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    Total nights attended-23 Final house and show count. Evil Dead-39 AWIL-39 CITW-37 RE-30 Havoc-19 Afterlife-14 La Llorona-29 TWD-25 B&T-27 RHPS-20

    Evil Dead #1 AWIL #2 CITW #3 Resident Evil #4 La Llorona #5 TWD No Safe Haven #6 Havoc Derailed #7 Afterlife #8

    1. Evil Dead 2.Cabin in the Woods 3.AWIL 4.Resident Evil 5.Afterlife 6.Walking Dead 7.La Llorona 8.Havoc 2

    Yeah I am agreeing with what is being said. A lot had to do last year with the location of TWD Dead Inside. This years house I have a feeling will be a hell of a lot better due to it being in a different location. ie Bigger, Darker, etc...Can't wait to see the difference. :zombie2:

    Found this last week at a thrift store for $3 bucks

    I believe that the final days will eventually be added to include the FFPP. The more people who attend means more $ for Uni. The last week of the event I'd say they will make the announcement that the FFPP now includes Nov. 1st and 2nd.

    Getting the FFP+ ticket this year so I will be attending all those nights. HNN shirt will confirm later.
  8. I'm with you Kathy and Armando. It would be 2003 definitely.

    ^ If you ever want to sell those 2007 tarot cards let me know,
  10. In John Carpenter's CHRISTINE the car was a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Since it's a classic car perhaps maybe something involving or surrounding Mel's DrIvE In. Pure speculation of course.
  11. That is just f*****g amazing. All I can say is if we do get this I hope some scareactors do that backwards crab walk like that one girl did.
  12. Yeah he is a friend of mine. And what DesigningtheFear said is true it's there for Grad Bash. Or is it. Just kidding. Or am I
  13. I kinda figured it was for Grad Bash but a boy can dream
  14. Pure speculation of course but listen between 4:15 and 4:22

    No Nicki Minaj, No Kesha, No Justin Bieber. Everything else I'm okay with. Party on Dudes!