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  1. twistedHHNpath

    Nice thinking, but someone pulled the code from the site revealing all the names of all the games. I'm not an expert on computers so idk if they can/would add more games than what was pulled. I believe you can find them all on the game hints and tips thread
  2. twistedHHNpath

    Would HHN really have the same rumored house as HOS? I mean HOS has a catacombs house but I didn't think would uni ever sink that low?
  3. twistedHHNpath

    Another role was leaked This one is placed in the Disaster! House, "marshmallow"
  4. twistedHHNpath

    Fml. false alarm. It's a hint about the icon... "luck be a lady"
  5. twistedHHNpath

    A couple people I know that went to UO saw some things they weren't supposed to. That's all they would say. They said its something big that will change the event and us rabid fans won't like :/
  6. twistedHHNpath

    I don't know if it pertains to a house, show, or scarezone, but a hint for something in The event is "frank sinatra".
  7. In all honesty I doubt GV Black is Insidious, but HHN has done movie mazes before they came out. Plus I wouldn't put it past Murdy to lie about not seeing it to throw us off.
  8. The old lady doesn't have silver fillings. HOWEVER the red-faced demon does
  9. twistedHHNpath

    Okay, so do with this information what you will, but my source told me they began/are about to begin shooting the commercial and THEY HAVE DETAILS! They have said the icon WILL be lady luck. So far all they have said about the commercial is there will be a person tied to a spinning roulette wheel. I am slightly hesitant with completely believing this information because it came from 'a friend of a friend' type deal. But oh well, its speculation
  10. twistedHHNpath

    Oh my gosh. My bad, I took his statement as him ONLY saying that he had a source that told him something. I didn't realize he was saying that the other's spec was correct. Also, I have been reading all of the pages, I just didnt notice that he wrote anything else. I guess the lack of sleep is taking its toll
  11. twistedHHNpath

    Sorry AGAIN for being such a clueless person, but could you please define "party zone"?
  12. twistedHHNpath

    Sorry to be such a bother, but I am still kind of a newbie seeing as I have only been to universal twice (both times for hhn). Would that be were Lights,Camera,Hacktion was in 2009?
  13. twistedHHNpath

    If I remember correctly, there was also a victim in Saws and Steam... sorry, lol, just felt the need to be a smartass
  14. twistedHHNpath

    Where did that pic come from?
  15. I don't really have time or patience to read the speculation right now so I'm sorry if you guys already confirmed or denied this, but I am pretty sure that "Soap Opera" is Scream. I was just watching an interview with a couple of cast members and Wes Craven. I kept hearing the film referred to as a sort of soap opera