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  1. A halloween Horror Night dvd or Official collectors art book, would be the ultimate merchandise. No one can realistically say to me with a straight face and any working knowledge of how these things are done that Universal could not put these out or that it would be too much trouble. I would be able to do the dvd my damn self if given the access to the process, people, and opportunity to film some "live" footage. Other than that they just need a camera, some software, and a dvd duplicating device that goes for only about 2k...oh and a printer, not to mention a little creativity and voila...kick ass dvd. The book on the other hand would require far more man hours, due to compiling all the photos, scanning or resizing docs, and then of course the printing, But then you have an amazing piece that would sell year after year. I would assume if they did a book that they would do years past, and then do a new book every few years. Doing one for each year would be taxing, and potentially limit the content that would be in each book. I would happily pay for one of these products.
  2. I really enjoyed the 2011 B&T saw it three times and it had some memorable moments, great job cast and crew!!
  3. You all have some really fantastic photos from the event. I will have to dig through my memory cards and see if I can find some good ones to.
  4. The election as a topic of interest maybe? More than likely the "call me maybe" song lmao.
  5. If my memory serves me, they had a field of screams....very much the cornfield scarezone, pumpkins, scarecrows etc.
  6. I think Sophia will make a cameo lol. Zombie kids are quite scary.
  7. It would be great for a SS, but I think almost any house would be better for a SS and thats only bc the amount of detail, facade, and complete immersion you can achieve is for some reason better in a SS. I would not fret about TWD being in Disaster though, TCM was a great Disaster house in my opinion, when compared to other non comedy houses held in that area. I could see TWD fitting really well in that location. When A&D have the whole list of houses, they have to make the hard decision....which houses go where. I do think that personally I would love to see TWD given full justice by being in a soundstage, but that just make me more excited as to see which houses were given that honor this year. They should be good. ps (lol) As long as TWD house is given the realism and gritty feel to it that the show has, it should be a memorable house.
  8. The zombified little girl from season 2 would be creepy as hell. +
  9. Halloween Horror Nights 22... "Your Time has Come" (Death is narrating and the 22 morphs into 2012." The marketing writes itself lol.
  10. I would love to see a haunted house type attraction that becomes a permanent install at one of the parks. Maybe an extreme house that you can pay additional for. It would be neat if it had riddles, secret passageways, good scares and a good story. I would even take a really scary dark ride as a long term install. Old images of Terror on Church Street come back to mind, that attraction was pretty bad ass. I saw grown folks actually whiz themselves on different occasions lol. I think they need a horror attraction other than a make-up show, for god sakes they were the masters of horror. Oops- Kinda went off topic a lil. I would love to see a haunted mayan temple, or Creature from the black lagoon, Or a scarezone/house combo of SILENT FRIGGIN HILL. During the acid assault scarezone last year I couldnt help but thinking if you change the theming, add some snow flakes, and sound a siren, you could have an amazing SH scarezone and even illustrate the change as it happened in the movie, with the projectors.
  11. That was me, my friend who works with Universal wont confirm or deny any of my direct questioning attempts, but he keeps making crazy comments, making me think that the event icon will be Death, or something very close to that. I told him that we knew TWD would be a house, and he just said sarcastically, "oh the brains....the brains."
  12. Im just gonna take a stab in the dark here lol. HHN 22. Icon is Death itself. Theme will be death and destruction with a touch of apocalypse. Walking dead house/ scarezone.
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