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Nightmare's Staff Search

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Horror Night Nightmares is looking for a few motivated, helpful, and unbiased community members to help keep our forums fun, friendly, and active. As our communities grow, one of the biggest challenges is being able to identify and address issues and questions quickly as well as apply basic forum rules. We are looking for a group of motivated and active members to help us grow and maintain our forums. You’ll also be communicating directly with the Nightmare Community team on a day-to-day basis to help handle community situations as they arise.


We have no set end date for submission, when we get what we feel we need we will close the thread.


Moderator Responsibilities

  • Keep watch over new and existing forum threads, moving misplaced and deleting inappropriate threads as necessary.
  • Help diffuse conflicts between community members fairly while maintaining a neutral position.
  • Inform the Nightmare team of any community issues that arise.
  • Uphold the rules of the forums and provide feedback on rule changes.
  • Help answer common member questions.
  • Knowing that being a moderator is a responsibility and not a "power over others" position (impartiality, no abuse)



  • Must be a member of Horror Night Nightmares for at least 6 months.
  • A good sense of the community’s members, how members interact and common questions.
  • A strong willingness to help out.
  • Active, daily participation on the forums.
  • Have good writing skills.
  • The ability to work well within a team (with the other moderators)
  • Sense of humor
  • Significant knowledge of and experience going to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando and/or Hollywood.



  • Previous moderator experience or participation in other online communities.


Once a moderator, the following guidelines are in place. Please note, these are guidelines and not policies

  • Moderators should be willing to start new discussions.
  • Moderators should be willing to promote and advertise Horror Night Nightmares through social media and word of mouth.
  • Moderators must agree not to share private information with anyone outside of other Horror Night Nightmares staff members.

Application Process


Please note that forum moderators are not Horror Night Nightmares employees. Any services and forum activities performed as a Horror Night Nightmares forum moderator are entirely voluntary.


Horror Night Nightmares reserves the right to revoke forum moderator privileges at any time without advance notice.


Forum moderators are fully responsible for the posts that they make. The views presented by moderators may not necessarily represent the views of Horror Night Nightmares.


Fill out the following questions and email them to contact@horrornightnightmares.com with the subject: "Your Username": Moderator Position




What is your Horror Night Nightmare forum username?


How often do you visit the Horror Night Nightmares community?


Which of these best describes your forum activity?

  1. I primarily hang out in one part of the forums.
  2. I browse multiple sections of the forums.
  3. I check in a few times a week just to see what's going on.
  4. I check in once a day to catch up on new threads.
  5. I browse the forums multiple times a day.
  6. I mostly "lurk" and rarely post.
  7. I post when I feel strongly about a particular topic.
  8. I actively engage in forum discussions and take part in plenty of back-and-forth with other members.
  9. Which subforum do you like the most and why?


Why do you want to become a Horror Night Nightmare moderator?


What is your favorite thing about the Horror Night Nightmares community?


Why do you think you would make a great Horror Night Nightmare moderator? 


Some answers may be better than others, but we really want to understand your thought process here. PLEASE NOTE: A few You may choose to answer these in the form of an actual post you'd make on the forums. Just put it in quotes " " so we know.


A member keeps spamming the forums with an external link in the wrong section of the forums. How would you respond to this member?


A member has begun to harass another member for the views they've laid out in another post. How would you diffuse the situation?


If there is anything else you would like to tell us about yourself, or if you have any additional ideas for the Horror Night Nightmares forums, you can add those ideas here.



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We at Horror Night Nightmares are currently looking for blog writers.  You'll join the staff here at HNN and help the Halloween Horror Nights community while making a name for yourself in the blogging community.  


We're looking for people that can report and write about Halloween Horror Nights Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.



  • Knowledge of past and current Halloween Horror Nights events.
  • General knowledge of Universal Orlando and/or Universal Hollywood.
  • Able to come up with own ideas for articles (with approval).
  • Experience with Wordpress.
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop or other graphics program a plus.
  • No previous blogging experience needed, but a plus.


If you would like join us please send the following information to contact@horrornightnightmares.com.


Full Name
Screen/Forum Name
Date of Birth
Any previous writing experience (with links)
If you have Wordpress/Adobe experience
Why you'd like to write for us


This is a non-paying experience, created for people willing to write for a great community and get started in blogging.



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Anything HHN related.  Rumors, speculation, reviews, tips, ideas, etc.   We'll have final approval however.

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Any takers for either position, or both?  Any questions, just ask or PM me.   Thanks!

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On 7/3/2017 at 1:01 PM, mz_ said:

Any takers for either position, or both?  Any questions, just ask or PM me.   Thanks!


I'd help but I don't carry the best reputation here or on OU lol.

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