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  1. To correct the comment about "this is not planned 2-3 years out, they start planning in January"- this is completely wrong. If you have ever gone on a UTH tour, or spent time in 2010's VIP lounge and talked to A&D, you know that they have ideas running about 2-3 years in advance. The hardcore planning for next year's event starts as soon as this year's is over. That doesn't mean to say they don't have monkey wrenches thrown in from time to time-look at 2001, and the last minute changes that had to be done because of 9/11.
  2. Yes, that exactly! I have not been on here in months, but I have been hearing about the speculation and negative feedback, and it makes me kind of sad. Universal is doing a LOT in the studios, and what you all need to realize is, HHN takes up only 6 weeks of the year, and does not appeal to everyone. They have to think about the most bang for their buck, what will bring in the crowds on a daily basis for years to come, not just what the HHN fans want in the fall. I mean, really, what business would think this: "Oh, we can't tear down that building that's been empty for 13 years and put in a new attraction because it might disrupt our HHN business. Nope, gotta leave that waste of space there, can't piss off the fans." Yeah, not gonna happen. If we have 6 houses, we have 6 houses, and we'll go back to 8 as soon as we can. There are lots of areas for scarezones, and New York and Hollywood could easily be used with roaming scareactors and no set pieces. Sting Alley is still usable, and you know what, it is so amazing in there that you need no sets, because there are tons of hiding places. So yes, everyone, take a chill pill. We will still all go to the event, we'll all have a great time, no matter what is done. They can't always top every year.
  3. There were 3 of us in the room, well, 3 "live" widows.
  4. And if it still doesn't sell, it shows up at the tent sale next month, for even less. I picked up the Fear shirt from last year for 50 cents. No guarantee on this, mind you, and the sale IS open to the public for a day or two.
  5. Now that the hoodies have proven to be immensely popular, I'm hoping that we get them back next year, along with long-sleeved t-shirts.
  6. Thanks so much, and not sure what you mean by qua-triple teamed. Didn't it feel warmer inside the house than outside last night?
  7. I've heard no, they will not be restocking.
  8. Was this past weekend the most rain we've ever had for HHN? I know we set a record for the day on Saturday, 4.75 inches or something at the airport. It was wet and slippery, and I really felt bad for the guests who paid to get in and weren't able to appreciate the scarezones, but if it rains hard enough, you just can't put your people out. I'm a big fan of the Universal windbreakers, and if you wear a baseball hat underneath the hood, it keeps the rain off your face too. Ponchos don't do much, and umbrellas get in the way. Invest in a waterproof jacket, you'll be glad you did.
  9. We could not get enough air to blow the veils up as intended, and we absolutely could not see a thing with them down, plus it required that we be belted to the set, so the idea was scrapped for a variety of reasons. We still get damn good scares with the lights on the masks.
  10. I usually point to anyone wearing a Vault shirt, so that is most likely me.
  11. Hey, you liked Winter's Night last scene! Yes, there was some tweaking last night, and I'm sure more to come.
  12. Thank you so much for what you said about Winter's Night. Our house IS truly beautiful, and I have always been a fan of the "creepy" houses, so I fit right in. I am very pleased to hear all the great reviews about my house.
  13. It looks to me like the ladies tank top is a thinner material, and it has "the house always wins" in glittering black letters on the front. Also, at the main USF store, they are selling a variety of masks, which are merchandised in a coffin. You can't carry them with you; you can only pick them up at package pick-up when you leave.
  14. "Who Goes There" is the book the original movie is based. My link I've always wanted to read this story.
  15. About 55 degree cold, and I don't think you can see your breath. Thankfully, a sweatshirt and long pants are all I need to wear under my costume to keep warm, especially once the place gets filled with people. If you aren't dressed warmly, you will freeze, but it won't be for very long, because after all, how much time do you spend walking through a house?
  16. Most of the shops in LC are 3rd party, and whether or not they give discounts to passholders or team members is at their discretion.
  17. Yes, the house is cold, and yes, it is going to totally rock! And no, read my earlier post on the impracticality of using real snow.
  18. I think most of the hoodies at UO run around $50, so I'd expect the same. We need to make sure we make these items a success, so that we get the same goodies again next year. I'm excited!
  19. Still no merch out in the stores guys.
  20. I don't know about an age limit, because some kids are cool with being scared, even small ones, but I sure as hell would ban strollers. Waaay too crowded for strollers, and if your child needs one, they are most likely too young. Then again, I see people with 5 year olds in strollers.
  21. My favorite line experience was last year, in line for one of the SS houses, don't remember which. A family was in line with a boy about 10 years old; he points to the one of the jello shot girls and says "look mommy, that's a ho!" His mother was embarrassed, but whoever I was with that night thought it was hilarious and told the mom so. Who was with me that night?
  22. To go along with those flip-flops and towel, how about an HHN bikini?
  23. I have not heard the radio ad, or seen the commercial, but then again, I listen to NPR and don't watch TV. Believe it or not, I have actually had fellow team members ask me what the theme is. Some people, no matter how much you advertise, just won't pay attention or notice. They certainly do have a captive audience, and I guess the ads are to bring in the folks who normally might not attend. You think perhaps the commercials aren't being shown much locally, and instead of in other, farther away markets? If you advertise the event to someone who doesn't live less than 2 hours away, you increase revenue because they need to get a hotel, purchase day tickets for the park, eat there more often, buy souvenirs, etc.
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