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  1. Ringwraith

    Actually, it veers from the film quite a bit, which I like. They played with the scariest elements of the film and did them their own way like The Exorcist house and the vomit mattresses, etc. Totally killed this one. I don't want to amp it up to much for disappointment, but it's just so good! Let's just say Itsy Bitsy isn't itsy or bitsy I can say my expectations were through the roof for this one and low for Poltergeist, so that could be the problem. This house isn't scary and they look like they're lazy with the set design no matter how much thought went into it, simply because of the concept of a collection of stuff. Universal impresses me when they're purposeful with their set design like Slaughter Sinema, Trick r Treat and Poltergeist.
  2. Ringwraith

    Actually, not particularly. Vamp was having tech issues that we didn't want to wait around for, the front zone wasn't going when we entered and was kinda lame when we left. Chucky zone was kinda weird, but the fact he's actual size and talking on a stage, is cool. The life-sized toys were creepy. Klownz looked and moved like they do in the movie...slow and goofy. Not really sure the purpose of Central Park yet.
  3. Ringwraith

    Young adults. Great casting.
  4. Ringwraith

    Poltergeist was a huge surprise for me because I thought it would be in the middle or the back of the pack. The puppeteering is EPIC. I didn't see the AoV show, but based on the colors and the music, I didn't feel an HHN vibe.
  5. Ringwraith

    I don't really get scared, but I would say Scary Tales probably wins this category so far.
  6. Ringwraith

    It's really those 6 and then everything else. Carnival Graveyard has some solid visuals, but it was lacking in scares enough to overcome the fact the visuals aren't stunning.
  7. 1. Poltergeist: This may go down as one of my top 5 houses ever and I wouldn't be surprised if they brought it back for an encore one year like they did for AWiL. I talked to Mike Aiello for a few minutes while exiting Blumhouse. He said after they'd gone through the creative for the house, they realized they had a ton of puppets. I told him I think it's completely necessary and really takes you into a demonic world. This house is the standard for this year. Every year, it's remarkable what they come up with next and this house rips that envelope right open. 2. Slaughter Sinema: This house made TREMENDOUS use of the space they had to work with. The details are phenomenal as well as the Easter eggs. It's very funny and a hell of a lot of fun. This is the HR Bloodengutz of 2018 and dare I say, much better. You'll want to do this one over and over again. 3. Scary Tales: Went through this one with just my fiancee, so we didn't get a chance to take in the details while getting scared into room after room. This may go down as the "most intense" house in the lineup, next to Poltergeist. 4. Trick r Treat: USE OF SPACE! FACADES! They visually killed this house. You can tell where the money went from B&T when you see this house and Poltergeist. It's lacking scares, but it's doesn't need it. Just soak it in. 5. Seeds of Extinction: They did a really good job with this house by making it feel overgrown. It has a rainforest feel to it, which is kinda cool. They only used about a third of a soundstage for this, so it's not as grand as you might think it will be, based on the location. 6. Carnival Graveyard: Solid use of props and general feel. It's kind of like Fallout happened in a carnival, but don't let that get you too excited. This one could be my most improved down the road, because it has a lot of potential to grow. 7. Stranger Things: Biggest disappointment so far. They follow the story fairly well, but that may have handcuffed the creative. This is very much like The Shining was for me, where they took something GRAND and didn't utilize scale and size of the world they had, to its fullest. 8. Dead Exposure: The first version of this was so good, that this one was bound to fall flat. It's what I would consider to be an angry, aggressive house, but not scary enough to be anywhere near its predecessors for that location. 9. Blumhouse: Happy Death Day is kinda fun and follows the story but Purge is...well you know. 10. Halloween 4... Bleh: Michael Myers is not scary. I'm sorry. The lack of visuals doesn't help. Scarezone - 1. Killer Klownz: Could not be more accurate to the feel of the movie. Homerun! 2. Vamp: Stuff wasn't working, so I'll hold judgement. However, I feel like this will eventually skyrocket to number 1. 3. Chucky: The insult emporium style will be gone in two weeks after someone gets too offended. 4. NY: The church is quite grand. I still want to get a better feel for what they're trying to do here. 5. Photo ops: Grass people? Hay people? I dunno. Overall, I give this event a B+. You can tell they put a lot more money into this than they really ever have. It's a lot of fun, but I wish they had more 80's music...EVERYWHERE.
  8. Ringwraith

    They'll definitely be using this song then. https://youtu.be/FYH8DsU2WCk
  9. Ringwraith

    Fun fact: The Poltergeist trailer has a quote from the "trailer voice man," at the end, that says "Poltergeist....it knows what scares you." That's one of the slogans for this year's event if I'm not mistaken: "WE know what scares you."
  10. Ringwraith

    I was JUST thinking that.
  11. A decent start, but then it went downhill after the hanging laundry. Probably because of the awful horror movie acting.
  12. Ah! And the final shoe has dropped(or been sucked under the house). I like to revisit these posts to see who was on to my clues, but this one kind of faded away into the background. Members were all over Poltergeist, Halloween etc. This was also one of the links to Reflections of Fear, that I was talking about!
  13. It's in that elevated propped up, crappy tent next to Fear Factor. It doesn't stand a chance. Side note: Did I miss something or is "more houses than ever" the "theme" of this event? "...wrapping up our killer lineup of haunted houses at this year’s event – more houses than ever!"