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  2. From these vids I got Periwinkle by the Noveltones, Promenade Polka from Westway Studio Orchestra and some random space song I don’t know of
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  4. Its a great story which you shared. I really enjoyed it.
  5. I was browsing on YouTube for hhn vids out of boredom; and I noticed you ripped two things from the old 2008 website; can you help me with one specific page?




  6. I wouldn't be too upset about Toothfairy if it was replaced but Bride should stay since it continued the story of Monsters
  7. Read some small backstory on the weird specters that haunted South Hollow from this comment: i was a scareactor in 2005, one of the faceless souls within the south hollows. the story behind our role was simple- we were the souls of those sacrificed, seeking a warm host to escape terra cruentus. hearing this just knocked me back, and it's so good to hear this again- thought it was lost forever with flash being gone. And according to a member on Deviantart who claimed they worked at HHN that year as a scareactor; the character of “Guderalle” was one of the Queens Elite Black Guard, 4th in Command and the Terror and Cemetary Mines Representative.
  8. Transcribing an interesting article: Title TURNING FEAR TO FOMO Brand RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA Product / Service UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 7 Category A08. Leisure Entrant PHD SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE Idea Creation PHD SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE Media Placement PHD SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE Credits Jazreel Koh PHD Singapore Associate Director Penelope Siraj PHD Singapore Business Director Teena Ngo PHD Singapore Associate Manager Melody Neo PHD Singapore Planner The Campaign Our key insight came from understanding what millennials fear more than the unknown – the fear of missing out (FOMO). If we could spark a massive feeling of FOMO around Halloween Horror Nights 7, we could woo them back to our event. We looked deeper at Singaporean millennial habits and cultural nuances to identify key opportunities that would inform strategy: 1. Capitalize on the rich culture of superstition - Chinese culture is rich in superstitious beliefs. Being a predominantly Chinese nation, some of these permeate across races in Singapore, known even amongst non-Chinese ethnicities. 2. Use an outdoor experience that drove talkability - Millennials in Singapore spend more time outdoors and are perpetually on their mobile phones. They embrace live experiences and social recommendations from their peers. 3. Leverage music / radio - Music is an integral part of Singaporean lifestyle, with 6 in 10 Singaporeans listening to music daily Creative Execution FEEL FEAR. Campaign launched on the first day of the 7th lunar calendar month (Hungry Ghost festival), capitalizing on the prevailing spooky sentiment Singaporeans have during this period, believing it to be a time more likely to see ghosts. SEE FEAR. Further leveraging the Hungry Ghost Festival, bus shelter “memorial walls” commemorating a fictitious mall collapse (one of the event’s attractions) were built at youth hang-outs. Content about these were seeded via content sites, celebrities and influencers to drive WOM, even earning coverage from local and regional publications that spread excitement for our event further. HEAR FEAR. Listeners of Singapore millennial’s largest radio station, Spotify, were treated to a horrifying surprise when we debuted 3D audio ads in-market, terrifying in surround sound. These were supported by an interactive homepage takeover; and, a bespoke playlist analyser / generator that customized playlists based on which ‘deadlier sin’ best matched a listener’s profile. Our use of media to evoke fear and FOMO in millennials was a huge success! 1. More people knew about Halloween Horror Nights – 77% of our target audience recalled having been exposed to campaign messaging,a 26% increase against benchmarks from past Halloween Horror Nights campaigns 2. More people were interested in the event – 27% more searches on Google for Halloween Horror Nights than the same period in previous years 3. More people talked about the event – The bus shelter memorial walls effectively captured public, even earning coverage from mainstream media – The Straits Times, Yahoo Singapore,The Independent,Marketing Magazine,Coconuts Singapore – delivering more than 30,000 shares and engagements on social media 4. More people engaged with Halloween Horror Nights – introduced 3 market-first ad formats with Spotify,delivering best-in-class performance with CTRs that were 6x better than benchmarks. More than 5,000 custom playlists were also generated from the execution To restore anticipation and ticket sales for the 7th instalment of Universal Studios Singapore’s marquee event, Halloween Horror Nights, we developed a media strategy that : 1. Captured attention from distracted millennials by creating fame around landmark creative executions in the spaces of digital media and out-of-home 2. Leveraged multiple media touchpoints to create a unique sensorial brand experience that surrounded these elusive millennials throughout their days and across screens The campaign resulted in more interest, more searches, more online sign ups, more online ROI, and ultimately more screams for the Halloween Horror Nights franchise in Singapore. Insights, Strategy And The Idea To create this sense of FOMO, we would give Singaporean millennials a curiosity driving taste of the fear lying in wait for them at Halloween Horror Nights 7. We would do this through a through a multi-sensorial media strategy that engaged millennials throughout their day, leveraging media consumption and culture insights for maximum effect: 1. FEEL FEAR – take advantage of the culture of superstition to evoke innate feelings of fear 2. SEE FEAR – create a visual spectacle outdoors to capture audience attention when they are out and about, and get them talking about it with their peers 3. HEAR FEAR – innovate in the space of sound to deliver a unique spine-tingling experience that aligned with a core passion point This 3-pronged strategy was designed to drive conversation and cement Halloween Horror Nights 7 as THE Halloween event not to be missed in Singapore.
  9. dammit where was that Fez when I was making Imhotep
  10. Anyone have any scans or pics of the magazines inside? Or even Universal magazines that had sections relating to Halloween Horror Nights?
  11. Obtained by Redzwan Hamid; Visual Development.
  12. From Dean Karr’s myspace. All from Charles Bremer. First two were of the commercial set, third is a publicity photo of Bryce Ward as the Caretaker.
  13. It’s odd that there are these detailed sets and the commercials doesn’t really show the grand scale much.
  14. Just take it easy and don't try to do everything in a rush.
  15. I hero-forged again, this time with a more classic theme. UNIVERSAL MONSTERS HORRORTHON DRACULA! FRANKENSTEIN! THE WOLF-MAN! Classics never go out of style, and we know it! So tonight, we've got a series of movies to commemorate the perennial favorites of horror fans everywhere, AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE! You'll be on the edge of your seats as you witness chaos, carnage, and sheer terror! ~~~ I've been thinking about a "Niktmarr spin" on Universal Classic Monsters, and after playing around in Heroforge I wound up designing some monsters. Maybe one day I'll draw my own designs for house scaracters. But not today. Anyways, I've taken some liberty with the monsters, some as my own take on the design, others as a limitation of the Hero Forge service. (I could have sworn that they had fezzes.) Anyways, ~~~ ROOMS: Queue: Guests line up and enter the Karloff Park Theater, a nice theater whose outside is covered in classic Horror Posters. Classic Halloween songs play, and the marquee reads UNIVERSAL MONSTERS HORRORTHON. Once inside, an usher leads guests to their theater. It is encouraged that the actors and actresses who play the usher interact with guests, acting as hypemen. Theater: Clips from classic monster movies can be seen on the silver screen as guests make their way to the exits at the front. From the seats, The Red Death will rise up and attack guests. Cemetery: Outside of the theatre, guests see a giant castle in the distance and a graveyard full of emptied graves. Fritz will emerge, threatening to brain guests with a shovel. Chemist's Lab: Guests enter a black-and-white lab cluttered with chemistry equipment. Jets of air fire at guests, while the unseen adversary taunts them. As guests leave, the Invisble Man emerges, attacking guests with a needle. Medical Lab: In the medical lab, Dr. Frankenstein is seen cutting open a cadaver and ranting about the process of creating life. Tomb: In a tomb, Rats are everywhere as Dracula lords over a captured and tied-up Van Helsing in a coffin. While ranting, he'll take the time to emphasize his vords with a jab of a stake, either towards guests or into Helsing's chest. The Lake: Guests go outside the tomb, into a downright beautiful lagoon covered with exotic plant life. While admiring the scenery, the Gill-Man (who would be more screen-accurate than seen here) will lunge at guests. Temple: As guests go from the Black Lagoon to a temple, they witness Imhotep attacking a woman, draining her of her youth. As he turns to guests, he swipes at them with his bone-dry hand. Backstage: In the backstage area of a theatre, Erik can be seen playing the organ, masked. He will lunge out at guests, before resuming his playing. Guests then find themselves in the aisles of the seats, when the chandelier swings towards them. As they exit the theater, the unmasked Phantom will attack. Pyramid: In the sandy remains of a desert pyramid, are the corpses of archeologists, strangled to death. As guests make their way around the bodies, the perpetrator, Kharis, lurches forward, threatening to choke THEM. Crypt: In a crypt covered with cobwebs and lit by lanterns, guests find the corpse of Fritz, his head caved in, and Dr. Frankenstein pleading for his life. Frankenstein's Monster will emerge, threatening to pound guests to a pulp. Romanian Village: As guests exit the crypt, they see a wagon, where the projected shadow of a man turning into a beast can be seen. In the deserted village, a werewolf's howl can be heard, and The Wolf-Man will attack. FINALE: Dracula's Dining Hall: Guests walk past a long table, filled with decaying body parts arranged into a ghastly buffet, and see the shadow of Dracula turning into a giant bat monster to attack a victim. Turning the corner, they see the bat monster in full detail. As guests exit the maze, they are attacked by Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolf Man.
  16. In the first video; you could see some small glimpses in the 0:57 and 3:49 marks; and in the second video; 2:04 and 3:47 marks.
  17. This is usually the trip ONLY my wife and I take.... has been for a long time.... well now the kids are getting older (4 and 8) and we start to feel bad about leaving them. I can deal with this guilt. No problem My wife on the other hand.... so she comes up with this idea.... lets take the kids.... and our moms.... oh and her brother is gonna fly in from Chicago too!!!!! So we are going to do 3 nights at HHN, 1 night at Disney and we have 3 babysitters for the evenings. This is either going to be the best trip ever OR a fucking nightmare worthy of its own HHN house.... I will give me official review come October.
  18. From here: https://www.curtishopkinsdesign.com/project-page-1
  19. Universal Studios | Halloween Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights’ character, the Director, was brought to life in this integrated campaign that won a 2007 Reggie Award. To make this sociopath seem as real as possible, amateur-style webisodes were shot in-house and we created a MySpace page with constant updates and rambling blogs from the Director. Obtained these vids and images through the website of Creative Director/Writer Jim DiPiazza. By Hive24Design. https://www.donaldandrews.tv/universal-studios-halloween-horror-nights-the-director I can’t share it directly here; but the link above shows the official commercial with the tag line “Will You Make the Cut?”. Editor CLIENT: Universal Studios AGENCY: David&Goliath Los Angeles Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo Associate Creative Director / Art Director: John Figone Creative Director / Copywriter: Jim DiPiazza Senior Producer: Maresa Wickham Assistant Producer: Jane Krull PRODUCTION COMPANY: Dean Karr Director: Dean Karr EDITORIAL COMPANY: Spinach Editorial Commercial Editor: Donald Andrews Web Content Editor: Adam Bright Assistant Editor: Art Castle
  20. JDW

    Jeramy's Schtuff

    Hello dear listeners! All things must come to an end and in this "Squinkles Plays", we wrap up Hello Puppets. How will it end? Well to quote Frank Herbert - There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story. This couldn't be more true with Hello Puppets.
  21. Reel Loco’s notes: As scripted, boarded, and shot, the idea was bifurcated into two spots, both offering a similar shock of demonic transformation prefaced by aspirational politicking. The first spot was an online and in-part only teaser while the second was a 30sec main TVC for full release that detailed a more thorough demonic transformation. The teaser opens with a family at home watching our anti-hero Jonah Goodwill give a campaign speech, then we follow him as he leaves the TV studio and eery and unsettling things happen! The main spot begins with Jonah on the way to a victory reception, complete with red carpet and crowds of cheering fans. Only once he's inside, all hell breaks loose! When it came time to do a director's cut, we felt that combining the two separate stories into one unified spot would tell a stronger story. That was the outline for our approach to the cut along with the desire to add in some other shots and effects to exaggerate the uneven cadence of the edit and give it an edgier and more frightening feel, plus we included an explosion. This project had many tricky technicalities that was a treat for us to work on as a team. It was a significant milestone to conquer and learn from pre-shoot to post. Universal Studios Singapore's (USS) brief was the graphical introduction of a singular "Minister of Evil". Reel Loco had to come up with the story of how the character would introduced into Halloween Horror Nights 2014. Shot on a blue screen with multiplied characters, the production team had to plan construction of the boarded stairs and how they would fore-fit into animation effects. Multiple tests had to be simulated to achieve the right make up plus graphical combination. The spread wings, cityscape and cracked follow-frame floor with flames were all built in post production. We were privileged to be able to work with the gifted costume and make-up team from USS that made the animation process so much more enjoyable. Client: Resorts World Singapore Director: Shaun Yeo Motion Graphics: Tan Chee Hong, Suhaimi Hanafi, Xin Tse, Zubaidah Bartia Edit & Color Grade: Matthew Knoch Smoke Artist: Jane Looh
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