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  1. Looks like most (if not all) of the pumpkins made it as well.
  2. $27 https://shop.universalorlando.com/p/HHN-Orlando-2017-Tervis-Tumbler.html
  3. Since we're so slow at the moment, and at the risk of turning this into an AHS thread, I thought I'd see if anyone watched the AHS: Cult premier the other night? I have a love/hate relationship with the show, and skipped last season entirely. But, I have to say, if they can keep the focus that they did with this episode; I may be in for the entire season. There was even a "Made for HHN" scene already featured. (The supermarket for those of you that watched).
  4. I'll bring up a topic that I don't think has been covered here yet... When we signed up for the Soul Collector's program (during the countdown at least), they mentioned that we may receive something in the mail that helped identify us as Soul Collectors. I'm assuming that no one has received anything yet, otherwise it would be all over the boards. Realistically, they have to get everything sent out by mid-this week (really today) in order for it to hit mail boxes in the US in time for opening night. Any thoughts on what (if anything) we might be getting? My guess was a lanyard, but I've also seen an RFID card mentioned; which I like the idea of as well.
  5. Plus, a heavy use of the blue and orange color scheme.
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm expecting that Walking Dead forest scene (one of my favorites of all time), but with a new aesthetic.
  7. I would argue that an article on a national newsite is a bit flashier than a quick "check this out" tweet on Twitter.
  8. ...and technically less IPs than the last few years.
  9. They can't NOT do a full reveal tomorrow, right? It's the last day of August, they did a special announce on a Tuesday, and even the mouse is full into Halloween now. Plus, it's a Thursday. If the day passes without the remaining four revealed, I may light up my torch and join Critical.
  10. This. Plus, I work in marketing/admin. Soooo...lots of down time. That might be kind of a grey area. The Conjuring movies are directly based off of "real life" investigations by the Warrens. While the Annabelle films are mostly original content, and only loosely based off of their work.
  11. Book, chair, little creepy girl, cracks, bare light blulb. Those are what's featured in the Blumhouse opening title card.
  12. Murdy is calling his shot again. Looks like another Hollywood announcement. Could we get to join in today? Blumhouse maybe?
  13. You have the switch correct, but I think this house will actually surprise a lot of people. The Conjuring drop happened early enough that they had time to rework (not "mash-up") an original concept into whatever already existing layout that they had.
  14. Yup. Rumor has it is that Ouija got "Purged"
  15. Whelp....Hollywood just announced Insidious. So, it looks like we still play the waiting game...
  16. StupidStupidDan D Oct 1, 4, 5 UTH Afternoon Tour on Oct 5th
  17. No. It looks to be in some big fancy mansion.
  18. Sounds like Hollywood's announcement will be any minute now...
  19. I think they're referencing The Repository.
  20. In case anyone missed it, Murdy confirmed something coming on Monday. Should be Blumhouse for both coasts.
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