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  2. I know this post is old but i have some new ideas for this game idea like maybe add some elements of the Evil Asylum web-series and also have a map based on New Raccoon City as shown in the web-series
  3. Also here's the lineup that i would imagine from the top of my head The House That Jack Built (Icon House) POW! Right in the Nostalgia Presents: The Return of the Night of the Living Dead Doom It Yourself A Halloween Carol The Halloween Store: Toy Gorey NOW! That's What I Call Holiday Horror Hits! Monster Music Scare-Zones Karvers Night of the Living Decorations The Street Divided Spirits of Halloween
  4. I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I am definitely more interested in US than I would be in a Tooth Fairy house. Depths of Fear is the original house I'm most excited about.
  5. I really liked Us as a movie, but as so many others have said, I don't see how it will translate into a house. I mean, there will most certainly be a mirror maze at the start and/or end, but beyond that.... it could end up feeling like the Strangers or Purge. However, Poltergeist went so far above and beyond the movie, maybe this will do the same and surprise us all. I'd still really rather have a Tooth Fairy house...
  6. Recently HoS has been releasing info for this years event, and it's Twenty Years XX of Fear for them. Dates- 22 nights. Sept. 20, 21, 27 and 28 Oct. 4-6, 10-13, 17-20, 24-27, 31 Nov. 1-2 With it being 20 Years of Fear for them, they're bringing back multiple former Icons and here's the bunch they've announced so far. Dr. Livingsdoom (2000) The Death Jockey (2007) The Trickster (2012) Voodoo Queen (2013) The Butcher (2017) They also announced two returning houses Simon's Slaughterhouse (It should be noted there's no warning of it being recommended 17 and up this year.) The Black Spot - Bloodshed There's also rumblings there's going to be one new house this year, and with Gwazi under RMC construction, it's safe to assume Unearthed has been buried. ------ Now that the formalities have been taken care of, I would say it's exciting to see them bringing back various icons for the 20th anniversary. But there's the unfortunate elephant in the room that the event hasn't been firing on all cylinders the past couple years. They've yet to make another slam dunk house along the likes of Death Water Bayou and Motel Hell (as those two houses have remained in the top of most people's rankings the past couple years), and any of the new houses have been split between decent (Demented Dimensions, Insomnia) to crap (Undead Arena, Simon's Slaughterhouse.). It also doesn't help last year had the marketing gimmick of Simon's Slaughterhouse and the Meat Market being recommended 17 and up when they had nothing to justify it. Not to mention, it's never a good idea starting off your house announcements with the return of Simon's Slaughterhouse (The whiff of last year) and The Black Spot, which has been a whiff ever since it debuted.
  7. Actually if you combine the 4 options along with the many options you had in mind before settling to this idea you get an ultimate Area 51 haunt
  8. They wanted to strike while the iron is hot, and since Us looks to be a standalone film, it's now or never to do a house of it. As for why the Tooth Fairy (or whatever house it was supposed to be, sounds like it was similar to last year where we all thought it was a Wizard of Oz house, when it was actually a Scary Tales house) was axed, the only word that's been given is the other three originals were farther ahead in their builds. If you're going to do a replacement later in the season, it's best replacing the house which you don't have to take down as much to do so. Just because a studio has worked with another before, doesn't mean it's going to be so simple in getting the rights for a house today. Since speaking of relationships, what matters more is the relationship of Universal and Steven King...and considering Steven King was PISSED when Uni used the Stanley Kubrick loophole to use the Shining a couple years back, you think he's just gonna' let Uni have the rights for IT? Unfortunately I believe that bridge is torched.
  9. I question some of your numbers. Although, I did find on a quick google search that US was the 3rd highest grossing movie of 2019 (so far) across all genres (as you stated). Us was #26 of all horror movies at 254 million internationally. The number 1 being IT at 325 million. IT made so much more sense to me. You have a sequel out this year, and they have a decent relationship with WB (passed houses/Scare-zone IPs and HP). Universal had the rights for it at one point for HHN28 early January. Horror made hear announced (around the same time) that they weren’t holding there event this year. I am going to rewatch US again, but I sorta get it, I guess 254 million and a good relationship with Blumhouse. I can definitely see why people aren’t happy about it. Oh well I am not an expert, I just try to follow the logic and sometimes I just can’t... again doesn’t matter if I can follow it or not.
  10. oh shit, i was joking about the meme xd! the house will be a big hit in september though.
  11. STARLAB 51 Starlabs - martian spacecrafts used to conduct experiments on creatures from other planets. You've been chosen as a test subject for the Terra Starlab - via abduction! Can you survive? I can't honestly think of how I'd do an Area 51 house. Aliens? Supersoldiers? Robots? MK Ultra? Too many options. Aliens too obvious. So instead, we flip the idea on its head and have aliens experiment on YOU - except that's standard Alien Procedure, isn't it? Nonetheless, Aliens. ROOMS: Facade: The entry is made up to look like the underside of the Starlab, with several lights and an open portal doorway. A green swirling light covers the queue line, drawing guests to the portal. Greetings from various languages, read by a machine voice, play. Inspection: An alien guard with a stun stick (cattle prod) ushers guests into a well-lit room. Other martians can be seen behind a window, judging guests, while a camera takes pictures. Stunstick guard might get hostile. Storage: Guests then pass by several stasis tubes, filled with human subjects. One at the end will have the human jolt awake, slamming on his prison. Biopsy: Guests then enter a surgical theater, where martian scientists cut open a screaming victim. They might start playing with the organs inside. On shelves lining the room, are jars with organs in them. Brain Scanner: Guests then pass by a human with a device drilling into his head. He's obviously in pain, and a screen attached to the device shows images related to pain. An alien scientist with a similar device will sneak up on guests, to experiment on them. Airlock: A subject is in the airlock, begging to be freed. The martian guard will then activate the airlock, silencing his screams. A few seconds pass, and the man floats past a window, dead. The guard, when not torturing the victim, will swipe at guests. Experiments: Not a single room, but a series of rooms where scientists attack and humans are mutated or messed with. Such sights as a zombie made from a modified brain scanner, a human whose bones are giving out and is growing tentacles, a head and lungs screaming for help, a stasis tube filled with floating parts (I have no idea what they're trying to achieve there), and several multi-headed and multi-limbed freaks. Finale: A short laser maze, like the one from The In-Between. If that had to be a 3-D house for it to work then by golly, this would have to be a 3-D house as well.
  12. Us had the best opening weekend of a non franchise horror movie in history. And one of the top 3 in horror history. Top 2 for live action “original” films only behind Avatar. Critical and commercial success. They’re hitting an iron while it will still be hot, the Us and Jordan Peele train. It’s not that hard to get. They are gonna get some bank off of this.
  13. That is really unfortunate... It makes almost no sense as to why replace an original with US later in the game. I just don’t follow the logic. I guess that will be my throw away house this year (thought KKfOS was gunna be my throw away this year). Even worse that it has to take up a sound stage too. I just don’t get it... but I guess it’s not my place to understand. disappointed guest is disappointed:-(...
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  15. I can only partly understand why there's so much vehement, yet lukewarm disdain for Us as a film; but I'll count myself lucky that it was the most fun I've had watching a horror movie in a long time and I'm very excited that it will have a house this year. There are scenes right out of the gate in that movie that I'll be elated to walk through. Was Tooth Fairy one of the originals I was most interested in? Yes. Does that mean it's replacement is automatically deserving of my scorn? Absolutely not. If we all made it through Blumhouse 2: The Blumin' Onion last year, I think y'all will survive 1 house you're not excited for this year too.
  16. It's happening. I can tell you not too many people are happy about it.
  17. Not HHN 29 specific but I live in Orlando and some times I see some very spooky stuff. Just think, these could be HHN props!!
  18. I honestly was more surprised Us wasn't a part of the initial rumored map, especially with it being number 3 of 2019 top grossing box office so far. I am super bummed that Tooth Fairy was the one that got the chop for Us (or whatever the unknown IP is), the Tooth Fairy concept I would've loved to see after Knott's did it but hopefully it is just shelved until next year or sometime soon. Regardless of if people liked Us or not it did very well financially and just people knowing about it and I do think it will translate well into a house I think it could be really good if done right.
  19. As of now we don’t know what house story is and we don’t even now the name for sure.
  20. For whatever reason, it's currently a little difficult for me to get excited about "Graveyard: Hide and Seek." Is it just a generic graveyard ghost house? Kinda sounds like it could be this year's "Hive."
  21. Is Us really a thing?.... cause I really don’t want it to be. I mean based off the one casting call? What evidence are people using? It seems like most people who are in the “know” are being pretty tight lipped. I am not convinced yet, I just wanna know why people think this or what they are basing their claim off of.
  22. Hide and Shriek is not the official name for the Graveyard house, but yeah pretty spot on (though IDK about which is in 24A and “B”
  23. So it seems this will be our line-up? Ghostbusters - Soundstage 22 Stranger Things - Soundstage 25 Us - Soundstage 24B Yeti: Terror of the Yukon - Soundstage 24A House of 1000 Corpses - MIB Tent Depths of Fear - Sprung Tent 2 Nightingales: Blood Pit - Sprung Tent 1 Monsters - New Parade Building Graveyard: Hide & Shriek - Parade Building Killer Klownz from Outer Space - Shrek 4D Theater 2
  24. I thought they scrapped Tooth Fairy because having Dwayne Johnson in both Tooth Fairy and Fast and Furious Supercharged in the same park would be too overwhelming and powerful enough to cause a disturbance in the space-time continuum.
  25. You know if there ever was a house based on Area 51 i would imagine a room with tubes with aliens inside there (along with some cameos of other fictional alien species) and have like an alien hiding in the room or maybe behind one of the tubes
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