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  1. Awesome!! *u* I love your Lady Lucks and Bloody Marys, and the colored Fear is superb~
  2. Last day at Disney...let's make it count!!

  3. Wait...that's YOUR HOUSE?! I honestly thought it was part of HHN!!
  4. TELL ME ALL YOUR CLEAVER STORIES. ALL OF THEM. Also your HR ones. Then we shall dance merrily through a field of flowers.
  5. Regarding the above: armyofrobots, ARE YOU ME?! Seriously, we seem to think the same way up in here...ANYTHING new to do with Cleaver would make me a happy bunny. <3 I'll actually get that petition up ASAP! I know online petitions don't usually amount to anything, but, gosh darn it, there's nothing stopping us from trying!
  6. I was actually gonna do that, not even kidding. XD Anyone have a good idea for a campaign slogan?
  7. So long, Midnight Mayhem. So long, Highness-Royal Bloodengutz. We won't let you be forgotten. BLOODENGUTZ FOR ICON 2012! Hehehe
  8. Yeeeeesssss...I'm thinking of making a legit petition for it, actually... ^^;;
  9. This was a lot of fun to read. I f*cking lost it at "I hit a dog and threw up" and my mom had to ask me what I was laughing about! GUESS WHO SECONDS BLOODENGUTZ FOR ICON?! (it's me)
  10. Is today the last day of HHN? Because I am literally IN ORLANDO and am not able to go because I am staying at Disney World and my parents are too scared to go... I don't want to beg, or to seem weird, but, even more than the 'Thing' house (love the movie...or movies now), this is the one house I would literally give an arm and a leg to see...and I feel like a terrible person because I'm at my favourite place in the entire WORLD and I can't stop thinking about H.R. Bloodengutz and how this is my last chance to see it (and have a funny conversation with him) for the rest of my life. LOL melodrama over. I'm just gonna be happy for you guys...say hi to him for me, ok?
  11. You posted the HR! You colored the HR! It looks awesome! *u* aaaaaa Love the others, too!
  12. Off to DIDNEY WORL tomorrow :DDDD

  13. Seconding with the intensity of a thousand suns. Also, really enjoying all the H.R. quote stories. It's really easing the sting of me not being able to see him myself... :')
  14. Oh man, is that for real? It seriously looks like the kind of movie H.R. would have on his show!! It even has a title that's really close to the one he mentions, doesn't it?
  15. Getting closer to getting the outfit right, hehe. ^^ Mostly thanks to Kip, in fact! I swear I draw more things than Bloodengutz but damn it Figment you posted the queue videos and I thoroughly admit to being sucked in by his charms Also a horrible attempt at drawing Larry in his pre-Bloodengutz days. EVERYONE WORE HATS IN THE 30S, RIGHT?
  16. Am I the only one who thinks that the name of this zone would be a pretty cool band name?
  17. I second this: why would ANYONE, especially our beloved H.R., hate bacon? WE MUST KNOW. Also dear god I am so jealous of you guys for getting to talk to him kgkjekjr Shouting out to Figment AGAIN, who uploaded 3 more queue videos.
  18. I'm honestly super sad I can't go to HHN this year instead of a little disappointed, SOLELY because I want to meet H.R. Bloodengutz pretty damn bad. I'd probably end up blushing to freaking death if he talked to me, though. ffff what's with me and fictional characters who are crazy + classy?? I'd ask you to shout out to him for me, Pirka, but that's...pretty damn pathetic, isn't it? ;////; In MUCH HAPPIER news, our very own awesomesauce Figment posted A CRAPLOAD OF QUEUE VIDEOS ON HIS YOUTUBE. I'll just link the one, but the rest are all there on his page (not all of them, but the ones for Easter, Arbor Day [lmao'd at this one: "Your limbs will fall...OFF."], St. Patrick's Day [kind of hard to hear but that's ok, he had to move in line] and 4th of July and holy crap literally while I was typing this I realize he uploaded 3 more of them FIGGY Y U SO NICE?!).
  19. ...post the H.R. YOU MUST DO SO FOR THE SAKE OF US ALL
  20. HOLY. FREAKING. CRAP. I. LOVE. THESE. *///u///* Especially the silly little chibi Icons, even though your detailed full drawings are just HNNNNG. I agree with your opinion on the Director btw +1
  21. rfihgdergrngundkrngkfkf <3 You have no idea how much those words mean to me. I'm just so glad that you like my derpy drawings! I was having a really sh*tty day, too, and now everything is better from this comment. Seriously. Also, I totes want to see those Icon ideas! (Also I watched you on DA muahahahaha >=D Your art is so much better than mine, orz...and you're a Homestuck fan, too? )
  22. So, anybody get any more funny H.R. quotes?
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