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  1. Season 2 actually comes out on August 22nd. Also, check your local libraries. That's where we end up getting a lot of our movies/TV shows from. If you have a decent librarian, they'll probably have a few copies floating around.
  2. Meh. Two is pretty much one on a higher budget. Raimi even admits that.
  3. Um... Whatever you're doing...stop. Go get Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness from the store, library, Pirate Bay, whatever. Watch those.
  4. Clock has always been counting down until next Thursday at 11:00am EST.
  5. Plus, it is a straight-up sequel to the movies. It's like Evil Dead 4 and 5, but several hours long each.
  6. Ashy Slashy!!! Perfect timing too. It's my wife's birthday, and she is an uber Evil Dead fan. We just watched Army of Darkness for like the 50th time two nights ago.
  7. Sorry. At least you're not in my situation. My BIG weekly meeting starts at 11:00 on Thursdays. I've been trying to figure out a way to get it moved or cancelled all week.
  8. Beyond what's already on the current assumed list?
  9. Unless we don't get anything on the 3rd.
  10. I'm adding that point to my list of things I've learned this announcement season...HHN doesn't play well with Comic-Con
  11. They could reuse some AWIL props to do a Peachfuzz cameo. I really liked Creep because it was really well done...and super short. That runtime wins a lot of points from me.
  12. You're 100% wrong. #TasteOfYourOwnMedicine
  13. Good. You had me concerned there for a second. I was about to call the cops to check out your place.
  14. That's actually her little sister. The one thing you're overlooking is that she feels trapped, and she needs to get her and her sister out of their current living situation (trying to be as spoiler free as possible). It's not a great choice, and she seems somewhat remorseful about it, but it's the best option she has at the time. For the whole thing? The movie is intentionally set up that you should be rooting for him early on, but it would be very difficult to say that after the second act.
  15. I swear. That movie was made by someone who had never been to New York, they'd just seen it on TV. I also love that riding on a boat for 85% of the movie, and then running around NYC for the last half of the third act can be called "taking Manhattan" .
  16. Fair enough, but most horror movies (not all but most) take a 50-60 point hit just because of their genre.
  17. One other thing I picked up on is the mention of wanting to do a "Hades or Gothic" type maze again with giant monsters coming from all around you. Might be a reference to whatever Gothicombs is.
  18. I would not go strictly by the RT score. I can almost guarantee it will at least be below 50%. RT is always pretty rough on horror movies, and especially sequels.
  19. "White whale" is originated from Moby Dick. Captain Ahab spent his entire life chasing down Moby Dick (literally a white whale), and was ready to sacrifice pretty much anything to finally kill the beast. It basically means something you've been trying to chase down for a long time. IE: The IP rights to The Shinning.
  20. Especially since AHS was done so well last year. I'm not a huge fan of the show either, but I can appreciate good production value.
  21. One would think that...unless of course they promised their IP holders that they would get announced before any original houses...
  22. I almost hate to bring this up. But, does anyone want to take bets on whether that counter will either get reset at some point, OR when it hits zero nothing will actually happen. I'm thinking it's a possibility since they obviously had one plan, but with one or two (possibly more) announcements getting delayed, that may have gone out the window.
  23. You know what would get it going again? Something new to tweet other than that same old "your soul is requested" one
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