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  1. Honestly can't wait. Can't come soon enough. Went for the first time in 2016 and was instantly hooked. Best time of the year!!
  2. I was actually very disappointed with SAW. I just felt like it was missing something. Might be the fact that just don't find that Pig mask to be very scary, but I expected more from it. The scenes were cool, just not what I had expected. I agree though that HOB and AvED are definitely at the bottom from last year. I'd rank them: 1. Scarecrow: The Reaping 2. Hive 3. American Horror Story 4. The Shining 5. Dead Waters 6. The Fallen 7. SAW 8. AvED 9. Blumhouse
  3. TheShape1031

    Haha absolutely. Take out Curse, Resurrection and the Zombie remakes and I could live with it. Obviously I'm a huge Halloween fan, but even I hated those movies.
  4. TheShape1031

    I think next year HHN should just be an all Michael Myers/Halloween spectacular! More mazes than ever all based on each Halloween movie through Blumhouse Halloween! As much Michael as you can handle! LOL
  5. TheShape1031

    Not excited for the Blumhouse Maze one bit. Not a fan of either franchise. To each their own, I just didn't enjoy them.... We'll see what the maze has to offer.
  6. TheShape1031

    Such a quotable movie... and don't get me started on the chewing sounds waltz does while eating the pastry.. guy was brilliant in that movie.
  7. TheShape1031

    Ooooooooooooooo.... that's a bingo!!... is that how you say it? That's a bingo?
  8. TheShape1031

    Yes!!!!!!! Let's Go!!!!
  9. So now that I am sobered up a little bit, let me try and clarify my rant on this movie from Saturday. I wasn't scared for one second. The dialogue was cringe worthy, just your typical *insert sex joke or pun here*... The mask the killer wore was laughable. Idk, overall I just thought it was a dumb movie. I'm sure people enjoyed it and were entertained, but I just didn't see it that way. Okay, ranting about HDD over now.
  10. I'm sorry guys.. I wanted to give happy death day a chance... I really did. What a dumb movie. Not scary at all. No suspense, no creativity. Dumb... im sorry. Not trying to be the old grouchy guy, but what a dumb movie. Complete rip off of Groundhog Day but without any good ideas.. just bad.. may be skipping this maze if it's coming. And I'm 8 drinks deep.... I really wanted to give it a shot..
  11. It was really really stupid. not scary at all. Thank God we aren't seeing that in Orlando. I'm not a huge fan of what we are getting anyway, but I'll still go through just because. Last years' Horrors of Blumhouse wasn't great either IMO. The Sinister part was the only good quality for me. Trip officially booked for me FYI. Heading down for the weekend of September 29th and 30th.
  12. Sticking with my biased H4 speculation.... would really like to see the ending scene with Jaime standing at the top of the stairs and a Donald Pleasance look a like just yelling (lip syncing to a track) No, NO, NO, No, NO over and over for hours haha.
  13. Also, I've heard rumor that Harry Potter may be closed during HHN this year. Is there any validity to that?
  14. Yes a lot happens outside too, but some things, like the ending, will be hard to pull off. When he's shot and falls into the mine shaft at the end, that'll be a hard one to pull off.... especially, as you said, I think guns will be used as minimal as possible.. but I still think they can do some cool stuff with it. We'll see..... Hahaha, the Silver Shamrock song is brutal when it's stuck in your head... H4 is probably the second best sequel after 2. It's not the greatest movie ever, but it's entertaining to an extent. A lot of the movie revolves around the little girl and Rachel her step sister, so I'm curious to see how much of them are incorporated into the maze.
  15. I know not too many are excited for this one, but Im very biased, because it's on of my guilty pleasures every Halloween. I am very curious to see what they do with Halloween 4. I'm thinking maybe it'll start off in the Psyche Ward and have an upside down ambulance somewhere where Michael escapes? Also, I wonder how much Jaime and Rachel will be incorporated in the house since most of the movie revolves around them.... I'm expecting to see a lot of Sheriff Meekers' House as well, maybe the school (get a blonde Michael just for kicks?)... Very interested in seeing what they come up with.