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  1. @ Cinema of the Dead regarding Saws and Steam...not a huge amount, but you'll get some chainsaw action.
  2. Well in terms of classic, I'm referring to the stage set pieces and films themselves...and I agree, 2006 was amazing. I also loved 08 and 09. 07 and 10 I could live without.
  3. Here's a little blast from the past, you're welcome...yes the whole 2008 show. Get ya a little pumped for Friday (or Wednesday)
  4. Winter's Night = cold...very cold...Cast's ages range from 20's-60's yrs. old. Saws and Steam LOUD, hot, and effects heavy. HR. Blood and Guts = There is a queue video. Some of the wardrobe for this house is downright disturbing/twisted childhood like images *think Easter bunny from BnT's Bogus Journey*
  5. In reference to what you said about "We Will Rock You", what I have heard with my ears might not be what's final but what I have heard, it's the original. The finale is a good fair mix. I think some of you will be surprised at the spanning of styles, songs, genres, etc. Some oldies and some of today. Anything else having to do with the show I cannot say, things change allll the time.
  6. I promise you will hear Katy Perry's ET at some point...promise.
  7. Soo, you love Katy Perry? SO DO I!!!

  8. Soo, you love Katy Perry? SO DO I!!!

  9. Soo, you love Katy Perry? SO DO I!!! :)

  10. Here you will find a PDF in the upper right hand corner of the Team Member newsletter. The park map is shown there with the various attractions etc for HHN this year, enjoy!
  11. This years set is awesome...BnT fans will absolutely love it. Classic BnT. Also remember that this year is the 20th anniversary of our Most Excellent Halloween Adventures.
  12. Acid Assault will have an industrial metal/hard rock soundtrack, helicopters sounding as if they are flying overhead, strobes, and projections depicting the crumbling of the city buildings.
  13. No I agree Seventy One, nothing wrong with seeing Katy again. I love Katy. Btw with regards to that subject, we will hear and see Katy Perry's "ET".
  14. At auditions I had seen a pretty good Nicki Minaj with a HUGE fake ass lol, and a Macho Man Randy Savage. Those 2 stick out in my mind. I DO NOT see a Michelle Bachman to whomever said that. That's just not happening...In election years the most political figures we get are the two Pres. Candidates for the exception of Hillary and Palin in 08'. Hangover wise, the most we got in 09' was just a reference. Wasn't that good a movie anyway, I don't think it had a huge pop-culture impact. Sheen yes I'm sure we'll see him in some capacity, they would be dumb not to take some advantage of that. I also have strong reason to believe we'll be seeing Katy Perry again in some capacity... In regards to Thor whom I'd love to see, idk how they'd get around that with the whole Disney ownership of Marvel now. I know Cap would be ok because we had those rights before the legal time frame that exists with those properties (anything before 1998 or 1999? I think...) we can use. If anyone has any more details on that feel free to share. Rebecca Black quite possible for sure...although maybe because of all the hate she received they'll have some psudoname for her like..."Becky White" or some shit, lol...that's just a random idea of mine, no fact. In reference to Beyonce being "prego", I heard Jimmy Fallon do a great joke on that a few nights ago, "Jay-Z and Beyonce just announced the release of their new mixtape *show prego pic*. I got a good laugh. That's all I got for now...
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