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  1. Actually...a house where Penn and Teller played characters of some kind would be kind of neat.
  2. Warning: rage ahead, need to get it off my chest. Feel free to skip the post entirely. u////u I'm still in a state of "none of this is what I wanted" right now, but I'm trying to keep up hope... As I said before, as long as there's at LEAST one good, thought out, original storyline for a house or scare zone I will be happy to experience it. But as it seems right now, I haven't seen TWD, I hate Alice Cooper, and don't even get me started on Penn and Teller (if they replace the Icon somehow for this year, I will never forgive those responsible). Silent Hill is cool, but, again, not original. I guess the Gargoyle thing could be ok, but, with my luck, it's the one they couldn't do. Unfortunately, as of now, it honestly looks like this year will be a terrible first year for me, especially if the event has no bloody Icon.
  3. Ugh...no no no no no. I don't want my first year to be the year without an Icon OR a comedy house. >_< And I definitely don't want it to be a year entirely made of crappy product tie-in houses. Eff eff eff eff eff eff eff EDIT: Sorry about hollow ranting here. :T
  4. If this were to happen, they could do anything they want with the rest of the event for all I care.
  5. It's not "The Shining", it's "The Shinning". Totally different.
  6. I don't know, Broadway can be pretty terrifying.
  7. This is my all-time biggest fear. That the first year I get to go will be the year WITHOUT a comedy house (of which both of my favourite houses are). ;n;
  8. I know this barely counts as spec, but I posted it on tumblr so I should probably post it here ^^; I'm starting to think that there's a possibility the "It's Never Too Soon To Start Panicking" tagline refers to the whole "2012's the end of the world" thing somehow. As in “Yeah, the world ending in 2012 might be total BS, but, hey, us monsters are gonna rain hell upon you all sometime soon, so it doesn’t hurt to start freaking out now!”

  10. Believe it or not, I am NOT commenting on the very much agreed return of LITC. All I have to say is THINK TANK. <3 HELL YEAH. Though LITC and Fallout definitely have a few things in common...Meaty reminds me of Vault Boy...
  11. All the talk of "two icons" or a "twins theme", as well as "armageddon", is only giving me one thought: the icon this year will be Sollux Captor

  12. -indicates petition in signature- Even if he isn't the Icon, I'd love to see him come back. Hell, even if it's not this year. I just want more of that classy mofo. also LITC sequel but that will never happen because the world building with it was basically already completed weh
  13. CLASSY MOFO. Awesome work once again, Fearman!
  14. May I be the first to say "awesome username"? Also, wait, you live in Toronto and love LITC?! Are you a parallel me?
  15. 26 signatures for H.R. Bloodengutz's return already! :DDDD

  16. I actually went and made the petition.
  17. I just saw "The Thing" prequel. Not terrible by any means, but not great either. CGI creatures looked "video game" fake/ musicscore was very lackluster/too many "jump scares" were main cons. Some of the creature designs were very neat, though (while others, unfortunately, were lacking). What it lacked most was the atmosphere of the original. Still, I reccommend seeing it to any fan of the original. :)

  18. I might FINALLY be seeing The Thing prequel on a legitimate big screen (as opposed to a bad quality torrent) tomorrow. Here's hoping my Mom doesn't chicken out.

  19. Sorry to double-post, but...I actually made the H.R. Bloodengutz for 2012 petition! Here it is, ready to sign!
  20. I agree with the idea of more evolving scare zones, especially with the success of "7" this year. I'm not sure how difficult it was to change up the costumes, though, which might limit it a bit.
  21. Holy crap, I really like it! It's super simple, but super effective, too! Also, anyone can use this if they want I'm going to use it right now! Thanks, Reaper. <3
  22. Cleaver cleaver cleaver! Cleaver cleaver cleaver! Also, H.R. Bloodengutz MUST return.
  23. I've been trying to hold off for a while, but, I think at this point it needs to be done: if you don't mind, could you make a "H.R. Bloodengutz For 2012" signature banner? ^^; Other than that being the text on it (I would ask for an image of H.R. himself, but those are kind of hard to find in good quality), the rest is basically up to you. I tried making one myself, but...to put it bluntly, it sucked butts.
  24. Yeah, Figs got some awesome footage of most of them, too!! Thanks, Figs!!
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