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Haunted House and Scare Zone ideas

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Facade: The White House

Scene 1: Guests enter the oval office where President Tom Bowie is firing his gun at some North Korean Soldiers while this distracts guests a Zin alien will attack guests

Scene 2: Guests enter the blue room where a COBRA soldier and a wounded Secret Service agent will hide and shoot at guests

Scene 3: Guests enter the green room where they will see Freddy Krueger slashing a Secret Service agent before slashing at guests and a zombie Amazon soldier will burst through the window and attack guests

Scene 4: Guests now enter the red room where Martians attack guests along with some COBRA soldiers and some Zin aliens

Scene 5: Guests will be in the cross hall where some Secret Service agents are shooting at some North Korean and Russian soldiers while some Deadites, Martians, Zins and Purgers attack from both sides of the cross hall

Scene 6: Guests will now be at the entrance hall where they can see Mike Hamill fending off a Martian while this distracts guests either a North Korean soldier or a COBRA soldier will pop out to shoot at guests or possibly both

Scene 7: Guests will be in the Kennedy Room where they see a corpse of a Secret Service agent while a Martian disguised as a beautiful lady stalks guests while holding a small golden statue

Scene 8: After that guests will go to a secret passage to the Kennedy Sex Tunnels and here are soldiers being attacked by Deadites and Martians including some of General Zod's minions while some of them attack guests

Scene 9: Before guests enter Capitol Hill they would see that one of the flying saucers hit on Captiol Hill and once they went inside they would see a bunch of red and green skeletons on the seats and inside Captiol Hill the Martians are hiding to attack guests

Scene 10: Once guests exited Captiol Hill they will now pass the now almost destroyed Abraham Lincoln Memorial where they see Megatron sitting on it and while this distracts guests a Purger would pop out to attack guests

Scene 11: Guests are now in the Washington D.C streets where Deadites are lurking around the streets

Scene 12: Guests pass a fallen Washington Monument in which hides a Martian

Scene 13/Finale Guests will now pass a helicopter and the pilot wants you to get on board but not however all the scaracters from the previous scenes attack guests for one last time and it ends with The White House exploded by the mothership

(Note: This takes place in the Ultimate WW3 Universe)

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Jack-O' Lanterns were one of the few things about Halloween that didn't scare the crap out of me when I was a kid. Witches? Zombies? Clowns? They scared me. But pumpkins? No, they were cool. So now I love a lot of Halloween things, but I especially love to carve pumpkins.


But this year, the pumpkins fight back. The Karvers are taking to the streets, knives in hand, to put smiles on everyone's faces.


KARVERS is a scarezone based on a horde of pumpkin creatures terrorizing people on Halloween night. Across the scarezone are Halloween decorations and a lot of pumpkins, carved and untouched. Corpses are strewn about, wearing Halloween costumes and missing their heads. The heads are also scattered, and have faces carved in them and tealights illuminating them. The music is a warped playlist of classic Halloween songs.



  • Woodtooth: A karver wearing a typical scarecrow costume. His face is carved to include light-up eyes, and his mouth is full of wooden splinters. His knife is a lid saw.
  • Kollektor: A karver stiltwalker wearing a brown robe, with the hood pulled over his head. His face is jagged, silently laughing at his atrocities. His sash holds three carved heads. He carries a walking stick with a fourth head on top.
  • Turnip: A ghoulish karver wearing a brown rober, hood pulled over head, and long sleeves that cover his hands. His face is that of a turnip Jack-O' Lantern, and he carries two butcher knives.
  • Pinky: A karver that's basically green vines forming a skeleton. His face is a carved watermelon, a maniacal toothy grin and eyes that would scare the crap out of someone. He carries a giant, blood-stained mallet.
  • Matchstik: A side-character. He stands above the entrance, laughing maniacally, and spraying jets of flame in the air with a can of Frebreeze and a Bic. His clothes are torched, his eyes fiery, and his teeth made of matchsticks.
  • Lumpy: A karver wearing a butcher's clothes. His face, arms, anything made of pumpkin flesh is covered in bumps, his right eye has rotted itself shut, and he looks to be in pain. Carries a chainsaw.
  • Glutt: A karver that looks like a blob. Wears bloodied chef's clothes, hat included. His face has squinty eyes and jagged teeth. The teeth are bloodstained. Carries a cleaver.
  • Kutter: A karver wearing a duster over flannel and overalls. His gloves are like Freddy Krueger's, but with serrated pumpkin saws. His face has triangular eyes and an overly-wide, thin smile. (As in, it stretches cheek-to-cheek but doesn't reach half-an-inch at its tallest. And it doesn't feature teeth.)
  • Tamper: A karver wearing a rain coat. His smile is wide, with teeth made of razor blades (shaving razor blades, workshop razor blades, any really). He carries a kitchen knife.
  • Karvers: Generic minions. Their clothes are farmer clothes, their faces are average Jack-O' Lantern faces, and their weapons are knives and pumpkin saws.
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