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  1. saw it posted and threw it up here before actually fully reading it lol sorry
  2. Im being led to believe that this "Victorian" house is going to have a pretty neat Poltergeisty (is that a word?) effect. I am also being told that the fx group is busting out a ish load of ot on some very new molds. Im excited.
  3. I think the house itself will be good, with some nice scares infused into these scenes we are gonna get. I watch the show, but yes some of the character make you wanna throw them to the walkers as well lol. Im glad Im not the only one who was fed up with Loris BS lol
  4. I'm never disappointed with HHN... and yes there is always partial wishful thinking...if I could meet a Djinn and get all of my wishes I would never be able to speculate ps. I would love Death as an old school icon with full on back story = most likely wishful thinking Apocolyptic "theming" = Guarantee * And to the comment you made some posts after that one.......Just because I would LIKE to see something happen, DOES NOT mean I or others would be unhappy or ungrateful as to whatever the event may actually provide. No Beef, just sayin.
  5. Yeah, a couple of you had already stated the couple amazing scenarios that Uni could pull off. Either a SH zone in proximity to the House entrance where its foggy and possibly using the snow machine as falling ash, and the transitional siren and decomposing effect. It would be even more intense if the initial house entrance was all ghost town looking for the first scene/ facade and then theres is a very intimate hallway/ room transition with full on badass effects and siren for the transition, and then wham!!! Baddy central lol. The possibilties are quite endless here, and depending on scene/ character/ technology utilization, everyone will be in for a treat.....whether or not you are familiar with the franchise. I just hope that there static prop choice is appropriate because many of these creatures require certain characteristics to get the correct feel. These games really struck a chord with me, and I approach going through this house with a little trepidation....Im a little spooked out right now. lol
  6. Not to beat a Dead Horse bc Ive said it before. Im guessing Walking Dead. Even if there were difficulties with licensures, both companies would be stupid not to come to an agreement on the deal. All the naturally occuring hypes this year will feed publicity, with the 2012, end of the world, Zombie Apocolypse etc etc that peoples keep talking about....it would just be smart for everyone. Both sides would benefit, especially since the fan base for both are in full swing. The house is a done deal, we have seen it with our own eyes. Its just a matter of name use. I also believe we are getting an Apocolyptic theme this year. Im just hoping that they have a cool Icon like DEATH or MY favorite GRIM REAPER, or Death and Destruction or the Four Horseman of the Apocolypse. With the 100 year celebration for Uni Im expecting some amazing innovative things this year. Woohoooo!!!!.....Sorry.....Ill calm down...lol
  7. I am thrilled to death. Now Universal has to meet or exceed what people have come to expect from the franchise. I know they can do it well... Im not going to lie......Im actually fearing the walk through that house a little bit...
  8. That or they are telling us to stop chit chat about what may be happening lol
  9. HOS at the Gardens gave 2 updates today......come on Uni......
  10. Im probably mistaken then, at the most recent exhibit at the Orlando History museum, Aiello and my friends boss, the guy who is in charge of the makeup lol (sorry Im terrible with names), we were all talking for over an hour , and he said something along the lines of they were trying to do embodiments of ideas and unique approaches and that would be the general direction for the next couple years and we started talking in reference to HHN 20 so......I probably just associated the three year arc thing to that conversation. They put a who nose prosthetic on my lady friend as well....it was funny. That was also where my friend was instructed by the men themselves to never give me "any good hints that would give away the event".....and that .....sucked......So far he has taken them seriously lmao. Im more lost than most people this year. Anyways, thanks for the correction Legacy I have been going to HHN for quite a few years and Im sure my thoughts are a jumbled mess of info and memories lol.
  11. Im just a little confused as to someone saying that P&T would be the icons... That is such a far cry from what they have been trying to accomplish with the "three year arc" that was talked about. Fear, then Fate or lady luck.....and for the trifecta.......Penn and Teller.....wtf did that come from lol. Its like they said "Meh, these last two icons were ok....so .... quick lets change directions." I have no true complaints about Penn and Teller, great comedy, great magicians, offbeat styling, and very creative. It just seems so left field. If they do end up being the icons I could only imagine that they would have to be ALTERED in such a way that they are not recognizable as Penn and Teller the Magician duo. Regardless, if they are I do expect great things these guys are not famous for no reason, and when you take into consideration all the crazy and new ways they have reinvented old classic tricks, and the new ones that they have done, if they had input into a house design, it would be summed up in one term.......BADASS. Im just a little stumped as to what prompted and justified the huge change of direction. Comcast, construction, etc etc those just dont seem like enough to change the feel of the event. Im crazy excited to see these changes though, and Penn and Teller magicians or Penn and Teller made up as some NEW ICON will be great either way....different....but great. Once again guys- NOT Complaining.
  12. Oooo a facade Im guessing? The pre-event buildup for this year has been crazy so far. I cannot wait to see what else comes to light.
  13. That scene was delightfully haunting. One of my favorites that year.. Im guessing speculation may be easier Friday as well.
  14. Im hoping that we dont see any rehashed bat costumes or masks for the gargoyle house lol. Maybe, the set will be a cool little spanish or european town where the residents are being terrorized and abducted by the gargoyles. Muahahahahaha!!!
  15. I have only ever taken pictures but I saw others taking video. So, I dont know lol. As far as video recording in a haunted house you would have to have a night vision or low light capable hd Pinhole camera and hide it in a hat or glasses or something clever like that.
  16. IMHO people should not pigeon hole either one, there have been good and bad on both sides, and A&D does many "nods" in their "original houses" as well. Even ones that are indeed completely original sometimes pay a respect to other similar scenes, and or movies, and or ideas. Both IP houses and originals are ranked in my top houses, and their are also some E.P.I.C. fails from both as well, ( shout out to Bloody Mary and Doomsday ) I have also come to appreciate not just the house itself,... but sometimes when the house has BOMBED,... I still appreciate the story they are trying to tell. There is a bit of positive to be found in everything, even in sucktastic houses. Everyone has their preferences....some like originality- a developed story that they may not have heard before with new sights sounds smells etc. Some prefer to experience something that they saw, and that was fantasticised, and it sticks in their memory so hard and for so long that being immersed in that environment is a thrill as well- getting to experience an amazing idea that already existed. Most of us find a nice balance of appreciation for both. Universal has long attracted horror fans because of their appreciation for both, classic horror is classic now, but at the time of reveal was new and innovative, and some classic horror, was pulled and brought to life from literature, to be completely for or against one side or another is a little absurd for true horror fans. If you are relatively new to the event, just remember that every idea has great potential, and for those who have been going religiously, you already know that. Im not trying to belittle concerns or anything like that because anyone who loves the event will always be concerned that it will never suffer.
  17. I secretly still pray that it would happen lol. After the scrap of the Mayan house I would say that its a much slimmer chance now. It would have been a great 3rd parter to the last 2 years though. Fear, Luck, then Death or something similar. Hopefully after all the details come to light this year my friend will be more forthcoming with all the info that is swirling around in his little artsy head, and then Ill know what all the original plans were lol. He loves his job too much to spill beans, and I love HHN too much to keep my mouth shut and he knows it lmao.
  18. I would say hes even being conservative I would guess its more like 25 or 30%. Cheers all around mate.
  19. Agreed lol. I know that to some extent they heed our feedback. I just dont think its to the extent that people hope. I wasnt trying to prevent them from voicing their side, I was just shocked at the amount of half empty, but tbh it scares me a little as well. I would not want to lose the event we have all come to love. But you have a point, an angry mob with pitchforks can get some attention.
  20. Wow, I didnt mean to piss people off. Im just saying keep your hopes up. Every company wants to increase profits, Im just saying I doubt they will DESTROY the event. To say that, is being a little melodramatic, especially since we have not experienced it yet. Even if this year sucked, you still need a couple more years of suckage (is that a word) to attribute that to the new ownership. Just because something is different than you are used to does not mean its bad. Dont get me wrong Im a true old school believer in "dont change the recipe to my favorite food" kinda thing. Im not happy that things will change, I just accept and embrace it bc there is nothing that we can do about it. Please dont flame me guys, Im as avid of a classic HHN attendee as you can get.
  21. Change is inevitable, I agree that it will be a bit sad to see HHN drift away from its grassroots, but the quality of the event will not suffer in the long run. The overall feel and expectation of number of houses, and types of houses, and all of our traditional HHN things will get facelifts and nosejobs as time goes on. What we love about HHN will always be there, original ideas and approaches, great sets and costumes, the scarezones, the vibe of how HHN and its attendees celebrate all things horror, creative, and the season. IP's being more present is not going to be terrible, after all, some of these IP's started off as people with great creative ideas, why shouldnt they be celebrated or experienced. Rest assured, that HHN Orlando will NEVER completely ditch original ideas, and the event that we have all come to love will always remain and always retain some of what made it special in the first place, no matter who is calling the shots.
  22. Yeah, those, and probably the Obama care issue and debate.
  23. If given the choice I would drop the P&T, Alice cooper, and DE houses. Not that I think they couldnt be great, but I just prefer the original ideas, not based off of houses or semi sequel houses. I still have high hopes for this year though. This is a crazy mix this year and it excites me. The tours should be interesting this year as well.
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