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  1. No TWD all year attraction please that would suck. I’m good with just the line of Kong.
  2. Me too and I’m sure everyone else did also.
  3. An Idea I had which seems really cool to me is if HHN does a full repeat year. Make it a year where all the houses(IPs and Originals) and Scarezones are all repeat and expect copies of fan favorites. Bring back Fear as well and all the icons(except Bloody Mary bc of her “issues”). I started going to HHN in 2013 and they are house and SZ I’ll love to do(Silver Screams as a house, and Die in(I know this was 25 but I don’t rem. It) as a SZ) and they are one I’ll love to do again(Poltrogiest as a house, Trick r’ Treat as a SZ).
  4. If they ever do a two park event again, I only see that happing at an anniversary year since if they do that they are closing both parks at 5.
  5. I saw HDD2U last night and I don’t really think it’s HHN house worthy(even more so then HDD last year). Sadly I’m almost sure it will be there because it’s by Blumhouse and Universal.
  6. To me that would be to spot on for a code name and with SK it’s very unlikely.
  7. If they do I’ll be really shocked but who knows with them already announcing the dates a house anoccment May come sooner.
  8. I been thinking and with the history or the BHoH house at HHN what if they have a mashup this year of Unbreakble and Split ending with Glass. Just an idea I thought of with Glass just coming out.
  9. Im also a member of IU and since she hasent post since leads me and my friend(also a member of IU) to believe she’s a joker. Also @mystiquephreeq is right if Aiello said himself they our just starting on house 7 it makes no sense she has all 10 code names already. Plus Legacy seems to lead us to believe they will be 11/12 houses.
  10. Lol that explains it XD
  11. Who exactly is OrlandoVillian? I know Legacy’s story but what is his?
  12. Where do you get the HHN FF refill cup? When I went I went into the monster cafe and they had the one night cup but not the FF cup.
  13. There is a map on the official HHN website. As far as what houses to do first I say start at the back of the park, so at Blumhouse, and don’t follow the crowed in the park. I haven’t done S&S so I don’t have any info. on that. Wait times depeands on what night you go. Since you are going Saturday I would assume the wait times will be long since the weekends are usally the most busy nights. StrTh will have the longest wait time. Soundstages do let out far but if planned right shouldn’t be a problem.
  14. Kichkinet

    Why is BH they only one not on the VHS stack, but ST is which was announced before ST?