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  2. WATERY GRAVE: Davy Jones' Locker When a wicked soul is lost at sea, they are dragged to Davy Jones' Locker to be kept for all eternity. Centuries of men lost at sea, of course, gave Captain Jones a vast collection of the damned. What does he do with these souls? Enter the water, and find out... This house was supposed to be a pirate house. Kinda went to an odd side of things. ROOMS: The queue is lined with canvases showing documentaries of ships that were lost at sea, pirates, stuff like that. The actual facade is a seaside house being destroyed by a storm. From the stormed house to a spinning tunnel, made up to look like a swirling vortex. Said Vortex drops guests off at the entrance to Davy Jones' Locker. Jones stands above the giant chest, floating from the chest to a pair of pillars of rock, like the Green Witch at the end of Origins. Guests then enter a trench filled with shipwrecked skeletons, from various eras of sailing. One of the corpses, wearing an overgrown diving suit, lunges at guests with a rusty harpoon. Guests then enter a ship graveyard, filled with ships as varied as the corpses from the previous room. From a large hole in a trashed cruise ship, a shark lunges at guests. Guests then board a viking ship through a hole in the hull. The rowers still row, despite being skeletons. Zombie vikings will attack. After guests leave the viking ship, a British Naval ship hangs above them. Despite the holes and barnacles on the ship, a sailor is keelhauled, slowly being dragged under the ship. Then guests enter a submarine. Decayed soldiers roam the inside, threatening guests with muskets. One appears in a tear in the hull, banging the metal wall with a hammer. Then guests enter the... Titanic? The floor is slightly tilted, and the rooms above guests flood with water. (Blood elevator from The Shining.) In the background, Nearer My God To Thee can be heard. Guests then walk between the wrecks of a pirate ship and navy ship. The crews of both insult guests, and the cannons fire at each other. The next ship is a Grecian Trireme. Amid the skeletal crew, a giant cyclops wanders the ship, ranting about how "Nobody has blinded him" and taking swings at guests. Then guests board the ruins of a pirate ship. By lantern light, the shadows of two dueling pirates, one getting his head cut off, is projected onto the wall. Guests then pass by the decapitated pirate, who lunges at guests, head in hand. Then guests enter the captain's quarters. And the captain is a giant skeleton. Cyclops could be a guy on stilts, this bastard's an outright puppet who threatens guests with words and a giant hook hand. Guests then make their way to the top of the ship, which is on fire. Burning skeletons attack. As guests exit the maze, Davy Jones laughs and taunts guests. And to back him up, the tentacles of THE KRAKEN emerge from the blackness behind him.
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  4. I've seen those plaques in multiple years. Might be a tease; I doubt we will make it through 30 without an appearance by at least Jack.
  5. Well, this year they were selling these little Jack The Clown skull plaques that say HHN and a fully colored Jack bust in the Prop store. Maybe they’re teasing the return of Jack for HHN 30????
  6. When I read this, what came to mind was some of the very cool houses and scarezones they have done in HHN Singapore, based on Asian folklore. This site has great detail of every year as well as photos and video. Although I've never been to any of them, HHN4 is the one I wish I could have attended. What they did for an icon was so cool, complete with media gifts, and an incredible opening ceremony. They have shied away from IP for the most part (but of course they did Stranger Things). This place is on my bucket list, for sure. They used Jack one year but otherwise use original icons, and they usually have website games like HHN Orlando used to. Really, USS HHN is like the golden age of Orlando - no corporate synergy to dictate what you can and cannot do. What I'm getting at is - there is a lot of untapped potential of ideas that have been successfully presented in Universal parks besides Orlando and Hollywood.
  7. BIG MOOD! After 5 years of looking I finally got my hands on a Jack The Clown mask from HHN 25
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  9. My Speculation Lead Icons: Terra Queen & Fear Supporting Icons: Jack, Chance, Eddie, Storyteller, Director, Caretaker, Usher & Cindy Houses: Stranger Things Zombieland Creepshow Beetlejuice Devil's Rejects The Grudge (2020) Terror Mines 2 30th anniversary house Anarcade Original house Scare Zones: Icons photo-op Terra's Lair Original Stranger Things Zombieland Shows: Terra Queen Returns (Opening scaremony ) Academy of Villains 30th Anniversary lagoon show
  10. We might be running out of good Ip's but there is are plenty of untapped waters of indie or Asian horror films. I mean if you want to think about it all they really need is one major IP and smaller one to draw in huge crowds. If they switch up the Ip numbers this next year we could got back to our roots of Originals, which is pretty good especially because I think Nat is in good spot to make some good choices for mazes. He was apart of the team for few years now. They just promotion him to someone spot In Creative. He was mainly in Graveyard Games last year. I think we should get fresh faces after maybe 7 years. Like Charles Gray's first house was Doll house of the damned? I don't know why there was Dark night scarecrow mask sold in the parks. I think it was hinting at the return of Scarecrow in some way or shape. Maybe This is going to be Mike Aiello great send off year? He did make that Scare crow Icon remember? I hope it happens because after two years in the 80's I want out. Unless there is 80's Richard Simmons scarezone plans for 2020 in the south st/ sting alley? where he could be on the stage and working out with a cult zone. We got a fashion street this year, why not?
  11. "Burn: Horror Stories" is a collection of dread-inducing, mind-twisting, existential horror stories inspired by The Twilight Zone and H.P. Lovecraft. It's now available on Amazon for 33 percent off until Nov. 13. Visit the book's Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XH1FPP1 A man's wife and business partner believe they killed him as part of an insurance scam, but then he reappears as if nothing happened. Two fugitives take shelter in an abandoned industrial facility, but what they find inside might be more dangerous than what pursues them. A tech guru's lifestyle is immersed in smart technology, but what if it's so smart, it's dangerous? The parents of an out-of-control child will do anything to curb her awful behavior, but at what cost? A woman awakens upside down in a totaled car with no recollection of how she got there. Will she be able to find help, or will something more sinister find her first? These stories and more await you in this collection of existential horror by James G. Boswell.
  12. Since the movie is probably never gonna get made, could the Chiodo brothers work with Uni to get Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D as a maze next year instead. Combo IP and original maze.
  13. Disney ain't budging folks. As mentioned on the IU thread, they're running dry on IPs.
  14. Damn! I went near opening weekend, so I missed the sign and of course Boingo. Yes, that definitely sounds like the end. Thanks
  15. That’s good news! I really hope the Wyld Stallyns return this year. The Hanging is definitely over. -The first sign was the ending of this year’s show -After the second weekend, they started putting up an “R.I.P. The Hanging 1975-2019” sign after the show -Halfway through October, the cast was told that it’s over so basically to go find something else to do this season next year -At the very last hanging, instead of playing “We’ll Meet Again”, they played “Goodbye, Goodbye” by Oingo Boing
  16. So for this Original House Bone Presents: 30 Years of Fear and Darkness That its gonna be inside the Parade Building 1 The Outside face should show Pile of Bones. and a Skeleton Fortress that has Bone's throne. and two banners that have a sign that has "XXX" meaning 30 Years. The Inside of the facade should be A an entrance to a castle that represents Dracula: Legacy of Blood. So these are the represented houses from the pass. House Represented Dracula: Legacy of Blood (2009) Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery (2011) Gothic (2012) DollHouse: of the Damned (2014) Scarecrow: The Reaping (2017) Seeds of Extinction (2018) Yeti: Terror of the Yukon (2019) Bone's Lair (Original/New) That's it. SO what do you guys think about this idea?
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  18. I made this for speculation for HHN 30 Icon Bone I.P House for HHN 30 Hopefully 1. AHS (Cult/Apocalypse/1984) 2. Stephen Kings: Doctor Sleep 3. Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Season 3) 4. Zombieland Double Tap 5. GhostBusters 3 (2020) 6. Creepshow would you agree to this, with me for HHN 30?
  19. I am ready for another AHS house to be honest. I think we might be getting more Ip then Originals next year. I doubt that they would do 2 parks for hhn for 2 months. Maybe if it was 5 weeks maybe and had midnight closures. There isn't enough time to turn over the park and keep up the parks during hhn.
  20. Huge missed opportunity in not calling Ashes from the Past "The Bone Zone", tbh...
  21. Some breaking Knott's news totally unrelated to Scary Farm. Well, maybe indirectly related: Voyage to the Iron Reef is CLOSING in Jan! The ride was pretty popular, low maintenance, and had a really cool steampunk theme and adjacent store. I'm really not too excited for what will be going in it's place: Knott's Beary Tales 4D shooter... Not joking. It's a re-skinning of the ride and presumably the store. For those that are not old, here's the history: Way back in 1975, a dark ride was built in that location called Knott's Beary Tales. It was not a shooter. Just a dark ride with singing animatronics. The ride closed in 1986, and became Kingdom of the Dinosaurs a year later. That, too, was not a shooter. It was a dark ride with the same track layout, but it had a time travelling theme with animatronic dinosaurs. Think Epcot's Dinosaur!, but without the motion base cars. Kingdom of the Dinosaurs was used for Scary Farm from 1987-1996, usually as a ride in darkness, but in several years with the dinosaurs visible. In 2004 KOD as it was known closed and remained shuttered for 11 years until Iron Reef took over. So now we are going full circle - back to the original theme. It will be closed for a quick transition, so it should have same track layout. Just new skins. and videos. Unless we get to kill bears (unlikely), it's gonna become a kiddie ride - Bear Story Mania, so to speak. This will open in 2020. Here is an excellent article on Beary Tales.
  22. Give him a more fleshed (heheh) out story and sure.
  23. But do you hope that Bone could be the icon for HHN 30?
  24. This is My Speculation for Halloween Horror Nights 30 Haunted Houses American Horror Story: Volume 3 (Cult/Apocalypse/1984) (MIB Tent) Stephen Kings: Doctor Sleeps (Soundstage 22) GhostBusters 3 (2020) (Soundstage 25) Creepshow (Soundstage 24) Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Season 3) (Parade Building 2) Zombieland Double Tap (Shrek Theater) Bone Presents : 30 Years of Fear and Darkness (Original) (Parade Building 1) Dead Markets (Original) (Soundstage 24) Dark fantasy World of Halloween (Original) (Sprung Tent 1) Arcade Lair of Madness (Original) (Sprung Tent 2) Scarezones Bones Ashes from the Past of Horror Nights (Original) (Hollywood Boulevard) Slaughter Sinema: All cult movies of Terror! (Original) (Plaza of Stars) Nightmare Klown Circus (Original) (San Francisco) Goths Lair of DOOM! (Original) (Central Park) The Purge 5 (New York) Roaming Chainsaw Hordes Chainsaw Reapers (Simpson Springfield) Chainsaw Spooky Dolls (South Street) Live shows Bones Crypt of Terror (Original) (Mel's Drive in Stage) Academy of Villains: Undead Realms (Fear Factor Stage) Halloween Marathon of Mayhem Volume 2 (Studio Lagoon) Icon for HHN 30 Bone from (Festival of the Deadliest) That's my Speculation. What do you Boil and Ghouls think? Can you comment back to me and tell me what are your thoughts of my speculation, please? It would make me smile like a skeleton.
  25. I'm as big a Potter fan as you'll come across (strongly prefer it to Star Wars) and I still miss Lost Continent. (The Hobbit trilogy was still seven years away--I'd like to pretend it never happened though.) Anyway, I'm envisioning Iron Bone Gorge in New York, and a house in SS25, that would basically go clockwise through the world map covering the cycle of the blade, ending with the Throne.
  26. One crazy idea I had was both parks open for HHN 30, and Terra Queen and Jack are battling each other for the honor of being 30's Icon. You can choose a side: Carey, Ohio (Studio, Jack's Side) or Terra Cruentes (IOA, Terra Queen's Side). 10 houses at Studio, then 6 at IOA for a total of 16 houses.
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