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  1. I went on Saturday. Crowds were horrible and was only able to get through Trick R Treat, Stranger Things, Poltergeist, Halloween, and Terror Tram. Poltergeist was the winner of the night for sure, but compared to the video of Orlando I watched, doesn't even come close to that masterpiece. Terror Tram is literally (I really mean it) a waste of time unless the wait is 15 minutes or less. Quite frankly I can't see myself going back to HHN Hollywood. The quality and experience do not compare to what is offered in Orlando. I was offended by all the black walls/blank space that they left in all the houses, and I learned that this was the first year they started selling actual booze... but only in two places, so you have to wait (surprise) 20 minutes to get it. Plus, 160 dollars for an express pass that is basically essential to see everything? No thanks. At least offer me boozey blood bags while I wait 90 minutes for a haunted house! Are they going through growing pains or something? Orlando really is top dog in all aspects. This was my first year going here in Hollywood and man... I was not impressed in the slightest. Watching some videos of Orlando really made me miss it over there.
  2. They're still beating the walking dead horse, huh? Must be mush now... the new location looks interesting. *goes back under rock*
  3. Goo

    Freddy vs. Jason

    Eh. Nothing will compare to Dreamwalkers... A lot of what I have seen of this looks cheesy and not in the good way.
  4. From the videos I watched, I honestly feel like this house was a missed opportunity for something really cool. It should have been cornier, more 80s like Critical mentioned. I also feel like they should have picked a few assassins, one of which being Eddie, and made them the villains of the house rather than have a bunch of themed rooms and different characters. I just felt it didn't work the way they set it up and it didn't feel like a game like it was supposed to. More generic, ramshackle sets resembling paintball fields would have worked. They really could have played off of Eddie's back story with this one. I did like the little chainlink "maze" at the end, though.
  5. The main issue with both parks is that there's a lot of space. It would certainly help with the lines but they'd need to pack more experience in both parks to make it worth the walk. But, with the money they're making, I feel like it's totally possible. One of my main complaints of HHN at this point is that you can't go to the event and see everything in one night unless you get the express pass (and have a good time), which has been going up in price year after year. I simply can't afford it anymore, and unfortunately I don't have the luxury of going multiple nights like a lot of people here do. And on top of that the content isn't favorable to me, so there isn't a single pull for me to go. It's too much to just go and have a good time and not cool enough for me to burn a hole in my bank account for it. I definitely see them going to both parks in the near future, simply because the crowds are reaching a point to where there just isn't enough space for them, or enough things to see to occupy them. Also, with the train going to the other park, it seems like a no brainer. Also, depending on how many times you make the look around universal, the distance can't be THAT much different, unless you're going around both parks multiple times in one night. And before someone goes "You can go and see everything in one night if you try!!!" I've done it, quite a few times. It's not fun. You're running all over the place to see everything. You're just rushing around to make sure you get everything in and not actually ENJOYING it, and having a good time with the people you're with. Plus, most of the time if you're with a group, nobody wants or cares to run around the park at 1am.
  6. Goo

    Freddy vs. Jason

    There isn't a clear cut winner in the film, why would there be one in the house?
  7. Oh Creatures.. How I wanted that house to be good. Amazing sets, but damn, those costumes/puppets really didn't do it. Would've been neat to see it as Werewolf instead. Probably would have be insanely awesome.
  8. I didn't say it made the lineup worse, I said it's really like there's only 8 houses since a majority of people have seen this house since it's such a recent house and it's identical. It just seems really redundant. If it's supposed to help congestion, wouldn't you want something that a lot of people haven't seen already, so ya know, they want to go see it? I'm sure it'll help with the congestion a little, but lines will continue to be ridiculously long. If anything, I think Diagon Alley will be the biggest help in that aspect. Why not dig up some older popular houses and remake those? In what way is it cheaper? I doubt they have a ton of the stuff from the original house... I just don't see the thought process behind this, especially with the throwback house being there this year. Like if the puppets are "gonna cost a ton" that means they don't just have them laying around somewhere so they're remaking them. It's just a weird choice. Someone mentioned how the way they're kind of selling it also doesn't make sense. "We just did this, it was cool, it's back, oh and it's IDENTICAL!" like, what? Okay... I guess? Four years of zombies, all different, but you aren't gonna change up this house a bit? I don't get it.
  9. Some of the coolest houses in the past have been 3D houses. The In-Between being one of them, and although not technically "3D," Dead Exposure was basically built like one, they just didn't include the glasses, and that house was pretty sick.
  10. Why didn't they just put a a scene or two in the throwback back house... the whole "9th" house thing is arguably a gimmick since this house is, according to them, identical to the previous AWiL house which in a way subtracts it from the lineup for a lot of people. Is it cheaper for them to just remake a house identically? I don't really understand the thinking behind this.
  11. This house really reminds me of the B movie Slashers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRgyG1ipTC0). I wonder how many villains that have planned.
  12. I don't know how you guys are actually happy with this year or what they're even doing. Everything this year, literally everything, has been done in some way in the past. Even the scarezones. I'm actually pretty astonished by the fact there isn't a single original idea this year. I've practically experienced everything they're offering this year already in some form.
  13. They didn't forget anything and they don't misunderstand anything. They figured out a way to make more money and they're going to keep doing that. The problem with that is they don't seem to want to realize what they're doing is going stale because they want to keep making as much as possible. To them, getting recognizable, familiar, established brands is their way of doing that. It will work, but eventually it will hurt them if they don't keep things fresh. People do get bored after being even slightly unimpressed repeatedly, and lets face it, they definitely don't have the stellar reputation that they once had and were so proud of. Also, those ticket prices are insulting. They're going to repeat material for years and up their prices? No thanks.
  14. Honestly, I don't know why people are even hyped over this event anymore. I'm surprised this community still thrives, which isn't a bad thing but what made this event so special is pretty much gone. If you're into it, great! But I there's no need to complain. If you don't like it, simply don't go! I'm not going this year and many others aren't either. Yeah, it's a bummer, but hey, there's other stuff out there. It will never be what it used to be, and that's that. I will say this is the first time I literally don't care about a single thing they're doing so far. It's so unexciting. It's the same stuff pretty much and you know Bill and Ted won't even be slightly funny... Like why go? There's other cool stuff out there, just search for it. There's a big haunt in Miami that looks awesome, there's Howl O Scream.. there are other options. Be open to new stuff. Don't like what universal is doing? Don't give them your money. Simple as that.
  15. Hm, it's been a bit since I've looked around here. I really like the artwork for this year, I think it's nice. Also, a stage show is cool to see back! TWD though is pretty laughable to me at this point.. talk about milking the cash cow. Looks like another typical but promising year to say the least! This will be my first year not attending... $120 bucks for an express pass... yikes. Sucks if you need to see everything in one night. Looking forward to the pictures and videos.
  16. Goo


    I think the fact that it's in a tent is what helped it, honestly. Everything was kept small, tight, and claustrophobic almost, which is what I was hoping for. It just works for a tent, no need to make something larger when it doesn't need to be. Super polished house.
  17. The show was pretty awful to me. They were making jokes at some points and crowd was dead silent, it was super uncomfortable. I giggled at the Smaug skit but the rest just felt so lazily written and boring. Kinda seemed like some old guy writing it was trying to be hip and funny and failed.
  18. This house is hot. Literally. And it smells like sweat and feet. But for some reason, with that, and the gore, and the great actors and the fun sets it works SO WELL. I loved this house so much. Probably my favorite house that has been in the earthquake queue.
  19. Although this was deff just above walking dead, I enjoyed this house. The sets were very neat, and even though we entered after a set change the actors were pretty on point. But what was supposed to be special at the end? The stilts?
  20. Went through all the houses starting at about 8 and this was one of the first ones my group did, and we all thought it was the worst one at the end of the night. It just seemed so been there done that, and some of the effects already mentioned were so cheesy and not well done. It was long, but there was nothing really all that exciting about it. The cast was doing their best but I think Walking Dead at HHN is well... dead. At least for a few years.
  21. So, the only weekend I might be able to go this year is the opening weekend. It's not for sure, but I've never been that weekend, and I'd like to know what it's like. How are the crowds? Should I get an express pass? I want to be 100% sure I can see everything if I do go.
  22. I truly think there is a sweet spot for Horror Nights and they just haven't hit it yet. IPs are here to stay, this is true, and UO is making tons of money off of them, but that doesn't mean the event needs to be cleanly cut like a cookie every year. Why no Icons? Why not have a cool icon, with a cool back story, and a killer house? Depending on the icon they could even maybe have a scarezone connected to it if they wanted. Everything doesn't have to be connected by a story line, or an underlying theme like they've attempted to do in the past. I think the fans would adore that, and it'd be one of original houses and or zones for that year. The character doesn't even have to be the face of the event, it could just be a character for that house that the fans could follow through the story leading up to the event. One might argue how Lady Luck was a failure, but to me, that character was a failure from the very beginning because the character was to far fetched to be done in a way that could be done at an event like HHN. Also, if they can't think up one cool character that could work, then I think it's time for some fresh, new minds in the creative department, because there are many people on just this forum who could think up something wicked, interesting, and doable. It's not just about what the character is, it's also about who they are, what they do, and what there back story is that makes them good characters. Bloody Mary is a character we all know, but the story they gave her was incredibly fun and interesting. HHN has definitely sold out, but that doesn't mean the event has to forget what it once was, and it also doesn't mean they can't think up new ideas either. A "Walking Dead" house can coexist with an icon house. Walking dead might bring in the crowds, but icon house can show the people that HHN is more than just a place where you can walk through your favorite TV show or movie.
  23. I thoroughly enjoyed this house but not because of the scares. The sets and overall vibe of the house were spot on but the scares were so typical and pretty much predictable. Also, the last "scene" in the house right before you exit was rather lame. I was hoping for the giant Llorona puppet, and I understand that they probably wanted to stay away from doing what Hollywood did but the final in our house was like a golden opportunity for it.
  24. Honestly this street "experience" felt more like a bunch of photo op areas with some zombies walking around. The Clear and the Barn were the only parts I thought were good about the streets but everything else just seems lame and created crowds that were annoying to travel though. I don't really think the streets were very successful this year. Kinda took away from he HHN vibe.
  25. Goo

    Evil Dead

    Am I the only one who thought the layout of this house was killer? I don't know why but I just felt really immersed in it all. I was very impressed. The way you transition between everything was great. I wasn't sure how they were gonna execute it with very little setting to work with but they did a great job.
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