Horror has a new home!

For the first time ever, Halloween Horror Nights moves to Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park.

This year you’ll explore four terrifying islands filled with NEW haunted houses, NEW shows, and a host of horrifying NEW creatures unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. Halloween Horror Nights at Islands of Adventure takes terror to an all new level.

It’s totally different and totally unpredictable, with scares coming where you least expect them. From the moment you enter the park until the moment you leave, you’ll be immersed in a blanket of fear with nowhere to escape.

In addition, the rides and attractions that make you scream will be open.

Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear was the first year ever to bring the event over to Universal Studios Florida’s neighboring theme park, Islands of Adventure. This year took the normal daytime themes and feel of the theme park and transformed them into something more sinister.

Islands of Fear set a record number of scare zones and haunted houses, and was also a key turning point in the popularity of the event. In 2002, Lightship Entertainment produced the first documentary on the event which aired in 2003 on Discovery Channel-owned “Travel Channel.” This documentary was also sold at the park during Halloween Horror Nights 13.


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October 4, 5, 10-13, 16-20, 23-27, 29-31, November 1, 2
Sunday – Thursday: 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Friday and Saturday: 7:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Single Night Admission: $49.95 + tax
Frequent Fear Pass: Unknown


12caretaker“Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe, catch a body by the toe, if he hollers, cut him low, eenie, meenie, miney…. moe”.

Dr. Albert Caine was once a respected surgeon who later in life became the Caretaker of the Shady Oaks Cemetery. As well as all of the standard practices that a Caretaker employed, Caine and his family used the deceased as guinea pigs in unnatural and bizarre experiments, even going so far as to use the corpses as playthings in elaborate funeral parlor parties.

The terrible sight was seen by two teenagers who decided to take a walk through the cemetery telling ghost stories. Walking past the gravestones and various monuments they heard music carried on the wind. Following the sound they came across the Shady Oaks Cemetery which is where they witnessed the Caine family dancing with the rotted remains of decaying corpses.

Word of the grisly goings-on quickly spread and the Police launched a massive investigation but before it could be completed an angry mob comprised of the relatives of the deceased used in the Caretaker’s experiments took matters into their own hands. Setting fire to the whole area they destroying the funeral parlor and the Caine Home, with the entire family inside. After the policy investigation had been completed they discovered that the Caretaker and his family had desecrated more than two thousand graves. They found an intricate series of tunnels underneath the ground that ran for miles and miles.

Ten years later and the Shady Oaks Cemetery has been off limits for all comers until now. Although neither the body of The Caretaker or any of his demented family were discovered there is a legend that the strange noises that emanate from the decaying ruins are somehow connected to the horrors of it’s past. Could the Albert Caine and his family have escaped that fire? As the Shady Oaks Cemetery is reopened an intrepid research team will enter to discover it’s terrible secrets. You, the guests of Halloween Horror Nights: Islands Of Fear, have been volunteered as members of that team.

The Caretaker appeared as the icon for the Islands of Fear event in the opening show, torturing a victim, and in his manor: ScreamHouse.

He returned the following year for Halloween Horror Nights 13 in ScreamHouse Revisited.

For Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16, he returned with Jack, The Director, and The Storyteller in the opening show, The Arrival. Hea also had his own house again, ScreamHouse: Resurrection.

The Caretaker would appear with his daughter, Cindy Caine in the Shadows from the Past Scare Zone for the last week of Halloween Horror Nights XIX: Ripped from the Silver Screen.

He was also revealed has one of Fear’s minions: Death at Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear in the Fear Revealed Scare Zone.




12cindy“Omens of evil spread with each gust, the past is no more. Ashes to ashes, we all fall to dust!”.

Cindy Bearer was a very disturbed young lady. Her Parents Paul and Kara ran a Funeral home, and Cindy lacked the social interaction with other children that school would bring. Her only friend was a large porcelain doll, which Cindy considered her twin sister. Her life was filled with darkness and loneness, and many a night, Cindy would befriend the corpses awaiting preparation and fulfill her imagination. Cindy was also witness to many grisly atrocities.

Her parents were also deeply disturbed. Many times, the workload of the funeral home became too much for the older Father and Mother, and they would hide the remains of loved ones instead of cremating them. Increasing the need for income, the Father acquired a panel van and began a side-business called “Unique meats”. From this van, the Father would sell his “special” brand of cured meats. The madness began to become mundane as the Bearers also began creating an extended family using the corpses. Ghastly moonlight dinner parties were held in the adjoining graveyard, where the Bearers would socialize with the long dead corpses and eat a variety of prepared dishes.

This grisly display was witnessed one night as two teens decided to take a spooky stroll through the graveyard. They heard loud music playing from the funeral home and peeked inside the dirty windows. What they saw chilled them to the bone. There in the main room of the home was the Bearer family dancing with the decayed remains of corpses. Word spread quickly as police began an investigation.

An angry Mob of family members, outraged at what had potentially became of their loved ones, took matters into their own hands destroying the funeral parlor. They set the place on fire, which engulfed the home and the Bearer family in flames.

Cindy escaped into the graveyard, her face a trail of burning flesh.

The next morning, Police and Fire officials found only the remains of Cindy’s doll, it’s porcelain face missing.

After weeks of investigation it was found that the Bearer family had desecrated more than a thousand graves. After exploring the grounds, the investigating officers found an intricate series of tunnels that ran underground and were seemingly endless. The police closed the case and sealed the gates of the cemetery.

Like a wounded animal, the evil essence of Cindy became more dangerous.

Cindy’s dreams have now become her reality. Her evil tormentors have become her playthings, controlled manifestations of malice. Each plaything represents a piece of her twisted mind.

Originally, Cindy weaved her way into each island, each story, and each house. The entire event was going to be her thoughts – the twisted ideas that went through her disturbed head. Each island was to be warped into dark corner of her mind. They were to be called… the Islands of Horror. The details below are the very details that the islands were originally going to be molded into. Some of the ideas listed below are similar to what made it, while others drastically different.

Port of Evil early concept:

HHN 12 Flyer (Cindy)Our first experience for this year’s Halloween event sets the mood perfectly. As we approach the Islands, we can see that the Iconic lighthouse is erupting with cold roll fog. Like a knife, stabbed into the blackness of something underground, the eerie fog creeps out and down the lighthouse, invading the park. Once we enter the gates, we approach the first bridge. A wall of fog creates a curtain. A banner scrawled in blood proclaims, “The Nightmare begins”. Cindy’s face is projected onto the fog, and she beckons for us to step into her nightmare and “come play with me” We step through the fog and emerge in the surreal world of a nightmare. Odd, misshapen creatures with glowing red eyes stalk us through the space, using the confining architecture as opportunities for scares. We make our way past the second bridge, again obstructed by a wall of fog. We cautiously step through and enter a world filled with Torture and Darkness. Around the perimeter are small vignettes of ghastly illusion and agony.


HHN 12 Flyer (Cindy)…Hell’s Waiting Room… where a discordant symphony of suffering plays… a choir of agony shrieks out its wretched song… and scenes of unspeakable torture assault your brain. A large map has been erected at the landing, drawn on the stretched and stitched skin of unfortunate souls. Illuminated by torches, the map is twelve feet across. This ghastly relief gives us an overview of the new experiences at Islands. Beyond this Plaza of Pain, with its plumes of flame and billows of smoke, lies a vista of the Islands that have all gone to hell in a hand basket… or in this case, a toy box. And you come to an awful realization that it’s their turn to play. With you…

Cindy was later featured in the third revision of Scream House (Scream House: Resurrection) at Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16 in 2006. Photographs of Cindy were featured throughout the house, and the child could be spotted in a casket in the funeral parlor scene.

She would also appear with her father, The Caretaker in the Shadows from the Past Scare Zone for the last week of Halloween Horror Nights XIX: Ripped from the Silver Screen.

Cindy became part of Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear in her own haunted house, The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes. She could also be seen skipping around in the Fear Revealed Scare Zone.

HHN 12 Flyer (Cindy)

HHN 12 (Cindy Artwork)



Location: Triceratops Discovery Trail

Deep within the jungle, top secret genetic experiments have gone horribly wrong, creating hideous mutants half human, half dinosaur and all evil.

Fear Factor
Location: Thunder Falls Terrace

Imagine a place where your greatest fears become reality. Feel your way through absolute darkness in rooms crawling with insects, snakes, spiders, worms, rats and more.

Maximum Carnage
Location: Carnage Warehouse (B285A)

Venture into the labyrinth-like secret hideout of the malevolent Carnage, an insane criminal with incredible alien powers, who’s bent on mindless destruction.

Scary Tales II
Location: Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges

Step into the pages of the grimmest fairy tales ever told, where nobody lives happily ever after. In fact, nobody lives.


Scream House
Location: Sound Stage 20

There’s something disturbing about this small town mortuary. The bodies just don’t want to stay dead – and they don’t want YOU to leave!


Location: Suess Landing

All the Whos are behind locked doors. As darkness falls, the mischievous spirit of Halloween descends upon the deserted streets. Does it bring treats…or tricks?

Island of Evil Souls
Location: Lost Continent

The imposing figure of Nightmare blocks your entry to this hellish netherworld of ancient demons and fiery torments. Do you dare to pass?

Island Under Siege
Location: Marvel Super Hero Island

The super heroes have all been defeated. Now you’re trapped in a decaying, lawless city under siege by the minions of the most vicious super villain of all, Carnage.

JP Extinction
Location: Jurassic Park

The power is out. The gates are down. Packs of carnivorous dinosaurs are loose in the park and there’s something very strange, very deadly stalking you as well!

Port of Evil
Location: Port of Entry

Enter an eerie, mist-shrouded port city where unseen creatures and unspeakable horrors lurk around every corner.


Treaks and Foons
Location: Toon Lagoon

The joke’s on you as you cross a weird, maddening landscape populated by disturbing, cartoonish freaks whose idea of fun is scaring you silly.


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Location: Toon Lagoon Amphitheater

Don’t forget the all NEW live stage show, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. Join Bill & Ted as these two most excellent dudes encounter awesome heroes and bogus villains from the years most memorable TV shows, movies, music and more! Party on!

Studio 666
Location: Lost Continent

Gather all your friends and dance the night away as the hottest nightspot in the land of the dead comes alive with pulse-pounding, high energy music.

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