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  1. From almost two weeks ago. https://hhnunofficial.com/2018/04/06/why-the-thing-could-be-coming-to-hhn28/
  2. Interesting. This would be an amazing gimmick!
  3. There was some guy on YouTube. That talked about a tweet from John murdy on Easter. About a chest bursting peep. But the guy didn’t seem excited. then again murdy could’ve used it as an April fools who knows. In my opinión, it won’t happen. Since Disney may or may not want to intervene
  4. Academy Of Villains being put where Bill & Ted used to be seems strong
  5. Alien is rumored for Hollywood. In Orlando, I think the next announcement will be a horror movie. Possibly Im guessing something with Time Warner. Halloween(if it’s announced): probably won’t be announced until July. Since a trailer will come out by that time. Everything else feels up in the air. I feel we”ll have more IP helmed houses, with 1 or 2 original. Unless do we know anything about a show coming?
  6. Amazing! I hope half of this happens.
  7. Conjuring can be there since it’s a big $$$ horror franchise. I kinda wish we had Nightmare on elm street coming. Lost Boys is 50/50 with me, if it happened it would be a fun house!
  8. They can do the thing and Lost Boys. Popularity doesn’t mean anything. Halloween is 50/50, Jigsaw came out near the end of the event last year and it was featured at the event.
  9. I hope all come in some shape or form
  10. Let Freddy, Jason, and leatherface get both coasts. And have Chucky stay in Hollywood, I don’t want him in Orlando after the last movie.
  11. As a 10-11 year old kid, who liked horror movies. When Carnival Of Carnage came(which please bring that back again in some form, hopefully this year with this 80’s theme). But I was like this is Really cool as hell! I mean like I said it depends. Like if there are Indiana hhn fans on here. I was afraid a horror host named Sammy Terry till I was almost out of elementary school. So it just depends. i mean adults/parents should know better. I’m not against parents taking their 10-12 year old kid to HHN. But don’t take young children to the event. HHN is more marketed toward to the adult crowd. I mean I’m not expecting kid-friendly scare zones to happen anytime soon. Keep its boundaries. Like keep the HHN tradition with attractive scantly clad women, people running around with chainsaws, and excellent haunted houses! Don’t change it.
  12. Everyone is different to their handling factor. Honestly kids will go to the event either way. Don’t make it a kiddie event at all. And also hopefully universal sticks with their IPs this year and they “don’t be cruel” their plans and the handle factor.
  13. I hope they stick with this 80’s theme. I really do!
  14. So NOES isn’t coming?
  15. So what’s next after stranger things?
  16. Welcome back dr. Jimmy!
  17. It’s a nice look! Very old school style! Shows may be something small like what they had way back when... Brian Brushwood? David S. Pumpkins? Academy Of Villains? Robosaurus?
  18. They did. I was referring to 27. But weren’t TCM and The Exorcist announced the same day?
  19. They can do like what they have always done in the past. Announce the TV shows first. Then announce the films, which would be the older ones. Then the newer ones after that. Like I have a feeling if Halloween comes to hhn, it may be announced after the trailer is released with Truth Or Dare.
  20. Waitiing for these announcements like..