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  2. The blockout dates for this promotion are 10/11/2020, 10/17/2020, 10/24/2020, and 10/30/2020. You can find these dates by clicking the "View Details" link when purchasing the ticket online.
  3. I think they might need to lower the price, hence the lower house count.
  4. I can't see them cutting back on house count without them lowering the price. It would just rub people the wrong way if the house count has been 10 for a few years now and then all of a sudden it drops down to 8 without a cheaper ticket cost. If anything, I see the number of IP's dropping significantly. Maybe 2 or 3 the next few years and they would be Universal owned properties so they can avoid higher costs. I don't see IP's in the street at all. I don't see the rumored Bill and Ted show returning anytime soon either. That show requires a lot more planning and production costs on Universals end. AoV is paid a "flat rate" to create the show and given a budget for set costs. Universal doesn't have to pay their own creative costs on it like they do with other shows. I do think it would be cool to bring back some OLD fan favorite original houses as well to save on cost. They have already been designed and many props are saved so the cost would be small. I will say, if the event does happen this year, I can easily see this year being a "dry" year in terms of alcohol or VERY limited (like your given two drink tickets to use all night long). Masks will be required and having everybody walking around drinking and getting drunk will just make the mask wearing issue way to hard to enforce. It will definitely cut into their profits but safety is way more important.
  5. Ladies and gentleman, boys and ghouls, my biggest project EVER is finally complete. Feast your eyes on Saw: The Games Of Jigsaw! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yxKhfrUm3iwisOIwg4KOApJkSIM43oIrTCPCxwdVw4c/edit
  6. I feel like there's a couple of IPs that could've been executed way better, so I could be open to it. I do think (could be wrong) that the house count will be cut 1-2, which I would be okay with as long as it didn't come at the expense of originals. I could see a 3/5 or 4/5 in favor of originals for the following few years.
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  8. According to ZombieChris on youtube. He found a rip tour and unmasking the horror tour packages. I was thinking that both might be limited to 8 people or something. I think it would weird.
  9. So I was thinking the other day would fans truly care if they reused IPs as long as they kept new and mostly originals each year? Like let’s say universal wanted to do cabin in the woods again? It’s been almost 10 years would people really complain about seeing it again? Or a classic like the exorcist or poltergeist. It will always be a classic and I feel like people would love to see some of these houses again
  10. One thought I've had that's kept me going through all this is that for the next few years the event may go somewhat back in the direction that the fans want--between IPs becoming too expensive, rarer with productions shut down, and having to appeal to a local crowd.
  11. Does anyone know if the BOGO tickets will work for Oct 22nd and 23rd? I don't see those listed as blackout dates, but the tickets also state they're only for "select dates"
  12. Last week
  13. I hope you and your husband are ok! There’s nothing official yet unfortunately how ever most speculation is the 10 houses are 1. Billie Eilish 2.Beetlejuice 3.Haunting of Hill House 4. A original based around a theater 5. a original around a pumpkin king could be connected to twisted traditions zone from hhn 28 6. 30 Year Anniversary house 7. Icons house 8.Texas chainsaw house more then likely based of Texas chainsaw 3D 9. Universal Monsters The Brides 10. Tooth Fairy OG not much known on zones but speculated creepshow could possibly be a zone this year
  14. Sorry to hear this, i really hope you're both okay! Nothing too much has been said so still just a lot of speculation at this point. Universal have just released hotel & ticket packages and it mentions Express as well as R.I.P Tours on their website, so it looks as if we could potentially start getting some announcements soon! https://orlando.halloweenhorrornights.com/site/hhn/products/package
  15. Sorry to hear about what's going on in your personal life but nothing concrete announced yet. Lots of people either really happy or really mad Billie Eilish is involved.
  16. Hello all!! I have no idea what’s going on this year. I’m an essential worker so work has kept me too busy to keep up, then my husband’s idiotic coworker came into work for a solid week after being exposed to the virus. Told absolutely no one until the day before he got his test results which were positive! My husband tested positive (he has asthma). Had symptoms, they never got too bad. I tested negative once and my second test results are still not in. I’ve been an anxiety riddled bundle of quarantined joy since the day after my birthday. Anyone wanna catch me up on this year?
  17. Rewatched it this morning... what a great show. Very fun!
  18. Well, more and more halloween events are getting canceled. Dark Horizon in Orlando is canceled. Queen Mary's Dark Harbor in Long Beach CA is canceled. Kennywood parks Halloween event is canceled. A positive is that the HHN orlando twitter is going thru old (i'm talking 2+ month old) tweets of other people asking for announcements with the HHN twitter asking these people for permission to use their tweet. This is very odd and makes me wonder what they are up too. Wondering if they are gonna use these tweets in an announcement video. Sorta like a "You've been dying to hear about this years event" and then show some tweets followed by a big announcement drop. With the ticket offer going until July 22nd now, an announcement later this week would be great to hopefully drive up sales. Another positive is that they were testing the new water show just a couple of nights ago with proof from a video posted on twitter.
  19. Universal is replying to people asking for announcements on Twitter asking for permission to use their tweets. Could this be for an upcoming official announcement?
  20. Earlier
  21. I thought it would be fun to take some video of CityWalk for those who haven't been. No commentary it's not a VLOG just some video. This might give you an idea of what the crowd control looks like as of this week.
  22. Are you doubting that universal has the best in mind for hhn? I don't think they are cutting revenue, they are just scaling back overall. They will still have stuff to sell. They turn a profit off all merch, Think about the shirts, they buy them in bulk 100k at 0.75 and sell them for 28 bucks that's like 200% profit off each shirt alone. Thats them spending 75k to make 2 million from shirts alone. I do agree that the prints were cool and easier to make in house. They have a printing shop on site. They are just predicting that people won't buy as much currently, hence why they are having super discount sale for excess merch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Why would they have a full merch team, if people aren't buying stuff from theme parks that are 30 bucks more than regular price? Just because some layoffs or downscaling doesn't mean it's going to be bad year. What is going to be a bad year is that Covid 19 virus, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't Unmasking the horror tour this year, Picture this 3 or 4 tours going thru the house during the time walking through the house with lights on and TOUCHING EVERYTHING. I personally think they might scale back on that because they would have to have a sanitize team in each house location which mean extra team member. I think they will do it but limit number of groups or people per group. how many times have you walked through a house with holes in the spots. There are actually a lot of holes in a lot of houses. I recall in Carnival Graveyard, they actually had extra spots for an extra 5-7 people. Yet people didn't notice it, or didn't mind because they were having fun. I don't think it but its really quality vs quantity issue. Would you rather have 20 alright scareactors in a house or 10 Great scareactors in house?
  23. Agreed 100%. It's not looking good at all. I am not seeing HHN, Knott's or any of the other major haunts happening this year. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  24. "ORLANDO, Fla. – With coronavirus numbers climbing and cases trending younger, Florida officials made the decision to immediately prohibit the consumption of alcohol at bars statewide -- again. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees alcohol licenses, made the announcement Friday morning on Twitter. No information was offered on how long the moratorium will be in place or if bars can still serve food and to-go alcohol. On Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke in Orlando about the recent “explosion” of cases, noting that patients are getting younger as more college-aged Floridians party with their friends. At that same news conference, DBPR secretary Halsey Beshears said his officers would be going to bars, restaurants and similar establishments each night to check for obvious social distancing, capacity or hygiene violations. Even before that, a bar near the University of Central Florida had its liquor license suspended after 13 employees and 28 patrons tested positive for COVID-19. The director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, Dr. Raul Pino, also said earlier this week that 152 cases have been linked to an unnamed bar near campus. Florida reported nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases statewide Friday." This isnt a good sign for anything going on in Orlando any time soon.
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