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  2. Aside from TWD, HOHH I could see possibly coming, Candyman I'm skeptical on whether or not it would happen but after US last year's appearance, it looks it could be possible as well, ST S3 it could be a maybe but I'm not sure since what is going on with this current season being put on a standstill, I mean it shouldn't affect the house at all but I think after experiencing S2, eh, the house looked decent but felt rushed, very last minute, lots of Black Walls, missed scares, the usual, I'm not sure what to think and with the floating speculation map, the houses, some could be possible or said but not happening till later or so.
  3. I'm just really interested in which direction and theme the event will go this year, the house line up has many consecutive ways it could go about happening, I'll tell you this, I'm just glad a Netflix house is not on that list lol, I'd be fine with em but I think they should have to another SAW house, the best of back at 27 was the best way to end the franchises' tenure at the event to usher something else in. Candyman I'm still on the fence about, I feel like they would wait on it, if it happens, I wouldn't be so surprised after the appearance from US last year. The rest look promising but definitely feel like Universal would take apart some of those and use em for certain other years even though this year would be the right time to do em.
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  5. Does anyone have the que music from the line? I want that background windy and dog barks and Trick r Treaters?
  6. So, here's a rough draft of a Doom haunt, how does it sound? Facade - U.A.C. Labs Scene 1 - Awakening (Possessed Scientist) Scene 2 - Suit Scene 3 - Gore Nest (Imp and Doomguy) Scene 4 - Mars (Possessed Soldier) Scene 5 - Hallway (Possessed Engineer) Scene 6 - Outside (Possessed Security) Scene 7 - U.A.C. Core (Hell Knight and Hellrazer) Scene 8 - Hell Energy Storage (Summoner) Scene 9 - Boiler Room (Revenant) Scene 10 - Hell Portal (Mancubus) Scene 11 - Hell (Unwilling) Scene 12 - BattleGrounds (Baron Of Hell) Scene 13 - Hell Halls (Lost Souls) Scene 14 - Groovy (Cacodemon) Scene 15 - Labs (Pinky) Scene 16 - BFG (Cyberdemon) Scene 17 - Hell Arena (Hell Guards) Scene 18 - Final Battle (Spider Mastermind)
  7. I share / force all my HHN obsession with my HHN going coworkers. I showed them the speculation map with Gremlins on it and they all reacted positively tot the idea.
  8. I really hope you’re not legitimately expecting a lot of your list. If you are, you’re going to sorely disappointed.
  9. Really hoping this means Scream in ST1 and an original in ST3 so that it's a 5/5 split.
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  11. Well you’ll be happy to know it seems to be quickly going around that Sabrina and Gremlins are leaning on the “not real” sides.
  12. Does anyone else think Beetlejiuce and Gremlins should not be in the same year? And Sabrina? I had to look that one up.... meh.
  13. Something I really love is the fact that it seems Terra Queen will indeed be the Icon, and unless he has a scare zone, there's no signs of Jack.
  14. Really? Thanks! I also even thought of adding in Rock n Roll: Shock your Soul and Game Over: Arcade because Rock n Roll's scene lineup is past songs and Arcade's scene lineup being well past games.
  15. All of the early permits (the first 5) have FIR permits now. These are the permits for the fire alarms and sprinklers (for those who haven’t seen my tweets). ELE permits will, also, be pulled for the houses. ELE permits are for electrical work. All permit applications are being sent through email. No worries regarding permit offices being closed. These things can be done online. I’m currently building a house. My construction has not been interrupted. My guess s Orlando will operate in a similar manner.
  16. Yeah pretty much, I was also thinking of Turbo Kid when coming up with IP Houses for the event idea itself, although I don't think it would count as one.
  17. Well at this point, Five Nights At Freddy's might as well be nostalgia for some! And that would be a cool promotional idea.
  18. Lemme fix this map with a 6 original, 4 IP split. Beetlejuice - Soundstage 23B Candyman - Soundstage 23A Psychoscareapy 6 - Soundstage 24B Terra Cruentes - Soundstage 24A H.R. Bloodengutz 2 - MIB Tent Dungeon of Terror - Sprung Tent 2 Slaughter Sinema II - Sprung Tent 1 Spiral - New Parade Building Legendary Truth: Carey - Parade Building Gremlins - Sprung Tent 3
  19. Thanks! I also do have another event idea that's basically themed around Warped/Twisted Nostalgia with Saturday Morning Carnage included, i also even thought of having FNAF in there as well. Also speaking of studies, if my event idea was ever a HHN event I think maybe videos on Youtube of Mortis' studies relating to the haunted houses would be pretty cool.
  20. Okay, semi-brightside here, could that mean DOUBLE HHN in one year?
  21. Interesting! Personally, I see Mortis as an adventurer hero type, so the idea to make him the icon is interesting - though it could work, if we focus on his many studies. Also I'm looking into the God is Dead comics on TV Tropes - a frightening concept.
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