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  1. Last room of Silver Screams. The Winchester with Shaun on the pool table and Zombie Ed as the last scare. I miss dancing through that room and getting Zombie Ed to Thriller.
  2. Indeed, it was a dual run. A dual run house is a house with one overarching theme that actually has two houses that fit that theme. Frightanic was labeled as 1 house by Universal, but was two houses (Fear in First Class and Carnage Crew). Legacy has has given us two house clues. I’ve supplied hints. I’ll add his hint from IU. It applies to both R&M clues. First
  3. My hint was both, actually. I’ll repeat: Frightanic was a great house, or should we call it houses?
  4. Don't try to connect the R&M clues to the theme or story in an episode. It is, usually, the line that is important. Also, there’s a hint from me in the reply you quoted.
  5. Both R&M clues are Legacy’s. I just yoinked the second from IU where he posted it. Frightanic was a great house, or should we call it houses? Last year’s house number was easy to tick off using your hands. This year, you won’t be able to do that.
  6. Streets are a twee bit harder to suss out at this time. I think locations may stay the same. Welcome! The clue giver gets to choose the method of the clues. My convoluted method will have to be reworked. I tend to find connections to everything between everything and can easily spin off into a tangent. In case anyone hasn’t perused other forums and rumors that are already out there. My first clue if the rumor holds: You won’t be able to use your hands to count the number of houses. EDIT: I haven’t read this whole thread so ignore clue if already discussed here.
  7. The interactive wands weren’t introduced until Diagon Alley opened in 2014. HU and LT 2013 were beta tests for the RFID technology as well as research into the psychology of immersive experiences. New tech at HHN has been, and always will be, beta testing for implementation on a wider scale. We are their beta testers and we pay for the privilege. If we see new tech this year, always consider its greater implementation. The 4th gate is coming as well as other changes to the park. New tech testing is always a possibility.
  8. The Repository has made or will make it’s money back. Watching certain technological implementations in the parks, one can see how things at HHN are used to test technology. The RFID in Horror Unearthed and 2013 LT was a test for RFID applications in other features of the park. The VR in The Repository will probably come into play when the 4th gate opens. A true escape room experience is not feasible inside a park, but The Repository could test for popularity for such an attraction inside of City Walk. Even last year’s blinky skulls were most likely no more than a test run of technology to be used at a later date.
  9. Considering the rights issues of the past few years, we should never be past that stage of the game. Yes, I’ve resurfaced. I’m still not feeling holidays (check out the random thoughts thread for the why). It will probably be hit and miss from me this year. (Hit and miss autocorrected to hot and mess. FML). I’ll try to spec and clue give if info rolls my way. Onward my speculative friends
  10. I did The Dig back in July with my 12 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son. It was my first escape room ever, and I loved it. I didn't escape, but I will be aiming for The Ringmaster as my next room. The rooms are beautiful and highly detailed.
  11. In one tweet, HHNO creates the unrealistic hope for LegendaryTruth's return. Someone needs to talk me down.
  12. If I'm able to go this year, it's a big if still everyone, the 28th or 29 will likely be my dates.
  13. Yeppers!! And it was 08 not 09 Side note: I'm currently attempting to fix Uni's poem. They totally screwed up the meter and cadence of the last two lines. My FTFY to Uni: A wicked witch rules this land Each legend cursed by her hand Every tale twisted with fear There're no happy endings here
  14. Incoming Hollywood announcement... Could be Blumhouse. Could be an exclusive. Saw the tweet. Now we wait.
  15. With the "completion" of Twisted Traditions construction, I've realized something. A&D have connected a house and zone. Sinema will contain a movie called Pumpkin Guts that was filmed with the cooperation of the Carey, Ohio police per the poster. Given Twisted Traditions theme and the fact it takes place in Carey, one has to wonder if Pumpkin Guts is based on Twisted Traditions.
  16. The more I look at the spec map, the more I hope for an F&F extended queue house. Completely unrealistic since I've been in the queue, but the map is so lopsided.
  17. Tent 1 (Scarecrows last year. The Hallow in 08) will hold DE2 Tent 2 (original home for DE) will hold SSin. We can't abbreviate it to SS. SS is soundstage or Silver Screams. I swear names are being created to thwart our abbreviations! Both Tent 1 & 2 had their previous light issues addressed and fixed by 08. One could say, it was fixed a tad too much in 08. If you went into the two tent during daylight hours, you were practically blind. I got "trapped" in a tree inside The Hallow because I lost track of the glowing tshirt words in front of me. DE2 being a part of the UTH will rely on the amount of detail in the house. All detail work for DE was done in black light paint. T.j. confirmed in the 08 CRO conference call that the house was physically painted in black light. They painted the sets with the black light on. With 10 houses and 5 potential queues in that area, it's really hard to say how many and which houses will be AP early entry.
  18. The novel is an excellent source of material to see how Baum's original creation contains horror elements and how it can be easily translated into horror. When it comes to IPs that are now public domain, other sources and works based on them are always great ways of finding how the original can be altered to fit the horror genre. Will it completely connect? No, but originals are always inspired by outside sources. I'd suggest giving Emerald City a watch as well. We could possibly see imagery from there in Oz portions of the house.
  19. (e)L F(a) B(a) That's how Maguire came up with her name. Excellent books, by the way. I highly suggest them. The other random trivia I already shared is that the L stands for Lyman. My husband shares his first name with Baum.
  20. *temples hands* Excellent. Editted to make what was excellent more apparent. Now, defy a little gravity and figure out what L F B became.
  21. Horror is probably one of the most inclusive genres... I'm tempted to tell what L F B became, but it's such an excellent piece of trivia. A piece of trivia I had to discover the etymology of the moment I first read it back in 05/06(?). I've read too many books over the years. I picked both up around the time The Wolves of Calla came out. Needed something to tide me over while I waited for HP6 and Song of Susannah. ST3 plot line: The Evil Queen has cast a spell allowing her scribes to change the happily ever afters to happily never afters.
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