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  1. As a matter of fact when I waltzed through Acid Assault last year, all I could think of was how awesome a Silent Hill scarezone could be done. Projections, a nice haze, creepy monsters, ash covered everything, and my radio getting louder every time Im close to a monster lol. I dont care what this year brings, Im going and Im gonna have fun no matter what. Its rare when HHN lets you down. Im a vial half full kinda guy.
  2. indeed. It happens often. Specifics and scope are very rare.
  3. I hope that Express will be on frequent fear. Otherwise Im shelling out a crap ton of money this year lol
  4. I wouldnt worry about them using the house of horrors as replacement for one of our 8 houses in upcoming years, I think if anything it would be treated like a normal attraction and just be open for HHN, so that could make it our 9th house. I hope. Unless they could really change the attraction into something really unique every HHN.
  5. I can see a nice making of HHN dvd in the future in the merch area of this attraction. Oh the goodies lol.
  6. I can safely say that they knew of demolition, but the timeframe probably changed which caused the removal of construction on a ss44 house, if construction did indeed start. Some things are certain, they knew of demo ahead of time, because it is STANDARD BIZ PRACTICE for that type of communication, that being said....last minute changes coming from higher ups in companies is also STANDARD BIZ PRACTICE lol. My friend who now works with Uni used to work for Disney as an imagineer where they have a very similar set up or hierarchy. The communications are always there, but last second change is a constant occurence. I can safely assume, with the degree of profesionalism we have witnessed thus far from our A&D guys, that A&D had a contingency plan if this was to happen. Whether or not that contingency plan is a different location or the death of a house is the question. Lets be serious though guys. Universal could have a 3 HOUSE EVENT and we would all still flock. Seacrest out.
  7. I didnt enjoy this house the first time I went through. I missed a lot of the scenes and details because I was rushed through, and quite frankly I had a few too many lol. The next couple times through I enjoyed it much more. The cast was good, Props. I think in and of itself it was good, but I keep comparing all the psychoscareapy houses to the HHN 16 house, which was my fav. Good job cast, and I never caught on to the red button... / sadness.
  8. I enjoyed that Universal took this approach to this scarezone. I thought it was appropriate because Fear was making his appearance known. His minions were neat and were really dedicated to the performance. Fear was cool looking, and I loved the amount of photo ops that were available. The Fire and the Giant XX was cool, I just wish that there was a little more depth to the Fear part of the Fear Revealed zone. I dont have any ideas as to what I would suggest, I just felt that Fear should have had more. The scarezone was really enjoyable and it worked.
  9. I liked this scarezone a ton. Very colorful and high energy. I got some good scares to. Kudos to the people on the float and the girl walking around gnawing on the hand. It was always fun to walk through this one. The mardi gras element was a neat contrast to the zombies.
  10. Thanks guys. Its been a long day lol.
  11. Presenting the NEW HHN 22 DUAL ICONS!!!!!!!!!!! Prepare to MEEEEP your doom!! Muahahah. Just some wishful thinking I thought Id share. One of my buds just posted this on my wall. I couldnt stop laughing,
  12. what about for a saved pic on my hd? sorry, I am having a slow day.
  13. Wow, a veritable buffet of food for thought. I heard that people were throwing that idea around for an attraction there, but I had no idea it could have been so soon. Very interesting, good find.
  14. Kudos to all of the scareactors for this year, bravo and brava, great performances. Keep em coming!!!
  15. Ive seen worse lol. I have seen some photos where you could not tell who was the scareactor.
  16. That would make my day. I heard someone talking about a possible double icon. Death & Destruction. I thought it was a cool concept. personally, I think were only getting one, Chips on death.
  17. I will be going both opening weekend days, then every Sunday that the event runs. These dates are guaranteed for me right now. There may be another Friday and some more "off days" that I will attend as well. I typically go with friends or fiancee or family, we are all laid back responsible people so if you are looking for someone to go with let me know. We would all love the company. If you want someone to do tours with as well, let me know as we will be doing them this year to. I look forward to meeting many of you. No creepers here lol.
  18. If I had to speculate on the SS 44 House, if its true that some of the house will be outside and maybe a facade outside. Im gonna take a guess that this house will be our Mayan Temple house, with a Mayan pyramid as the facade, and the outside portion will be either through the forest, or it will be some long internal maze like corridors, and then the bigger rooms will be on the inside. Just speculating....with a touch of wishful thinking lol.
  19. I can honestly say that this year will be exciting no matter what. These will all be some significant changes, and Im interested to see the results.
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