For 19 nights, Universal Studios brings your worst nightmares to life with Halloween Horror Nights XI.

You’ll encounter the world’s most terrifying haunted houses, live shows that will have you screaming for more and scare zones.

Experience the terror of Halloween Horror Nights XI… if you dare!

Halloween Horror Nights XI was a touchy event. Coming so close after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US, Universal hurried to change the event to reflect and be more accepting to the mood amongst society at that time. Many changes were made, from house titles to the non-existence of blood. One of the most notable changes would be the event’s original icon – Eddie.

Eddie was a chainsaw-wielding, facemask-wearing maniac who had an elaborate back story. Eddie was subtly replaced by the return of the previous years’ icon Jack the Clown – with tag lines such as “Jack’s Back” and “There’s no more clowning around.”

In addition to the icon change, anything graphic or violent was scrapped from the event, displaying no blood or any sort of gore. Names were changed left and right, anything that could be taken remotely offensive in the country’s state of vulnerability was removed in respect.

Some original titles (which may still sound familiar) included “Bloodbath Underground” as what we knew as “Ooze Zone,” modifications included red lighting being changed to green, and blood turning into goop. “Scary Tales” was originally named “Terror Land.” “Nightmare Alley” was originally titled “Slasher Alley,” and the most obvious change would be the Festival of the Dead Parade being renamed as “Nightmares on Parade.” Additionally, the “Deadly D’illusions” show became “Dangerous D’illusions.”


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October 5-7, 11-13, 17-21, 25-28, 30-31, November 2-3
Sunday – Thursday: 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Friday and Saturday: 7:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Single Night Admission: Unknown



Halloween Horror Nights XI went down in horror nights history as the year that was “toned-down.” It was due to the events of September 11th, 2001 that the Horror Nights team had to cut the gore and violence down to a minimum. The country was in shock after the disaster, and the last thing people wanted on their minds was death.

The event saw changes from names, descriptions, and the overall execution of houses and scare zones. “The Festival of the Dead Parade” became “Nightmares on Parade,” “Slasher Alley” changed to “Nightmare Alley,” “Bloodbath Underground” became the “Ooze Zone,” and many other name changes were involved (you can view the Pre 9/11/2001 Flyer, which shows you the original titles and descriptions below.) But the most prominent change would be none other than the icon of the event itself.

T-Shirts and marketing campaigns with “Jack the Clown” were brought in to replace. Marketing was torn both ways, as both icons could be seen leading up to the event, therefore it was not unlikely to see Jack on one advertisement, and Eddie on the other.

dR. fReAK did an interview with J. Michael Roddy, below are some of the quotes.

Eddie was originally a depraved individual with a real love of horror films. His love of the genre mixed with his lunacy would give him a real edge to designing horror mazes. Then we were attacked by terrorists and the Halloween event changed; Eddie became Jack’s brother.

Eddie was originally going to be a real threat to Jack. He would have carried a decapitated clown head and the slogan for the event would have been HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS – NO MORE CLOWNING AROUND. But then all gore and blood references were removed due to sensitivity. Red Blood became green goop…

He was more of a real threat. Based a little more in the human world as opposed to the supernatural elements that layered Jack and the Caretaker’s stories. He also used real instruments – a chainsaw.

Each Halloween, it was always our plan to have one of the mazes reflect the back-story of the icon – Jack was a part of THE FEARHOUSE – The Caretaker was part of SCREAMHOUSE. Eddie was going to star in RUN. He was also going to be part of the Chainsaw Drill team. – J. Michael Roddy



Eddie’s backstory…

We find ourselves in a dark room, perhaps a basement somewhere. We can barely see the form standing in front of us. A flash illuminates the figure. We see a glint of steel. Was it the blade of a chainsaw?

Another flash, we see a silver muzzle, screwed into the flesh of this person’s face.

Another flash of light blinds us, becoming more disorienting. We see a pale white eye staring at us with no emotion.

Suddenly we hear the loud roar of a chainsaw, feeling the intensity as it cuts through the air. One last blinding flash of light allows us to see an image of pure terror.

Young Edgar Sawyer was a fanatic about horror movies and television shows, growing up on a steady diet of schlock theater and Classic Universal horror. His family life was a real nightmare and as he grew up, he took solace in his friends in the dark. Living in a broken down trailer park, Edgar would create wonderful escapes in his mind and through the movies.

The slasher films of the eighties played a huge role in shaping Edgar’s fragile mind. He began to admire the screen icons of horror, memorizing every word, knowing every body count.

At the age of eighteen, Edgar decided to turn his trailer park into a haunted house for locals to experience the fun and thrills that he so adored. A group of local teens with mischief on their minds decided to destroy Edgar’s work.

They set a small fire in the park, not knowing that the obsessed teen was home. The trailer park was engulfed in flames, trapping Edgar inside. He was terribly disfigured, forever scarred by the severe burns on his face and hands. He regressed even further into his obsession, donning a mask and becoming EDGAR DICE SLAY.

This year Edgar has grown bored with the normal Halloween offerings and has decided to take over Universal Studios, creating the most terrifying place on earth to share his love of the darker side of life.

His new chill rides will give you the opportunity to scream and scream again. He’s also brought a few friends along to guarantee that you will have the time of your life.

But be careful of this young man, he will spare no expense to create the perfect scare. This year, there’s no more clowning around!

Here is the never-aired radio ad advertising Eddie’s mutilation, and promising “More gore than ever before!”

HHN XI Radio Ad

Eddie wasn’t seen until Halloween Horror Nights XIV in the haunted house “Horror Nights Nightmares” alongside Jack the Clown, The Caretaker and The Director.

In 2006, for Halloween Horror Nights XVI: Sweet 16, Eddie appeared in his own haunted house for the first time, RUN: Hostile Territory.

At Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear, Eddie appeared in the Fear Revealed Scare Zone and at the end of the haunted house, Horror Nights: The Hallow’d Past.

Below are some an early renderings of Eddie, as seen in a darker tone. The one on the left is pre 9/11/2001 and on the right is post 9/11/2001.



Pitch Black
Location: Sound Stage 22

A mysterious zone of darkness has appeared causing weird disturbances. It’s up to you to investigate…if you dare.

Location: Earthquake Queue

Become a guest contestant in a diabolical new game where there are no questions, no prizes, and only one rule – try to escape without losing your mind.

Scary Tales
Location: Sound Stage 22

Enter an abandoned carnival attraction and find yourself in a nightmarish fairy tale world where there’s never a happy ending.

Location: Nazarman’s

Explore a hidden warehouse filled with ancient relics and urban legends that will have you believing in the supernatural.

The Mummy Returns: The Curse Continues
Location: Earthquake Queue

Based on the hit movie! Venture through a maze of tomb like corridors and dark caverns in the Temple of the Scorpion King, where danger lurks around every corner.


Midway of the Bizarre
Location: Amity

Nightmare Alley
Location: Stage 54

The Unknown
Location: Hollywood Boulevard


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Location: Wild West Stage

Party on as those two most excellent time traveling dudes, Bill & Ted, are back again in an ALL NEW adventure.

Boogie Men
Location: Pantages Theater

Experience the terror of the scariest film madmen ever to slash the silver screen. Just keep telling yourself “It’s only a movie… It’s only a movie!”…or is it?

Dangerous D’illusions
Location: Animal Actors Stage

Internationally acclaimer illusionist Franz Harary, designer of large scale stage illusions for concert tours by Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, and other, performs feats of mind-bending magic.

Nightmares on Parade
Location: Parade Route

The streets come alive with this ghoulish procession of Halloween images that will haunt you forever.

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