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  1. screencap proof of any of this?

    Because I could say the dippin dots guy at the park told me that there would be "flying unicorns" this year... and claim that it was happening. or that there will be JAWS shark in the lagoon "swimming" around... just sayin.

    I realized like two seconds after I closed the window how dumb I was to not cap it.

    But there were a bunch of other people in the chat, including fears, someone with a bunch of "m"s in their name...

    I think they're all on the forums.

    Regardless, as much as I want to believe he was a real dev guy, there's always a possibility he was trolling us, so take it with a grain of salt :/

  2. Ok, there was an HHN tinychat and a dev guy showed up! He told us some stuff, mostly about HHN development in general, but he did say something very crucial about HHN22 in specific:


    of course, he didn't tell us anything about who or what said Icon might be.

  3. Is it possible that the rumored 'war' in the parks might be going hand-in-hand with said interactive elements (whatever they may be) that we could be getting this year? This is what my gut is telling me...

    I really hope this is true. If so, this year will instantly go from "lame" to "awesome as f*ck" in a matter of seconds.

  4. Jimmy, you crazy clue-spouting man-o-war! :P

    The feel I'm getting from this is that there'll be some kind of...faction-like action going on with the SZs? Like all the different types of monsters are gonna be fighting against each other, and we'll be caught in the middle?

    Maybe the Icon could be the one who turned them all against each other?

  5. :lol: Right movie, but I wasn't trying to connect it to lacrosse. The movie has to deal with my thoughts on the possibility of an "icon;" They're steady like the river.

    Lacrosse is history though.

    Wait, are you finally saying something optimistic, Legacy?

    *Ode To Joy plays over loudspeakers in an enormous stadium somewhere*

    I didn't know lacrosse was started by Native Americans. Just learned something new and irrelevant. :D

  6. you should really catch up, the first season is only 6 episodes, even if you only watch that,

    people that don't watch this show are really missing out

    Wait, it's only six episodes?! I had no idea it was that short. I'm so used to watching cartoons, I forgot that live-action shows tend to have short-ass seasons.

    I'm definitely gonna 'Flix it.

  7. Netflix shows that the Season 2 DVDs will be available on 8/28/12. I'm assuming it will also be available on streaming on or about that time. Still gives plenty of time to catch up before the event :)

    This is a good thing, since I want to know what I'm going into when I go :D I'm a huge special effects fan, so, even if the show doesn't end up interesting me, the makeup sure as hell will.

    As for Silent Hill, I'm already quite familiar with that.

  8. Ok, I'm going to admit something here with a bit of embarrassment: I know almost nothing about TWD other than two things. The first thing is that it involves zombies (...obvious thing is obvious), but the second thing is the thing of importance: that it has REALLY FREAKING AWESOME MAKEUP/SFX.

    That's something I really hope we see replicated here.

  9. I'll be honest, I'm not looking too forward to this year. I feel like we are turning into HHN Hollywood. I'm not trying to be rude when i say that, but i feel like Orlando has always done great coming up with original house ideas and themes. That is what makes me so excited to go every year. In the past, i would have been checking the site everyday but this year, it is completely different. this year, we already have three houses based on other things, all of which i am still skeptical about. the website is not even themed so far and it is already late July. i really hope there is an amazing central theme that ties all these things together. we now have a "horror rock" house, a "TV series" house, and a "video game" house...

    This is bad enough for one year, but...

    If this decline is going to continue through the following years (I honestly do not even consider Hollywood to be HHN)...

    I feel kind of sick to my stomach now...


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  10. I have heard more than a few rumors that Silent Hill was moved into Sound Stage 20b the location that was originally to house the now scrapped American werewolf house and then planned for "Dead Exposure" style house with something other than Zombies. The rumors say that the DE type house may have also been scrapped.

    But there will be a 7th house, and it is in a location at Universal Studios Florida that seems most unlikely and was thought to be unavailable for HHN use ever again.

    If the DE type house was scrapped then this 7th house remains a mystery that I cannot yet reveal. Unless it is revealed this weekend, I may add a new cryptic comment... when the time is right.

    So...almost every original house is scrapped?


  11. My theory is that P&T will be the icons, but they won't be "them". If that makes any sense. Basically it'll be them playing a character.

    Honestly, if that's the case, I don't mind it too much....but I am still really BLUH on P&T being involved at all, though. :(

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  12. As a fellow out of towner, I have to say that I agree with everything that is being said. I have to travel from Virginia after speculating for what 4 months? Then I get to an event with no video on the USF entrance because lets face it the entrance video is always the icon inviting us into the park. Im sorry I like P&T as much as the next guy but I honestly have no interest in seeing Penn talking to us on the titantron inviting us in. (I said Penn and not P&T because Teller doesnt speak)

    Now to move on from that, my brother came up with a good idea, what if P&T is the culprit of bringing us an icon? What if P&T are putting on a show and as a joke they say a spell and that causes them to unleash a demon of some sort... I know we have heard nothing to make me think this is a possibility but I would be 100% fine if this is what would happen!

    I have one more thing, I know this is a longshot and has zero chance of happening but what if these leaked house details all involve a former icon? What if P&T let Jack out of his box as a joke, they dont realize that anything is going to happen and they release him. Also ever since Haunted House has been known I have been thinking it is Screamhouse, and that Photograph could possibly have to do with the Director? Also again Im streching so take this with a grain of salt but maybe the Storyteller is reading the comic of the Walking Dead to us... and the UPT is showing Silent Hill?

    Anyways just trying to fuel a little more speculation, hope you all see the similarities like I do lol.

    This would be amazing, but I doubt it will happen.

    I also agree with all the out-of-towner stuff. I'm in Toronto, Canada. I can only go for a single night and it costs a lot. This is going to be my first year and I wanted it to...not be like it seems like it's going to be (i.e. terrible).

  13. My first year is going to be the worst year in HHN history.

    I hate my parents more than ever for not letting me go last year.

    Hell, if this stuff gets absolutely confirmed? I'm probably going to drop going this year altogether. It pains me to say it, since I was looking forward to it like hell, but if this is what we're getting I'd rather just stay in Disney World.

  14. I saw very little connection between that film and LITC, if anything the house resembled the 1989 Vestron film Parents. But none other than J. Michael Roddy said openly that Pieces was an inspiration for it.

    I agree about Parents (a film I admittedly saw specifically because I heard it was similar to LITC); the other film I can say reminds me most of it is Hotel Hell.

  15. Actually, LITC got it's inspiration from the movie "Pieces".

    I looked up Pieces, but, other than...um, people being mutilated, it doesn't sound like it has anything to do with LITC. Is it referencing a scene that it doesn't mention on Wikipedia?

  16. I have nothing against them using IP. I don't know where you got the idea we're completely against it! We're only against it being entirely IP. Even 2009, which was entirely movie-based, had two houses that were original stories to spice things up. I'd be fine with a repeat of that, personally.

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