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  1. I like the lanyard and pin... Yup. The lanyard and the pin...
  2. It very well could be. That was my initial thought too. i'm assuming it matches with The Fallen. Possibly something to with the Tunguska event awakening demons that the Angels have to come down to fight.
  3. Nice...except for the Voodoo guy is off. He's from AHS Coven
  4. Don't forget...Butterbeer with a shot of Fireball.
  5. Whoh whoh whoh...stop the clock there Hunny. I specifically said that I'm against a safe zone. I just think that if they take the actors and most of the budget, and make another SZ around the back of park, but keep CP the same with the fall theme...that could be a pleasant distraction. Especially now that B&T is going away.
  6. I could get on board for this. Maybe it could be the "safe zone" a few people are always asking for. While I'm against a "safe zone" at a horror event, I could get behind a place for some downtime...while still being heavily themed. Maybe even sell some seasonally appropriate foods/drinks at each end of the zone so people can really get in the Halloween spirit (ciders, fritters, etc).
  7. At least this will clear the way for "Bill and Tedd's Triumphant Return" at HHN30...
  8. Sounds like there may be some bad news coming for HHN this year. Anyone else hear any rumors?
  9. No proof, but the tone and style sure sounded a lot like Mike
  10. With no announcement today, I think we can confirm that The Conjuring had indeed been purged. I know we all assumed as much, but today would have been the drop dead date with the release of (the apparently very good) Annabelle: Creation.
  11. It doesn't look familiar. The guy up front looks a bit mummy-ish. So, maybe from Tomb?
  12. I guess because nothing is official until it is official. Lack of announcements (when compared to previous years) indicate the possibility of issues. Issues this late tend to lead to crap houses (ahem...Purge). So...I guess it's more nerves than anything. At least from my end.
  13. I can agree with you there. It looks like a '90s high school metal band shirt.
  14. The event starts in September, and we're actually about three to four announcements down vs previous years
  15. I don't think Ifrit ever implied it was BEKs. I think that was just (incorrectly) inferred from one of his tweets, and it took on a life of it's own.
  16. I posted this on Reddit, but I wanted to put it a few other places as well. Here's my mostly calm view on the situation, and why it was handled terribly. Take personal feelings and disappointment out of this. The "soul counter" ended today, and many of us expected something pretty good. Maybe not a full reveal, but something big since it's been going on for a month. What we actually received was a social media picture frame and a link to a sweepstakes we can enter daily (until September 1st). We'll focus on the sweepstakes, wherein you can win a trip for two to Horror Nights this year. Fun, right? Here's why it's an absolute garbage fire of an idea: The overall point of advertising and marketing is to create excitement and demand with the end point being a purchase. So, what does a sweepstakes do to promote sales? Absolutely. Nothing. It actually discourages people from purchasing tickets and/or booking a trip. They drive you to the site (potentially daily). You give them your information (which they probably already have from the Soul Collectors)....and then you wait and hope to win a trip. Not purchase tickets, add-ons, book a flight, hotel, etc. Because that will all be provided if you win. So what happens? Remember, we're talking about the general public here. Not the HHN faithful that have had their trip planned for months. Because that's who we can really influence with ads. Well...they wait until September 1st. Possibly forget completely about entering to win. Then they don't go on the trip they never planned. Now. Let's assume that maybe someone is still interested in going after almost a month (and then not winning). They assume since they didn't hear anything, they didn't win. But, that event sounded pretty cool. Let's price out a quick trip... Tickets are decently priced. Ok. How much for a room? Oh. Most of Universals on-site hotels are already booked up. Hmmm...guess I'll stay off-site. That's OK though. How much is a flight? Oh snap! those are some expensive tickets (because it's only two weeks from the start of the event at this point). Hmmm...maybe we won't go this year, but we'll remember to plan something for next year. Next year comes...maybe they forget, maybe they don't. But, the end result is no sales for HHN27. Sorry for the long example, but I wanted to submit an objective review rather than just saying they did a crap job this year.
  17. WE already had access to that wallpaper too...
  18. Uhhh....eventually your countdown clock will be counting down to something....right...hello?
  19. Yup. Something odd going on with the soul tally tracker. Maybe that's them emptying the souls into a bag or something.
  20. I think it's going to be the middle three, but there's a good chance it won't happen at 11:00am when the counter hits zero.
  21. Now that's a construction update I can get behind. Has to be for the Dust Bowl/Field of Screams house. Is this the Tomb tent location?
  22. OMG! Green posts! Guys!!! Green posts!!!
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