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  1. Halloween 2018 was on the docket, but a long time ago. That's when I had the indication that any part of the franchise was not coming at all, but alas...
  2. I was a scareactor there for two years and it was embarrassing attending that event after growing up with the Orlando version. It was better from the scare factor, but the A&D is lacking because they just don't have the space. I didn't attend 2016, but I heard it was awesome. Other than that, I'd say you go to Knott's or the haunt that's at the action sports complex in Bellflower..that thing was AWESOME! You'd have to sign a waiver Halloween 3 and 4. Because 80's and consecutive numbers. And because we lose IP's. Ah! Did you you see my post about the similarities that run rampant in this event, compared to 2008? There are more than 6 houses/scarezones that are either a sequel or have scenes related in some way to the year of reflections of fear.
  3. That ruined the whole thing. Overall as a whole it wasn't bad, but it looked like an explosion they would have for a HUUUUGE SALE AT LUMBERJACK WAREHOUSE!!!!
  4. What an embarrassing promo
  5. Fear was not a hokey icon and instead it was Cindy(icon) who was sacrificed to make the roots of horror come alive with past icons and those that almost were, having their own individual houses(Caretaker, Usher, Jack, Eddie, Storyteller, etc.). There were supposed to be roots coming up from the ground, projected all over the buildings. I heard Terra Queen and others may have been involved instead of IP houses, but that veers from the plan I heard directly from the horses mouth.
  6. But wait...there's more!
  7. Ringwraith

    Hello out there! I'm doing a project and I was wondering if anyone had a rip of the Reflections of Fear interactive flash version of the site. I keep clicking on new items as they're swirling, but they won't load. Any idea what I can do? Thanks!
  8. Also, I just had a huge revelation. If anyone wants insight as to the content of the event, this year could be VERY similar to 2008 in many ways. There are a lot of parallels and themes bridged from that year. I'm not sure if it's intended but it's there.
  9. It'd be nice if they can resurrect their original plans for XX and do it the way they'd intended.
  10. The whole house is not a plane, I can assure you. Also, I started the zone, home, own thing! Mystique gets enough credit for their clever haikus, so I'm going to stamp my name on that one! Haha
  11. This "sci fi" / "alien" house everyone is referring to, is looking a little...plane
  12. The main truth I wanted to get across was the fact that A&D did not want "Fear" as the icon. Yes, Cindy was the sacrifice to bring all of the icons to life with the "roots of evil," but that wasn't the point I was making.
  13. Ringwraith

    I'm not sure what I'm more excited for...the B-Movie content they're going to project while waiting in line, or the house itself.
  14. I actually had an hour long conversation with Roddy about this business in general and he said A&D loves them and marketing doesn't. And because $$$ wins out every time, marketing usually gets what they want. This is why, for example, they have director's cuts for movies, so the artist can stop being a puppet. The ironic thing with "Fear," is that year marketing wanted to make a physical manifestation of Fear into an icon and A&D did not, but instead, wanted their main icons to have houses....we all know how that turned out.
  15. Ringwraith

    Honestly, I've never been to a New Years Party or gathering that plays songs JUST from that year. I would imagine they would even play 60's and 70's music at that party, but for the sake of it being Vamp 85, that's not likely. However, I do see them playing anything between 80-85.