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  1. We probably get tired of finding cliches in horror films, they're lovely and funny (sometimes annoying), the genre would not be the same without them. I'm making a video series compiling the most repeated clichés in horror movies. At the moment: - The "just the wind" line - The red ball bouncing on the stairs - Movies withing Movies (4 parts) - Killers sentenced to undeath (1987-89) - Meteorites (1980s) - The dog that always dies in the film. What clichés would you suggest for the next video?
  2. Hello guys, I would like invite you to visit my YT channel Jedediah Bishop Horror Show. It has many videos about music, films, videogames, books and all kind of horror stuff. Examples:

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It's simple. We are fans of Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. The history of the event for us started in 2002 at Islands of Adventure and grew into a yearly event for us. We created HNN in 2006 and the Forums were created for all the other fans of the event in 2008.

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