen from the JAWS house proposal), from which Bruce emerges, gashing his teeth. Then, guests, are on the deck of the Orca. Brody is radiong for help, while Quint is being eaten alive. As guests escape, a gunshot and explosion is heard, and air and water splash on them.
    • Enjoy Your Slay: Guests find themselves in a hotel bar, abandoned besides the groundskeeper and a ghastly bartender. The bartender appears via a pepper's ghost effect, and the bartender is downing a bottle, surrounded by dozens emptied beers. In the next room, guests find themselves in a luxurious, but bloodstained bathroom. The caretaker will emerge from the shower curtain, alongside a spray of blood, and attack guests with an axe. Then, guests find themselves in a frozen hedge maze, chased by the caretaker.
    • Freak Flag: In a crumbling underground lab, guests see the crushed Dr. Satan, before being attacked by The Professor. As they escape the lab, guests see Mama Firefly preparing for the shootout. Captain Spaulding attacks from behind guests. Exiting to the front yard, Guests find themselves in a shootout between the Fireflies and the police. Otis and Rufus, wearing their armor, will attack guests.
    • The World In My Hands: As guests find themselves in an abandoned cookie factory filled with whimsical machines, they see a mummified skeleton wearing a lab coat and a holding two rotted hands. Guests are attacked by a man with blades for hands. Following a trail of carnage through a preppy yet corpse-laden suburbia, guests find the man holding a teenager's corpse in his arms, devastated by what he's done. As guests exit the maze, they find the man one last time, carving ice sculptures. He'll scare off guests.
    • Merry Axe-Mas: In a living room lit by a Christmas tree, guests see the corpses of a once happy family. A man in a Santa costume will attack from a doorway with an axe. Exiting the house and into the woods, guests see a bleeding corpse cut in half in the snow. "Santa" will jump out of the woods. Then, in a room that's rocking back and forth, red and green strobes violently flash as the corpses of men in Santa suits attack.
    • Love Bites: Guests enter a London hospital room. The place has been trashed, and the shadow of a man turning into a beast is projected onto the wall. Guests then find themselves in a subway, where a woman is looking for her boyfriend, who has turned into a werewolf and will attack on the other side of the tracks. Then, outside a porno theater, the wolf, fully transformed, is seen over her corpse.
    • IT Is The End: In a dark sewer, guests see a boy peering into a storm drain. Pennywise will attack from the darkness. Guests then walk past a scene from the music video, with a clown band performing and the psychiatrist in a bloodied mine cart. Spencer Charnaz will attack with a knife. Then, guests find themselves attacked by a barrage of ska clowns. As guests exit the house, The American Nightmare, Jason, and Leatherface will attack.
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    The Dream Job becomes a Nightmare as you enter the Halloween factory! Overseen by Jack The Reaper, this is where Halloween begins to come to life. But be cautious, as the employees might use you to make the next big thing!


    I'm not updating Tricks and Threats.




    • FACADE: Guests make their way up to a factory with Jack The Reaper's visage on it. Jack can be heard shouting bonuses to working in the factory over a loudspeaker. In shadows on the factory walls, guests can see animations involving various animatronics.
    • Factory Entrance: Entering the factory, guests are greeted by skeletal employees tending to conveyer belts moving Halloweenish things. Foreman Grim stands on a balcony, instructing the skeletons. "Powerhouse" can be heard playing in the early parts.
    • Hallway: Guests enter a hallway, where various people in Ghostface disguises can be seen peeking out from the doorways. Many can be seen dragging body parts behind them. As guests exit the hallway room, another Ghostface runs out of an office.
    • Card Room: Guests enter a room where a victim is strapped to a spinning wheel, cards lodged in the wheel and victim. Henry Hustle will walk out, pretending to rear up for a card toss, only to lift his head up, revealing that the clown face guests were seeing was a fake and his "Real" face is much scarier.
    • Trapeze Room: Guests walk around Harriette Hustle, who is swinging on a trapeze. Whether in front of or behind, she'll threaten guests with her knife.
    • Clown's Office: Guests see a clown hanging upside down behind a layer of plexiglass. When the plexiglass'd area goes dark, a scaracter playing a freed BBoJ will rush from an adjacent boo hole.
    • Sewer Room: Guests enter a room filled with sewer pipes. The scent of gray water permeates the room, and water splashes from a few pipes. From a pipe not in commission, Pennywise lunges at guests.
    • Cotton Candy Room: In a room full of dangling cotton candy cocoons, Shorty takes turns punching cocoons at guests and swinging at guests directly.
    • Ice Cream Room: Guests see a giant vat of ice cream churning, mixing vanilla with chunky blood and body parts. Kids are seen trapped in waffle cones, trying to escape. A two-headed clown will rush guests.
    • Resource Management: In a blacklit room, guests see Wacky pummeling a squirming man-sized bag with his hammer. As guests turn the corner, another Wacky will rush guests.
    • Nice Effin' Model: In a dark room, the spotlight focuses on a model of the factory. A voice shakily says, "Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse", and from the Darkness, The Ghost with the Most jumps onto the table. From this point on, the music switches to horror movie themes.
    • The Operating Room: In a room full of body parts, guests see the shadow of Bill Jackson cutting off his hands and replacing them with his buzzsaw and mallet. As the projection finishes, Buzzsaw himself will rush from the corner.
    • Hallway 2: Guests see a ghost wander in the hall ahead of them, before being attacked by the same ghost.
    • Cages: Exiting the hallway, guests find themselves between two tight rows of shaking cages. Some contain demon dogs, giant spiders, and kids. From one cage, a demonic hand lunges out.
    • Candy Corn Field: Guests wander outside, to a field of corn that smells oddly sugary - and the field is littered with dead birds. From the stalks, Night Stalker rushes out.
    • Spider Sanctuary: Guests wind up in a location littered with spiders of all sizes, including a few Jumping Spider animatronics. From a trailer covered in webs, jumps Mr. Howle.
    • Resource Storage: In a graveyard with various dug and filled graves, the Grave-Grabbing Corpse grabs at guests from his grave.
    • Factory Entrance 2: At the end of the graveyard is the factory side entrance. As guests enter the open doorway, the Caretaker rushes from a nearby mausoleum.
    • Hallway 3: As guests make their way to the next room, a bride carrying her groom's head will lunge out from an open door.
    • Daycare: Guest enter a room filled with toys that may or may not be haunted. Most of the kids are huddled in one corner, afraid of one girl. The one girl points at guests, and a shadowy spirit lunges at guests.
    • Shipping: In a room filled with coffin-shaped crates, a reaper rises. (The reaper is played by a scaracter on a pulley.) After rising, the reaper lunges at guests, before returning to position.
    • Sacrifice Room: In the center of a room with a pentagram on the floor, lit by candles, is a demon with a scythe and a ram's head. The candles will go out, and when they come back on, the Ram Demon attacks guests, before returning to the center.
    • FINALE: Guests enter a breakroom. Pop music is playing, and a few animatronics from before (mainly Wacky) will jump out to scare guests. As guests exit the maze, Jack the Reaper will attack.
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  14. On 7/4/2021 at 1:17 PM, Fear2010 said:

    @DocNiktMarrWoah, a Pink Floyd house would be sick. Have you thought about doing Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral? That’s my biggest dream house music wise, and I still wanna hear your thoughts about my house idea above.  

    I'm not that big on Trent Reznor's work, but I could try!


    I'm gonna edit the original post to feature Another Brick in the Wall Part 3.

  15. Unofficial Chainsaw Scarezone ideas:



    It's time for the Autumn Festival, and these druids have a secret to a bountiful harvest: SACRIFICE! Armed with chainsaws, the hills will turn red.

    Scaracters: Scaracters wear robes and facepaint, ranging from simple markings to patterns of the skull and of beasts.

    Sample of Music: Tribal (Nightwish), Nothing Else Matters (Gregorian), Great Grey Wolf Sif (Darksouls)



    Dosvidanya, Capitalist Swine! These relics of the USSR are out for blood, and will kill you with Friendship! Note: Druzhba is the Russian word for Friendship, and also a popular model of Communist chainsaw.


    Scaracters: Scaracters wear overcoats. Many wear gas masks, skull masks, or goggles. Some wear ushankas, others commander caps.

    Sample of Music: USSR Anthem, Tetris (PowerGlove), Soldier of Dance (Team Fortress 2)



    Tired of being the internet's punching bag, the furries are biting back! Don't trust their bright colors - they're baying for blood!


    Scaracters: Scaracters wear... well, they wear bloodied fursuits. The heads are designed for safety purposes, and the "Completeness" of the fursuit varies from scaracter to scaracter - one may be wearing a full costume (sans paws, replaced with gloves), others would be wearing sleeves and heads and tails under shirts and pants. One scaracter is a tough guy in a dollar store kitty mask.

    Sample of Music: Hungry like the Wolf (Duran Duran), Howling for You (The Black Keys), Animals (Maroon 5)



    It's time for the Serial Killers Expo! Make your way through the killers and you might get a reward! (Reward is getting to live.)


    Don't ask about the title


    Scaracters: All the scaracters wear cosplay costumes of varying quality. Probably of all-Universal properties.

    Sample of Music: Super Killer (Neil Cicierega), Floorcorn (Neil Cicierega), You're at the Party (Neil Cicierega's band Lemon Demon)



    It's time for your operation. Watch out, however, for the mad doctors and nurses roaming the streets with chainsaws.


    Scaracters: Scaracters wear bloody scrubs, sometimes with bloody labcoats over them. Some wear glasses, goggles, head lamps, but all wear face masks.

    Sample of Music: Surgeon Simulator 2013 Theme, MEDIC! (Team Fortress 2), Archimedes (Team Fortress 2)

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    "Is this where we came in?"

    Floyd Pinkerton has had a rough life. He lost his father, was belittled at school by students and teacher alike, and was smothered by his overbearing mother. When the chance at fame knocks on his door, he takes it - but it's nowhere near the good life as Pink Floyd loses what little grip he had left and becomes a horrible monster.


    It took me too damn long to listen to the full album. But I checked it off my bucket list, and now I have an idea for a house. It's not based directly off the movie, though it would borrow some elements. And it'd be in 3D.



    • FACADE: Guests put on 3D glasses and walk up to a giant recreation of the original album. As they approach, they see that the Wall has an opening, like how the entrance to CLOWNS 3D looked like the Clown's mouth, with the bottom fangs being in a recess. As they turn the corner, guests see PINK FLOYD: THE WALL on another segment of wall, and a scaracter disguised as the Wall jumps out at guests. Pink Floyd songs from other albums play until guests reach
    • In the Flesh?: Guests see a large crowd of concert goers in the stands as they walk across a stage. A fan will rush towards guests.
    • The Thin Ice/Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1: Guests pass by a crib. During The Thin Ice, the child's parents can be seen watching the child, only for the father to leave for Another Brick in the Wall. As guests continue into the house, shadowy creatures with glowing red eyes will attack.
    • The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2: Guests then end up in a British Schoolhouse, where various corpselike children sit in their tables. A scaracter playing the Teacher, taken from the movie, attacks guests with his ruler. Then guests find themselves walking above a meat grinder, on a platform that barely seems able to support them, red, visceral meat churning in the hopper. Guests then walk in front of the grinder, meat falling out of the grinding plate. A faceless child will rise from the bowl collecting meat, scaring guests.
    • Mother: Guests see a pretty high wall, few holes along the length. Pink's mother, a grotesque caricature of a smothering matron, will grab out from one of the holes.
    • Goodbye Blue Sky: Guests then walk into a graveyard where Pink is shown standing in front of a grave. No scares, just a somber moment of reflection.
    • Empty Spaces/Young Lust: Along another section of wall, an older Pink stalks the hall. Guests can see another Pink, ahem, "engaging" in illicit activity with a woman, but said Pink is a scaracter, like the Sick Things in Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare.
    • One of My Turns/Don't Leave Me Now: In a trashed hotel room, Pink will attack guests with a guitar. As the room transitions to the outside of the hotel room, through a busted window, a woman is seen thrown out of her room.
    • Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3/Goodbye Cruel World: Passing by the complete wall, guests see hands pressing against the other side of the wall. As guests enter the next room, a portion of the wall goes clear, revealing Pink bleeding from his orifices.
    • Hey You/Is There Anybody Out There?: Along the wall, see Pink begging for help in an enclosed part of the wall. The guests' shadows line the wall, as Pink begs to be noticed.
    • Comfortably Numb: Guests see doctors doping up Pink, some of which turn to the guests with giant syringes. As guests exit the room, they walk through a corridor, the walls disappearing to reveal a disorienting disappearing tunnel.
    • In the Flesh: Before guests is a tall stage, a surrogate band standing above them. The leader gestures along to the song. When the song gets to the racist parts, it cuts to instrumental. A demented fan will attack guests.
    • Run Like Hell: Guests exit under the stage into a street in chaos. As they wind their way through the wreckage, fans of Pink's music will attack. One resembles Doug Walker's character, The Nostalgia Critic, near the end of the scene.
    • Waiting for the Worms: Guests find themselves in a maze of flags (unlike the actual Hammer Flags), depicting worms. More fans will attack from behind the curtains. Like in In The Flesh, the racist parts are covered with sirens.
    • The Trial: Exiting the maze, guests find themselves in a giant courtroom. At times, giant puppet variations of The Schoolmaster, Pink's Mother, and Pink's Wife will reach for guests. At the final stretch, the Judge speaks up, revealing himself (a giant puppet as well), walking towards the guest line. The Judge is the same one from the movie.
    • Outside the Wall: As guests exit the maze, the last track of the album plays. Art is drawn on the wall, and guests exit through a demolished section. As they leave, a withered Pink attacks.
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  17. I hero-forged again, this time with a more classic theme.




    DRACULA! FRANKENSTEIN! THE WOLF-MAN! Classics never go out of style, and we know it! So tonight, we've got a series of movies to commemorate the perennial favorites of horror fans everywhere, AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE! You'll be on the edge of your seats as you witness chaos, carnage, and sheer terror!


    I've been thinking about a "Niktmarr spin" on Universal Classic Monsters, and after playing around in Heroforge I wound up designing some monsters. Maybe one day I'll draw my own designs for house scaracters. But not today. Anyways, I've taken some liberty with the monsters, some as my own take on the design, others as a limitation of the Hero Forge service. (I could have sworn that they had fezzes.) Anyways,




    Queue: Guests line up and enter the Karloff Park Theater, a nice theater whose outside is covered in classic Horror Posters. Classic Halloween songs play, and the marquee reads UNIVERSAL MONSTERS HORRORTHON. Once inside, an usher leads guests to their theater. It is encouraged that the actors and actresses who play the usher interact with guests, acting as hypemen.


    Theater: Clips from classic monster movies can be seen on the silver screen as guests make their way to the exits at the front. From the seats, The Red Death will rise up and attack guests.


    Cemetery: Outside of the theatre, guests see a giant castle in the distance and a graveyard full of emptied graves. Fritz will emerge, threatening to brain guests with a shovel.


    Chemist's Lab: Guests enter a black-and-white lab cluttered with chemistry equipment. Jets of air fire at guests, while the unseen adversary taunts them. As guests leave, the Invisble Man emerges, attacking guests with a needle.


    Medical Lab: In the medical lab, Dr. Frankenstein is seen cutting open a cadaver and ranting about the process of creating life.


    Tomb: In a tomb, Rats are everywhere as Dracula lords over a captured and tied-up Van Helsing in a coffin. While ranting, he'll take the time to emphasize his vords with a jab of a stake, either towards guests or into Helsing's chest.


    The Lake: Guests go outside the tomb, into a downright beautiful lagoon covered with exotic plant life. While admiring the scenery, the Gill-Man (who would be more screen-accurate than seen here) will lunge at guests.


    Temple: As guests go from the Black Lagoon to a temple, they witness Imhotep attacking a woman, draining her of her youth. As he turns to guests, he swipes at them with his bone-dry hand.


    Backstage: In the backstage area of a theatre, Erik can be seen playing the organ, masked. He will lunge out at guests, before resuming his playing. Guests then find themselves in the aisles of the seats, when the chandelier swings towards them. As they exit the theater, the unmasked Phantom will attack.


    Pyramid: In the sandy remains of a desert pyramid, are the corpses of archeologists, strangled to death. As guests make their way around the bodies, the perpetrator, Kharis, lurches forward, threatening to choke THEM.


    Crypt: In a crypt covered with cobwebs and lit by lanterns, guests find the corpse of Fritz, his head caved in, and Dr. Frankenstein pleading for his life. Frankenstein's Monster will emerge, threatening to pound guests to a pulp.


    Romanian Village: As guests exit the crypt, they see a wagon, where the projected shadow of a man turning into a beast can be seen. In the deserted village, a werewolf's howl can be heard, and The Wolf-Man will attack.


    FINALE: Dracula's Dining Hall: Guests walk past a long table, filled with decaying body parts arranged into a ghastly buffet, and see the shadow of Dracula turning into a giant bat monster to attack a victim. Turning the corner, they see the bat monster in full detail. As guests exit the maze, they are attacked by Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolf Man.

  18. 8 hours ago, themazethinker said:

    So, weird idea....what if we combined two of your maze ideas



    WASTED: Hell of a Drug

    to make a little maze....based off those weird ass PSA commercials. Of course, some won't be in due to touchy topics...but those commercials have potentials for some good rooms.

    I like it

  19. 5 hours ago, themazethinker said:

    @DocNiktMarrkinda to late ik, but like idk, these can fit right at home in this house (or in a sequel)

    "Audi RS4 - Spider" - Can reuse a spider prop from Alice Cooper 3d: Welcome To My Nightmar

    "Playstation 3 - Baby Doll" - Simple transitional creep out room.

    "Any of the K-Fee commercials" - I mean...speaks for itself

    "Metz - Judderman" - Can have tons of cool looking sets and puppets/costumes for this.

    "Nintendo - You Cannot Beat Us" - Pixel like room with some puppets of those uncanny characters

    "Idk what the hell to call them, but those creepy as hell japanese McDonalds commercials"

    "Mcdonalds - Nose" - another creepy transitional room.

    "Panda Cheese - Any commercial" - not really horror per say (besides the uncanny suit), but like....come on, it'll be amazing to see a room where the Panda is wrecking an entire room, and scaring you with a Panda Cheese in hand.


    Great ideas.

    How the hell is the Spider Commercial supposed to sell a car? I mean, spiders are cool and all, but having your car be a giant demon spider? Scary.

    I did consider Baby Doll, but I forgot about it when I got around to posting.

    K-Fee... classic jumpscares.

    The Judderman was actually in the post. But considering what it is, a sequel giving some extra focus would be cool. Maybe the Judderman as an old woman peddling its "lovely metz".

    You Cannot Beat Us. If Nintendo signs off on it, sure. The uncanny valley, threats, recognizability! But it's Nintendo.

    The problem with Japanese Ronald McDonald is that I can't verify that they were used as actual commercials. And the Ronald McDonald Brand is something McDonalds is fiercely protective of. Trust me, I'd love to throw Ronald into the mix, but it's unlikely.

    Nose would definitely work.

    And Panda Cheese, definitely. Walk through the remains of the wreckage, when suddenly Panda appears to beat you over the head with a scene-related prop.



    Advertisements are sometimes annoying, sometimes funny, and sometimes scary. These commercials have haunted us for a good while, and now... they're back for blood.


    I think I got bored and mentioned a haunted house based on commercials. You know, I don't even think this idea would be legal to pull off. Definitely a lot of red tape to get through.



    • FACADE: Guests walk through a wall covered in old print advertisements. Rooms can be in any order, except for the finale. Transitions are staticky curtains.
    • NesTea Snowman: Guests walk through a dark convenience store, where a silhouetted skeletal figure can be seen, downing a drink and regaining mass. As he throws away the bottle, the skeletal snowman attacks with his carrot nose, accompanied by a blast of mist.
    • Bud Ice Penguin: On a stormy highway, guests see a penguin sinisterly singing "Dooby-Dooby Doo". As he finishes up, a car barrels towards guests.
    • The Judderman: In a forest, the rhyme of the Judderman can be heard and victims are shown freezing over. The Judderman attacks from the trees.
    • Puppy Monkey Baby: As guests approach the next room, the silhouette of a jerkily dancing figure can be shown. As guests enter a living room, Puppy Monkey Baby will appear through a hidden door in the wall, approaching guests strangely.
    • Krinkles the Clown: Guests pass by a clown sticking his head out of some kind of dog house. "Breakfast!", he shouts. As he ducks away, another Krinkles attacks from the other side. "I'm Hungry!"
    • Snickers Lady: In a dark supermarket, guests wind their way through the aisles. A woman squarely in the uncanny valley will lunge at guests.
    • Burger King: In a dark bedroom, a TV plays clips of the Subservient Chicken and Sneak King. As guests pass the bed, The Burger King will lunge out from under it.
    • Wilkins Coffee: Guests step into a black-and-white zone covered in the mangled corpses of Wontkins'. From the corners of the room, Wilkins will lunge out, attacking guests in time with a snappy one-liner.
    • Chocolate Monster: Live-Action Count Chocula stands on a stairway, narrating about a "little chocolate monster". Said monster, this hideous blob thing, will lunge out from a refrigerator.
    • Little Baby's Ice Cream: The Narration from the commercial plays as guests stumble upon various corpses in a freezer, with scoop-sized chunks taken out of the heads. The Ice Cream Being will lunge out at guests with a bloody scoop. As guests go to the other room, another Ice Cream Being is seen eating the brain chunks.
    • Kinder Surprise: Guests pass by a giant humpty dumpty puppet speaking gibberish and playing with a *gasp* Kinder Surprise Egg. At times, Humpty will fall towards guests, splashing them with water as he "breaks".
    • FINALE: Halloween Horror Nights 25: Guests enter a dark, dingy warehouse. Chance winds a wheel, with Freddy, Jason, and a horde of zombies in the cages on the wheel. The wheel will stop on the zombies, and the cage will open, letting the zombies lunge at guests. As guests exit the maze, Jack and Krinkles will attack.
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