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  1. here are ALL the pics from the update. Here are the pics from the final theater history and strangled Strangled Audio (Yeah I don't know why I can't put this with the rest ) the rest of the audio from the site All of the videos from the site
  2. Good idea. I may do that!
  3. well we have had updates three straight days in a row now and while slightly underwhelming, at least we have more consistent updates. So ronding it off is Frank, Drac, and Wolfy... will there be another update tonight? Or will that happen on Thursday with MJR's Facbook post stating: My guess is the Big update will be tonight and then they will be answering qustions AFTER the update on Thursday at 3:30. Here are all the pictures and audio thus far: First Theater Pic Set Second Theater Pic set Severed and Missing Pictures Insane Pictures Trapped Pictures Electrocuted Pictures Bloodless Pictures Savaged Pictures All audio from website
  4. Pictures from the update Audio from the update I do this for all the updates.
  5. I posted these on the vault a while back but I'll post them here as well. note: I Didn't break any rules to get them... well on one pic I bent them just a bit (sprung tent 2) But was seen by three employees and they let me walk the path... if that one bothers anyone let me know I'll remove it. apparently Photobucket is being a pain. Who knew post stuff and hosting peoples signatures would get a bandwidth violation? I'm sure you've all seen my pics by now but, you should be able to go here to see them If not... mods, please feel free to delete this post.
  6. Signatures I've done. If you want a signature from me please PM me specifically. I am very busy in regards to Art but, am happy to help if you don't mind waiting a few days.
  7. I have many shirts and a few other collectibles from the past 4 years that I would be willing to trade... I guess sell... but rather trade. My main wants currently are rarer items. (snowglode, jack-in-box, HHN 15 picture frames, coffee mugs, etc) I'm looking for a woman's HHN 15 shirt for my wife, a 13 staff shirt to round off my staff shirts, coffee mugs/shot glasses from '07 and bleow, and anything from before 2000. My collection pictures are linked in my sig. and if you'd like to know the specifics of what I have to trade just PM me.
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