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  2. All this talk about the pandemic still makes me think of the plague doctor from Catacombs who would be around the 30th Anniversary Zone during the event while shouting “Bring out your dead” to scare the guests cause it made revival as a meme when the outbreak started, but Orlando’s creative team won’t make that happen.
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  4. I think this is his twitter: https://twitter.com/theNickChandler
  5. Here’s a fun little tidbit about the final scene of Demon Cantina: Egad. They don't even mention the finale scene. The last scene of that house was a giant demon feasting on the flesh of those lured into the cantina. It was a heck of a set piece.
  6. I definitely understand the concerns. I don’t think it will be cancelled, maybe at the worst the plexiglass returns and maybe masks in the houses.
  7. I had some mixed thoughts about it. I don’t think it’ll get canceled cause the values and politics are different in Florida compared to California (which is a big problem for Hollywood), making it as a “break zone” for outsiders during the ongoing pandemic. If you never been vaccinated and/or never had the coronavirus before, you’re more likely to get it around this time. But on the other hand, the COVID-19 guidelines and restraints are more optional over there in business, so the recently signed bills still don’t mean that much for private companies, especially Universal and Disney. I kinda been wondering how the state’s “No vaccine requirement” law had impacted the parks so far. More than half of the US population already slipped their sleeves up for one shot or two.
  8. Am I the only one starting to get worried that the event might get cancelled again this year? A) The new COVID strain is spreading. B) The Horror Nights Twitter page hasn't posted anything in over a week (Their last post was simply "100," almost certainly a reference to the fact that, when that post was made, there were 100 days left until Halloween). That seems to be a bit of a bad omen. I hope I'm just being paranoid.
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  10. If there’s one good reason why I wouldn’t want Universal to discontinue Bill & Ted a few years ago is because we would have a ZZ Top tribute coming. Rest In Peace, Dusty Hill.
  11. CryptTV did a scarezone for a night at Knotts Scary Farm, so it makes sense to do it for them at HHN as well. There are some monsters like the Look-See, the Mordeo, and Miss Annity who may not be the scariest characters, but creepy-looking nonetheless that are perfect for the event.
  12. I had no idea about Crypt TV either. Had to look it up. after going here: https://crypttv.com/cryptmonsteruniverse/. I can see they have some fun creature features. Im thinking though its gonna be Face-Off v2.0. Basically photo ops. Although those zones get crazy crowded having some new monsters to check out is always welcomed!!!!
  13. Does anyone know what happened to https://hhnforever.com/ ?
  14. It’s a YouTube channel that uploads short horror movies.
  15. And it also looks like we could be getting three shows. If they’re gonna give more love for the Queen, then Terra Cruentus have the best potential to win big as Scarezone of the year imo. I’ve already seen photos scarezone constructions of HHN 30th which could get a similar vibe to 20 and Seek & Destroy is starting to look like a Cyberpunk theme.
  16. Version 4 of the Orlando spec map is out and not much is different other than Crypt TV being on the scarezone part instead of Shudder. If this is 100%, super excited as I love Crypt TV’s work and have wanted it at the event so badly
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  18. Welp, it looks like we’ll be waiting for more Orlando announcements later than now while Hollywood has recently announced the return of the Exorcist and Pandora’s Box.
  19. It might also be a reference to Creatures from 08. Another original concept related to aliens.
  20. Maybe it’s Invasion returning in some way shape or form in the Scarey house
  21. SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: THE HALLOWEEN FACTORY The Dream Job becomes a Nightmare as you enter the Halloween factory! Overseen by Jack The Reaper, this is where Halloween begins to come to life. But be cautious, as the employees might use you to make the next big thing! I'm not updating Tricks and Threats. ~~~ ROOMS: FACADE: Guests make their way up to a factory with Jack The Reaper's visage on it. Jack can be heard shouting bonuses to working in the factory over a loudspeaker. In shadows on the factory walls, guests can see animations involving various animatronics. Factory Entrance: Entering the factory, guests are greeted by skeletal employees tending to conveyer belts moving Halloweenish things. Foreman Grim stands on a balcony, instructing the skeletons. "Powerhouse" can be heard playing in the early parts. Hallway: Guests enter a hallway, where various people in Ghostface disguises can be seen peeking out from the doorways. Many can be seen dragging body parts behind them. As guests exit the hallway room, another Ghostface runs out of an office. Card Room: Guests enter a room where a victim is strapped to a spinning wheel, cards lodged in the wheel and victim. Henry Hustle will walk out, pretending to rear up for a card toss, only to lift his head up, revealing that the clown face guests were seeing was a fake and his "Real" face is much scarier. Trapeze Room: Guests walk around Harriette Hustle, who is swinging on a trapeze. Whether in front of or behind, she'll threaten guests with her knife. Clown's Office: Guests see a clown hanging upside down behind a layer of plexiglass. When the plexiglass'd area goes dark, a scaracter playing a freed BBoJ will rush from an adjacent boo hole. Sewer Room: Guests enter a room filled with sewer pipes. The scent of gray water permeates the room, and water splashes from a few pipes. From a pipe not in commission, Pennywise lunges at guests. Cotton Candy Room: In a room full of dangling cotton candy cocoons, Shorty takes turns punching cocoons at guests and swinging at guests directly. Ice Cream Room: Guests see a giant vat of ice cream churning, mixing vanilla with chunky blood and body parts. Kids are seen trapped in waffle cones, trying to escape. A two-headed clown will rush guests. Resource Management: In a blacklit room, guests see Wacky pummeling a squirming man-sized bag with his hammer. As guests turn the corner, another Wacky will rush guests. Nice Effin' Model: In a dark room, the spotlight focuses on a model of the factory. A voice shakily says, "Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse", and from the Darkness, The Ghost with the Most jumps onto the table. From this point on, the music switches to horror movie themes. The Operating Room: In a room full of body parts, guests see the shadow of Bill Jackson cutting off his hands and replacing them with his buzzsaw and mallet. As the projection finishes, Buzzsaw himself will rush from the corner. Hallway 2: Guests see a ghost wander in the hall ahead of them, before being attacked by the same ghost. Cages: Exiting the hallway, guests find themselves between two tight rows of shaking cages. Some contain demon dogs, giant spiders, and kids. From one cage, a demonic hand lunges out. Candy Corn Field: Guests wander outside, to a field of corn that smells oddly sugary - and the field is littered with dead birds. From the stalks, Night Stalker rushes out. Spider Sanctuary: Guests wind up in a location littered with spiders of all sizes, including a few Jumping Spider animatronics. From a trailer covered in webs, jumps Mr. Howle. Resource Storage: In a graveyard with various dug and filled graves, the Grave-Grabbing Corpse grabs at guests from his grave. Factory Entrance 2: At the end of the graveyard is the factory side entrance. As guests enter the open doorway, the Caretaker rushes from a nearby mausoleum. Hallway 3: As guests make their way to the next room, a bride carrying her groom's head will lunge out from an open door. Daycare: Guest enter a room filled with toys that may or may not be haunted. Most of the kids are huddled in one corner, afraid of one girl. The one girl points at guests, and a shadowy spirit lunges at guests. Shipping: In a room filled with coffin-shaped crates, a reaper rises. (The reaper is played by a scaracter on a pulley.) After rising, the reaper lunges at guests, before returning to position. Sacrifice Room: In the center of a room with a pentagram on the floor, lit by candles, is a demon with a scythe and a ram's head. The candles will go out, and when they come back on, the Ram Demon attacks guests, before returning to the center. FINALE: Guests enter a breakroom. Pop music is playing, and a few animatronics from before (mainly Wacky) will jump out to scare guests. As guests exit the maze, Jack the Reaper will attack.
  22. HHN YouTube’s hint of the week. “In space I can hear you scream.” Everbody on the comment section thinks it’s Alien but it’ll never happen, and it’s way too soon to bring back Killer Klowns, unless it’s an Hollywood exclusive.
  23. No, I was talking about your Bloody Mary theory. That was the exact concept of her house that year. Great house IMO, but I remember it was pretty low on most of the fans lists
  24. My first theory? Not really, but it’s still possible they could REVISIT a previous investigation with some changes and more additions to offer another experience concept wise. Right now, I don’t think it’s a stretch to see Bloody Mary back at the event, and it could be the reason why Orlando decided to not have another IP for this year, so they could acquire the so-called theme park “rights” of the character. What if we’re getting a sequel to the Reflections of Fear house under the LT name but better cause it won’t be located at the now gone Jaws queue.
  25. You basically described the 2008 house “Reflections of Fear” lol
  26. Here’s what I’m thinking about with the original concept that is rumored: Since this site is teasing us with the Legendary Truth element on the speculation map, I’m expecting it to come back as a house not only in name like in 2010, but with a new concept and a new investigation rather than revisiting the previous cases. Another possibility is an LT investigation of Mary Agana’s victims as a compilation-type of house where you follow one of the investigators as he/she tries to track Mary by looking at her victims. The houses based on 08 were based on fears and phobias, and it would be interesting to see if each scene in the house was the same, but with a different victim and phobia brought, adding some nice extra touches with the five heralds of Fear as references to the minion icons (Choas, death, sacrifice, legends, and vengeance).
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