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  1. I’m pretty sure all those hints related to the first announcement, Stranger Things
  2. “It’s not a Simpson’s Halloween special. Think of it more as a clip show filled with clips you’ve never seen before!”
  3. From someone who is a rick and morty fan, and also watched this episode earlier to solve Legacy’s riddle, Scary Terry isn’t in that episode. And Legacy said “The next announcement is IN Morty’s mind blowers” Emphasis on in, clearly. He said it’s quite literal and is a quote so it’s in the actual episode somewhere if Legacy is to be believed
  4. It’s very possible. Over on the Hollywood side last year a lot of people were fed misinformation regarding the replacement for The Conjuring. People on both coasts could be fed up with leaks and are deciding to have fun and mess with the leakers and the speculators
  5. Only one of the hints is true. John said that two of the three hints he released are red herrings, so while it’s usually the case that the hints have to be combined, it’s not for this one
  6. Well this is our final announcement and it is Blumhouse so I think you guys are gonna hop in on this one too
  7. Hollywood again! So last night out creative director was available for some questioning, and I asked him if all the IP holders would allow for the announcements to be all at once and he replied saying that they'd all have to be separate. And while I'm sure the countdown to next Thursday has to do with something for you guys, it most likely won't be a full reveal of all IP's and originals. Since we share pretty much every IP this year
  8. Last year Ellen sent Andy and guests through AHS and The Exorcist and I believe she sent Tyler Oakley through FVJ. If there were no rights issues for using The Exorcist I would hope that they'll use The Shining, AHS, and possibly Jigsaw if they do a third maze with other guests
  9. Two years ago, it was called Exterminatorz and it was probably the best original scarezone concept I've seen at Hollywood. But that's all opinion. Last year our only scarezone theme was The Purge
  10. Something like that was never admitted. It was a claim with no evidence made by a forum user. All John Murdy said was that there's been a delay
  11. Hollywood jumping in! That's not our Blumhouse Maze. I don't want to be too confusing, but that venue is home to a maze codenamed Writer's Block which is believed to be Insidious ch. 4. The maze that is supposedly the Blumhouse mashup is a maze that John Murdy referred to as his 'mad science project' which was written quite a while after the treatment for the maze that is pictured. John Murdy has also said that thinking that facade is the Blumhouse logo is a bit of a stretch, which is basically him saying nope you're wrong in his carny way
  12. Out of curiousity, what was your spec on why the announcement was delayed?
  13. While John is usually a carny, that response is NOT cryptic in any way shape or form. Someone asked him how he got Stephen King's approval for The Shining to come to HHN and he straight up said that he didn't. Stephen King was not involved in the deal with the parks to bring The Shining to the event, nor did he give his seal of approval. That is a fact and it is supplied by the creative director of Hollywood. So how you can persist to argue that "Because we get The Shining and it's Stephen King it means we can get IT too" dumbfounds me. Stephen King will not approve his properties to be at haunts. The Shining is Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. If Universal got Stephen King's approval don't you think there would be ALOT more IT speculation? Universal avoided any mention of Stephen King in the press releases about the maze, and why? Because he didn't approve anything. King was not involved in the deal with Universal and if anything, bringing The Shining to the event without his permission, though he hated the film and wants nothing to do with it, it would probably piss him off and make him want to never give us any mazes based on the properties he owns even more. He doesn't own Kubrick's version of The Shining, so he wasn't involved. The reason they haven't made the maze before is probably the same reason with The Exorcist, as stated by Aiello in a podcast I listened to last year (forgot the name), is that the rights simply weren't available. Warner Brothers and Universal have a good relationship now because of Potter so they granted us The Exorcist last year when the rights became available. In the podcast Mike even said that they came to him and John and told them that the rights for The Exorcist were finally available. Due to the success of The Exorcist maze and most likely the rights becoming available for the parks to use, they gave us The Shining, and King was NOT INVOLVED!
  14. He abandoned any claim in the rights to Kubrick's film. He still owns the rights to the book, however he wants nothing to do with Kubrick's version of the film. So he turned the rights over (I'm talking about the rights to the 1980 film The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick. Not the book.) to whoever owns it right now, I'm assuming Warner Brothers, and due to the success of The Exorcist maze they allowed The Shining to be a maze. The point is still that Stephen King had absolutely nothing to do with the deal for The Shining to come to HHN and you cannot argue against that because the man who had to obtain the rights to The Shining for the maze confirmed that King did not give any approval.
  15. King did not okay The Shining for HHN. I know it's from the Hollywood side, but Orlando would have to follow the same process as Hollywood to get the rights, John Murdy (creative director of HHN Hollywood) confirmed on twitter that he did not get King's agreement to The Shining maze. He hated Kubrick's version of The Shining so he abandoned the rights. He is praising the remake of IT so don't expect it to come anytime soon if he has anything to say about it, which he will.
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