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  1. I"ve been playing with the writing trying to get an idea of what is says, but even after playing with it in photoshop and staring at it for a while I don't have much, but I figured i'd post my cropped/darkened version of that notebook for you all to look at


    The biggest thing I think i've found is there is apparently more text above the crossed out stuff that has been erased that you can see when you burn the image a little

  2. Would I?

    I mean, we do have mummies this year.

    some information.

    It seems the Device from 2008 might have some relevance to this case... it is currently a sensitive subject

    Also it seems that the people from universal who are tying to block LT's activities are.. in Ignatias own words.

    "The much aforementioned T.J. Mannarino is particularly vocal about the leak from his department.

    Spencer doesn't seem to want to have much to do with us either (not sure why he would have any influence in the matter since he does not work for Art & Design).


    she further states that CFO and CRO's be weary of any communication from them

    Ok here's what i've been thinking since I got offline last night, i'm definitely feeling a gateway/portal vibe, with the previous years as a tool to collect fear (like Doctor Doom Fearfall) maybe? Also the device from 2008 might also have been a faster or more efficient way to collect the energy they needed, maybe why the previous staff is now gone and maybe why they may be working against us because they want this to happen. The pictures might be that gateway/portal showing up, now how the lantern ties in or who/what is coming/going through the portal I haven't got a clue, but Legendary Truth name for their agents even hints at this...."the COLLECTIVE" as in collecting fear/energy/whatever. The ancient symbols, the eye of horus, everything could be part of the plot, heck most of those symbols tie in to the portal idea

    Who knows maybe i'm way off base, but even yesterday I was playing with the idea of a portal and the device from '08 being important and today those ideas seem to be popping up more and more frequently here and on FB among other places. What do you all think?

  3. Thanks!

    The new pics have some variations from the originals just like the others so far, the one from 1992 at the very least appears to have extra blood added. I'm trying to stand back and look at the whole picture, but maybe it's too early for that

    Is anyone else getting a "gateway" type vibe from everything?

  4. Ok a few things.

    I've been speaking with Ms. Himmel extensively via Facebook message. Originally our conversations were confidential since it was attorneys sharing information, I have been released to share this information with the Collective. (Yes, I'm a lawyer in real life - I'm the Mr. Booras from the Facebook comment a few days ago)

    - The Universal employee is still unidentified and "continues to be a factor". They are trying to identify the person through their C.I.L. IT department and determine their screen name(s) and account.

    - Many of the files (and other unspecified items) from 2008 have gone missing from the Collectives offices.

    - Dr. Thorncastle and the C.F.O. who left - "very possibly their professional relationship survived their departures from the Collective. Evidence mounting..." Its possible that both have gone rogue.

    - "I would suggest you review the video footage of Dr. Thorncastle's last public appearence. His demeanor, his comments and his hasty departure are telling indeed.

    IH" I did, reviewing footage of 2008s meeting, if you notice he is nervous, pacing and had to review his notecards for a extremely short presentation. I asked if he was working on projects other than the machine from 2008 (a seeming red herring) but received no response,

    So Dr. Thorncastle is a possible player here as well.

    Anyone got a link to Thorncastle's last appearance? I haven't seen it before and would like to see it

    Just starting to look at the new pics, and very interested in the attack on LT's network and the chatter on facebook. To quote Alice "curiouser and curiouser"

  5. Also, thanks for the .gifs! I didn't realize how dramatic the difference in burn marks was...

    Big time thanks for the gifs! I'm with Greyfalken, I really didn't realize how much difference there was between the original release and the FB one, wonder if we'll see the same pictures again with even more changes? Is that our new release? More of the same just with the burns changing/intensifying or different pictures all together or both?

  6. Do I? Yes

    Do I have to have a good time? No

    Do I always? No

    Usually I have one or two beers while in line and/or something to drink at dinner, but usually I don't get drunk and I still get pissed at the idiots that ruin HHN for others, but then again most of those jackoffs don't need to be drunk to do that. Just look at that apple that used to always get stolen on Snow White's Scary Adventure at Magic Kingdom, no alcohol in the park and no one should be drunk on that ride, but jerks still steal/stole that apple all the time and i'm sure similar things go on with any ride or attraction, it's one of the unfortunate things about having people that don't respect anything other than their own gratification, and unfortunately the theme parks are just full of them (coming from a five year vet of Disney lol i've met more than my fair share when working)

  7. Given the apparent prop house theme, I get the feeling that the story is going to be that the Lantern has brought all the old props and decorations to life, kind of like the Allspark if you've seen Transformers. Of course, it's hard to say for sure until everything's fully revealed.

    Sounds a little too much like Night at the Museum for me, but then again, if anyone could pull it off it'd be Universal's HHN crew.

    your time will come.

    Quoted by me earlier: "Thy will be done"

    This little exchange with Eye of Horus got me thinking about the Wicker Man (both the legend, the movie and the song) and has me wondering if he/it could have anything to do with it. Horus was probably talking about/to something or someone else, but the Wicker Man thing ties in with the fire, Charon and through him the Lantern:

    "The ferryman wants his money you ain't going to give it back

    He can push his own boat as you set up off the track

    Nothing you can contemplate will ever be the same

    Every second is a new spark, sets the universe aflame"

    Just something i've been thinking about since last night, dunno if it has any ties or anything to do with it, but just some food for thought

  8. Not much but my theory is the astrialogical symbols in circle.

    Just a thought


    Thats the first thing that came to mind when I really looked at it.

    It's kind of weird, but i've been thinking about a zodiac type theme since even before we had any clue to this year's theme. This would be really cool and lead to a lot of cool possibilities

    your time will come.

    "Thy will be done"

  9. Agreed and there is two different versions of it in his profile pictures. The first one has a black edging around it, whereas the second one doesn't and where the black bits been taken off the top part of the "Legendary Truth" letters have been taken off (as there was a very slight gap between the edge and the letter). Also the bottom bit looks terribly low quality.

    Definitely fake, but I don't see any harm as long as we all take anything they post with a grain of salt, I do think the Eddie one is the most realistic though with all the Backstage pics

  10. Not that pinheaded mummies aren't nice

    They are aren't they lol

    CFO stands for Collective Field Operative. Those are the ones that show up at the event and investigate within the park. CROs are Collective Remote Operative, and work in tandem with CFOs while solving clues on the LT web site, generally from the passworded section.

    Ahhhh, thanks for clearing that up I was confused too, consider me on board for both and whatever I can do to help the Collective. I'm stuck in South Fla, but i'll be up to visit as much as possible

    So I know i'm the new guy and a rookie in LT and all, and therefore LT doesn't know too much about me yet, but i'm still kind of weirded out that they are monitoring us lol

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