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  1. Frustrating. I’m one of a handful of people who can solve this riddle. It’s extremely “old school” and there’s probably only about 5 or 6 still active in the community who can solve it.
  2. You guys want me to torture you, don’t you? You are not helping me here!! So...I know something you don’t know, and I’m not giving hints now!!!
  3. Do not encourage her!! She is already making me hyperventilate!!! Mike’s tweet from Friday: Murdy tweet from Friday:
  4. This will probably merge so caplocks: HORROR MADE HERE IS NOT HAPPENING IN 2019. Murdy’s tweet about a surprise pitch is officially far more intriguing than before. It happened the same day as Mike’s tweet about a successful pitch. Now...everyone remind me to be cynical. Cause my inner King fangirl is trying to freaking claw her way to the top.
  5. Simpsons has be an unofficial scarezone for the last few years with a roaming horde located there. That’s probably why it was included on that spec map. You are correct, though. 5 zones is the confirmed number. Simpson’s may have another roaming horde, but an actual Treehouse of Horror overlay wouldn’t be considered an unofficial scarezone. Zombies on South Street could fall into the roaming horde category. Silent Hill is another one that is improperly located. It was probably chosen for atmospheric reasons, but NY would be a better location for a popular fog filled SZ and would allow for 3D projections on the buildings. Not to mention, Pyramid-head would need to be a stilt character and would draw tons of photo-ops. NY just provides more space for that.
  6. I know the apocalypse is supposed to be clad in leather, but that isn’t why this year’s event received the nickname I gave it. The map is cute, but very wishful thinking. Locations aren’t very well thought out. A house called Frostbite wouldn’t go into a location that isn’t thoroughly climate controlled. The tents can’t produce the necessary temperature. KKFOS would need to be in a soundstage. While derivative IPs have happened in the same year, derivative originals are less likely. If I can easily produce four non-derivative originals to cover the Four Horsemen while producing an end of the world theme, I’m sure A&D can. Pestilence - Plague doctors Famine - Scarecrows War - Nightingales Death - Body Collectors
  7. Mike twittered on Friday. There was a line in that tweet that has my interested peaked. “And forward creative movement on another aspect ;)...” ^I need to know what that means. It’s killing me.
  8. Debate over... My nickname for this year is: HHN: BDSM Edition. Take that as you will.
  9. You is evil sometimes. I like it. I’m debating on whether I should share my nickname for this year’s event...
  10. *snorts* I just can’t with that... So, can someone summarize things as they stand. This retail working mother can’t keep up with stuff and thangs.
  11. The 41 was already answered. There will be 41 nights of HHN this year. He tweeted that prior to the full date announcement There was another one: 1, 2 Pink and blue The best I have for figuring out that one is: He’s partially color blind, and was referring to 2 seasons of StrTh. The posters for StrTh always have a red/blue color scheme.
  12. The flames were outside the house. Heat was an issue in Disaster! and Jaws. Scareactors became ill from it. Adding heat creates a liability issue to Universal. No theme is worth making scareactors ill.
  13. I doubt we will ever get a house that increases the heat. Too much of a liability. Not the guests, but the scareactors. Besides the fact that makeup can be effected by heat, heat could make the scareactors lethargic and heatstroke is a real risk in Florida.
  14. Yay! The website is devolving even more. I want to look at it as a potential evolutionary step, but I’m sincerely doubting it. It appears that they are attempting to garner more clicks, but they know what used to bring the traffic. Daily traffic with multiple refreshes at that. This reeks of an attempt to appease fans while trying to lure in the GP for clicks. Yes, I’m still salty about the lack of decent websites.
  15. Welcome back to the Upside Down. Okay, mouthbreathers, get ready! Netflix’s Stranger Things is returning to Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights. Netflix’s supernatural thriller, “Stranger Things” returns to “Halloween Horror Nights” 2019 at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, debuting all-new mazes inspired by seasons 2 and 3 of the critically-acclaimed series. This year’s chilling mazes pick up where last year’s mazes left off, continuing the suspenseful storyline where a predatory entity terrorizes the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, and delving even further into the parallel universe, referred to as the Upside Down. The mazes on both coasts will also parallel the hit show as it leaps forward to 1985, taking guests on a terrifying excursion through portions of “Stranger Things 3,” which begins streaming July 4 on Netflix.
  16. It’s embedding the thread instead of just the one tweet, but there you go @zombieman! I’m going to create an StrTh thread now.
  17. The words 10 houses still to be revealed in an announcement that reveals a house does not automatically correlate to 10 houses=10 houses. The way the sentence is structured implies that “still to be revealed for The World’s Premiere Halloween Event” is applicable to each item listed. One simple word change would remove any and all confusion regarding the sentence. Change for to at. The interpretation that “still to be revealed” applies only to live entertainment would be accurate and clearer with that one word change. Personally, I think they just copy/pasted from the dates announcement, forgot to change 10 to 9, and didn’t proofread. Edit: Universal Marketing is not the only one to peak my ire. I rail against many inept information sources. Misspellings, grammatical errors, and poor wording choices are a pet peeve. Poor editorial work frustrates me.
  18. Agreed. Don’t get me started. This isn’t the first time the marketing material was confusing due to poor writing. They need an editor or a better editor.
  19. The whole quote leads me to believe it’s an editing error/bad phrasing or there are 11 houses. “Get ready because this is just the beginning, with ten haunted houses, five scare zones, and live entertainment still to be revealed for The World’s Premier Halloween Event.” Still to be revealed applies to all of the items listed based on sentence structure.
  20. SS22 and MiB house permits are up. Yes, the MiB Permit is worded differently. Interior build out vs alteration like the other permits. My best guess is that the difference is due to the nonpermanent nature of the tent. An interior build-out is the interior alterations done to an existing shell. One more edit: There will be 4 or 5 more permits. The current descriptions being used creates the possibility of needing only one permit for houses sharing a soundstage.
  21. Tent 3 (MiB tent) Install permit has finally posted. Seems the permitting office is running behind with uploading them to the site. Edit: And we have: Sprung 1 Sprung 2 B108 (new parade) It’s HHN29 Permit Day, everyone!!
  22. I never saw that scene as a true attempt to “cry” on the phone. That was a manipulation move, and was acted perfectly for those of us who have seen it in action in real life. She wasn’t really crying. She was pretending to cry to get her sister to do what she wanted. To keep this HHN related: Original scarezones will always be better than IP zones in my opinion.
  23. If last year taught us anything, we should never be sure of anything this early.
  24. Gut instinct is Hellraiser, but it would be more risqué for Orlando than Hollywood. Hellraiser feels off, though. I’m not sure.
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