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  2. If there was a house change we would probably know by now. However, the worst that can happen is that an IP falls through but it's unlikely. I actually hope Scarezones get changed or get redesigned, because Scarezones this year are kinda underwhelming. I just want more details about Scarezones so I can really see how the Zones will shape the event.
  3. Just a friendly remainder that even though we have all house and SZ pretty much universal only confirmed 4/10 houses and 0 SZ stuff can change(hopefully not) or not be correct till Universal announces it.
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  5. Also here's the scene list for my Warner Bros villains haunt idea Science Lab [Basically a mad scientist (or just a regular scientist i guess) tells the guests that they will go through the realms of the Warner Bros villains themselves due to the research that the scientist has found however before guests go into the portal to the itself the scientist will notice that the machine is overheating and malfunctioning but not before the scientist tells the guests to go to the portal now , also yes it's kind of a rip off of the Royal Laboratory scene] Freddy Krueger's Lair [Basically the lair is a nightmarish version of a boiler room and guests could see a wounded Nancy Thompson running from Freddy Krueger himself before telling guests to get out] Unfinished Skyscraper [In this scene the Nolanverse Joker brutally beats Batman to death when during his fight with Batman at the Unfinished Skyscraper building and guests see Joker giving a speech of how he finally defeated Batman himself and after the speech he sees the guests he tells them his Scars speech and then tells them that he decides to spare them for now before ushering guests to the next room by pointing his pipe to the next room] DIO's Mansion [In this scene, Nukesaku sees the guests and tells them of what they're doing here before saying that they want to see DIO himself and therefore guides the guests to DIO's coffin room and once they get here Nukesaku tells the guests to close their eyes before he opens the coffin and when the guests open up their eyes after the coffin is open they will now see Nukesaku in the coffin with him sectioned in pieces and hear DIO's voice saying that they shouldn't come here before revealing himself out of the shadows however before he can do anything a wall explodes revealing to be none other than the Stardust Crusaders themselves and Joseph Joestar telling them that they'll take care of DIO themselves before guests exiting out of here] Spartans vs. Immortals [Basically the fight scene between the Spartans and the Immortals in 300, one of the Immortals tries to attack the guests but Leonidas holds the Immortal off and tells the guests to get out of the battlefield] Court of Owls [It's basically the haunt maze from the DC Universe Experience at SDCC 2018 but with a few scares added in] Finale [Guests will now be at the Science Lab before but is now a wreck and hiding under a broken table is the scientist from before and when coming out of the broken table the scientist tells the guests that thanks to the machine overheating and malfunctioning all of the Warner Bros villains have escaped their realms and are reeking havoc on the real world, but however before the scientist could say anything further he suddenly gets attacked by the 2017 version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown and before the clown could drag him away one of his assistants bursts through the door armed with a shotgun and fires at the clown before telling the guests to go] Also yes i know it's not the best scene list
  6. VAMPIRE'S DOMAIN Bludholm has always been a shady village. With rumors of a new ruler, things have gotten even worse. The new Sheriff is a corrupt ponce. There's a giant of a man wandering about, ready to cleave the skull of dissidents. The local farmers have fallen sick. It's chaos, and word is, the new ruler wants it this way - if everyone's in a panic, it's easier to feed. I'm not going to make this a habit, but I used Hero Forge to make examples of the scaracters. Just because I was bored. So, I'll provide a picture with each. Sorry for the sizing and red posing arrows. Setpieces include market stalls manned by skeletons lining the street, a cart full of barrels (wine scented), a Blacksmith's forge, and a stock with a freshly-decapitated victim. Music is dark fantasy stuff - orchestral, not metal. SCARACTERS: -THE VAMPIRE LORD The new lord of the village. As seen here, he carries a dagger and a snack. Notably, he has rodent-like teeth, as a reference to Count Orlok. THE EXECUTIONER This giant of a man carries a giant axe. He threatens to cleave guests with it. Unlike most of the direct servants of the Vampire, he takes little joy in his work. He raises his blade in hopes that some sinner may gain eternal life. THE SHERIFF A Bully-Cad-Thief type. Thinks he owns the place. Harasses anyone he deems lower than himself (So all except the Vampire and Executioner). Carries a sword, which he will regularly use to make noise to draw attention to himself. Because he's THAT kind of person. ZOMBIE FARMERS Farmers of both genders who became cursed - in a way that may be related to the new lord of the land. They shamble about, carrying their tools, trying to grab at fresh meat. THE BLACKSMITH One of the original problems, the Blacksmith may or may not be a demon. He'll hang by his forge, threatening guests with his hammer. ROGUES Some of the original problems of the town, these masked figures wander the street, looking for easy targets. While the one presented here is a lady with a crossbow, there would be both genders represented, with some only having daggers. DRUNKARDS Alcoholics who wander the streets after the bars close. Big, burly men, they carry bottles and have frequent mood swings. When in a cheery mood, they may seek out guests who are a few sheets to the wind as well. When violent, anyone's a target. PLAGUE DOCTORS A few good men and women (represented here by a woman) who are doing their best to keep zombification down. They carry doctor sticks and aspergillum scented to ward of miasma. (Represented here with a fancy bottle.) They will splash some of the scented water onto guests. Or, if the guest has been hanging out with the farmers, the plague doctor could also attack with the stick.
  7. I wonder how they'll go out with the merch this year, it'd be really cool if they have 77-esque style House Of 1000 Corpses shirt and another Killer Klowns shirt and hopefully some for Ghostbusters, especially since that cool design of Stranger Things everywhere, I wouldn't doubt that being one of the posters for this year and shirt, same goes for the Universal Monsters, Killer Klowns From Outer Space since they were only featured on the scarezone shirt and poster last year and maybe one for House of 1000 Corpses, ugh, I can't wait lol
  8. Last week
  9. Facade As you wait in line, you can see various posters duct taped on to the rails. You look closely at them, and realize there missing posters. Some are missing people, whilst some are missing animals (Dogs, Cats, etc etc). All of there “Last seen” reports are located to various settings in the maze (Forests, Mountains, Submarine voyage, etc etc). You then finally see the entrance of the maze. It seems to look like a face, what species the face is you can’t tell. The face seems to be made out of newspaper. You look closely at the newspapers, and you see that there reports of incidents around the world (Hiker goes missing, Body washes up ashore, Man arrested for cannibalism, etc etc). You then enter inside the maze. Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZANKFxrcKU https://youtu.be/K8Mg_A_PoNM?t=23 Forest (Bigfoot) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigfoot You are then transported inside a dark area. There’s trees lining your left and right, some wet with sap. The area feels semi hot, as you traverse the room. There’s a small sign to your left reading “Klamath River” (the area where the patterson film was shot at). As you walk around, you can hear branches creaking as something heavy moves around. You pass by a tree, and Bigfoot (actor) will come out from between there with a large branch. It swipes it at you, as you have walked into his territory. It roars in rage, as you exit the room. Highway (Dover Demon) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dover_Demon You then enter into a large open room. You look down, and notice white lines painted on concrete. To your left and right, there’s small bushes. To your right, you see several cars passing by (lights going back and forth with sound effects of them passing by). You suddenly hear rustling from one bush. As you pass by it expecting a scare, the Dover Demon will come out from the other bush (torso animatronic). It doesn’t attack you, but instead gives you an ominous glare, as you exit the room. Gas Station (Goatman) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goatman_(Maryland) You then enter into a well lit area this time, but it’s still night out. You see a small gas station near you. There’s a parked car next to a pump machine. The pump is left hanging, still dripping oil (water) onto the ground. There’s also some other liquid to, blood. You then see a body right next to the car. The body has an axe embedded into his chest, also leaving it into the car. The body then starts to wake up, and looks at you. It whispers out “Behind you…”, before falling limp again. Suddenly, the Goatman (actor) emerges from the darkness with an axe and bellows out at you. Before it can swing at you, you exit the room. Hunters Shack (Skunk Ape) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skunk_ape You then enter into another forested area. The room basically looks the same as before (without sign), but there’s a new object here. To your left, there’s a small shack. The shack is disguised with overgrown moss, and there’s a small window on the door. In this room, you can smell something awful. It smells like rotting garbage. Suddenly, a loud roar is heard from inside. A gunshot is then promptly heard, as the shot lights up the window (strobe lights). You then hear a scream, then a sickly crack. The door bursts open, and a body flies towards you (actor jumping in the air timed with strobe lights). He hits the ground, as a Skunk Ape (actor) exits the shack. It’s chest and hands bloodied, as it roars at you and pounds its chest. You flee towards the next room. Jungle (Kasai Rex) https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Kasai_Rex (Yes, I know the cryptid is a hoax, but...it's a t-rex) You then enter into a wet jungle. From above, you can feel the rain falling on you (water droplets every few seconds). Every so often, you can feel the ground rumble beneath you, as something massive moves around. You then hear a LOUD roar, making the ground shake some more. Suddenly, the Kasai Rex (puppet) pokes its head between some trees and tries to bite at you. You dash towards to the next room. Backyard (Michigan Dogman) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michigan_Dogman You then enter into a highly different setting, a suburban backyard. A small house is in front of you, the lights turned out. You look down, and you notice wolf like footprints imprinted onto the grass. A small shed is to your left, and some trees are to your right. Suddenly, the Dogman (actor) bursts through the trees and snarls at you, saliva dripping from its snout. You then go into the shed for cover. Shed (Beast Of Bray Road) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beast_of_Bray_Road The shed is dark, cramped, and dirty. Cobwebs hang from the corners of walls, used tools hang from the wall, and various claw marks layed on the walls. For some odd reason, you can smell wet dog. Small droplets come down from the ceiling. You look up, and you see a snarling face in front of you (puppet). The droplets are saliva of the Beast, as it suddenly roars at you in fury. Barn (Chupacabra) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chupacabra You then enter into a slightly larger room than before. There are several dark pens to your left and right, various farm animal sounds will play out. You walk by the goat pen, and you just hear this awful death rattle from there, followed by growling. The lights on the pen turn on, revealing the body of a goat. There isn’t any blood on it, besides two puncture marks on it. On top of it is the Chupacabra (puppet) , snarling at you as you interrupted it’s feast (animatronic). It swipes it’s claws at you as you exit the room. Bridge (Mothman) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mothman You then find yourself high up. To your left and right are various beams, rust covers it. You look below the bridge, you see an ocean of water (projection). There are several cars parked on the bridge, some will turn on and honk their horn, giving a quick startle scare. This will make a quick distraction, as the Mothman (actor) swoops down above you(bungee), leaping on run beam to the next. You got to the next room. Mountain (yeti) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeti You then enter into a very large room. This room is different than other rooms, as you are walking on a ramp. (fake) snow is everywhere in this room, coating it in white. As you walk around, you spot several boulders to your left and right. You walk past one, and a mountain climber comes out. He’s bruised and bloodied, and asks you to leave the area before”It” comes. A loud roar fills the air, as a Yeti (actor) comes out from behind him. The Yeti grabs the climbers head, and squeezes it. Blood spills out of the climbers mouth (blood capsule), as a sickening crunch is heard. The body drops to the floor, as the Yeti beats its chest and howls at you as you exit the room. Camp (wendigo) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendigo You then enter into another snowy area. To your left, you see a small campsite. There are several branches, forming what used to be a campfire.several half eaten bodies of campers lie the area, all half eaten. Suddenly, a Camper comes out from a tent. His lips are partially chewed out, and scratch marks line his face. He laughs maniacally, as he backs away from you. From behind you, the Wendigo (actor) emerges from the trees. It howls into the sky, as you run to the next room. Village (jersey devil) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_Devil You then enter into another large room. Small cottages lie left and right, all heavily old and abandoned. You pass by a cottage, and you can hear a female screaming, then flesh tearing...then bleating. Suddenly, smoke comes from the chimney. The Jersey Devil (actor) is than seen from the roof, and it sees you to. It bleats/neighs at you, and tries to swipes it’s hooves at you. You then go into the next room. River (bunyip) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunyip You then enter into a different environment. The room feels hotter than others, cooling you off from the chillier rooms before. There’s tons of fog underneath you, giving the illusion you’re traveling through water. From below, you can hear a deep, unearthly growl. Suddenly, a giant head emerges from the water. It’s the Bunyip (puppet), and it has a victim in it’s mouth (puppet). The victim screams in agony. The Bunyip gives you a death stare, as it pulls it’s head back into the water. Indian Burial Ground(skin-walker) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin-walker You are now back on land. Around you are various graves, all buried with sticks or rocks. Some sticks seem to be bent, and there’s a canine tooth stuck in some dirt. As you walk past a tree, a mid-transformed Skin-walker (actor) emerges from it. His face is seen growing a snout and long ears, and he claws at you with growing claws. He then cowers in pain back into the tree. Then, a dog like creature (puppet) emerges from the other side of the tree, barking at you you exit the room. Abandoned building (devil monkey) https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Devil_Monkeys You then enter into a small indoor area. Around you, you see faded paint, crumbling bricks, and trash everywhere in the room. The smell of dirt and cement fills the room. As you walk by a trash can, it starts to shudder. You look closer at it, and you see a dismembered hand holding tightly onto the handle. You back away from it, and from the other side a Devil Monkey (actor) emerges from behind a broken window. It screeches and tries to grab at you as you exit the room. Sewer tunnel (lizard men) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lizard_Man_of_Scape_Ore_Swamp You are now in a tightly cramped area, and it smells awful. You can hear water rushing from below and above you, sometimes dripping on you. On the walls are various claw marks and handprints. On the floor are various small reptilian looking eggs, and one seems to have hatched open. You walk past an open grate, and the grate bursts open, revealing the Lizard Man (actor) . he hisses and claws at you, as you go to the next room Cave (genoskwa) https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Genoskwa You are now in darkly lit room. Hanging from the ceilings, are various bodies. You look closer at the bodies, and see that all of their heads have been removed. The only path to the exit is through the bodies. You walk through the gruesome sight, and you start to hear thumping, and it isn’t footsteps. You realize that it’s actually rocks being thrown at you (air mixed with sound), as you narrowly try to leave the room. As you are about to exit, the Genowskwa (actor) emerges from behind a body. It beats its chest in rage as you leave the room. Pier (nessie) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loch_Ness_Monster You then enter into what seems to be a pier. To you left and right are wooden rails. Below, you see the ocean (basic projection effect). In front of you, you see a large old-fashioned submarine (there will be a small use of forced perspective to make it look bigger than it actually is). As you walk towards the submarine, a large reptilian head (puppet) pokes through the ocean. Nessie turns it’s head towards you, and spits water at you as you exit the room. Submarine (kraken) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kraken You then enter into a metallic hallway. Around you, are various porthole size windows, and various metallic doors. The submarine will occasionally rattle and shake, as something bumps into it. As you walk past one door, it opens up revealing a crewmember. He screams for help, but he is suddenly dragged back by various tentacles. The other side of the room rattles again, as you see the Krakens eye peering at you (projection). As you exit the room. Town You then enter into a very large room. Around you are various wrecked buildings and cars. The buildings have there windows and walls torns away, and several cars have been flipped over or crushed. Behind several buildings or cars, various Cryptids from before will come out (Bigfoot, Goatman, Dogman, Wendigo, etc etc), as you dash towards the exit of the haunt.
  10. The concept sketches were done with the Adobe Draw app for iPad with the Apple Pencil, and I just write the synopsis in whichever word processing program I have available (mostly Google Docs). These ideas just come. This house came about, mostly, from some work I was doing on a different house (Literary Terror) that includes a "Shakespeare" scene. I was second guessing the best play to use, when I realized Shakespeare could support a whole house.
  11. Cross Promotion Idea, Spalding's Chicken and 11's Waffles. Stay Puft-Eggo S'mores. A Twinkie wrapped in an Eggo Waffle. ...Also how would the blood drink work? All I can see is either a cup wrapped with cotton candy, or cotton candy as a "head" for the drink. The first option, while movie accurate, sounds pretty gross, what with Cotton Candy being so sticky and all. Krazy Straws required, regardless.
  12. Wish they would just not bother with mentioning the ‘80s. Like Hawkeye said, “Don’t give me hope.” Anyway, there’s lots of opportunities to sell IP-based food this year. Don’t think they would do all of them, but still fun to think about: Stranger Things speaks for itself. For Ghostbusters they could sell Stay Puft s’mores. For KK (less likely) they could sell cotton candy blood drinks that the Klowns drank from. Even for HoTC (FAR less likely) they could sell fried chicken...”it just tastes so damn good!” And with Zombieland, there’s Twinkies I suppose. BTW, is there a possibility that they’re looking to continue the “scarezone to house” promotion trend? ZL would make a prime candidate.
  13. True, I mean House Of 1000 Corpses takes place in the 70s, I believe 1977 to be exact and definitely inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as for Zombieland it sorta just there but definitely a good ip to see come to the event, I really think they missed the opportunity of bringing in a Romero house this year, Day Of The Dead or Dawn Of The Dead would have been perfect houses. I feel like they are going to probably bill this year in having basically Ghostbusters, Stranger Things and Universal Monsters as the leads and the others in the background, I'm very interested in the Graveyard original, I would love to see what they are trying to do with that one. Hopefully they'll give us more information soon but this year in terms of what is coming seems decent I guess, both coasts have a somewhat stellar lineup I think once the event kicks in September, things might start to look better right now everything just seems iffy.
  14. When you get sucked into the portal and try to survive the arcade games that you played while being inside of them:
  15. though you didn't have to do it, i loved the idea. I hope you can do more of your projects soon.
  16. GAME OVER ARCADE GAME OVER Arcade is one of the largest collections of retro video games in-state. Available to anyone with enough quarters, this arcade holds a dark secret: Anyone who spends $166.50 to play the games is sucked into the arcade, where a game over equals permanent death. Or so the rumors go. You've been attending the arcade for years, nothing came out of it - until just now. As you put the final quarter in for a fighting game, the machine becomes a portal, sucking you in. Can you make it out alive? ROOMS: FACADE: GAME OVER Arcade is a city building with an open, warehouse-door style entrance. Inside, blacklights illuminate the machine artwork and crazy 90's floor designs. Various machines are lined in rows, with change machines, claw games, and other arcade devices between them. There's a snack bar with the smell of hot dogs and cola wafting from it, and it's implied there are more games beyond the wall - but we're not going there. Instead, you enter the pulsing, green hole in the wall. In this scene, pop music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's play (8-Bit Medley could kick in at any time in the mix). A mechanic hides in the photo booth, lunging out to warn guests before ducking back in. STREET FIGHTER: Guests enter a temple, where Ryu and Ken lie on the ground, defeated. M. Bison stands above them, laughing and threatening guests. Akuma will attack from behind a temple pillar. Splatterhouse: The final boss. Hell Chaos towers over guests, grabbing at them with his giant hands. Rick Taylor hides in the shadows, terrorizing guests with an axe. PAC-MAN: Guests find themselves in a flashing Neon Maze. The Four Ghosts lurk about, popping out from boo-holes. At the final turn, PAC-MAN will rush guests, eager for food. (Puppet) Tetris: A red-lit Russia is in ruins, as Tetrominos descending from the night sky take out various landmarks. This includes the citizens, who are missing body parts. Some of the survivors will attack in fear. Donkey Kong: TheMazeThinker's idea is great, but I feel like Donkey Kong needs to throw barrels. Maybe DK could be in broken shackles? Anyways, Jumpman will attack with a hammer. Mario Bros.: Following that, Guests enter a sewer. Sidesteppers and Shellcreepers emerge from the pipes. The floor will bump a few times, before Luigi jumps up from the side, brandishing a wrench. Super Mario Bros: THEN Guests end up in Koopa's Castle, where a giant King Koopa Puppet roars and laughs at guests while holding a captive Princess Toadstool. From the other side, Mario attacks with an axe. Centipede: Giant Mushrooms, even bigger centipede above the exit. Some giant spiders will lunge at guests. Punch Out!: A Beaten Little Mac struggles to get up off the mat. Mr. Dream will appear from behind guests, swinging. Tapper: Guests enter a saloon, where a bartender slides beer mugs that threaten to spill on guests. A drunken barfly will become hostile. House of the Dead: Dr. Curien stands on a balcony, mocking guests while Zombies lurch at them. The Chariot and the Magician will attack, hidden in the walls. CarnEvil (Finale): Umlaut mocks guests, "praising" them for getting this far. Guests are then sent through an airship, where Hambone, Evil Marie, and Krampus hide. Finally, as guests almost escape, Professor Von Tokkentakker himself attacks, surrounded by an explosion of light and popping (meant to be a firework).
  17. I definitely wish I could hit Delusion and The Willows. I wish a lot of these haunts could happen in the daytime (but I know, doesn't work!) so I could do them en route to HHN. Since I'll be Uber/Lyft-ing, going out towards Hollywood back and fort would be a little more pricey than I originally planned I'll keep these in my mind though! Thank you for the insights!
  18. Auditioned yesterday and I got the golden ticket!! Waiting on that email I guess... Does anyone know how long the email process can take? Because I need to figure out if I need to move to California or not, lol! And break a leg to anyone who still has their audition!!!
  19. They stated last year they were interested in exploring the 80s further, so this year isn't a surprise. Older properties are also cheaper. It gives them a bit more leverage to go after bigger names (like their pursuit of Game of Thrones). That said, Orlando is less 80s this year than last. They have Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Killer Klowns, and... That's kinda it. House of Thousand Corpses/Rob Zombie are 90s. Universal Monsters are timeless. Zombieland is 2010s. Sure, Depths of Fear is 80s-inspired, but not directly connected so far. Maybe the Graveyard house will be connected to the 80s, but I doubt it.
  20. Well hopefully it is another ip to throw out there, maybe Ghostbusters or HOTC?
  21. An announcement is partially prepped. Orlando is behind schedule on their coast-specific stuff.
  22. Oh okay, well I mean I still hope they announce something soon, at least one more house or just the scarezones before next month. I'm thinking they'll probably throw something for Stranger Things like they did last year.
  23. Casting changes don't mean a house changed. It means casting requirements changed.
  24. Well not exclusive ip but what is going to be the last minute change to one of the houses, is it going to be still be an original or replaced by an ip?
  25. Yeah but if you look at how now Mike and Murdy both realizing how impatient people have been, have been trying to their best to throw tweets but I think the leaks have been really stressing them out, maybe Murdy since majority of the properties revealed are California's.
  26. If you look at the last five years, odd years tend to be much slower announcement wise. Coincidence, but still—we seem to be following that coincidence here.
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