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  1. The Truth is Legendary!! I’m in full fangirl mode now. Someone talk me down!
  2. Rumors is usually reliable. As for where it comes from, the official Universal press release. https://media.universalorlando.com/press-releases/buy-one-night-get-a-second-night-ticket-offer-now-on-sale-for-universal-orlando-resorts-halloween-horror-nights/ But there is also this: Edit: Yes, I called them out.
  3. I’m glad Russia shared a story regarding the passing of Dick Miller. He was such an iconic horror figure. I recognize this name. It creates feelings of dread. I don’t want to remember why...
  4. https://m.facebook.com/LegendaryTruth-The-Collective-Official-147356518612214/?tsid=0.1273096845122731&source=result The post has been deleted, but I’m still wondering why someone was signed in to it.
  5. There was an LT post this morning. It was an obvious mistake, but I’m wondering why someone was signed into the LT page.
  6. They have the Horror Ink shirts at the MiB store. 2 of them, it seems.
  7. Already came and went. The update was: They are selling HHN shirts in the MiB store.
  8. Did you just call me old? Indeed age does weird things.
  9. retournerons-nous en France

  10. ^What he said! @Legacy, we are starting to agree more often...
  11. It was either Aiello or Tj who stated that the tents begin construction early due to summer temperatures. The two outdoor queues (Jaws and Disaster) were started earlier for the same reason. Hurricane season starts June 1st. Those 4 houses would usually start construction in June. The sprung tents have been in use since 06. They’ve held true IPs in 14, 15, and 16. 06, 07, and 09 held original takes on IPs (they didn’t follow the movies they were based on). MiB tent held an IP in 17 & 18. Both were mashups and not true to the movie takes on IPs. They’ve only done movie replica houses for 3 out of the 12 years.
  12. Yes, that thought is anti-tent, but it’s not due to house quality. The tents offer very unique challenges that constrain what they can hold. The sprung tents always start construction first. Why? Because they aren’t temperature controlled. Florida weather in the summer turns them into ovens. This creates health risks to the construction crew. The MiB tent doesn’t stay up year round. This “nonpermanent” nature adds cost. The cost of putting it up, then bringing it down. Electrical has to be run to it every year. And it suffers from the same lack of temperature control. They are, also, limited in the scope, size, and theming of the house due to their size, shape, and nature. There’s a reason why similar/same floor plans, layouts, and scares are used in the tent houses. Tent houses can be beautiful, but they aren’t as cost effective and creatively available as permanent, fixed structures.
  13. The reply box will retain a post you started. If he started the reply, but closed out the website before he finished and posted, the post would have remained in the reply box. Clicking this thread by accident, he could have finished his post and posted it here. This is is speculation on my part. I cant figure out how to move it to the appropriate thread.
  14. Too many possibilities for each name at this point in time. Take Pit as an example: Which definition are they using? Pit can be a hole in the ground. If it’s a hole in the ground, is it a pitfall trap? That gives two potential interpretations for one definition. Pit can be a seed. A peach pit. That’s interpretation number 3. Pit can be a pockmark caused by disease. That’s interpretation number 4. 4 potential interpretations just from the noun definitions. There’s verb definitions as well. Looking at last year’s codenames, some are straightforward and others are more vague. We will have to wait for more info to really dissect the names. Sidenote: No one’s offered one of the most obvious potentials for Dog. "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the dogs of war." EDIT: One more sidenote! Cotton could link to Cotton Mather.
  15. No idea if I get or got it either, but read the whole thing. Not just definition to the synonyms. The whole thing.
  16. The poster in question hasn’t posted since Aiello’s House #7 treatment tweet. At least, hadn’t the last time I was on IU. The background for the Bone image on the HHNO website is kinda blue and pink. That’s all I got. Have no idea how that would connect, though.
  17. Soon (Had to do it!) In all seriousness, I wouldn’t be surprised by a February announcement.
  18. Given that Aiello said they’ve just started the treatment for House 7, one must wonder how someone could have 10 codenames. Not saying it’s impossible, but the number of people with access to that type of information is smaller than it would be if all the treatments were complete. It would be much easier to trace a leak.
  19. Actually, we can know for sure. A house treatment is like a film treatment. It is a piece of prose that is longer than an outline or synopsis. It is like a short story that describes the events and details of the house. Murdy from Hollywood uses the exact same term when referring to the creation of houses/mazes. EDIT TO ADD: Hollywood is on Maze 4 per Murdy. Orlando is on House 7 per Aiello. Comparatively, they are in the same place if Orlando house count remains the same. Hollywood only had 7 mazes last year. Each coast needs to create at least 3 more treatments. If Orlando is creating more houses this year, we are a little behind Hollywood.
  20. Treatment is not a clue. Treatment is entertainment jargon. They are writing/creating the house. That’s what the tweet means.
  21. Fantastic Worlds name may be a miss. As I stated in my above post, the trademark was discovered in June 2018. It was published for opposition in November. WB is opposing the trademark, and has currently been granted an extension on the opposition.
  22. That article is interesting considering the primary rumor regarding the 4th gate has always been creating a park that can rival the Magic Kingdom. A more family friendly park. Also, the trademark for Fantastic Worlds was discovered on 06/13/18 (5 days after it was applied for). Saying that individual leaked the name is ridiculous.
  23. I believe @TheRobcatwas referring to my direct reply to Legacy’s most recent clue.
  24. I, rarely, supply herring. The question you should be asking is: Was I hinting at how to solve the clue or hinting at the house?
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