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  1. It's for this reason that they take a long time to officially announce things. Personally I find it fun.
  2. I just learned I may have some conflicting information so one or both of the houses I was eluding to might be off the table. I'll most likely know for sure before the next announcement.
  3. Solid detective work, but I know you understand I cannot confirm nor deny.
  4. 'Tis one In regard to the IP that is the one, not the three; Blumhouse, Saw and TWD have done this with glee. (This happened in REAL F***ING TIME. As I was writing this, the damn theme song of the house @fvcking cvnt is trying to guess, just went off as a ringtone at my office! You can't make this stuff up!
  5. They did it with a portion of a walking dead house.
  6. Nobody has really confidently nailed down the house you talked pretty in depth about the possibility of in one of your posts. They did guess your username though, but I think I made it a little too easy
  7. Indeed. One and only one. There is a pattern Universal likes to follow and it should reveal which of those four is a go. That was his last post still listed on the site. Moderators have taken care of others.
  8. There is a certain point where companies need to put their foot down and stop giving in to each individual's sensitivity. I'm not talking allergies or disabilities, but more opinions. Everyone has one and if guests don't get what they think they deserve, they complain. I'm sorry if the event doesn't live up to their expectations or is too terrifying, but oh well. You knew what you were paying for(or didn't, because that's a thing).
  9. Haha I thought you were legitimately pointing out the differences between the USH and UO house. That would be such an HNN thing to do
  10. This was at USH and based on the Evil Dead remake that came out that year or the year prior.
  11. I tried Vimeo since they're not as popular. This was done back when the Harlem Shake was all the rage, so it's a little outdated, but still funny and we had fun with it.
  12. Where is a good place to quietly post a video of our Evil Dead cast doing the Harlem Shake? It's pretty funny, but I don't want it all over the Youtube.
  13. It's weird having an "in" and I'm doing my best to not blurt out everything I hear, because I know what it feels like to be on the other side and not know, but wanting to know. However, you're right, it is a lot of fun to not know and to try and figure it out. I haven't had coffee yet, so I hope that previous segment was understandable.
  14. They're going to announce the sure thing, big IP's first to get the hype train started, as opposed to originals or some of the others. Like the year Scream got the axe. It makes total busniess sense.
  15. Let's all be clear that IT may or may have not actually been coming to Horror Nights to begin with, let alone gaining or losing it. Deals can be made or broken in seconds and what was lost could be found and resurrected or never be spoken of again. As far as it relates to It, I don't think we'll really know the result until closer to the start of the event. With all of the possible drama around ST, I'm actually very surprised that was the first announcement.