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  1. Ah, so yes a little bit.. haha Yeah I can see that as well. But there are some great scenes in that movie that could be made into a maze if they got creative.... Wild Bill's house alone could be great in terms of effects and gore(y) scenes. Then you have the jail where Hannibal is being held etc.... but yes I agree it could be very tough to translate that into an entire maze.
  2. Has ther ever been any discussion about a Silence of the Lambs maze?
  3. Ah, good call.. didn't even realize that.
  4. Ah very good point... didn't think of that
  5. I agree.. I just did a quick search though for the movies listed and I couldn't find anyone who passed in the last 5 years other than Tobe. Of course it may not be an obvious contributor they're talking about....
  6. Regarding the Terror in the Aisles clue... would they be talking about Texas Chainsaw again? Tobe Hooper obviously died within the last 5 years, but what about the other movies involved. Has anyone significantly involved in The Thing or Halloween passed away recently?
  7. Will Michael be getting the call from Universal again this year???.....
  8. How about a Steven Spielberg Monster Maze? Combine Jurassic Park, War of The Worlds and Jaws? (Idk how)..... just a thought
  9. Oh really? Never new that. Was it any good?
  10. Just throwing this out there, but what about a Jurassic World/Park Maze? I know we already have the rid at IOA, but what about something new and fresh with SA's in raptor costumes and animatronics all over the place... definitely a pipe dream, but I think it would be a cool idea.
  11. Yes, something like that would be great. I just felt there was a little too much space between scares and they weren't very surprising. A few unexpected things would be cool. Personally, I think I am tough to scare. I find the mazes more "cool" than scary. I like to see the effects and the scenes from my favorite movies, and once in a while they will get me with a jump scare, like with Scarecrow, but for the most part it doesn't faze me scare wise. The way they send you through the mazes certainly doesn't help because you see the scare a mile away..... but long story short, a few unexpected scares would be a good addition.
  12. Kind of off topic, but I felt that in my first two years going to the event, there were way too many areas of the park where there was nothing happening in terms of "scares". Obviously walking through the scare zones you expect to be approached and scared. But, is there any way they might be able to hide random SA's throughout the park to frighten you when you least expect it? I know with the volume of people there, it might be difficult to pull off, but it would add another element to the experience for sure. Just a thought....
  13. Yes, please just Old Freddy stuff. That is something I would absolutely get on board with. For the love of God please not the remake. Jackie Earl Haley was laughable as Freddy.
  14. Obviously I am biased when it comes to a Halloween maze. I could never get tired of a Michael Myers maze. I can see why people might get sick of it and would want to see something new, but a big Halloween maze is something I will always look forward to. Also, having just started going a couple years ago, I never got to see a Freddy or Jason house. Wouldn't mind seeing a Freddy themed maze so long as it's the old school Freddy and now the new garbage.
  15. Trick 'r Treat or AHS. I liked the scare zone for TRT last year but I'm not overly excited for a house to be dedicated to it. AHS was cool, but in all honesty, never been a big fan of the show and after seeing it two years in a row I think it'd be okay if they took a year off.

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