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The Babadook being bisexual . . .

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Is just about my favorite Trolly (but brilliant) Litmus test there is for ... People? Horror fans? ... People?


I love it because it's total nonsense and will immediately expose people who didn't see the movie, didn't Get the movie, or are bigots. 


See, the brilliance is making the Babadook bisexual rather than homosexual ... Because if you see the movie, just about however you interpret it, you can read it as a metaphor or allegory or fable or something of some deeper meaning. If you come out of that movie thinking "The Babadook is a human creature to which I can ascribe simple human sexuality," and then you go on the idiot and get mad at people for ascribing some form of human sexuality you happen to "not agree" with, you are a clear fool. And have been played. Well. 


That's why the genius is really in making the Babadook bisexual vs. homosexual. People who lash out at that idea lash out for all different kinds of reasons, and they're all telling. Homophobia is just the most basic and boring. 


But if someone lashes out at the Babdook being bisexual, it lends itself right into the question of "Wait, so you think the Babadook is a gay man? Why's it a man?" 


And yeah there's evidence, but flimsy evidence, and once you explain the movie to people, it blows their damn minds.


I'm not saying this is an End Game to homophobia. 


What I am saying is that I've called people on their nonsense about this and they have become more tolerant if only by going and rewatching the movie.


That's a huge step for some people. 


Look, folks, I'm a straight cis white male. It's hard for me to get angry with any legitimacy against people being biased on the internet for that reason. Not because it doesn't piss me off, but because I don't have anything in my real life to Actually Anchor It To.


Making the Babadook a Bisexual Icon circumvents that, because the offended person is automatically on the same ridiculous absurd ice I am. 


And every single time they go back and watch the movie.


And every single time (so far, and I don't talk to many ppl, so we're talking four or five times), they come back like "what...that.... had... NOTHING TO DO WITH IT" and I let them get angry.


Then eventually once they calm down at the absurdity (they're far more open to this after being "forced" to watch ..... what I think is one of the best horror movies of my/probably-our generation) ...... 


They have a realization. 


The whole thing is absurd. Why would that have offended them in the first place? 


The only legit response I've had from this is from a severe homophobe that said that it would still be like saying that Darth Vader was gay when he had kids . . . .


To that, I respond that the first gay person I knew was a friend of my father's who had two kids before he came out. He was great to them, and he was great to us too. Hell, we called him uncle.



Just an idea I throw out there into the ether, because I don't see it being discussed in this way, and I don't know if the people behind saying the Babadook is bisexual are .... even.. at... all .....trolling or whatever. 


If they're not.....No. That's not conceivable. There's no way that's a conceivable opinion. The Babadook is a personification of that woman's grief. And while I have heard people say that there were homosexual or pedophilic undertones to the film, I don't believe it. I think it's nonsense. I think the Babadook is all in your head. 






Just a message in a bottle. Food for thought. Idk. Do other people think about things in this kind of .... Psychosocialsexual-whatever way?


I'd be an idiot to say that horror didn't have the power to change the world, right? 


.... Right?







I will say though...


If it were just straight-up and the Babadook is real (everyone interprets it differently - I didn't spoiler tag any of this for that reason) .....


Just a Real Thing.....?


Honestly it would just scare you a whole bunch, right?


I don't know.


The Babadook as a straight film doesn't work and it doesn't sell itself that and it's not that.


Then again, when I went to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC there were three (3) solid black canvasses hanging on the walls.  ..  ..  .. .. . .


So I have no idea what People are thinking about. 


But I know some of you. I think some of you would be surprised to know that you know me, and you've known me for years since Vault times, and I bounce between names, but .......... I feel like ... This is my community.


And I feel like community is important, especially in ways like this. The Babadook freaked the hell out of me before I realized its message was positive.


It's okay, you see.


It's okay.

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On 11/29/2017 at 5:51 PM, thecovetousghost said:

See, the Bye Bye Man is definitely bisexual. He's a bi bi man, if you will.

This is the best thing I've ever read.

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