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  1. lol

    Is that a pronouncement or wishful thinking?

    A lil bit of my speculation. I would also say the pictures from the sprung tent with the "trees" and cell doors....are going to be from a ship... I also saw a sideways ship banister....throw in the Barachel ramp makers....Im thinking an undersea or sea type house, the trees are actually large coral, holding cell bars from a ship, ship banister, and ramps for some sort of stunt or effect.

  2. Saw a lot of that last night.... What house is this?.... and which one was that? It was pretty sad, the maps and signage are all pretty easy to understand.

    yeah I don't understand why people say they are going to HHN just for Walking dead or that they are walking dead fanatics, but they end up doing the house when the line is 1 hour or more.

    I saw that on facebook a lot too, I don't really get it, when I do Walking dead at 6:30 or 7 PM the line is like 20 minutes, never more than that, I do that house 2 times when I get there early, I understand that a lot of people might not know where anything is, they might not be familiar with the layout of the park, but If i was a Walking dead fan I would be looking for that house first

    Indeed, sign said 15 minutes last night at 6:30 and it was more like 10. It had little line for over an hour.

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  3. That seems incredibly unfair and short sited based on a PREVIEW meant for employess. The whole point of last night was to find what does and does not work.with the event and fix it before the GP see it. I'm not reading the reviews because I don't want to know till I go. But anything can happen. Bars can be moved, Street experience will be fully staffed in the actual event, and houses can be tweaked.

    If fact, I don't form a full opinon on the event till I've experienced it twice. So, once I've been Friday and Saturday, I will review it. But Cmon... the event sucks based on a rehersal? That's jumping the gun a bit don't you think?

    I fully agree with you here....EP is not fully indicative of what the event will be like. It is unfortunate if the preview did not go smoothly, but better that it happens then, then officially. Things can be changed and ironed out, and as someone posted in another topic, even from the media preview to EP they have corrected some house issues. I like to go opening weekend and get my initial impression, but the final "how I felt about the event" does not hold ground until I have been a few times. There can be bad timing, tech issues, and just plain bad luck. I usually give 2 reviews one for opening thoughts, and another after full consideration. Nobody with an understanding of the event should jump to conclusions. That being said, hopefully the issues that happened will be rectified and improved upon and we will end up with a good event. One thing is for sure, there is no way Universal will put on an entirely terrible event. Just my 22 cents :)

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  4. Is this relly based on preview or the media event last week? Because there are no scareactors infront of the facade.
    The media preview,....does it matter?....changes are made throughout the event. We were given the first live look at how they originally wanted it presented, if they have already started fine tuning it, thats wonderful, notice that the scareactors at the front were my only complaint. It seems they did take much of our feedback into consideration. I will also be posting reviews of everything Friday night as well, immediately after attending opening.
  5. Is there an effect/scareactor that goes along with the bed? And do those Scareactors just stand there or are they inviting you in?

    Yes there are 2, and the scareactors at the entrance were very stationary and stared at you when you entered. The house was very ghosty/poltergeisty. Loved it.

  6. This house met my expectations. I love the idea of Universal doing a "classic" haunted house and the execution and story were done well. This house had really great detail that will probably get overlooked due to the color scheme of an old dilapidated house and low light. That being said, each room has really nice touches and great focal points, as well as secondary items that deserve a look. I really liked the fact that Universal used the vortex in a very different way this year. The rooms flow really well together with the exception of the transition from the "green house" to the "attic" and then the "cellar". The scares were abundant and there was a nice mix between aggressive and spooky scares. They really have a great audio scheme, and T.J. said that the sound would be different and more intense this year due to use of smaller "plantable speakers" and you can tell. The combination of the decor, detail (mildewy walls and sheets), and smell (mildew or musk pumped in, probably froggys fog or scent box) really immerse you into the environment. The house gives alot more than most will notice... when you go through, take in the whole environment, up, down, side to side and in between, and let the scares find you. The facade is creepy and convincing, my only complaint would be the out of place scareactors outside of the facade, and the lack of a true climax- It was more of a rollercoaster than a crescendo. MAKE Note of-... entryway, vortex hall, greenhouse, library (grab a book lol) and our "Wrong side of the bed" room.

    I give this house a 7 out of 10- for now -and I am interested to see how this house will evolve throughout the course of the event. Well done!!

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  7. Here are a couple of my videos. This one is the introduction to the media preview by Jim Timon-

    This one is my video with pictures in it as well, of the lights on tour of Silent Hill.-

    I'll be posting some others as well, I have some footage of the different creators speaking on this years event and a Dead end picture slideshow. Im not big into spoiling with a live look at a house...but I will :)

  8. I was lucky enough to be invited to the media preview and exhibition today, it starts in about an hour. If there are any questions you guys want me to ask them, email me soon. After the event I will post info, pics, and video and field any questions you might have. Wish me luck!

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